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Weekly News Flash from the Universal Living Rosary Association of Saint Philomena, Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Thursday, April 26th, 2012
Dear Apostle of the Immaculate Heart of Mary,

Your passion and zeal for the Glory of God will be rewarded eternally! Through your gift to Our Lady, Her children are given the powerful means of Her protection and grace. But, even more than this, they are given a lively hope and strong confirmation that She does truly care about their suffering and needs and She loves them! God bless you!

I am sharing a secret, the most beautiful and joyful that was ever told. It is the secret of Divine Love. God shouts it from every mountaintop, over the breadth of the land, and across the vast waste of the seven seas, throughout all of creation! It is revealed convincingly on the Hill of Calvary. Upon every Altar, He proclaims it each day and from every Tabernacle, day and night, He repeats it for all who care to hear. Yet, Divine Love remains a secret because man does not understand its language. Hearing, men do not hear, and seeing they do not understand.

Beyond every ambition in this life, the one important thing is to know that God loves you and to return His Love. Moral principles are clear when stated in a book, but they fail to touch the heart, and it is the heart that controls human behavior. A man needs something simple and always ready at hand to repel the assaults of the world: the flesh and the devil. In the inner sanctuary of the heart, divine love is the all in all. The Saints were not mortified or humble, they simply loved God! Virtue is the outward expression of our interior love for God. Love is the only secret of the Saints, the secret of every life lived for God. Love acquires freshness and increasing delight the more it spends itself.

Make the love of God your heart’s primary goal. Do not let your sins or weakness discourage you. It is precisely because we are sinners and have such a great need for God, that He desires to come to us. Do not delay in seeking Him alone. Never be afraid to tell Jesus that you love Him. However, feeble your desires, however often you have betrayed Him by yielding to temptation, Christ cannot resist the cry of a heart that yearns for Him. His Mercy is without limit! Do not dwell on your sins. Flight from sin simply means flight to the arms of God. Satan and sin will lose its power over you. What matters is your desire and quest for Christ! “He who seeks Him has already found Him.” (St. Augustine)

We know perfectly well what is right, and yet we do that which is wrong. What greater act of humility is there than to seek humbly the forgiving love of Him whom we have offended? Will He reject our love? It is unthinkable that Jesus would not be moved to give His help to us. Our blind trust and unwavering confidence in the love of Christ give Him great glory. We must never doubt God’s Love for us. One personal act of love, whereby God is recognized as the Supreme Good, worthy of all love and gratitude, pleases Him greatly. Love must be tried by fire to bring out its purity and temper its strength, thus God sends to us suffering and storms of opposition. Love is courageous! Prayer is an exchange of love, the gift of self to God and God’s gift of Himself to the soul. We must begin with love, progress in love and end with love. Love is the Alpha and Omega of Christian life. To the very last split second of our mortal life, God’s Love and Mercy is at our beck and call. To ask is to receive pardon, with no strings attached. Freely, God gave His Love to us and, freely, we must return that love to Him. Fear nothing in life so much, as to despise God’s Love.

My God, I love Thee!
Patti Melvin

Weekly News Flash from the Universal Living Rosary Association of Saint Philomena, Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Thursday, April 19th, 2012



Humility is the divine teaching of Jesus; it is the mark of His sanctity and the condition necessary for us to obtain His gifts. Humility is the soul’s greatest triumph over Satan. An act of humility strikes the devil to the ground at his first assault. Humility is our rampart and our shield. It was through the humility of Mary that Our Blessed Savior was conceived by the Holy Ghost. A humble soul is patient, long-suffering, mild and kind. This sweetness is a divine touch which produces serenity and peace, and enables us to surmount the insurmountable!

“Patience is necessary to you that doing the Will of God, you may receive His promise.” (Hebrews 10:36) “In your patience, you will possess your soul.” (St. Luke) By patience, then, we will save our souls. Patience is an instrument of salvation, an inestimable treasure. Our every act of patience brings us nearer to Heaven, and is a test of our fitness for eternal life.


Patience is the willing endurance of what is painful to us for the love of God. Patience lightens every suffering which cannot be avoided. Patience teaches us to endure our infirmities, poverty, insults, contempt, neglect and desolation. Patience helps us to surrender, without complaint, to all the words and actions of others which cause us pain. Rarely a day passes that we do not have the opportunity to practice patience. Our life is a vale of tears. Troubles of every kind surround us: both temporal and spiritual troubles; troubles unmerited and some suffered through our own fault.

Yet, every trouble is sent in mercy, and is intended by our Father in Heaven to help us on our road Home. Each one is a means of probation – a test to show if we are truly children of God. If we accept them with patience, we shall be saved. If we rebel against them and refuse to submit to them, then they are real evils and misfortunes to us. Everything depends on our goodwill.

O MY GOD, we ought to thank Thee that this life is so short and Eternity so long!

Our patience is tried by everything that puts an obstacle in the way of our action. Those who look upon the world, without taking into account the nature of their sin, the meaning of their true state of probation, and the rewards and punishments of the life to come, will be puzzled by suffering.

Why has so merciful a God permitted the innocent to suffer? Why is it that the most spiritual of souls are often times those who have the hardest lot and bitterest trials? Friendship with God entails suffering. Am I inclined to find fault with God's arrangement? O how foolish!!! Do you think God has repaid good with evil by sending suffering to those who love Him? They themselves do not judge it so. They rather like sufferings. But, how can this be? Suffering is not pleasant, but in its effects, it is marvelous! Suffering has a powerful ability to counteract evil! It is a mark of God's favor! It is a promise for an eternity of blessings! It may be said to contain within itself all sweetness. This must be my view of suffering.

In the beginning, there was no suffering. When the fallen angels and then, mankind rebelled against God, suffering made its appearance. Suffering is necessary to expiate the outrages offered to the majesty of God by His creatures. It is the fulfillment of the eternal law that he who sins must suffer. Suffering is the complement and effect of sin. It is the carrying out of the law of retribution. The sufferings that we undergo are a just punishment for our sins. But suffering is a great deal more!

It is the remedy of disease, the kindly knife that hurts but cures. Suffering makes the proud, humble and submissive. Before being afflicted with suffering, many violate the Word of God, after suffering, they keep His Word! Suffering purifies the soul and is a payment for the joy that will be ours throughout eternity. We can earn more graces for ourselves and for others by the patient endurance of suffering than by the most active zeal or severe penances. It is a safe and sure means of glorifying God, for we cannot be proud of our sufferings as we are of our actions. Suffering is the most precious gift God has to offer us.

Let us not deceive ourselves with regard to genuine union with God! Souls who think they have reached the peak of spirituality through sensible consolations, holy pilgrimages and long novenas, or severe fasts, are like children playing with ashes that the wind carries away. NO, no! True union with God does not consist in delights, but in privations!

The sign that God dwells in us and that we are possessed by His Love, is that we take what hurts, not only patiently, but that we reach out and embrace it whole-heartedly!

My God, may Thy Cross be my cross;
May Thy Agony be my agony;
May Thy Sufferings be my sufferings;
May Thy Death be to me Eternal Life!

Grant that I may have the courage and strength
To follow Thee and stand steadfast,
There at the foot of the Cross
With Thy beloved Mother, now mine!

Now and forever faithful let me be,
One with Thee in the Immaculate Heart of Mary!


Weekly News Flash from the Universal Living Rosary Association of Saint Philomena, Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Thursday, April 12th, 2012

You Must Remake The World
(from Fr. Tobin, CSSR)

The word “layman” or “laity” comes from the Greek word which means “people”. In the Old Testament, it was used in this sense: You are the people sacred to the Lord your God. He has chosen you from all nations on the face of the earth to be HIS OWN.

The priest is a mediator between God and man; he brings the prayers, the sacrifices and the sins of man to God and, from God, he brings to man graces and blessings. By the very fact of his ordination, he is taken from among men and ordained for men in the things that pertain to GOD. A Religious is one who renounces life in the world and consecrates himself to God by the vows of poverty, chastity and obedience. A religious is called by Jesus Christ to separate himself from the world. But the layman is a Christian who loves and serves Christ IN the world.

Some time back, a group of zealous priests were appalled at the apostasy of the masses from the Church. They determined that the best way to win them back to Christ would be to share their way of life and their work. They reasoned that, working thus in close contact with the faithful, they would demonstrate the love of Christ for them and win them back to the Church. The priests took off their habits, left their monasteries and went to live in the tenants of the poor. The results were DISASTEROUS! A good many of these priests not only gave up the priesthood but also abandoned their faith!!! These dear priests had been called from the world by Christ and were attempting to do the work that was not theirs as priests to do. They were ordained or “taken from the world” to bring to men ‘the things of God’, but in the world they were so busy; there was not enough time to nourish themselves and the workers with spiritual food. They failed in their DAILY DUTY because they attempted to do the work of the layman.

“The consecration of the world is essentially the work of the laymen themselves; those who are intimately a part of the economic and social life of the world. The layman, himself, can form cells among the workers in every job and bring back to the Church those who have strayed from Her. The lay apostle is called to consecrate the world to God through His Immaculate Mother.” Pope Pius XII

The world is the sum of all creation. God saw that it was good. Sin entered the world of man and the things of God were abused. Pleasure, wealth and honor were adored and served – the devil was enthroned. Through his Baptism and Confirmation, the lay apostle is called upon to consecrate the world to God. This is clearly what Our Lady came to Fatima to ask of each and every one of us. To consecrate means to “make holy”… to set aside for God. The lay apostle is a mediator, a go-between for the Church and the world; he receives CHRIST, as the Way, the Truth and the Life, and then brings Him to the world. As a citizen of both the Church and the world, he is meant to be the bridge that unites them.

“God has committed to Mary the treasury of all good things in the order of grace that everyone may know it is through her we obtain: EVERY HOPE, EVERY GRACE, ALL SALVATION!” Ven. Pope Pius IX

The layman cannot give Christ to others unless he himself possesses Christ. He must know and love Christ and the Church before he can impart by word or example this knowledge and love to others. A layman sanctifies himself by living according to the duties of his particular state in life. He loves and pleases God when he does God’s Will, which is made clear to him by the multiple obligations of his vocation.

The layman is called not to a minimal holiness, but to the full Christian sanctity of life to which Christ called everyone: “Be ye perfect as your Heavenly Father is perfect.” Sanctifying Grace is not merely the absence of mortal sin but, above all, the presence of God in the soul.

Almighty God blessed Adam and Eve and said to them: “Be fruitful and multiply, fill the earth and subdue it.” We have been commanded to obey God. The world is consecrated when it serves this purpose; to be at the service of man, who is living in obedience to God. The housewife consecrates her world when she brings peace, order and love to the home, that her family may live a natural and Christian life; the businessman consecrates his labor by following the principles of justice and charity so that his workers may lead a human and Christian life. Every person, no matter what his particular work, can help attain the goal of consecrating the world to Christ, by living a holy life, thus all that serve him, in turn, serve God.

When asked if the consecration commanded by Our Lady at Fatima had been accomplished, Sr. Lucia said that it had been done, in part, but would only be complete when every person, every family, every parish, every diocese and every country had made the consecration to the Immaculate Heart of Mary and lived it.

Every Catholic is an apostle. He must continue to study so that he may build upon the foundation of his faith laid in the days of his formal religious instruction. Religion is a vital topic and should be discussed. It is for a mother to instill in her child the apostolic spirit. We should examine our conscience daily, concerning our duties to our neighbor. We have to ask ourselves not only, “Have I harmed my neighbor?” BUT ALSO “Have I shown him the way that leads him to God, to Christ, to the Church and to salvation?”

A hundred years ago, Cardinal Newman wrote: “In all times the laity have been the measure of the Catholic spirit; they saved the Irish Church three centuries ago, and they betrayed the Church in England.” This is so true! The Irish laity took their Church into the hedges and preserved it in their homes and in their hearts; while the rich nobility of England betrayed the Church for the sake of material gain. In Japan, the Christians kept the faith alive without priests and the Mass through their deep personal devotion to the Mother of God and faithfully praying each day the Holy Rosary.

The layman lives in the world, and his essential role is to consecrate the world for Christ. If the world is made a better place in which to live and if vast millions of un-churched in this world find Christ, it will be the fruit of intelligent and zealous laymen who have properly fulfilled the role to which they have been called.

My dear faithful, You MUST remake THE WORLD!
This is Your Vocation and that to which You have been called by GOD.


Weekly News Flash from the Universal Living Rosary Association of Saint Philomena, Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Friday, April 6th, 2012

Christ is Risen from the Dead! Let us Rejoice!

Dear Apostles and Benefactors of the Living Rosary,

Glory be to Thee, O Christ Our God, Our Hope! Glory be to Thee

With deep and true joy, we send to our Living Rosary Family abundant blessings, all courage, hope and happiness. We have remembered you at the Sacred Altar all during the penitential Season of Lent and, now, we rejoice to remember you still during the glorious Octave of Easter.

Our Savior’s Resurrection is a fact founded on proof so reliable and convincing that all objections urged against it are utterly valueless. Christianity is essentially a death which leads to life; it is the work of Christ Who acquired, by His Death, the right to unite our souls to Him and to pour His own Life into them by means of the effusion of His Holy Spirit. Never dread to take up the Cross, it is the very way to the Kingdom of Heaven! The Cross is health! In the Cross is life; in the Cross is defense from our enemies; in the Cross is the infusion of heavenly sweetness; in the Cross is strength of mind and body, joy of spirit, highness of virtue and the full perfection of all holiness. If you die with Christ, you will rise with Him; if you follow Him in pain, you will be with Him in glory!

Christ stressed the Resurrection, “I am the Resurrection and the Life; he who believes in Me, though he be dead, shall live. And, everyone who liveth and believeth in Me, shall not die.” Jesus Christ addressed His message to all men. Christ was the revelation of God. This revelation was nothing short of revolutionary; it burst on the world like a new sun or planet. No human mind could clearly grasp the possibility of this stooping down of the Godhead, this Love of God for man. For all Eternity, He will be the God-Man bearing upon Him the marks of His victory, and He will gather His elect around Him. This thought must embolden us to meet life with optimism and accept the crosses sent as the Power and Wisdom of God. Every step we take along the path of life in God’s service brings us nearer to Heaven. Time relentlessly carries us swiftly toward eternal joy, peace and glory. If God permits us, at times, to be tried severely, cast down, beset with sorrows, it is to lead us more securely to Heaven. There is much consolation in sufferings when we keep Eternity before our eyes. Our joy in Heaven will be permanent and immutable, our happiness will be total. O Blessed Resurrection! What Power of Faith! What Strength and Security of Hope! What a Glorious, New and Holy Life!

I impart to all of you my priestly blessing:

In the Name of the Father, Son and Holy Ghost. Amen.

Byzantine Rite, Greek-Catholic Church, UKRAINE