Dear Apostles of the Immaculate Heart of Mary,                                        August 30, 2017

            This epic week in Dickinson, TEXAS, was a total shock and surprise to us all. We have lived in Dickinson for over 30 years and weathered many a storm and three major Hurricanes. Never was there such flooding and damage as with Harvey. We battened down the hatches, lifted some materials onto tables and worked all the way up to Saturday evening. Sunday morning we could not get out of our neighborhood to the town center to get to church. Extensive flooding was all around us. The bayous spilled over into the streets and the place looked like the Amazon River. The Living Rosary Center is about 2 miles from our home which is on the outskirts of town. Miraculously, our home was never touched by the water and we never lost electricity. Sadly, the Center took on over 3 feet of water and nearly all of our printed materials were destroyed and the sacramentals are water logged. We do not know yet if the copy machines, computers and precious pictures, photos and old books and missals were all lost. To begin again to build, restock and move forward is a huge challenge. The work for Our Lady was built one-by-one, decade-by-decade, with complete dependence on her for guidance, funding, inspiration and outreach to the world. In this brief tragedy, everything was brought to a standstill. All our staff are safe and our lives were spared. Our Blessed Mother has guided us at every step of the way and we know there is a singular message from her in permission of our great loss.

            Through the years we have been able to create beautiful cards, leaflets, and materials to share with our members. At times, the focus even in the missions, turns to these "things" rather than the heart and soul of our mission "the DECADE". Prayer is our mission and the duty of every member is to bring in new members, to reach out and hand the life-preserver of the Daily DECADE on to others. Perhaps this is Our Lady's message in the recent disaster. If only we could realize the eternal value of prayer, its power before the throne of God, and the need, each one of us has, every day, of praying the Rosary. The only evil in the world today is not death, but SIN! We must be attentive to Our Lady's direction. Ask her to Teach us, Guide us, Pray for us. The most remarkable glory in this hour of death and total loss of all things, was the unselfish and totally sacrificial acts of chivalry of so many who put their own little boats in the water and reached out to save those who were perishing, even at the risk of losing their own lives. They were willing to sacrifice everything, even life itself, to help others.

            We are grateful that God spared our lives and we trust that we will be given the help needed to rebuild this immortal work of Venerable Pauline Jaricot, that it may once again reach out to the missions of the world and to our own country and impart hope, truth, and love, reparation and total consecration through the Most Holy Rosary. During the storm we felt the power of your prayers for us and we are eternally grateful!!! We cannot do it alone, but together with God's help it will be possible! May God bless and keep all of you.