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Weekly News Flash from the Universal Living Rosary Association of Saint Philomena, Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Saturday, May 26th, 2012

Saint Philomena, New Light Of The Church Militant!

The rude latter days are here. They are clearly and universally marked by occultism, modernism, materialism, spiritism, despair and a general falling away from the Faith. Never have the powers of darkness been so strong since the beginning of Christianity, as they are today. Saint Philomena is the NEW LIGHT of the CHURCH MILITANT!

This title was bestowed upon her by Saint Jean Marie Vianney, heroic confessor and patron of all parish priests. The holy Abbé Vianney could read the hearts and souls of men. Again and again, he told all his faithful and penitents:

God will refuse her nothing that she asks,
so great was her generosity
in embracing heroic martyrdom for Him.”

Every Pope since the death of the saintly Curé of Ars, has spoken formally to priests throughout Christendom exhorting them to: imitate the spirituality of the Curé in every aspect.

The very name of Philomena contains the words: FILIA LUMINIS, Daughter of Light. She is the enlightener of a dark and corrupt Age confounding the sneers of materialism. She is the Patroness of the Children of Mary.

Her mission, today, is to draw us to the Immaculate Heart of Mary through imitation of her heroic virtues of purity, obedience and humility. Saint Philomena is an anchor of HOPE in this Dark Age of despair. The possession of grace is the foundation of peace and happiness. Saint Philomena will obtain for us a vast increase in grace through our participation in her Spiritual Family of the Universal Living Rosary: imparting to us hope which will increase our joy which, in turn, will give us the strength we need to be faithful to Jesus Christ even unto death, that we may obtain our eternal reward. Let us pray to her with all confidence and do everything in our power to share her devotion with as many others as possible. This is her delight that God may be glorified in time and Eternity!


“To honor the Saints who have slept in the Lord, to invoke them, to venerate their sacred relics and ashes, far from diminishing the Glory of God, tends considerably to increase it. Man’s hope is animated and fortified and he is encouraged to imitate their virtues … the Saints obtain for us by their merits and influence many blessings from God.”
The Sacred Council of Trent

Saint Philomena was formally “raised to the Altar” by Pope Gregory XVI in an infallible statement made publicly in the name of Holy Mother the Church for the edification of all the faithful and for the glory of God in time and Eternity. “…To discredit this decision and declaration concerning Saint Philomena as not permanent, stable, valid and effective, necessary of obedience and in full-effect for all eternity, proceeds from an element that is null and void and without merit or authority,” states the great enemy of modernism and defender of the Faith, Pope Saint Pius X, Patron of Youth (1912). This great Pope sent his own ring to be placed on the finger of Saint Philomena at Mugnano.

Saint Philomena is the Saint for the whole world! Everywhere her miracles are dazzling and easily granted; everywhere she shows that her distinguishing characteristic is sympathy with need and distress of every kind. Spiritual graces, temporal blessings, help in financial difficulties, success in business and work, cures of the most marvelous kind – especially when her holy oil is used and her cord worn as a sign of confidence in her protection; consolation for unhappy households – all these are the favors she obtains for her clients. Her prayer is powerful with God! There is no class of people she does not help in a very particular way. She is the special patroness and protector of youth, she loves children with a very special affection; her patronage is wonderful in the needs, spiritual and temporal, of priests, monks and nuns; to the sick she is ever compassionate, toiling house-mothers find her kind and thoughtful in an exceptional way; she is the Patroness given by the Holy See itself of the Children of Mary and the Living Rosary; the cause of religious education is one very dear to her; she is a Saint who particularly loves the Foreign Missions and the making of converts; she gives the grace of happy births and helps the barren; to her, many owe the blessing of returning to the Sacraments and a happy death; she obtains help for the scrupulous, and money and food for the poor and needy.

Our beautiful Saint Philomena went forth from her mother’s arms to die for Christ; the lictor’s axe cropped the budding lily, and pious hands gathered her up and laid her in the tomb. This true heroine trampled all the vanity of the world under her feet and chose to endure multiplied torments rather than renounce her vow to Our Crucified Savior. What a model of constancy and of every virtue! Let the youthful take heart and go to her when tried. Let us all, with unbounded confidence, implore her intercession!

The enemy of all souls is deceiving man that he can make peace and reconciliation with those who raise themselves against God. The devil is working feverishly for the total demolition of God’s Kingdom in the hearts of the little ones. We cannot become partners or accessories to his crime. The Commandments of God must be made known to every living person, and each generation must be taught to obey them. Much of what is taking place, now, under the banner of ‘aggiornamento’ is nothing but an attempt to undermine the Dogmas, laws, institutions and traditions of the Church in accordance with the mentality of the world. Christianity is adjusting God’s Commandments to human weakness instead of endeavoring every day with a contrite heart to raise man up from sin to God.


Saint Philomena is God’s GIFT to the modern world. New Light of the Church Militant, she has come to pour balm on our wounds, light our lamps and enkindle in us the fire of Divine Love. St. Philomena has come to us, that her glory and power with God may be our anchor of HOPE! The character of sanctity is hopefulness. God is more than able to cope with any evil. Like Saint Philo-mena, we must offer ourselves to God, and He will use us. There are very few apostles today and the whole world is arrayed against them, but they have God with them and the victory is theirs. We must have absolute TRUST IN GOD! Never was there anyone so sensitive to kindness or gratitude as Our Lord. If you want a big grace, begin by thanking God over and over again for the small details of life. If you have done only a wee favor for a friend and he is deeply grateful for it, how this touches your heart! What is lacking in our spiritual life is hope and confidence in God! We believe that, morning after morning, God gives us His own Body and Blood in the Holy Eucharist but, later in the day, when asking a small grace of Him, we fail in our hope of receiving it. St. Philomena emerges from the catacombs after a long rest, to give us a great and lively hope in obtaining all things from God. Hope gives birth to joy and joy gives strength to the soul. May we successfully complete our mission upon earth and arrive safely in Heaven to glorify God for all Eternity!

Let us not confine ourselves to asking benefits of Saint Philomena; but let us by imitating her virtues, render ourselves worthy of the enjoyment of her favors. We must not wish to share in her joy without first sharing in her sufferings.

Are you anxious to interest Saint Philomena in your cause? Meditate on her virtues, take part in her Living Rosary, remove from your heart all vices and defects, and do all that you can to give her to souls that she may help them.

To the Associates, then, of a society which, beside its paramount devotion to the Infinite God-made-Man, cultivates a special affection towards His virgin-martyr glorified with the gift of miracles, we offer this basket of spiritual roses. May the Little Company of the Blessed Sacrament and Saint Philomena, its heart in a silent chapel of Perpetual Adoration, increase and multiply!

Forgive, O my God, my past folly!
Help me, O Saint Philomena,
to rectify my judgment, to break off
my attachments, and even to consent cheerfully, to sacrifice everything,
if God should be pleased to demand
this from me! Beloved Daughter of Jesus and Mary, Saint Philomena,
I deposit at thy feet and in thy heart
my prayers and desires! Amen.

Weekly News Flash from the Universal Living Rosary Association of Saint Philomena, Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Saturday, May 19th, 2012

(Sr. Mary Francisca)

The blessed Cross has but one purpose and that is to empty our hearts of worldliness and self, that we may be filled to overflowing with the love of Jesus Christ.

Nothing else in life will have mattered, neither what we possessed nor what we became nor what we had accomplished. If love is lacking, everything is for naught. Hell is hell because it contains no love. The devil is keenly aware that if he can seed hate in the hearts of men, LOVE will be driven out and his victory assured.

Suffering on a natural and human level causes narrowness, bitterness, self-centeredness and discontent; whereas suffering, elevated by grace to the supernatural level, unites us intimately with the sufferings in the Heart of our Crucified Savior, empties our own hearts of self, and fills us to overflowing with the pure substance of the love of the Heart of Jesus Christ. This abundance of the love of Christ will then overflow from our hearts to all souls.

We must beg Our Lady for the courage and grace to be transformed by our crosses and pains – to make us BETTER NOT BITTER! We must have a living faith that realizes the Word of Christ applies to us now and forever: Christ loves me! Ponder often the Altar of Love, study your Crucifix! How very much we are loved! The devil gains a victory each time he can plant in our hearts and souls a doubt that the love of God for us is unconditional and constant. He will then devour that soul. Even when we are sinful and unworthy, GOD LOVES US!

The only cure for doubt and hate is an intense awareness of being loved, both by God and Our Blessed Mother. LOVE IS THE ONLY CURE FOR HATE! Those who are the most unlovable and the most filled with self, need this divine remedy more than all others. The Divine Physician sought out those who were most sick in mind, body and soul, went to them and poured upon them the medicine of His LOVE: that medicine which cures both the body and soul.

To the sickest and the most unlovable, He poured out His healing remedy ever more abundantly and freely. Therefore, let us give to each other all that we have, not counting the cost. Pray for one another without ceasing, beg from Jesus Crucified and from the Immaculata, all the graces needed that our many trials, crosses and pains here below, will make of us, “GOD – BEARERS!”

May we go forth with Mary carrying the adorable presence of Jesus Christ into the whole world!

Weekly News Flash from the Universal Living Rosary Association of Saint Philomena, Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Friday, May 11th, 2012

The Heart of the Little Flower
(by Fr. Joseph Jusslein, SJ – 1924)

“It is now the hour to rise from sleep.” (Rom. 13)

The Fire of the Holy Ghost does not animate our everyday life with Divine Love as it did the early Christians. One can easily see how the enemies of the Church, filled with satanic hatred, are bent upon leading away from Christ the souls, which He has so dearly bought with His own Precious Blood. Amidst the spreading poison of worldliness, souls become pleasure-mad and are drawn down to perdition. A well-trained army of souls is needed to stand by faithful priests and help save souls. We must make haste to do now what will profit us for all eternity. Advance and run the way of God's Commandments with expanded hearts and with unspeakable sweetness of true charity: Let us never depart from His Divine guidance that we may persevere in His doctrine till death. May we, by our patient share in the sufferings of Christ, be found worthy to be …

Co-Heirs of His Kingdom!

Humility secures God's Grace. The first degree of humility is obedience without any delay. We must remain in constant readiness always to obey quickly and cheerfully the Will of God. It is the path to Heaven that will never lead us astray. Our cheerful obedience to lawful authority – be it parent, superior or teacher from a supernatural motive, is truly an apostolic act.

The heart of Saint Therese understood and embraced this sublime way of life completely. It was her goal in life to love Jesus as He had never yet been loved. She could not love Him with as great a love as Mary's but she might love Him with a love distinctive of herself, a love that would charm His Heart. To the Mother love of Mary, she could add the sweet child love of her heart. The fragrance of the perfume of her Little Way now fills the wide spaces of the Church Militant on earth, brings comfort and relief to the Suffering Souls in Purgatory, and is forever giving joy to the Church Triumphant in Heaven.

The secret of the Little Flower can be briefly told. It is not a complicated formula of piety. The Master Himself taught her, and so her way is simplicity and truth itself. To understand it more perfectly, one must be humble. To be transformed into humility, one must have the trust of a child and love with the heart of a child. There is nothing more effective than suffering to teach us that of ourselves we can do nothing. Being incapable of anything, we must with total trust rest in the Arms of God’s paternal Providence. It is the precious gift of suffering borne for the love of Christ and in obedience to His Divine Will that opens the door of our hearts to the secret of Saint Therese.

"It is the Way of Spiritual Childhood …
The Way of Trust and Absolute Self-Surrender!"

There is to be nothing extraordinary in her Little Way. Never did she rest in her ambition to win souls for Jesus. No matter how weak, she always LOVED. Her Divine Spouse is longing above all for the souls of priests.

“There is but one thing to be done here below: to love Jesus and to save souls so that He may be all the more loved. We must not let slip even the smallest opportunity of giving Him joy!"

This is the essence of the life of Saint Therese. It is her mission on earth and the one she will fulfill throughout eternity until the last day. Love lives only by sacrifice, thus the more we surrender ourselves to love, the more we must surrender ourselves to suffering. If we could only say with Saint Therese, “I love Jesus so very much that I am always content with what He sends me." What happiness we might possess if we could forget ourselves and think only of others. Even when Therese had nothing, she gave Jesus this nothing. In imitation of Saint Therese, let us …


The heart of St. Therese was bright and cheerful, boundlessly confident, astonishingly daring; hesitated at nothing, feared no sacrifice, dreaded no suffering and thought of no reward. It was the breath of God that inflamed within her heart a consuming desire to die, at last, a Victim of Love for Him.

“In order that my life be one Act of perfect love, I offer myself as a victim of Holocaust to Thy Merciful Love, imploring Thee to consume me unceasingly and to allow the floods of the infinite tenderness gathered up in Thee to overflow into my soul, so that I may become a very martyr of Thy Love, O my God."

“To live of Love,
’Tis not to pitch our tent
On Tabor's height, and
There with Thee remain,
'Tis to climb Calvary,
With strength nigh spent,
And count Thy heavy Cross Our Truest Gain!

It was to Mary, indeed, that Therese had the most tender recourse and, by Mary, she found her way to the Heart of God.

A deep humility was the foundation of Saint Therese's love and it was her very littleness that made God Himself stoop down and take her up in His Arms. Above all, let us be little. “I shall come down and spend my Heaven doing good upon earth. On the battlefield in defense of the Church, I would be a missionary, were it possible, from the beginning of the world till the consummation of time.” It is love that gives life to the Mystical Body of Christ. Were this love to be extinguished, the Apostles would no longer preach the Gospel and the Martyrs would refuse to shed their blood. St. Therese understood that love embraces all vocations and that it reaches through all ages and to the utmost limits of earth because it is eternal. Her heart was aflame with zeal for souls. She longed not just to love, but to make Jesus loved…

Let us with Saint Theresa make our oblation:

In the Heart of my Mother the Church, I will be Love!

Weekly News Flash from the Universal Living Rosary Association of Saint Philomena, Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Saturday, May 5th, 2012

Blessed Are They That Hunger!
(Sr. Mary Hildgard Windecker)

Life is a burden but the yoke of Faith is sweet! A living faith, which permeates all of our actions, gives us the strength to cope successfully with the problems of life, and to bear all things for God’s sake.

To find love, we must first light a candle. Until now, we have searched for God in the dark. Supernatural faith is the victory, which overcomes the world; it is a living embrace of God. When we speak of love, we say, “I love.” Love is the verb and the action word. When we say, “I am loved,” it is a passive expression as if I have received the love. In reality, it is quite the opposite. When I love someone, the person I love has radiated towards me attractive forces, which bring me under his or her influence. Only then, do I begin to serve this person – both interiorly and exteriorly. On the contrary, if I am loved by others, then I have first been active because it is I who have radiated the attractive forces that drew others to me.

“Come to Me all you who labor and are burdened,
and I will refresh you, and you shall find rest for your souls.”

(Matthew 11:28F)

It is necessary that we be drawn, otherwise we do not come to the Son and through the Son to the Father. We do not first leave the world and then find God, but first we are drawn by God and only then we become less and less attached to the things of the world. Our Heavenly Father takes this work upon Him-self. It is He who draws us.

Faith is daring!
Faith is active!
Faith demands sacrifice!

Faith is the sacrifice of our understanding. Before faith, our natural reason must be still. Faith surpasses human understanding! Our faith is not against but above reason. Faith is an act of our will, by which we unconditionally accept all the truths God has revealed for He can neither deceive nor be deceived! During the consecration of the Sacred Wine, the Priest says…“This is the Chalice of My Blood of the New and Eternal Covenant, THE MYSTERY OF FAITH, which shall be shed for you and for many unto the remission of sins.” Faith depends on the free assent of the will. THY WILL BE DONE! In truth, Faith is unconditional, courageous and irrevocable. True faith demands a sacrifice of the whole man.

Faith is a Holocaust: A life that is dominated by faith constantly forces us to make decisions. Always, we must decide between Christ and the world, between Him and all mankind, between Him and our very self. All of us consider ourselves Christian but that is not enough, we must become Christs in very truth. Only he who dares all, and gives all can hope to become a real Christian, a real “Christ”. This very thought is frightening to some, yet, even in the practical world, it makes good sense. Should we give all and sacrifice all for the hope of a blessed eternity, and there be none, we have lost only a few years and might have been a fool. But, if there is an eternal account to which we will be held, then our opponents hazard a whole eternity!

My dear Christian, how YOU have been fooled if your Heaven is NOT TRUE!

My dear atheist, how YOU have been fooled if, IN TRUTH, Hell is your due!

We have far too little daring in the spiritual life; due to our cowardice, we get nowhere. We must risk EVERYTHING for God! There is absolutely no security in this life.


Faith is a grace and every grace is the fruit of the Cross. The growth of grace is realized in the soul by and through prayer. It is not enough to say a few prayers of obligation – we must pray without ceasing! For the temporal necessities, we need not worry much. Did not Our Lord say: “Seek ye first the kingdom of God and His Justice and all these things shall be given unto you.” (Matthew 6:33). We should use our time of prayer to obtain eternal and divine gifts. Prayer is an act of religion. In prayer, we occupy our rightful place in relationship to God, our place as creature before our Creator.

All things that increase sanctifying grace in our souls, augment the life of Christ and increase the light of faith in us. Faith is a spiritual light. Every light must be supplied with fuel. Not only must every lamp be cared for properly, but it must also be kept full with oil. Prayer is the oil of the Lamp of Faith! One does not have to attend Mass daily, be well learned in theological matters or have great talents and capabilities so as to preach or perform noble actions of charity. These are not the measure of our holiness. The man who has five talents has no right to a greater reward than the man who is given but one. But, he does have greater responsibility! Weakness is our great asset on the road to sanctity. The smaller, weaker and poorer we are in His sight, the more clearly we realize our own nothingness and the better grace can work in our soul. “For when I am weak, then I am powerful.” (II Cor.12: 9, 10) We must seek with our whole mind, heart, and soul First the Kingdom of God and His Justice. “FIRST” means only and exclusively. When we are absolute emptiness, only then can we receive the abundance of God.

The singular most important role we play in our sanctification is to give God the only thing we possess – OUR FREE WILL! It is our part in the sanctification of our souls. God reigns now in Heaven. The members of His Mystical Body on earth continue to suffer, work, pray and sacrifice in order that our measure of the Redemption be complete. A thousand million heathens have not yet heard of the glad tidings of the Gospel of Christ. How can they hear it if it is not preached to them? How can they receive His message if there are no heralds? God still asks, “Whom shall I send?” How few there are who answer with the prophet, “Here I am Lord, send me.”

Very many souls will not find the true Church because there are so few laborers in the vineyard and the faith of those present, is but weak. God thirsts for souls. The obligation to extend the kingdom of God rests on all of us. No one can excuse himself. We are all our brother’s keepers. We are the liberators of our Eucharistic Prisoner: Christ is desire and we are to be His deed! In the Most Blessed Sacrament, Jesus is condemned to inaction and external silence. Jesus needs our hearts, our hands, our bodies and souls in order to manifest His Activity. We must be His “DEED,” if Activity Itself is not to remain inactive. Jesus must wait until a human heart offers itself without reserve, in perfect faith.

When Christ wants to live and work in us, He is forced to wait for our goodwill. Christ cannot grow in us when we tenaciously hold on to our will. “He must increase but I must decrease.” (John 3:30) “I thirst!” Christ still calls down from the Cross. Not only are we permitted to take part in the work of the redemption but also we are privileged to be called to carry Christ’s Cross with Him. God has no need of our exterior acts nor does He need our accomplishments, he desires only our will. Mortification is not perfection. It is only a means to an end. Our heaven and our hell depend on OUR WILL. The will is the most hidden sanctuary of the soul into which no one, not even God Himself, will force entrance.


On the two wings of grace and goodwill, the soul takes its flight to heaven. By our desires, we can shed anew the redeeming Blood of Christ and sprinkle it over the souls of men. Our desires are the fountainhead of our every deed. Christ changes every one of our supernatural desires into deeds. A fervent desire for Baptism, accompanied with perfect love and perfect contrition, substitutes for that important and necessary Sacrament when its actual reception is impossible to us. Perfect contrition, which is nothing else than the desire for restoration of son-ship with the Father (a readiness to fulfill in all things the Will of God) blots out mortal sin. There remains for us but the obligation to confess our grievous sin as soon as possible. Perfect contrition substitutes for the Sacrament of Penance should the repentant sinner die without a Priest. We do not suffer a disadvantage when circumstances beyond our control hinder our desires from reaching fruition. Spiritual Communion then gains for our soul all the graces and the merits of Sacramental Communion.



Throughout his life, crime and hate filled his days. Hanging now upon the cross next to Jesus, his heart was opened to truth and he embraced his cross and made a public act of perfect Faith:

“LORD, remember me when Thou comest into Thy Kingdom”.

His sins were immediately and completely forgiven and he was canonized while still alive. On the ground, he had been a sinner; raised up on the cross he became a saint! Let us imitate him. How is it, we waste our time wondering why we suffer and resent our cross? We WILL carry it, with merit or without! Let us imitate Saint Dismas in our suffering. Look to Jesus Christ crucified and beg only that He remember us where He reigns as King, eternally in Glory!

The soul who loves God possesses Him. We have, in the Immaculate Virgin Mary, an example of perfect Faith. When God manifested His Will to her, she obeyed Him immediately and completely. It is great boldness on anyone’s part to question whether God’s manifested Will is good for him. Like Mary, we must obey. “Whatsoever He shall say to you, do ye.” (John 2:5)

When there was a question of sacrifice and suffering Our Blessed Mother was allowed full participation in the life of Christ. The greatest sacrifice Jesus asked of Mary was on Calvary. She must live, but He must die! Erect she stood under the Cross as Co-Redemptrix. In union with her High-Priest-Son, she offered the first Mass to the Most Blessed Trinity for the redemption of the world. Her First-born had been sacrificed for the good of her other children. Now began the second part of her life. Jesus said: “Behold thy son”. You must remain on earth to see Me and to love Me in each member of My Church. You must continue to be My mother. Do for them, what you have done for Me. Heaven stood silent to hear again her FIAT, “Behold the handmaid of the Lord; Be it done unto me according to Thy Word.”

Mary knows what it means to walk by faith. Let us fly to Mary when the oil in our lamp runs low. Her love will supply what is lacking in ours. The Immaculate Virgin Mary directs the light of the Holy Ghost on every spiritual flower to bring it to fruition. Without Mary, there is no life in Jesus and no life in faith. Only when the love of Mary hovers over our soul can Christ be formed in us.

The dread disease of our modern times is MEDIOCRITY. It is our greatest enemy! We must have courage enough to give our whole self in the service of God, to offer Him all that we possess. “The Kingdom of Heaven suffer violence, and the violent bear it away.” Our life here below is a continuous dying. How often we allow ourselves to be deceived by that which is external. Only eternal values are important. Each of us is asked to renounce all that he holds dear; to sacrifice all that he possesses!

The forces of evil are drawn up in battle array. The soul of man is not only the battlefield but it is also the prize to be won or lost in this great conflict. We must put on the armor of God that we may stand firm against the deceits of the devil. We are wrestling not with flesh and blood, but against Principalities and Powers. We must be vigilant. We must keep the lamp of our immortal soul burning brightly. We must pray without ceasing. Our fire of faith, hope and charity must not burn out. God has done His part. Now we must do ours. What a terrible responsibility lies on our shoulders! Sin works itself out in wars, famine and pestilences. Self-seeking is death. Love is life.

We must be the:

SALT of the earth,
LIGHT of the world,
CITY on a mountain!

All men must see our good works and glorify our Father in Heaven. Whether souls are to be won or lost for Christ has been given into the hands of each individual member of the Mystical Body of Christ. Not the great, but the little ones, rule the world.

When we look at the battle of life confronting us, how often we misjudge its gravity thinking it can be fought with human weapons. If we wish to obtain victory, we must first divest ourselves of our all ‘too-human’ way of thinking and study well Our Lord’s law of spiritual war-fare. Did not Peter stretch forth his hand to an earthly weapon? Christ commanded him to put up his sword and restored the injury done to the enemy. Jesus Christ conquered through His death. All wisdom lies hidden in the Cross. All of our strength is to be found in the apparent ‘weakness’ of the Crucified.

Dying, we conquer!

The blood of Martyrs is the seed of Christians. If we enter battle trusting in our earthly armor, our defeat is certain. All that take up the sword, shall perish by the sword. We must renounce earthly weapons if we want to be assured of victory. Down through the centuries, when the cry was heard: “The Church is dying.” She burst forth on an astonished world in all the splendor of a new Resurrection. All her strength is supernatural strength. At times we must suffer injustice, but at no time must we ever commit injustice! We are sure to fail if we fight God’s battle with earthly weapons and worldly strategies. The more the spiritual is mingled with the worldly; the more it loses its fighting strength and all chance for victory.

The children of God and the children of the world serve two entirely different masters, live in two entirely different spheres, move on two entirely different planes, measure everything with two entirely different scales. “The servant is not greater than his MASTER. If they have persecuted Me, they will also persecute you.” (John 15: 20). Eternal life has to be bought at the price of our natural life. To obtain heaven we must die to ourselves and to sin. We must place our total and absolute trust in God. We must give our all! In the hour of our death, NOTHING must hold us to the earth. All bonds must have been broken.

Stand Fast In The Faith!