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Thanksgiving Message – Weekly News Flash from the Universal Living Rosary Association of Saint Philomena, Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Tuesday, November 22nd, 2011
Dear Apostle of the Immaculate Heart of Mary,

We are deeply grateful for your timely and generous support of our missionary work throughout the world. How urgent it is to reach souls with the Holy Rosary and Our Lady’s Immaculate Heart! As we witness the rampant spread of materialism, we must pray, labor and sacrifice to restore the Kingship of Christ in our hearts, homes and Nation today. Tomorrow will be too late! Special Masses have been arranged for your dear family.

It is a wonderful thing to trust God. If only we trusted Him, we would find joy, confidence and peace of soul. How very often, we are so busy planning God’s agenda and anxiously waiting for Him to attend to our wishes, that we fail Him in both gratitude and trust! When one trusts, he is then grateful. When one is grateful, he views life as a grace, an undeserved and unearned gift from the Father’s Hands. The grateful heart cries out in the morning:

“Thank you, Lord, for the gift of a new day!

Thank you for the gift of loving and being loved!

Thank you for the four seasons!

Thank you for the gift of Thy Son,
Who by His Death and Resurrection
has set us on the road to glory!”

It is curious that in studies of financial giving, the poor give a larger proportion of their income to charity than the rich. Being surrounded by misery, they see opportunities to help on every side. To be grateful for the good things that happen in our lives is easy. To be grateful for the moments of sorrow, pain and uncertainty, requires hard spiritual work. When we are inwardly dissipated through business, obsession, addiction, sports, gossip, TV, movies and internet, we cannot be attentive to the gifts that arrive each day. Gratefulness is born of prayerfulness which makes us aware of the presence of God, which is manifested in a sunset, the song of a meadowlark, symphony, a word from a friend and the smile of an infant child. Gratitude is contagious. Grateful people are a delight to be around and their spirit is catching. It is not joy that makes us grateful, but gratitude that makes us joyful. The highest form of giving is “Thanksgiving”. Ingratitude is the most abominable of sins. Those who grumble forget the graces, benefits and blessings they have received from the Hand of God. To trust in the Love of God amidst sufferings and setbacks, is one of the highest forms of Gratitude.

Just for today, my Sweet Jesus,
Let me live, and love and trust Thee completely!
With all my heart, I confidently place every tomorrow In Thy most Sacred and Loving Hands.

Please, pray for me.

Patti Melvin
Patti Melvin
Director of the Universal Living Rosary Association of Saint Philomena (ULRA).

Dear Members and Benefactors,

We thank you for the great zeal you have shown in remembering your departed loved ones at the Sacred Altar. We will continue these 30 days of Masses for them, all through the month of December too. May their eternal union with God be accomplished

Fast approaching is the holy Season of Advent in which we prepare our hearts for the coming of Our Divine Infant King. God’s Eyes rest upon our Catholic homes with special love and benediction. Christ longs to flood these hallowed walls with His presence and lavish graces. In Baptism, we became other “Christs”, cherished members of His Mystical Family and sharers in His work of Redemption. We became the Tongue and Hands and Heart of Jesus in the world. Himself invisible, He must reach others through you and me, or not at all. To make Jesus better known and loved, this is our mission. As we journey to Bethlehem, leaving the world behind, silent and unseen will be the transformation that is wrought within the sanctuary of our souls. Believe me, through our detachment and sacrifices, ills will be cured, our lives will increase in vigor and miracles of health will take place at every moment of the day and night.

Take, O Lord, all that we are and all that we have; only give Thyself to us and that will suffice!

Sacrifice is the fuel of love. Let us count our sufferings as great blessings. Perfection is to put God first in everything! May our union of prayer be made fruitful during this Advent Season so that, through our charity, sacrifice and love all souls who do not yet know our Sweet Infant Savior will come to Bethlehem and find him in the stable in the arms of His Immaculate Mother, and ours! With God’s Grace, all things are possible!

I impart to all of you my priestly blessing:

In the Name of the Father, Son and Holy Ghost. Amen.

Byzantine Rite
Greek-Catholic Church

Weekly News Flash from the Universal Living Rosary Association of Saint Philomena, Wednesday, November 17, 2011

Friday, November 18th, 2011

The Power of The Marriage Crucifix!

In the town of Siroki-Brijeg in Herzegovina, not one single divorce has been recorded among its 13,000 inhabitants. For Centuries, because of pressure of the Turks and the Communists, the people suffered cruelly as their Christian Faith was always threatened. They knew, through experience, that salvation comes through the Cross of Christ! It does not come from humanitarian aid, peace treaties or disarmament plans.

The Source of Salvation Is the Cross of Christ!

These people possess a wisdom that does not allow them to be duped over questions of life and death. That is why they indissolubly link marriage with the Cross of Christ. When a young couple is preparing for marriage, the priest tells them that they have found their Cross. And, it is a Cross to be loved, to be earned, a Cross not to be thrown away, but to be cherished. The Cross represents to them the greatest love and the Crucifix is the treasure of every home. When the bride and groom set off for the church, they bring with them a Crucifix. The priest blesses the Crucifix, which then takes a central role during their exchange of vows. The bride places her right hand on the Crucifix and the groom places his hand over hers. Thus, the two hands are bound together on the Cross. The priest covers their hands with his stole as they proclaim their vows to be faithful until death. The bride and groom do not then kiss each other, they rather kiss the Crucifix. They know they are kissing the source of their love. If the husband abandons his wife or the wife her husband, they let go of the Cross. If they abandon the Cross, they are left with nothing! They have lost everything for they have abandoned . After the wedding, the newlyweds bring the Crucifix to their home and give it a place of honor. It becomes the focal point of family prayer. When trouble arises or conflict breaks out, it is before the Cross they seek help. They do not go to a lawyer or consult a fortune teller or astrologer. No, they go straight to Jesus on the Cross, get on their knees and pour out tears and prayers and exchange their forgiveness of one another.

They will teach their children to kiss the Cross every night and not to go off to sleep like pagans. When at night they kiss the Cross, they know that Jesus is holding them in His arms and there is nothing to be afraid of. Their fears and differences melt away, in their kiss of Jesus on the Cross.

Marriage brings forth Human Life, but United Together On the Cross, it brings forth Divine Life!

The Perfect Christmas Gift!

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The Great Challenge: To Be A Christian In A Pagan World!

After the Church, the family is the most sacred place on earth. Your participation in the ULRA and love for the Mother of God is evidence of your desire to offer yourselves as lay apostles in advancing the Kingdom of Our Eucharistic Christ among men. You are pioneers. The task to which you have committed yourselves calls for enthusiasm, and the zeal and dedication of missionaries. You are to be congratulated! Parents have a divinely appointed mission in their natural field of influence in the home and family. Here, they reign over the heart of the Nation and decree the ideals that shape the destiny of a generation! When those ideals are Christian, the home is a replica of Nazareth. The work of re-establishing Christ and Christian ideals must begin in the home.

Today, the soul of Christianity has been replaced by a new spirit. Every parent can serve as a leader in this battle. Every wife can be an influence to her husband, and husband to his wife, both can be an example to their children. Every Catholic parent must accept the teachings of Holy Mother the Church on marriage. The dignity of womanhood and the nobility of manhood rest upon that teaching. Marriage is a contract that implies a right to life-long companionship, mutual support in common interests, common sorrows, common joys; a contract that implies parent-hood, a contract, therefore, which excludes all thought of divorce, trial marriage, and contraceptive birth control. To a Christian, marriage is more than a natural contract. In the great charity of Christ, marriage has been elevated to the dignity of a Sacrament. This means that marriage has been taken out of the civil courts and placed in the Sanctuary. It means that Our Divine Savior has shed His Precious Blood that married love may be sanctified, your children will know the fear and love of God, and your union shall not fail. When husband and wife realize that Christ died that their union shall not fail, surely they cannot refuse to bear the trials of life, yes, to carry a cross and suffer a crucifixion in all patience rather than succumb to the tragedy of a broken home.

What a mockery of the Cross is Divorce! What a betrayal of the Crucified!

Matrimony is a Sacrament of the living. To receive this promised grace of the Sacrament at any particular moment or in any particular crisis, one must be free from mortal sin. Accept this point in simple faith and understand that God will help you meet your responsibility as spouse and parent if you put no obstacle in His way, if you preserve His Life in your soul and are in the state of Sanctifying Grace. You may get discouraged and feel overwhelmed with the burdens of your marriage, but try to see these temptations as opportunities to prove your love for God and your family. They are precious coins of gold when borne with patience and love, that will help you to gain merit and win Heaven.

Marriage is the most challenging vocation there is and, yet, we find no continuing education courses on it. Here, we give lines to live by, the Liturgy of married couples. Each will foster the successful flowering of the sacred covenant of Marriage. The family must be the one who shows the world that God is truly Our Father!

Using these guidelines, often and well, will strengthen your family and bring you peace. Say daily, morning and night, if not more often, ‚I love you.‛ Say it, mean it and show it.

Say often, Thank you. Be specific when you say this, thank you for a great meal, thank you for taking time to listen, for fixing something, repairing the door, thank you for caring, thank you for putting up with me. Finding things to be thankful for and voicing that thanks will cultivate in your married union gratitude to God and gratitude for each other. Being ungrateful is irrational. You may express your love and gratitude by a phone call, in a note, by a hug. You know, there are a thousand different ways. Find the good in everything you can, seek it out, talk about it, think about it.

Say with sincerity, ‚I am sorry.‛ Say it, mean it and state it in a way that is honest. I am sorry for taking you for granted, for not tell you about that errand, for forgetting to call when I was going to be late, for failing to ask your advice, whatever it might have been that caused pain and frustration to your spouse. And then say, ‘Please forgive me.’ By saying this, you are taking responsibility for the injury done. The mercy of God is medicine. To God we owe everything, He owes us nothing. What do we give to God, next to nothing! What does He give to us, everything! No matter how we offend Him, He is willing to forgive us. He was nailed to a cross and died that we might have forgiveness. Who are we to withhold mercy to another? Who are we to withhold forgiveness? We have to be willing to apologize sincerely and ask forgiveness and be willing to forgive.

Ask your spouse about her (his) day. It is important to you and your marriage. Catch up on the activities, challenges, joys and sorrows of the day before dinner if possible, or after. You must take time to be interested. Once you ask the question, give your undivided attention to what is shared.

Ask often, ‘How can I help you?’ This will usually get an immediate response. Then you must say, ‚Ok, I’d be glad to!‛ Say it, learn to mean it and find joy in doing it. We entered marriage to be like Christ. We are called to love in a way that is life giving – through sacrifice.

Ask once a month or when possible, ‚Will you go out with me on a date?‛ Make the plans before you ask the question as to the place, the flowers, the restaurant, the time. This is all about renewing the well-springs of love. Make memories now as you did when you were first married. You may not feel like it, but love is much more than a feeling. When feelings die, don’t conclude that love is dead. Feelings are like the weather, they come and go. While we cannot deny our emotions, for they are real and powerful, we must not let them rule our lives. Our covenant to God and each other is stronger than any feeling. That spouse of yours in the Hands of the Divine Sculptor is going to make you a saint. Let Him chip away at all your rough edges. We are pilgrims on this planet for as long as we are here. We are in exile on our way from earth to Heaven. God uses suffering to make us saints, and make sure we reach Home safely.

Family life must include prayer. Family prayer is the greatest source of peace in the home. Mary must be the Queen of your home. When we pray the Rosary we are simply speaking to God’s own Mother. There is no sinner so hardened with crime, no heart so broken with sorrow, nor anyone so weak that Mary will not save and comfort them if only they asked her. Mary gave us the Rosary to make us good, to make us strong, to make us happy and to make us holy. Let all the members of the family make their consecration to the Immaculate Heart of Mary and wear the Scapular as a sign of that consecration. The Miraculous Medal is a very powerful protection and source of Grace, let it be worn by all. Place holy water fonts by the entry and exit of the house and in every room. This powerful sacramental drives out the devil, remits venial sins and helps the Souls in Purgatory. Enthrone your home to the Sacred Heart of Jesus. Have a Crucifix in the Living Room, and a nice picture of the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Immaculate Heart of Mary. Prepare a place for prayer where you gather each night to pray as a family. Go regularly to Confession. This is so vital. The priest is there to dispense with the utmost generosity the mercies of God to man. The poor sinner kneels at the feet of God’s representative, laden with failings and weaknesses, pain and sorrow. He lays down his heavy burden and his sins are swallowed up in the abyss of God’s mercy; fears, doubts and remorse are lifted from his soul. Much needed counsel may be sought. Make the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass the highlight of your life, your week and your family. Go to Mass as often as you possibly can. In every Mass, Heaven comes to earth; we are surrounded by angels and saints. Who wouldn’t want to go to Mass! We all want to go to Heaven – we just don’t want to die first. As Catholics, we don’t have to die in order to go to Heaven. All we have to do is go to Mass, this is heaven on earth!

Modesty in your family is important: Modesty in dress, speech and action. Show respect for one another and for God. At least 15 minutes of spiritual reading should be done each day. In order to live our Faith, to defend our Faith and to teach our Faith, we must know it. We cannot love God if we do not know Him. To be a Catholic family takes discipline, courage, sacrifice and love. If you cannot do all of the things mentioned above, do one of them. Simply begin, have a desire to do them all, and your prayer will be answered. Our beloved country must return to Christ, and the surest and sweetest way to make our homes a veritable fortress of grace is through living a vibrant Catholic life.

“Youth is made Not for Pleasure, But for Heroism!”

Weekly News Flash from the Universal Living Rosary Association of Saint Philomena, Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Wednesday, November 9th, 2011
Dear Apostle of the Immaculate Heart of Mary!

Now we are in November, the month of the Holy Souls in Purgatory. Your response to our flyer soliciting prayers for those souls detained in Purgatory was heartfelt! May God reward you! Your donation for those suffering in the mission fields of the world, amidst war, poverty, disease and persecution, is the fire and light of the Holy Spirit, a beacon of hope, the living breath of charity. Rest assured of our love and prayers for you, each and every day.

Thirty three years Christ dwelt on earth, thirty three years of poverty, pain, toil, hardship, humiliation and suffering, crowned with a death of agony on the Cross. Yet, ever and always, from His cradle to the Cross, from the depths of His anguished Heart came the prayer:

“Father, not My Will, but Thine be done!”

To prove that to share His sufferings is a privilege of those who are dear to Him, He allowed His own Blessed Mother to stand beneath His Cross on the first Good Friday, her soul pierced with the sword of sorrow. And, it is from that Cross He speaks lovingly to the sick and suffering today.

Our pain can be made His Redemption. Under the alchemy of Divine Love, cannot our crosses become crucifixes? Can we not regard our sufferings as penance for the offences we have committed against God and our neighbor? Cannot we use our cross to become one with our suffering Savior? Our suffering united to His, will give us His Power, His Knowledge, His Love. There is only one way we can become like Him and that is to imitate the way He bore His sorrows and Cross. The sufferings we undergo, today, are blessed opportunities for us to draw closer to God with whom we hope to spend our eternal life. In the stress and strain of daily life, too often we forget the Divine Design of Living! During this time of suffering, through serious thought and prayerful meditation, the real purpose of our lives becomes crystal clear. Trials, sickness and suffering compel us to acknowledge our helplessness and admit our complete dependence on God. Through these trials borne patiently, we will be living the Mass, another Calvary, day by day. There is nothing more tragic in the world, today, than wasted pain! You are always in my prayers.

Patti Melvin
Patti Melvin
Director of the Universal Living Rosary Association of Saint Philomena (ULRA).

Secular Humanism

I The American Humanist Association (AHA) produces a bi-monthly journal and was given legal status by the U.S. Supreme Court. Their goal is to free one’s philosophy from the traditional constraints of theistic belief. Organized in 1867 under the leadership of Ralph Waldo Emerson, the AHA appealed not only to those theological reformers within the Unitarian Church but also to non-Christian liberals. It is sometimes referred to as a “New Religion” which incorporates naturalism, materialism, rationalization and socialism:

A New Faith for a New Age!

It was designed to be ever evolving and compatible with the social schema of our present day humanity. It was the AHA who argued that Bible study in public schools violated the separation of Church and State. The Supreme Court upheld this policy of religious neutrality. They defend the right to abortion and it is they who did much to popularize cremation and humanistic memorial services. In 2003, they secured a religious tax exempt status, as a non-profit, publically supported educational organization. Their goal is to promote the spread of Humanism and refine its philosophy.

In their self-definition, God does not exist and it is a destructive illusion to believe in Him. Man marks the highest point to which nature has evolved and he must rely entirely on his own resources. They decry creation and have worked very hard to promote the theory of evolution. They believe that everything changes, so there can be no enduring or permanent values. John Dewey, probably the most influential American philosopher in the field of education, is the author of the first Humanist Manifesto in 1933! Forty years later, a second Humanist Manifesto was issued. Among its major tenants are these: “… traditional dogmatic or authoritarian religions that place Revelation, God,
ritual or creed above human need or experience do a disservice to the human species. Humans are responsible for what we are and what we will become. No deity can save us; we must save ourselves. The right to birth control, abortion and divorce should be recognized.”

The members of the AHA are placed strategically in highly sensitive areas, and are internationally funded. They have key positions to influence public opinion. While they say, “Let us do away with all forms of intolerance,” they are adamantly intolerant of all religion. Up until the 1960’s, Christianity, with a unanimous voice, had taught an ethic of self-control, self-denial, encouraged reparation, sacrifice and prayer.

The great religious upheaval of the 16th Century contributed to the long term decline of religion and the rise of secularism in the West. In the midst of continually multiplying numbers of groups claiming to have the truth, it became difficult for people to believe that any Faith could be true. Another cause of the fragmentation of Christianity was the growth of science. Religion was perhaps not openly attacked but it was disbelieved. It ceased to be important. The dramatic success of the new scientific discoveries gave man an exhilarating sense of selfconfidence and self-importance. If it could not be proven by science, then it did not exist. In the 18th Century, the intellectuals began to advocate religious tolerance. In part, they said it was out of respect for the individual’s conscience. In part, however, it was out of the conviction that all religious beliefs were equally false and, thus, all should be equally tolerated. Voltaire rejoiced that, in a society where there were many religious groups, all of them would be weak. The French Revolution of 1789 accomplished many of its goals of enlightenment, sweeping away by violence all the social institutions to which the intellectuals objected, including the Church! Their goal to remake the world in the name of humanity gave birth to a murderous and destructive fanaticism. It was the “Committee of Public Safety” which implemented the Reign of Terror in the name of humanity.

The 19th Century gave birth to three new revolutionary systems of thought, those identified with Karl Marx, Charles Darwin and Sigmund Freud. Although different in many aspects, they all were based on materialism. Human existence was described, by economic necessities, biological evolution, and sexual urges. These three gave great impetus to Secular Humanism and all three dispensed with God. Atheism came into its own during that Century. “If God did exist, He must be destroyed!” The new Humanism embodied a demonic urge to negate and destroy. Once God had been denied, man could achieve true freedom by denying all moral constraints on himself and invent his own morality. Mass communications came into full swing. Books filled with this propaganda flooded the cities, schools and homes. Compulsory education was established and all the youth would be impregnated with Secular Humanism.

All these forces, plus the prosperity of the masses, transformed personal values and beliefs of countless Americans. They proved less and less able to say ‘NO’ to themselves and did not want others to say ‘NO’ to them. Spouses divorced, pregnancies were aborted, people of all ages made free use of drugs merely to experience something new and thrilling. The world was experienced as man’s own creation. Belief in God would continue in some general way, but His existence made little or no difference in their lives. They became Secular Humanists in practice, whatever they might have called themselves. Automobiles gave people a great sense of self-reliance. There was little room for God, prayer or obedience to God’s divine Law. Young people rebelled against established authority and all rules and demands for obedience. Students gained the right to cohabit in dormitories, use drugs and all rules pertaining to personal behavior and dress, were abolished. Sadly, most parents were living a compromising life of self-indulgence feeling that, after years of hard work, they deserved it. The obvious result was the breakdown of families. By the late 1970’s, this reached epidemic proportions. The number of divorces equaled that of marriages, and single parent families were countless. In over three-fourth of all households, both parents worked outside the home. The upbringing of the children was given over to schools, the very breeding grounds of secular humanism. Values clarification is a teaching technique in the schools to undermine the values children have learned at home from their parents who are the chief means by which religious belief is handed down.

Self Reigns As God!

Catering to the whims of self has become an obsession. Self is entitled to do whatever it wants and restraints on those desires are almost always unjust and unhealthy. The revolution goes deeper still. It amounts to a repeal of the entire Christian ethic of unselfish love and self-denial. The family is seen as the bastion of Christian values and, as such, it is under ferocious attack.Woman’s liberation is a deadly blow to family and religion. Life is reduced to an endless quest for personal fulfillment. Some clergy have even taken up the new religion of Enlightenment. Liberalism in religion has never been a way into the Faith; it has always been a way out of the Faith!

Pope Saint Pius X in 1907 condemned liberalism in the name of Modernism. It is the way by which secularism enters the Church. They are apostles of unbelief, endlessly telling believers that they should no longer accept this or that teaching of Christianity. In the end, all of them are negated! Christians trust in God. Humanists trust in themselves. Secular Humanism promises earthly happiness. Totalitarianism is a system which seeks to shape and control every aspect of people’s lives in the interest of creating a perfect worldly society. Religion in the modern world has been the strongest and most tenacious bulwark against both. In the end the humanist system betrays man. The Humanist’s acts of defiance and heedless disregard end by enslaving the individual to his passions. Since man was created by an all-wise and all-loving God, he cannot be free or truly happy except in loving obedience to His Creator’s Will.

“You shall know the Truth, And the Truth Will set you Free!”

Weekly News Flash from the Universal Living Rosary Association of Saint Philomena, Thursday, November 3, 2011

Thursday, November 3rd, 2011
To our faithful and cherished Worldwide Living Rosary Family,

In an effort to make available to all our members, the Association’s newsletter, DEDICATED DECADES, in a form that is simple and easily read, we are going to prepare a weekly newsflash with these inspirational articles and news from our members all over the world. We pray, this will be the fire to keep our devotion burning brightly, and the glue that will hold us all together.

Please, we long for any news you may wish to share about the blessings of this work in your life and the miracles that St. Philomena has obtained for you and your family.

The principal Dogmas of our Faith are from Mary, in Mary, with Mary, and through Mary. Looking at Mary these Dogmas are read, embraced, loved and believed. She contained and contains the Gospel which she offers to us all through the Mysteries of the most Holy Rosary. Mary is the direct way to Christ and the weapon of conquest with which to establish the reign of Jesus Christ universally. It is a privilege to pray faithfully our Daily Decade and recruit as many souls as possible to practice this devotion for the defense of Holy Mother the Church.

We are the soldiers of Mary Immaculate, whose courage in following her Son to the foot of the Cross of Calvary has never been excelled. We are called to be firm of mind and purpose, to cast aside vain fear, and to summon all our powers and resources in order to achieve the Triumph of her Immaculate Heart! We must never yield to the spirit of the world, to the suggestions of the powers of evil, to human respect, timidity or tepidity. With the help of the Immaculate, we will meet frustration with resiliency, tepidity with ardor, faint heartedness with fearlessness, discouragement with fortitude, and cowardliness with great courage!

The Living Rosary is a closely-knit Association. More than twelve million people are united in one purpose. Every member in the world is connected with every other member. All are united into one; all are connected through the breath of charity. Life flows through these connections from the Heart to even the smallest group, or single member living in the most remote area in the world. There is a ceaseless flowing of Grace in every direction.

Ideally, all the members should be familiar with the work of the whole Association. Routine and apathy will not enter in where there is a lively interest in the progress of the Association everywhere in the world. Obedience will be made so much easier if we can see the army at work as a whole. The bi-annual newsletters are not an extravagance or wasted effort. Through the DEDICATED DECADES we can see the life of the movement rather than the qualities of the individual members. The newsletter Is vital to the loyalty, respect, support and unity of the Association. We must make every effort to see that the newsletter reaches all members. It is our “GIFT” to each associate and a great insurance that he will continue to pray and remain in union with the Heart of the apostolate. Apathy and the spirit of Mary are contradictory. Mary could never be anything but enthusiastic in the love of virtue and the battle against sin. We must remember that we are not alone. We work for God in union with Mary. And, oh, how she longs for the success of our work!!! She is the Virgin Most Powerful. We must believe in her and never forget that, through her prayers, we have at our disposal nothing less than the all-powerfulness of her Divine Son.

The more difficult the circumstances under which we have to work, the more indelibly is the Cross imprinted upon our work. The Cross is always the Sign of Hope!!! Where did she whom God loved more than all His other creatures find herself? At the foot of the Cross, with her soul pierced by a seven-fold sword and on her head the mystic crown of Queen of Martyrs! Each and every associate is united in their desire and prayer to bring about the Triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary through the propagation of the Holy Rosary and the Brown Scapular.

Mary exists to bring Christ to the world. True union, TRUE DEVOTION to Mary, cannot be separated from apostleship. United with Mary, we will mother souls.

How our Sorrowful and Immaculate Mother gazes upon the masses of the human race today, with longing and love: upon the followers of her Son who are so self-centered, so apathetic, so lacking in zeal; upon the wealthy materialists, upon the hundreds of millions of pagans; upon those who make war on the very idea of religion. Never was, or has there been, a greater need for a bold apostolate. Our privilege and duty as Christians demand that we take an active part in such an apostolate.

At every moment we are dependent upon Mary for Grace. This grace is the very life of our souls. Without it, we cannot breathe spiritually and we will perish. Let us, then, with all zeal, no matter what sacrifice is required, bring the Immaculate Heart of Mary to souls that they may have LIFE.

Saint Philomena is the New Light of the Church Militant and how badly we need her heroic charity, humility, purity and obedience to all that is the Will of God.

May God and His Blessed Mother be with you in everything that you do … ALWAYS and FOREVER!

You are always in my prayers!

Patti Melvin
Patti Melvin
Director of the Universal Living Rosary Association of Saint Philomena (ULRA).

ArchConfraternity of Saint Philomena Conference held at

Archconfraternity of Saint Philomena Conference held at
Our Lady of Snows, Belleville, Illinois – 23rd to 25th Sept. 2011
Msgr. Giovanni Braschi, Rector, Sanctuary of St. Philomena, Mugnano, Italy
Patti Melvin, ULRA Director, Dickinson – Texas
Fr. Chad Partain, Director, Youth for Purity Program, St. Paul’s, Mansura – Louisiana
Marie Burns, Director, Archconfraternity of St. Philomena, Scotland

I am very sorry to be so lax in sending you something to help. Thank you with all my heart for the Mass you had offered for our family. Let me share a bit about my mother, bear with me. In the late 1930’s, she worked in a laundry and ironed 500 shirts in a day at 15 cents a shirt. She married at 19 years of age. When she began having children, her teeth simply crumbled in her mouth and each one had to be pulled out. She had 4 children, no car and no insurance. When I was in the 2nd grade, my mom had breast cancer. The treatment then was to put acid on the cancer and burn it off. They let it burn too deep and it ate into her artery. She nearly bled to death. After this, mom had migraine headaches for years and suffered with varicose veins, herniated discs, arthritis and cancer of her female organs. She now has many deep lesions from the surgeries which were causing her great pain. I told her about the holy oil. I give St. Philomena credit for prayers answered. I talked with mom the other day and she said all the pain is gone! Mom is not Catholic, but her faith in God and miracles is very strong. Through all her suffering, she has never complained, never gotten angry at God and never told others about her suffering. I love my mom so much. I am so proud of her!
< Lavonne – CA >

For years, I had not heard from my father. His wife got cancer and he gave me power of attorney of his home in NY. Time passed. Then, a friend was going to a wedding in Florida and she promised to stop and visit him and send me a photo. I could see that his circumstances were dire. I flew down to visit him. I was shocked at his physical condition and his environment. I could not persuade him to come back to NY with me. The last thing I did, without much hope, was to give my father a Green Scapular. Later, I quit my job and went to Florida to be near my dad. I took care of his paper work, cleaned his house and tried to persuade him to get his life in order. But, he continued unchanged as he had no need of God. I felt very comfortable about what I was doing because I saw that my dad was wearing the Green Scapular around his neck! Our Lady was at work! I had to return home. After a short while, I got a call from my father’s doctor and he told me that he did not expect my dad to live. My daughter and I flew down. In the midst of the worst scandal in the Church’s history, God sent me four holy priests. Dad was registered at the local parish, Most Holy Name of Jesus. He accepted the grace to go to Confession. He received the Sacrament of Extreme Unction. Father Tobin gave my dad an Apostolic Blessing and he died peacefully. Dad had a beautiful Funeral Mass and burial, with full military honors at the National Cemetery in Sarasota. Our Lady keeps her promise for those who wear the Green Scapular.
< Wanda >

My daughter, Chloe, has found her calling. She is so happy you like the Sacrifice Beads of St. Theresa she is making. I am on my way right now to mail you the Good Deed beads that she made for you. She used all the items you sent, plus went ahead and used the mission plastic Crucifixes and the Miraculous Medals. Thank you for giving her this awesome opportunity!
< Nadia >

This past January, my husband had emergency open-heart surgery and he suffered many grave complications. A religious Sister at our parish introduced me to St. Philomena and gave me a 2nd class relic of her. I began praying to her every day. Then, your Dedicated Decade magazine was placed on my windshield on Sunday at Mass but no one knew who put it there. I am grateful to this secret promoter and we would like to obtain other devotional items to assist us and promote her devotion. We are doing much better here and have grown to love the Saint.
< Helen – AZ >

Thank you so much for sending the booklets for Consecration, “To Jesus, through Mary.” The children are making good use of them.
< Sisters of Charity, NY >

Thank you for sending the books and Sacramentals to me. Just knowing someone cares is a true blessing in itself. I don’t know if my body will be healed, but my soul is filled with joy and hope. I have been set free from sin and death! God bless you and your workers. Thank you for your love.
< James, inmate >

I am currently serving time in the Buckingham Prison and the Rosary has been a great comfort to me. It has helped me overcome many problems. In the beginning, before I converted to the Roman Catholic Faith, I did not understand the need or use of the Rosary, but I prayed it anyway and it worked! I am a lot calmer, my worldly thoughts and sins are much less. I live like a monk and would like to dedicate my life to God. Father Kelly is our chaplain here. He is a nice older Irish priest. You are in my prayers.
< Thomas – VA >

Here is Manuela from Belize. We had the marvelous opportunity to meet and visit with Manuela who is a great Rosarian for the schools and poor villages in her country. She was in Houston for a seminar and medical evaluation. Three years ago, her foot was crushed in a car accident. She will be going for her fourth surgery this month. She will be taking a leading role for the Living Rosary in Belize. Her mission began by invitation. Manuela had lost her car keys. She had looked everywhere for them. Then, a friend told her about St. Anthony. She did not know of him, but after he insisted, she prayed, ‚OK, St. Anthony, if you are there, please help me find my keys.‛ She began looking all over again, in the places she had already looked. She did not see them at first because there was a Rosary on the table covering them. A Rosary that had not been there minutes before. She picked up the Rosary and under it were her keys; then she heard a distinct voice say, ‚The Rosary is the Key to Heaven!‛ From that day forward, Our Lady has showed her ways to spread the Rosary and it is her great mission today. Her visit to us was a window opened by the Queen of Heaven.
< Patti Melvin >

I have been wearing my Medal on a chain around my neck for over a year now and it has transformed my life! I am not so anxious, am much healthier and I don’t get so angry or dwell on the past. I want to ask everyone to pray for my son, Andrew John, who is near despair. He carries many heavy crosses. God love you!
< Flo – MA >

I am distressed over the Post Office debacle and the fact we are struggling financially. I was surprised to hear about a move to a new location. Our Association will recover and thrive, as we are under the protection of Our Heavenly Mother and St. Philomena. I will be praying for you all. Please use my small offering for your expenses.
< Fred – VT >

I want to say, ‘Thank You’ for all the work you do for souls through this special Apostolate. I hope my donation helps. The daily Rosary is part of our family’s prayer life. It is because of your encouragement that we stay committed to this wonderful prayer. I have seven children and seven grandchildren. They all practice the Faith and we pray that the Rosary will be a vital part of their daily lives because it is so important. I believe it has protected us from so much seen and unseen danger in this great spiritual battle we are all currently living. Like so many others, it feels like we are just hanging on by a thread, but the Rosary is the glue that holds us together with each other and with our Catholic Faith. I love how you honor St. Philomena and St. Therese. Thank you for your ‘YES.’ < Patti – WA > Things are better here. My son was released from the hospital and is working as a math teacher for a holy priest in a small Catholic school; me and my husband are healing. I am proud to be a part of this beautiful work of God, to be a link in this prayer chain has given me so much emotional and spiritual help. I use to think that God had big plans for me as a worker in His Church, but now I know that I am just an ‚old broom in a closet‛ and that is OK with me. I just want what God wants! Thank you for all your encouragement.
< Linda – MO >

You have won me over with your example of kindness and generosity, inspired by the love of God. I wil l certainly benefit to join you by taking up a Decade of the Living Rosary. In the Resurrection, Christ shows that He conquers weakness, sin, vice and death.
It demonstrates to me, again and again, the power of God to save me from all my trials and, particularly, from my own wickedness. I am waiting for my Decade.
< Albert – TX >

Thank you for taking time from your busy schedule to meet with us. We can’t tell you how much it meant and how blessed we felt to meet you, in person, and to see the Headquarters for the Universal Living Rosary! Your gracious workers made us feel most welcome. We felt like we stepped into a little piece of Heaven! The Lord has blessed millions of people through your work and we pray that He keeps you strong to continue! Much love,
< Cathey – TX >

Thank you so much for the beautiful Dedicated Decades booklet. It is not only a work of art, but a treasury of the Catholic Faith. It is amazing how you do all this. May God continue to bless you!
< Mary – NY >

You are the connection through which we can all be helped. I thank God your apostolate came my way. I am grateful to be a part of the ULRA. Demonic activity today is escalating and our giving must be sacrificial while our prayer must be unceasing.
< Doris >

“Woman hit by truck!” While crossing the street, Jean was hit by a truck, breaking both bones in her left arm. She told the reporter that God was in the intersection with her or she might have been killed. Jean sows Scapulars and strings Miraculous Medals for our missionaries.
< Maryland – USA >

I was bitten by a brown recluse spider twice at the same time. Very dangerous! I made a promise to Our Holy Mother that, if she would heal me, I would help spread her devotion. Well, I am ashamed to say I had forgotten that promise, but Mary did not! When I was reading through your magazine, I remembered my promise and decided to help string Miraculous Medals. When you sent the 2nd box, I knew it was our dear Lady who wanted me to do this. I can’t speak well and don’t have any other talents to offer others, but I have ten fingers and my evenings have been greatly blessed by helping with this apostolic work. You have no idea how you have helped me feel that my life isn’t useless. Thank you, dear Mary!
< Sharon >

It was a pleasure to hear from you again. Thank you for the Holy Mass and Sacramentals. It has been 6 years since hurricane Katrina hit us. Four days after she hit, I had 4-way bypass open heart surgery and was given 50:50 chance to live. I was healed. I tell everyone about our Princess, St. Philomena. After two heart surgeries and cancer twice, and the hurricane, here I am – happy, at peace and without fear of death. Before each of my surgeries, I asked God, “Why me?” He said, “Why not you! I need you to do my mission.” “I can do all things in Him Who strengthens me!”
< Clarence – LA