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Weekly News Flash from the Universal Living Rosary Association of Saint Philomena, Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Thursday, January 26th, 2012

I am Fr. Chad Partain, the pastor of St. Paul the Apostle Parish, Mansura, Louisiana and the chancellor for the diocese of Alexandria. And so I had a long trip to be with you today. But, it is a trip that I looked forward to making because I have seen pictures of your beautiful church for years and always wanted an excuse to come visit. This was the perfect opportunity. In September 2011, we gathered at the Shrine of Our Lady of the Snows outside of St. Louis, Illinois for an international conference on St. Philomena and, while we were there, devotees from all over the world gathered to share their stories of St. Philomena and to reflect on the devotion and the work of the devotion in the world. It was during the gathering at the Shrine of Our Lady of the Snows that we came to a greater understanding of what St. Philomena was accomplishing in the modern world. She is a Saint who went from great obscurity to great popularity. She rose from the silence of the catacombs to being the great Wonder-Worker of the 19th Century. After this time, she again slept, but now her devotion is in a period of great resurgence. Many of us who work with the devotion and who try to spread it, believe there is a reason for that resurgence. Philomena is a gift to the Church that God gives to the generations that are in most need of her intercession. And certainly, I think, this is true of our own time and our own need. Our day and Age is not radically different from the days of Diocletian, the waning days of the old Roman Empire. If we were to look back in history and read accounts of life in those days, it would almost be as if we were reading newspaper headlines of our own day. The reign of Diocletian was a culture of death! It was a time when life was cheap, men and women lived for their own sexual excess and pleasure. The Family Unit had completely broken down under a system of no-fault divorce which had been introduced in the Roman Law. Abortion and Euthanasia were common, suicide was rampant, the birth rate almost non-existent. Homosexuality was accepted as a norm and no longer looked upon as perversion. In so many ways, the days of St. Philomena are an exact mirror of our own. And it was into the darkness of that culture of death that God brought forth this amazing little Saint to challenge the wisdom of the world. God sent a teenage girl to challenge the strong and the powerful. He sent this humble little child whose name means simply “Child of the Light,” Philomena, daughter of Light. God has given us this little Saint, the patron Saint of miracles, this innocent child in our own time because we have the same needs as the people of her time. We have to be reminded as they were reminded that the light does shine in the darkness, for this is Philomena’s message. The Light of Christ still continues to shine even in the darkest moments as we pass through this valley of the shadow of death. And so, Philomena speaks to us, as she speaks for us before the throne of God. The message St. Philomena gives to the modern world is the message which it greatly needs.

First, she is a witness to the transforming power of God’s Grace. She reminds us that with the Grace of God all things are possible. And this is a message of hope, a message of confidence and trust which we need to remember more than ever, because we run the risk of growing discouraged by the evil that surrounds us. It is very easy to be a pessimist in the Church today. It is very easy for us to be cynical or critical, to believe that we are living in the worst of times and to believe there is no hope. To give into that temptation is to go against the virtue of Hope. And, this is something we cannot afford to do. Philomena is a reminder to us that the Grace of God accomplishes wonders. But, where does the Grace of God work? The Grace of God does not work through politics, international treaties or trade agreements. The world is touched and changed and transformed not by Washington, or the United Nations; the world is touched and changed for the better through the Grace of God at work in the human heart. This is what St. Philomena reminds us: the Grace of God and the Power of God are at work! Even in the midst of this corrupt and depraved generation, we can see God’s Grace reflected in the faces of the children and the families here present. The Grace of God is not absent from our world. But, we have to know where to look for it. Philomena reminds us that we have to look for the Grace of God at work among the young. Our children are not incapable of virtue. All too often, there is a temptation to write off the children of this generation: they are too callous, they are too cynical, they are too locked into their own little worlds, they are too selfish, too self-centered, they have completely given into the lies of the media and they are blind to any spiritual reality. But, that simply is not the case. Many of our children are lost, many are not! And that is why we have to continue to seek the Grace of God which is at work in them. We cannot afford to give up or to write off an entire generation for the Grace of God is at work. The transforming power of God’s Grace is active in them. St. Philomena is the Patroness of Youth. Every Saint has a task to perform in this world and in the next. Just because we get to Heaven does not mean that our work is done. St. Philomena’s task, assigned to her by the Church, is to intercede for the young. She is to be a witness, model and intercessor for our youth. And we have to help her in that task. The children of today are lost in many ways because they no longer have reflected for them any witness or example of holiness or innocence. As you know, so many of them come from broken homes, wounded relationships and abusive situations. Many of them have never experienced a Catholic education. They have not experienced the support of an extended family. They have never known the love of dedicated religious or the care of priests. They have had no one to witness to them the marvelous love of our Heavenly Father. This is why the Archconfraternity of St. Philomena and the Universal Living Rosary Association of Saint Philomena have developed the Youth for Purity Crusade to introduce St. Philomena to as wide an audience as possible.

The Youth Crusade consists of two phases: The first phase is a program of mini-shrines that are being put together and will be sent free of charge to whatever school or parish or CCD program would like to receive one. The mini-shrine is simply a large plastic container but, in that plastic container, there is a statue of Saint Philomena, her chaplet, a set of CD’s describing her life and her miracles, devotional materials as well as educational materials on the basic tenets of the Faith. Included, also, are Scapulars, Rosaries and Miraculous Medals, enough for every child to carry back into his own home. That is the first phase of what we want to accomplish in St. Philomena’s Youth for Purity Crusade. We want to introduce her and take her on tour. We want to expose as many children as possible to the power of this young girl because the Church in Her Infallible Wisdom holds up this child as a witness and a sign of what the Grace of God is able to do with our human weakness. Included with every mini-shrine, there is a curriculum which guides the teacher to present the story of St. Philomena and to help focus the children’s attention on the message that needs to be conveyed, the message that we all need to hear. And that message is very simple and, yet, very profound. What do we need to hear in the modern world? What do we need to remember? St. Philomena teaches us, first of all, about the need for courage. Courage is a supernatural gift which comes to us from the Holy Ghost. The virtue of courage is needed in our world today. Philomena is a wonderful example because she is the unexpected witness of courage. Our children today are inundated with images of superheroes and novel forms of courage that are not possible. But, Philomena presents a courage which is supernatural and, yet, at the same time accessible. Here is a child, and we have to remember she was very much a child; here is a child in a foreign land, torn from her parents, isolated from all that was familiar, abused and tempted in ways that none of us have ever been tempted. None of us have ever been offered the kingdom of the world on a platter. She was offered fame, fortune, power and physical pleasure. Everything the world could offer, was offered to her! And, yet, she found the courage to resist this temptation, to overcome her fear and to maintain her peace of soul. Her courage is a tremendous witness and it is a witness, not only to the supernatural virtue of courage but it is also a witness to the power of innocence. Our world today does not value innocence. You can see it in the fashions, you can see it in the advertisements and you can see it everywhere from the billboards to the check-out line at the grocery store. Ours is not a culture that values innocence. We view innocence as a handicap because we have the mistaken idea that innocence is the same as being naïve. And we see this as a weakness not a strength. But, there is more to innocence than just virginity of the body. The greatest innocence, the strength and power of innocence, comes through purity of the mind and heart which is reflected in the purity of the body. You must have the first one before you can have the second. Our children are not innocent and, believe me, they are not innocent because they have not been taught that purity of the body can only happen when we understand and embrace purity of the mind and the heart. For only the pure of heart, shall see God. And this is what innocence is all about. Innocence is the ability not just to refrain from sexual activity, but it is the ability to see and to understand as God does, to possess a spiritual point of view and to be able to value and judge things of this world in the light of eternity. Philomena had that ability and was able to see through the shadows and the illusions of temptation. She was able to distinguish what was important from what was unimportant, what was necessary from what was not necessary. She saw through the lies and the deceptions and she clearly understood that the only thing necessary was the salvation of her soul. Philomena had the courage to embrace the Truth! This is innocence! This is power! Innocence is power because it brings with it integrity of heart. The third powerful lesson that St. Philomena brings is integrity of heart. She was single-minded, stubborn and committed. This is what gave her strength. She was focused completely on the one thing necessary, the only thing that is necessary: the salvation of her soul. This is what gave her courage and strength in the face of martyrdom and death. These are the three lessons we want to highlight as we send the mini-shrines out to the schools, to the youth groups and to the CCD programs. We want to emphasize integrity of heart and the power of innocence and the great need for courage. This is the focus we want to give our children and Philomena does that in a radical and powerful way.

The second phase of the Youth Crusade is accomplished simultaneously with the first. Philomena is not only the patron Saint of miracles and the patron Saint of youth, but she is also the patron Saint of the Children of Mary. The Children of Mary is an organization that was begun in the 19th Century. It was requested by the Blessed Mother when she appeared to St. Catherine Labouré at Rue de Bac in 1830. At the time She gave Catherine the Miraculous Medal, Mary asked for the establishment of the Congregation of the Children of Mary. St. Philomena was named patroness of that Congregation by Pope Pius IX. The second phase of our Youth Crusade now is to resurrect the Congregation of the Children of Mary. Msgr. Braschi, as rector of the Shrine of St. Philomena in Italy and universal director of the ArchConfraternity, has asked us to do just that. We are to resurrect the Congregation of the Children of Mary as a Youth Crusade for all, as a means of teaching and spreading devotion not only to Saint Philomena, but the importance and the necessity of the Marian Consecration, the spirituality of St. Louis-Marie de Montfort, by which we go to Jesus through Mary. To this end, we have re-established the Congregation of the Children of Mary as the youth arm of the International Family of St. Philomena.

The International Family of Saint Philomena is composed of three branches: The ArchConfraternity of Saint Philomena headquartered in the Sanctuary of Mugnano del Cardinale, the Universal Living Rosary Association of St. Philomena founded by Ven. Pauline Jaricot and the Congregation of the Children of Mary: The papa, the mama and the children. Here, then, is the Family: La Familia de Santa Filomena (The Family of St. Philomena) Now, there is a place for all of us to grow in our understanding and our awareness of St. Philomena and also to practice this devotion and pass it on to others. That is the purpose of the Family, to spread the devotion, to tell the story, to give witness to the miracles, to remind the modern world that God does reach into our lives and perform miracles. Miracles are not just a thing of the past. They happen in the here and now. And it is because of such a miracle that I am here today with you.

When I was in Junior High, I was introduced to Saint Philomena through the Universal Living Rosary Association. I signed up for my Daily DECADE and received a pamphlet on St. Philomena and wanted to know more about her. So I read everything I could about her and I was inspired by her story. I knew that I wanted to be a priest; I wanted to go to the seminary but I was diagnosed with a tumor-like growth in my inner ear. The doctor informed my parents that it had to come out right away. This cholesteatoma was of enormous size and would have to be removed immediately by radical surgery. The surgery was scheduled but, before the surgery, I began a Novena to St. Philomena reminding her gently that, if I was going to be a priest, I must have the ability to hear. My family was able to obtain a First Class Relic from the Vatican. My parents and I prayed the Novena and then I went in for surgery. I had a radical mastoidectomy, where they basically cut off my ear, and drilled through the mastoid bone to get into the inner ear. The doctor got in there and, after eight hours of surgery, he came out and told my parents, “The tumor was much larger than I imagined. The growth was actually the size of a grapefruit; it was pressing on the brain, and there is no way now that he will be able to hear because there is nothing left in the inner ear. Everything has been eaten away. We patched together an ear drum but he will definitely be deaf and most likely paralyzed on his left side.” My mother said, “Are you sure?” They said, “No, we cannot be certain until he comes out of the anesthesia.” I came out of the anesthesia, and felt the doctors pricking my toes to see if I could feel anything. Not only was I not paralyzed, but when they finally unwrapped the mummy and took off my bandages, I could hear out of that ear. The doctors were amazed because there was nothing there but one large vast cavity. There was no inner ear left. There was nothing to hear with. Yet it is that ear which, every week, I press up against the Confessional grill to hear Confessions. St. Philomena is a wonderful sister to us. And that’s what she longs to be. She longs to be a sister to us in order to remind us that we are not alone, the power and the Grace of God are present, and we must not lose hope, or give in to cynicism or despair. Rather, we must continue to practice the devotions by which we recognize that we are part of something greater than ourselves, for you and I are part of the Communion of Saints. Sanctity is not limited to the Saints in Heaven, but you and I are part of that Family – the Family of the Communion of Saints. We are bound to one another and to the Souls in Heaven, and to the Souls in Purgatory as a support system, for this is the Mystical Body of Christ. We have the right to call upon the Saints. We have the right to demand that they intercede in our behalf. Most of all, we are called to take our place with them by trusting Almighty God, and by asking for their continued intercession in all of our needs. Through the intercession of St. Philomena, we pray for our children as we pray for our world. We must also continue to pray for the gift of Hope, that great forgotten virtue, for hope is a gift from God which enables us to believe that God will provide everything that is necessary for our salvation. Nothing will be lacking to us. Nothing is lacking. Everything has been given. When God reaches into our lives with a miracle, He reminds us of this fact: There is nothing lacking. All we have to do is to believe and hope and trust like a little child. This is why, I believe, God has once again raised up this powerful Saint who will not die, whose devotion will not fade or go away. I believe her devotion will continue to grow, it will continue to spread because her miracles happen every day. The testimonies that pour into the Sanctuary from all over the world and the testimonies that are reported to the Universal Living Rosary Association are tremendous! God is at work among us. He wants us to turn to the Saints; He wants us to ask for their powerful help, so we might remember in doing this, we are a part of the tremendous Communion of Saints. We have the support we need. We are not alone! I would urge you, if you have not done so already, to sign up for the ArchConfraternity of St. Philomena. This is a wonderful way for us to express our devotion to St. Philomena and to help spread this devotion to others. The requirements are very simple: just fill out the membership card and practice the devotion on your own and do what you can to help spread the devotion to others.

Fr. Jason and Fr. Kevin made mention of the cord of St. Philomena which is indulgenced. The cord is the sign of membership in the ArchConfraternity and, certainly, is a tremendous treasure that has been given to us. If you haven’t already, I would urge you to sign up for your Daily DECADE with the Universal Living Rosary Association. Venerable Pauline Jaricot was a tremendous soul and she devised a system by which we could promise to pray one DECADE of the Rosary, joining with others throughout the world. By praying our Daily DECADE, we share not only in the graces of all 15 decades of the Rosary every day, but through the power of association, we gain the graces and merits of all 12-Million members united with us praying their Daily Decade. It is the best bargain value in the Church. This devotion is sanctioned by the Holy Father and is highly indulgenced. It is a tremendous thing. There are 12-MILLION members of the Living Rosary Association worldwide. Take up your Decade, play your part, and help spread devotion to the Blessed Mother throughout the world. The Living Rosary Association is also a missionary activity. I urge you to take home the information we have for the Children of Mary. The Congregation of the Children of Mary, the youth arm of the Family of St. Philomena, is a wonderful way for us to fulfill what was requested by Our Blessed Lady, that our children gather together on the First Saturday of each month, receive Holy Communion in reparation, pray the Rosary and consecrate their lives to Jesus through Mary. This is the purpose of the Congregation of the Children of Mary. Through this Congregation, they learn and are formed so that they can make Mary’s “YES” their own. It is a tremendous Crusade. Take the information back to your parish, to your CCD class or include it in your home-school curriculum. Let everyone know about the Youth Crusade. Share with them the possibilities of spreading devotion to this tremendous Saint. If you do that, you will be doing your part. We are all called to offer our FIAT to God’s plan for us by promulgating devotion to the Immaculate Heart of Mary and hastening her final Triumph. We are called to live and to act, to work and to pray like St. Philomena as Children of the Light, as Children of Mary!

I invite you all to be a part of the Youth for Purity Crusade. By your participation in the Archconfraternity, the Universal Living Rosary and the Children of Mary, you will grow in virtue and purity, and help Saint Philomena bring souls to Jesus through Mary

Thank you. May God bless you!

Fr. Chad Partain, Director
Congregation of the Children of Mary


Weekly News Flash from the Universal Living Rosary Association of Saint Philomena, Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Thursday, January 19th, 2012

"Whosoever dies wearing this Scapular Shall not suffer eternal fire!"

Our Lady of Mount Carmel to Simon Stock – July 16, 1251

No matter how extraordinary the promise made by Our Blessed Mother may appear, She made it and She will keep it. At the word of Her FIAT, She conceived by the Holy Ghost and the Incarnate Word became Man. If Almighty God comes down upon our Altars: Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity, in obedience to the words of the priest every day at Holy Mass, would He refuse His own Mother the grace She asks for Her children?

"To save souls from Hell, God wishes to establish in the world, devotion to My Immaculate Heart. My Immaculate Heart will be your refuge and the way that will lead you to God.” Fatima, 1917

"The Scapular will be for all
The Sign of our Consecration to
The Immaculate Heart of Mary."

Pope Pius XII

Love the Scapular!
Wear it always!
Venerate it often!

True devotion to Mary consists in three things: Veneration, Confidence and Love. Without saying to Mary we venerate Her, love Her and trust in Her motherly protection, we show Her all these things every moment of the day by simply wearing Her Brown Scapular.

THE SCAPULAR IS A PRAYER! Mary’s Motherhood is not limited to Catholics; it extends to ALL MEN. Many miracles of conversion have been obtained through the devout wearing of the Scapular. The Scapular is a great missionary Sacramental. After the Rosary, the Scapular is the most highly indulgenced Sacramental in the Church.

Become an apostle of the Brown Scapular! Today, the terrible demise that many overlook, is the horrible devastation of our Catholic families, who recklessly choose to ignore Our Blessed Mother’s requests. What a deplorable loss of Sanctifying Grace for mankind!

We are at war. Satan and the world battle for our souls. There is but one step between us and death. Make haste to take refuge in the Heart of Mary.

The Brown Scapular
is a Sacramental!

A SACRAMENTAL is anything set
aside by Holy Mother the Church
to excite pious thoughts and increase devotion. Through these movements of the heart, venial sin is remitted and grace imparted. The possession of grace is the Foundation of Peace. Let everyone wear the Scapular!

The first Scapular worn should be blessed by a priest and imposed by him (if possible). Any priest may bless and enroll in the Confraternity. After having received the initial blessed Scapular from a priest, no other Scapular need be blessed before wearing. The blessing and imposition are attached to the wearer for life.

The Scapular is ‘Mary’s Mantle’ made of wool and MUST be worn over the shoulders so that one piece falls in front and the other in the back. Each time the Scapular is kissed with devotion, 500 days indulgence is granted to those in the state of grace.

The Scapular Medal was created only for those who would suffer grave inconvenience in wearing the cloth and the indul-gence of 500 days does NOT apply to the Medal. To obtain the graces and promise of the Scapular, it must be worn constantly. It should be worn, day and night, in sickness and in health.

Then the Scapular is worn out, being a sacred object, it should not be thrown in the regular garbage but should be burned or buried.

The Sabbatine Privilege consists in Our Lady’s promise to release from Purgatory, on the First Saturday after their death, those who meet these three requirements:

  1. Faithful wearing the Scapular.
  2. Observance of chastity according to one’s state in life.
  3. Daily recitation of the Little Office of Our Blessed Mother. For those in the Living Rosary, special dispensation has been granted and our Daily DECADE may be substituted for the Little Office.

    I Am All Thine,
    O Immaculate
    Heart of Mary,
    Save Me!



Scapular wearers share in the daily prayers of the Carmelite Order and the worldwide good works of over two hundred million members of the Scapular Confraternity.

Man cannot be saved without prayer. Only one thing can release the graces necessary to bring about world peace and that is prayer. The Scapular is the Promise of Mary’s prayer. By wearing the Scapular, we offer the perpetual prayer that everything we do is done in God’s Eyes through Mary. At the same time, we become apostles of His Mother because all that He requires to save the world is to make our daily actions a prayer in union with Her. The Brown Scapular is the masterpiece of the love of the Heart of Mary. An attack on the Scapular is an attack on the Church and the Mother of God. Let us defend it and explain its value to all! It is our sign of belonging to the universal family of Her Immaculate Heart. Mary, O my Mother, I am Thine!

“O Mother of Carmel, when my last hour shall sound and
I take thy holy
Scapular into my trembling hands,
fill my heart with
confidence in thee, and do thou,
my loving Mother, receive my Soul and offer it to the Sacred Heart of Jesus. Amen.”
(Hail Mary – three times)


The Blessing of The Scapular of Mount Carmel

“O Lord Jesus Christ, Savior of mankind, by Thy right Hand sanctify this Scapular which Thy servant will devotedly wear for the love of Thee and of Thy Mother, the Blessed Virgin Mary of Mt. Carmel, so that, by Her intercession, he/she may be protected from the wickedness of the enemy and persevere in Thy Grace until death: Who livest and reignest forever and ever. Amen.”
Sprinkle the Scapular with Holy Water.

Investiture for Enrollment into The Confraternity

“Receive this blessed habit and ask the Most Holy Virgin that, by Her merits, it may be worn without stain of sin: that She may guard thee from all evil and bring thee to life everlasting. Amen.
y the power granted to me, I admit thee to the participation of all the spiritual works performed, with the merciful help of Jesus Christ, by the Religious of Mount Carmel; in the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.

May Almighty God, Creator of Heaven and earth, bless you whom He has been pleased to receive into the Confraternity of the Blessed Virgin Mary of Mt. Carmel! We beg Her to crush the head of the ancient serpent in the hour of your death and, in the end, to obtain for you the palm and the crown of your everlasting inheritance. Through Christ Our Lord. Amen.”

Sprinkle the person with Holy Water.

(An indulgence of 300 days)

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This Week, Celebration of the Birth of Saint Philomena and the Anniversary of the Death of Pauline Jaricot

Sunday, January 8th, 2012

VATICAN – More than 300 dioceses in the world celebrate Pauline Jaricot, pioneer of the mission ad gentes

Vatican City (Agenzia Fides) – More than 300 dioceses in the world, in five continents, will celebrate on 9 January, the 150th anniversary of Pauline Jaricot’s death: this is what Father Timothy Lehane Barrett, Secretary General of the Pontifical Society for the Propagation of the Faith tells Fides. By joining in the jubilee celebrations, over 300 dioceses will celebrate Holy Masses, pray and reflect on the figure of Jaricot, as a “woman of our time”. “She was a lay woman who lived the universality of the Church and the universality of the mission ad gentes as a genuine pioneer. Even the Pontifical Mission Societies today want, in her memory, to renew the spirit and the universal call to mission. We hope that the missionary animation, in the year of Porta Fidei, may find new life and new dynamism”, remarked the Secretary.

EUROPE/FRANCE-“Pauline Jaricot, a woman always present”: international meeting for the Jubilee Year

Lyon (Agenzia Fides) – Pauline Marie Jaricot (1799-1862), declared “venerable” by Pope John XXIII on February 25, 1963, devoted her life to the mission, prayer and service to the poor: she founded the Society for the Propagation of the Faith (May 3, 1822) and the movement of the Living Rosary (1826). January 9, 2012 marks the 150th anniversary of her birth to heaven, and the Pontifical Mission Societies of France have launched an international meeting on “Pauline Jaricot, a woman always present”, which aims to reflect on the occasion of the jubilee year, on how a simple, young girl, was able to give new dynamism to the universal Catholic mission and foreshadowed the movement of social Catholicism. This international meeting (see Fides 12/10/2011) will be held on Monday, January 9 in Lyon (France), where Jaricot was born and is buried in the presence of Cardinal Philippe Barbarin, Archbishop of Lyon, Primate of the Gauls, President of the French Association of the Pontifical Mi ssion Societies, the Secretary of the Congregation for the Evangelization of Peoples, His Exc. Mgr. Savio Hon Tai-Fai and the Secretary-Generals of the Pontifical Mission Societies

St. Philomena, Ven. Pauline Jaricot and St. John Vianney – their separate lives were inspiring, but the three together were given miraculous rewards by God for their devotion to Him.

St. Philomena, Ven. Pauline Jaricot and St. John Vianney – their separate lives were inspiring, but the three together were given miraculous rewards by God for their devotion to Him.

It is no coincidence that the official Feast of St. Philomena falls on the 10th of August, for that is the very day that the Great Miracle of Mugnano occurred and the day that St. Philomena granted the Venerable Pauline Jaricot a wonderful healing. It was the miraculous cure of Pauline Jaricot which led to Philomena’s being raised to the status of Saint.

Pope Pius XI canonized St. Jean-Marie Vianney in 1925 and named him “Patron of all Parish Priests” and said that his spirituality in its totality should be followed by them. This would necessarily include his deep devotion to St. Philomena.

The present Pope dedicated 2009 as the “Year for Priests” and has honored St. Jean Vianney by elevating him to be the “Patron of all Priests“. Because he was such a dear friend of the Ven. Pauline Jaricot, her cause for sainthood takes on new fervor. Pauline was not only the foundress of the Propagation of the Faith, she also founded the Living Rosary Association to promote faith through the united prayer of the Daily Decade of the Holy Rosary, and the distribution of good Catholic literature in the wake of heresy and persecution, which was rampant in her own day in the aftermath of the French Revolution.

These three lives are very closely intertwined in other ways. Note their influence on these Leaders of the Church:

  • Pope Gregory XVI raised Philomena to the status of Saint and also named her the Patroness of the Living Rosary Association. Pope Pius IX granted to her the glorious title: Patroness of the Children of Mary.
  • The Living Rosary Association founded by Pauline Jaricot in Lyon, France was approved and richly indulgenced by Pope Gregory XVI and accorded official canonical status on January 27, 1832.
  • On January 13, 1837, Pope Gregory XVI named Philomena, Patroness of the Living Rosary Association and declared her to be the “Thaumaturga,” the “Great Wonder-Worker of the Nineteenth Century.
  • The Confraternity of Saint Philomena was founded by Fr. Louis Petit in Paris and on November 30, 1886 his Holiness, Pope Leo XIII, raised this Confraternity of Saint Philomena based in France to the rank of Archconfraternity.
  • On June 16, 1907, the Supreme Pontiff Pius X, receiving in audience Fr. Petit, exclaimed, “…the great argument in favor of devotion to St. Philomena is the Curé of Ars. By her, in her name, and through her intercession, he obtained innumerable graces and continual prodigies.
  • Saint Pope Pius X named St. Jean Vianney Patron of the Archconfraternity of St. Philomena.
  • In an apostolic brief on May 21, 1912, Saint Pope Pius X extended the Archconfraternity of St. Philomena to the entire Church, by raising it to the status of Universal. He stated “All the decisions and declarations of his predecessors regarding St. Philomena should in no way be altered.

Saint Philomena’s influence was life-changing for both Pauline Jaricot and St. Jean Vianney. Pauline’s miraculous cure by St. Philomena on August 10, 1835 provided the impetus for formally elevating St. Philomena to the Altar. She then became the only person recognized as a Saint solely on the basis of her miraculous intercession.

When Pauline shared the story of her healing with her dear friend St. Jean Vianney (Curé of Ars, France) and bestowed upon him the relics of St. Philomena obtained from the Shrine in Mugnano, Italy, she prophetically said to St. Jean Vianney, “Have full confidence in this great Saint. She will obtain for you all that you ask.” Both St. Jean Vianney and Ven. Pauline Jaricot grew up in the same historical period and both suffered very much from the persecution of the Church during the French Revolution. Priests were hunted down and sent to prison if they would not take an oath to the State. Pauline, herself, was baptized at home by a priest faithful to Rome. The holy Curé saw in St. Philomena a New Light for the Church Militant.

Pauline Marie Jaricot – Mother of Souls in Distress

Pauline was greatly distressed by the plight of the Catholic Family whose members, young and old, served in factories for very long hours each day and even on Sunday. She longed to establish for them a Community in which they could make a living and have time to pray, attend Holy Mass and spend quality time with the family. She invested her entire fortune in this venture and borrowed heavily from good people who knew of her sound judgment and practical ability to make a success out of all that she undertook for God and country. Pauline was betrayed by a treacherous thief who absconded with her fortune. All that had been invested in this inspired dream of rescuing the working man from the slavery of the industrial age was lost. She was left destitute, calumniated and in ruin. On January 9, 1862, Pauline died bankrupt and abandoned by all. Stripped of everything, she had followed Christ as a victim for souls to the end. She signed her letters: “Your poor beggar”. Clothed in a rusty black dress, her face worn with suffering, breathless with heart disease and dropsy, her expression was not merely one of courage or charity, but it was majestic. Pauline showed royal dignity, her features were full of authority and she possessed a spiritual power that nothing could defeat! Pauline loved without measure! Cardinal Tomko, prefect of the Community of Evangelization, visited Lyon in 1999 and greeted her as a “great figure for the Universal Church, who founded missionary works of world dimensions”.

Ven. Pauline Jaricot has rightfully gained her place as the patroness of those in financial distress. She is mother of the poor, advocate of debtors, help to all those treacherously deceived by others, persecuted and maligned. She understands their plight and the accompanying anxieties which haunt them. Call upon Pauline who suffered to the extreme at the hands of the greedy and the proud. She will hear your prayers, ease your burden and obtain for you the special graces needed to carry your heavy crosses with courage and hope! Her heart is sensitive and she will dress your wounds with the balm of the merits she obtained from the Heart of God through the slow martyrdom which she endured day after day. Maria was entrusted with her care by St. Jean Marie Vianney, and tells us, “Often, a halo of light shone around the head of our mother Pauline as she prayed for long hours before the Blessed Sacrament”. Many documents exist which record the special gift of prophecy which Pauline possessed.

We have been given by the custodian of Ven. Pauline Jaricot’s artifacts a blood relic; a piece of the cloth upon which her magnificent heart rested during its embalmment. It is soaked with the blood from the victim heart of our beloved Foundress. If you wish to have a piece of cloth touched to this relic, and a prayer to offer Pauline in beseeching her help in your financial needs, write to us and send $3.00 to cover the costs of materials and postage. If you are not yet a member of her Living Rosary, this too will be a healing balm for your sufferings and further win her favor in your behalf.

Jubilee Prayer for Debtors
(for private use only)

For the intercession of Ven. Pauline Marie Jaricot (1799 – 1862) Foundress of the Society for the Propagation of the Faith and the Association of the Living Rosary (and of the model Christian Community at Rustrel, France, ruined by dishonest managers)

O Pauline! You were once rich and beautiful and admired; yet, you became poor and miserable and despised. Help us to bear poverty, misery and contempt, mild or extreme, for the love of God, the salvation of souls, and for the preservation of the Faith in all its purity. You were the seventh child in a family of nine; your father was the thirteenth child born to poor but generous parents. Help us to accept, with loving surrender, all the children God may entrust to our care, and obtain for us the means needed to provide for their needs, both spiritual and physical.

O Pauline! You desired to love without measure and without end. You were full of hope that your Christian Community would provide a singular atmosphere in which the family unit could wax strong, increase and have a deep spiritual formation. To this end, you invested your resources, and borrowed heavily, forming your own trust: Heaven’s Bank What a bitter cup, then, must have been yours, to find that those you had entrusted with all your earthly wealth were smooth-talking thieves who defrauded you of all your assets! Without any respite until death, you struggled to repay your debtors. Besides the bitter anguish produced by your destitution, you were assailed by creditors and tribunals, rebuffed, scorned, and ridiculed by friend and foe alike.

O Pauline, how valiantly you bore this heavy cross for the glory of God! How lovingly you embraced the humiliations heaped upon you! With eternal wisdom, you placed your suffering in the tender Heart of Jesus through the Immaculate Heart of Mary, Queen of Martyrs. We wish to honor you, Venerable Pauline Marie Jaricot, as the Patroness of Debtors for the entire world. Pray for us and for all who have need of your intercession. Obtain for us the means to pay our debt in full, or to be released from it but, most importantly, help us to bear it with patience for the glory of God.

O Heart of Pauline, furnace of charity for all mankind, comfort and help me in this my urgent necessity. (Here mention your petition.) You have loved Jesus Christ more than all the earth, and for love of Him, you have loved, more than yourself, all those who are in travail and pain. One Our Father, Hail Mary, and Glory Be.

The Venerable Pauline Marie Jaricot may rightly be called the Patroness of the poor, debtors, the deceived, the persecuted and the maligned. This great daughter of Holy Mother the Church was born into a family of wealthy silk merchants. She is the Foundress of the two greatest works of the Church in the Nineteenth Century: The PROPAGATION OF THE FAITH and THE LIVING ROSARY.

Weekly News Flash from the Universal Living Rosary Association of Saint Philomena, Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Wednesday, January 4th, 2012

A Family Praying the Rosary is Filled With the Life of Christ!

There is no greater hope for earth than the sight of father, mother, brothers and sisters on their knees together in the quiet of their home praying the Rosary. On their lips is the Word of God, in their hearts is the Love of Mary, and within their home, all the special graces and blessings God pours down upon those who make their home a Home of the Daily Family Rosary!

Every wife can be an influence in the life of her husband, every mother an inspiration to her children, every brother and sister a companion and help to their siblings.

In the great Charity of Christ, Marriage has been Elevated To the Dignity of a Sacrament!

This means that marriage has been taken out of the civil courts and placed in the sanctuary. It means that Our Divine Savior has shed His Precious Blood that your love shall be sanctified, that your children shall know the fear and love of God, and that your union will not fail!

Television is deadly poison to the souls of our Youth!

Often, just one television program is enough to push a youth into mortal sin. Right in your own home, they are exposed to violence, nudity, vulgarity and perversion taken in through their senses, the windows of their soul. None of you would risk your child’s life by sitting him on the freeway in the middle of the night. Setting him in front of the TV is worse. You endanger the supernatural life of your child which is infinitely more precious than his bodily life. What a responsibility before God!

Television is a deadly poison to the minds of our Youth!

No intellectual effort, whatsoever, is needed for watching TV. By viewing TV, people are passive. They receive what is presented without making any effort to think. They are comfortable and lazily seated on the sofa, enjoying a snack. Everything is at hand. They swallow the snack and all that the television pours out. The pictures strike an image on the imagination and leave their trace on the mind. Television creates millions of people who do not think. It replaces culture. God’s judgment is replaced by public opinion, and the listless brain of the viewer is placed under anesthesia. We cannot be saved without making all our decisions in favor of good. The obstacles and traps which come from the world, the devil and our own lusts, we must conquer through our liberty of judgment for the glory of God.

Television is deadly poison for our children’s studies!

Ask an intellectual effort of children who watch television and you will obtain no response. These children have the inability to concentrate and pay attention. They are insecure, superficial and fail to have a solid grasp of intellectual reasoning. Television watchers are filled with the illusion that they have great and vast knowledge. The young lose their innocence and simplicity. They live in an artificial world of sin, ugliness and stupidity. Irreparable harm is done to their intelligence and hearts. Your efforts and those of their teachers are rendered sterile.

Television is deadly poison to Family Life!

Your homes must be sanctuaries where GOD is honored, loved, and served and where parents watch vigilantly over the education of the children. Television is breaking up family life. It prevents conversation of parents and children. Television is the stranger in your home who has been given the place of honor that belongs to God and to you parents. There is no more family life, no more conversation, no more prayer, no more unity! The family is ruptured by the presence of television, which dictates its programs, its opinions and its garbage. GET RID OF IT, TODAY, tonight while the children are sleeping!

You will be surprised to see how much time you have to enjoy your family, how fast the level of conversation will rise and how docile your children will be to your authority.

Family prayer, morning and evening, and the family Rosary will once again take their rightful place of honor. The artificiality of life which goes on in front of the television kills the personality of everyone in the family and, thus, results in mediocrity, laziness, slavery to fashion and impurity. Catholic parents must not be party to such dehumanization and de-Christianization of their families.

Television is deadly poison to the education of your children!

Educate your children to the full exercise of their spiritual lives. A child’s interior life is the only thing that will arm him against the false maxims of the world. Help put him in touch with truth. Attract him to what is simple, good and beautiful. The home is a church in which dwells the Most Blessed Trinity. Not just anyone should be allowed to come inside. Not just anything may be said, no unfitting or vulgar music may be sung. The home is like a tabernacle, one enters and senses the need for respect; he is taken by a certain feeling of depth, and is sheltered from intellectual and moral degradation. To educate a child is to dare to choose for him the Life of Christ. Sin cannot withstand the presence of a good mother; irresponsibility is rebuked by the industry of a devoted father. Piety, purity, temperance and justice, prudence and courage and all other virtues blossom in the rich soil of a family faithful to God. From such homes, there goes forth a power like the Spirit of God to renew the face of the earth. In the ordinary realm of life, we do not hesitate to choose for our children what is necessary to safeguard their health. In the all-important realm of the child’s soul, we must not hesitate to instruct and demand that which is best for his soul. If our love for our children is true, we will be courageous to take the heroic steps necessary to secure their eternal salvation. Require your children to eat supper together with the family. Let them eat what is served to them. Set a time for studies and supervise their work. Demand of them Christian generosity toward you and their brothers and sisters! Insist upon physical efforts: walking, hiking, biking, tennis, swimming, etc. If they are lax, weak and wanting in energy, it is because they need lots of exercise. Throw out the make up and nail polish, what is needed is prayer, work and sacrifice.

Youth are made for heroism. The more you ask of your children, the happier they will be. Above all, never give up. Strive valiantly to provide for them a good example. Saintly parents beget saintly children. A sanctified family will grow into a sanctified community and a sanctified community will grow into a holy Nation. The Sacred Mass is the most important of all. The Mass teaches us the necessity of sacrifice, self-denial and service. Here at Holy Mass, we acknowledge God’s supreme dominion over us. The restoration of the Mass to its rightful place in society will turn the key that will open to the whole world a reconstructed social order. Frequent Mass and Holy Communion will be the foundation of every holy family. From such homes will spring champions in the cause of Christ and saints for His Church. Great is your opportunity, and great will be your reward!

By the Eucharist, you will perform miracles, cure souls, and bring back to the family and to God those who have strayed farthest from home! Restore the Family to Christ, through the Immaculate Heart of Mary! Pray your Daily Decade!

Restore the Family to Christ, through the Immaculate Heart of Mary! Pray your Daily Decade!