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Weekly News Flash from the Universal Living Rosary Association of Saint Philomena, Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Wednesday, August 29th, 2012

“Zeal for the salvation of souls is of so great a merit before God, that to give up all our goods to the poor, or to spend our whole life in the exercises of all sorts of austerities cannot equal the merit of it.

Zeal for the Salvation of Souls!

“Zeal for the salvation of souls is of so great a merit before God, that to give up all our goods to the poor, or to spend our whole life in the exercises of all sorts of austerities cannot equal the merit of it.

There is no service more agreeable to God than this one. To employ one’s life in this blessed labor is more pleasing to the Divine Majesty than to suffer martyrdom.

Would you not feel happy if you could spend large sums of money in corporal works of mercy? But know, that he who labors for the salvation of souls does far more; nay, the zeal of souls is of far greater merit before God … than the working of miracles.” — Saint John Chrysostom

O Mary, conceived without sin, pray for us who have recourse to thee and for those who do not have recourse to thee, especially for the enemies of Holy Mother the Church!

His name is “LEGION” and always he is changing his label and face but his indelible sign remains the same: hatred of the Church, hatred of the just and hatred of the Immaculate Mother of God. The Holy Ghost is the active principle of sanctification. The Church is the earthly manifestation of the Holy Ghost, its Living Soul. The Spirit animates the Body which is the Church. The graces by which we are elevated to supernatural life are wrought by the Sacraments which are the external signs of the action of the Holy Ghost. No power can quench its Life, and no force can prevent its living growth. Baptized into His Body and animated by His Grace, we are bound up in Him. How happy are we to bear our Paraclete within us, and how sacred the heart where He dwells! He that rejects Him shall find no comfort. He who grieves Him shall be eternally lost. The Holy Ghost is the principle of the life of the Church and, therefore, the source of Her unity. Thus, disunion from this Life is a contradiction and results in death.

Let us, at once, grasp that the terrible war which is raging universally is a battle against the Holy Ghost! The Immaculate is so closely united with the Holy Ghost that she is called His spouse. She is, so to speak, the personification of the Holy Ghost! It is impossible to separate the Holy Ghost from Mary the Immaculate, since she is the instrument He uses in all He does in the order of grace. Clearly, then, this raging battle is most surely a war against the Immaculate Mother of God! It is a full attack on Truth, Unity, and Love Itself! Arrogant and well-disciplined by an inhuman mystique, the enemy applies methodically, point-by-¬point, his plan of extermination. The greatest crime of this enemy is that it succeeds in the perversion of the very virtues of Christianity. Only Saints can resist this poison. How often do we not return hate for hate towards these ruthless criminals and butchers! We even justify our hatred towards them. When slapped on the right cheek, instead of turning the left, we return the slap with a resounding blow. Even if we gained a temporal victory, the enemy has succeeded in infecting us with his deadly virus. To live in an atmosphere of hatred and not be contaminated by that hate is as miraculous as raising the dead to life.

Try to realize that, in Mary, there is a magnificent palace built of gold and precious stones, worthy of the great King Who dwells there; and try to realize what is true: that you are contributing toward His splendor and glory by honoring His permanent dwelling place, which is the Immaculate Heart of Mary! Through obedience, Mary was espoused by the Holy Ghost. By Mary’s Immaculate Conception, an implacable enmity arose between her and the ancient adversary, the devil; thus, she was able to intimately join in her Son’s mortal struggle against Satan, sin and death. Mary shares completely in both the victory of Jesus Christ and in the royal power won by right of conquest. From Christ, then, and through her, all grace comes to us. Delegate of the Infinite Mercy, she is the crucible in which all our dross is consumed by the flame of sacrificial love, and made into a worthy offering of purest gold. As Mother of Christ the Head, she is therefore Mother of the Mystical Body. Spouse of the Holy Ghost, she receives only to give, and takes only to transform. There is only one obstacle insuperably destructive of her redemptory action – ¬our voluntary refusal of it. All that matters is to surrender to her sanctifying action and to be a ready instrument in her radiant hands. She is the Immaculate, the direct way to Christ, the weapon of conquest with which to establish the reign of Jesus Christ universally from one end of the earth to the other! Nothing must sorrow the Holy Ghost quite as much as the mediocrity of souls avowed to the Blessed Mother. Let us sacrifice our lives a thousand times to sanctify them. There is not one single heroic act that we cannot accomplish with the help of the Immaculate! We live in a time of great penance. Let us, at least, know how to profit by it. Suffering is good and sweet to him who accepts it willingly. How eternally efficacious for the salvation of souls is this surrender of our wills to the Will of God!

The evil is very great and time grows short! Why have we not known how to save IN TIME the golden grain of truth stolen by the “Father of Lies”!

It is all so simple. We must belong entirely to the Immaculate Heart of Mary, absolutely and unconditionally. Our sanctification is her mission. Let us conquer for Christ all souls in the entire world to the end of time … through the Immaculate Heart of Mary.


CONSECRATE YOURSELF voluntarily and completely to Mary Immaculate in order to belong to her entirely. Wear the Brown Scapular as your breast plate and shield. Wear the Miraculous Medal, and pray daily the Holy Rosary which will be the source of your strength, inspiration and love.

LABOR FOR THE CONVERSION OF SINNERS, heretics, schismatics, infidels, communists and all enemies of Holy Mother the Church. Strive to induce others to join the Militia of the Immaculate Heart of Mary. Preach the Holy Rosary, teach others the value of the Brown Scapular, embrace and obey the Commandments of God, fulfilling perfectly the duties of your state in life.

BE A GREAT SAINT and instrument in the hands of Mary through perfect submission of your will to the Will of God, through the Immaculate Heart of Mary. Be solicitous for the glory and honor of your Immaculate Mother.

The Principle Dogmas of our Faith are from Mary, in Mary, with Mary and through Mary. Looking at Mary, these Dogmas are read, embraced, loved and believed. She contained and contains the Gospel which she offers to us all through the Mysteries of the Most Holy Rosary! True Christians can be recognized by this sign:


Christ, have mercy.
Lord, have mercy.
God the Father of Heaven, have mercy on us.
God the Son, Redeemer of the world, have mercy on us.
God the Holy Ghost, have mercy on us.

Heart of Mary, Created in the image of God, pray for us!
Heart of Mary, Mother of the Word made flesh, pray for us!
Heart of Mary, Worthy dwelling of the Holy Ghost, pray for us!
Heart of Mary, Pinnacle of human love, pray for us!
Heart of Mary, Whose love is stronger than death, pray for us!
Heart of Mary, Saddened at the wounds of Christ, pray for us!
Heart of Mary, Pierced by the sword of sorrows, pray for us!
Heart of Mary, Sacrificed at the Altar of the Cross, pray for us!
Heart of Mary, Fruit of the Heart of Jesus, pray for us!
Heart of Mary, Joy of the Heart of Jesus, pray for us!
Heart of Mary, In which God is well pleased, pray for us!
Heart of Mary, Inward glory of divine grace, pray for us!
Heart of Mary, Golden temple of holiness, pray for us!
Heart of Mary, Treasure throne of God’s riches, pray for us!
Heart of Mary, Mediatrix of all graces, pray for us!
Heart of Mary, Refuge of sinners, pray for us!
Heart of Mary, Strength of those who mourn, pray for us!
Heart of Mary, Comfort of the forsaken, pray for us!
Heart of Mary, Home of the desolate, pray for us!
Heart of Mary, Helper of the troubled, pray for us!
Heart of Mary, Consolation of the distressed, pray for us!
Heart of Mary, Sanctuary of the persecuted, pray for us!
Heart of Mary, Hope of the dying, pray for us!
Heart of Mary, Shield of the Church, pray for us!

Heart of Mary, through which evil is overcome, pray for us!
Heart of Mary, through which Nations find peace, pray for us!
Heart of Mary, through which families are blessed, pray for us!
Heart of Mary, through which Christians rejoice, pray for us!
Heart of Mary, through which heresy is vanquished, pray for us!

Heart of Mary, save us from sin!
Heart of Mary, save us from evil!
Heart of Mary, save us from damnation!
Heart of Mary, Queen of Heaven!
Heart of Mary, Queen of Peace!
Heart of Mary, Queen of Justice!
Heart of Mary, Queen of the human family!
Heart of Mary, Mother of God!
Heart of Mary, Mother of the Church!
Heart of Mary, Mother most kind!
Heart of Mary, our sweetness and joy!
Heart of Mary, our hope and consolation!
Heart of Mary, our refuge and protection!
Heart of Mary, be ever blessed!
Heart of Mary, be ever joyful!
Heart of Mary, be ever acclaimed!

Lamb of God Who takest away the sins of the world, Spare us, O Lord.
Lamb of God Who takest away the sins of the world, Graciously hear us, O Lord.
Lamb of God Who takest away the sins of the world, Have mercy on us.

Pray for us, O holy Mother of God, that our hearts may be set on fire by the divine love that inflames
Thy Immaculate Heart.


Father of Divine Love and Mercy, grant that by venerating the Immaculate Heart of the Blessed Virgin Mary, we may be drawn closer to the Sacred Heart of Thy beloved Son Who liveth and reigneth for ever and ever. Amen.

My God, I believe, I adore, I hope and I love Thee. I beg pardon for those who do not believe, do not adore, do not hope and do not love Thee. Most Holy Trinity: Father, Son and Holy Ghost, I adore Thee profoundly and I offer Thee the most Precious Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity of Jesus Christ, present in all the Tabernacles of the world, in reparation for all the outrages, sacrileges and indifference by which He Himself is offended. By the infinite merits of His most Sacred Heart and the Immaculate Heart of Mary, I beg of Thee the conversion of poor sinners.


Weekly News Flash from the Universal Living Rosary Association of Saint Philomena, Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Wednesday, August 22nd, 2012

The Gift of Oneself to Our Lady
By Joseph Schryver, CSSR, 1934 ( an excerpt)

“PRAY, Pray very much, make sacrifices for sinners. Remember that many souls are lost because there is nobody to pray and to make sacrifices for them.” Words of Our Lady of Fatima

May the lowly Handmaid of the Lord guide us in the little path of self-forgetfulness! May countless souls learn to address her with the author’s prayer!

“O Blessed Mother, teach us simplicity! Help us to become children in thy school. Let us know nothing else than this entire surrender of ourselves to God; this simple and spontaneous act of the heart, as we cast ourselves into the Arms of Jesus, and promise Him our fidelity: To love Jesus, to do His Will, to accept all from His Hands – ¬this, good Mother, shall be our secret as it was thine.”

Our Divine Master takes the faithful servant into His employ and raises him to the status of a domestic servitor. He confides to him the interests of His glory, and the defense of His Church. The Almighty God charges him with combating error and with spreading the truth. He must stigmatize vice and encourage virtue. The loyal servant is known by his indefatigable zeal, upright bearing, noble disinterestedness and impeccable fidelity. With him, there is no compromise. There is no truce. How well the enemy knows this – ¬and fears this valiant soldier of Jesus Christ!

The simple soul, being nothing in her own eyes, is like this good and faithful servant. Having forgotten herself, she is not liable to surprise when attack or hardship comes her way. Other more self-proclaiming souls attempt to ensnare and entangle the Almighty in the schemes of their own making, seeking to force the Will of God into submission to their own stubborn willfulness, but the eyes of the simple soul remain attentively upon the Face of God, and she is conformed to His Will.

Simplicity and unselfishness often cause astonishment in our world so fraught with duplicity and egoism. Worldly creatures attempt to exploit the innocence and uprightness of the simple soul for their own profit. They lay snares for her, and try to deceive her good faith. But the childlike soul is not concerned – she knows well that the Holy Ghost will put into her mouth the words she is to speak for, not only does Jesus think for her, He also repairs the errors she inadvertently commits through her ignorance and improvidence.

Love and devotion are charming virtues which schism, heresy and “free thought” have striven to reproduce, but in vain! Any attempt to do the work of love, without actually having love in the soul, produces emptiness, and the heart is torn with grief.

Is not the number of ardent souls growing less every day? Is there not a thinning of the ranks in the army of Jesus? Selfishness has presumed and resumed the direction of this world. The poison of self-centeredness has infected homes, convents and the whole of society. Subtly, at first, it has now invaded and penetrated into the core of family life – yes, even into the very Church Herself! No longer is it Jesus Who reigns as the Eternal King of the earth – it is Satan.

Jesus, shoved aside by prideful souls, has taken His leave … and He has taken His Love and Light with Him. Darkness is gathering around us; the cold is growing more intense. Frightful paganism and schism is returning like a hideous specter, threatening to envelop us all in its immense and foreboding shroud.

The soul, entirely surrendered to Jesus, is Hell’s most redoubtable foe! Devotion and Selfless Love are the only and ever victorious weapons. They are supernatural arms, requiring a saint to wield them constantly and unfailingly. Forget thyself … always shower benefits upon those around thee, always seek to render good for evil, without expecting acknowledgement or esteem. Is this not beautiful? Is this not the Divine way?

“O Mary, Consecrated Bride! Mystic Dove! Ask Jesus to teach me His Divine secret! My Jesus, establish Thy sovereign reign within me! Drive from my heart these strangers, these vendors, these money-changers who make of Thy Sanctuary a public market – picking and choosing that which they imagine to be Thy rule. Let not human respect influence me; let approbation or criticism find me insensible; let not the multiplicity of my duties, and discourse with others distract me from Thee!”

Our vanity deludes us; we are not indispensable upon earth. God is surely able to govern His universe without us. Our place here below is restricted, and our influence limited … unless we belong body and soul to God; unless, by the renunciation of our own will, we are absolutely docile instruments in His Hands. Then, and only then, will the Holy Will of God be accomplished.

“O Jesus! How great is the subversion of the established order! A creature, endowed with reason, seeks to substitute himself for God in order to make himself the measure of truth. Human Reason has styled herself a goddess; she has overturned the Altar of God and offers herself for adoration. Even in God’s presence, she proclaims her rights, and dictates to Him His duties toward her. Pretending to give truth to men, Reason chains them as Satan’s slaves. What man’s pride has done! Forgetting that he is nothing, man settles himself in his dignity, constitutes himself as an independent sovereign, and extends his dominion over all his surroundings. To God, the Eternal Creator and Lawgiver Who asks of him the tribute of submission, man responds by insolent defiance.”

United to the Cross, earthly ties are broken, and we are sanctified. The gentle fire of suffering, emptying the soul of self, will make of her a sweet smelling holocaust. Surrendered to Jesus Christ, she offers the sacrifice of herself as a perpetual Mass, which will be completed at the hour of her death. Our soul, as both victim and consecrating priest, unites us totally to Christ. Let us allow ourselves to be immolated – for from this slow and painful death will come life – for ourselves and for others! With Jesus Christ, we shall save the world; with Him, we shall expiate the faults of men. With Him, we shall participate in the sanctification of souls!

Our Holy Mother of Dolores, most sorely-tried of creatures, is for us a perfect model of self-abandonment. Her sanctity, Her selfless gift of abnegation to God, Her total trust in His Divine Will – these are the SECRETS OF HER SANCTITY!

Deo Gratias et Maria!

Weekly News Flash from the Universal Living Rosary Association of Saint Philomena, Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Wednesday, August 8th, 2012
With great enthusiasm and warm affection, I greet you and give thanks to God for your united zeal in wielding well the armament of the Immaculate Conception over the enemies of Holy Mother the Church, and over souls. Your love, sacrifice and zeal, in these days of darkness and terror, are truly a beacon of light!

Dear Apostles of the Living Rosary,

With great enthusiasm and warm affection, I greet you and give thanks to God for your united zeal in wielding well the armament of the Immaculate Conception over the enemies of Holy Mother the Church, and over souls. Your love, sacrifice and zeal, in these days of darkness and terror, are truly a beacon of light!

May the Holy Ghost be the very breath of your soul, its invincible Fortitude, essential Purity, supreme Consolation, and the most sweet and tender Delight of your life! May He impart to you that holiness of which He is the Fount! May He give you valiant courage in the face of persecution, strengthen and sustain you in your weakness, and fill you with Sanctifying Grace to lift you above the things of this earth. And, may all these gifts from His Divine Treasury flow with abundance into your soul through the Immaculate Heart of Mary … for this is the Will of God!

The power of the Living Rosary Association is based upon two concrete principles of the spiritual life: charity and unity. These essential Pillars of Fire are without equal. They are gifts of God the Holy Ghost and are His essence. He is the principle of unity of the Church, of Her organization, and of all the gifts conferred upon Her members. God the Holy Ghost is the source and the secret of that "unity of Spirit in the bond of peace" within the Church. The teaching and pronouncements made by Holy Mother the Church are to be received as sacred and canonical, whole and without question, when presented by the Vicar of Christ to the Universal Church for Her edification, Her instruction and Her sanctification.

O Holy Spirit, Soul of my soul, I adore Thee. Enlighten me, guide me, console me and strengthen me! Tell me what I ought to do and give me the grace, wisdom and humility to do it without question. Thou, O Holy Ghost, are the infallible guide of the Catholic Church, unchanging and faithful, to the end of time!

Holy Mother the Church is not an individual but, rather, is a mystical person and Her endowments are derived from the Divine Person of Her Head, Jesus Christ and that Divine Person, God the Holy Ghost, Who is Her Life. She is imperishable, indivisibly one and infallible – both in Her belief and in Her teaching, because the Voice of the Holy Ghost, and His Illumination are immutable. Holy Mother the Church is never on trial or probation; She is never subject to science or reason, nor is She subject to the Age or to the Times. She can never be affected by the frailty or sins of the human will. What the Church was in the beginning, the Church is now, and ever shall be, in all the plentitude of Her Divine endowments, for all the operations of the Holy Spirit are perpetual and absolute.

The teaching and pronouncements made by Holy Mother the Church are to be received as sacred and canonical, whole and without question, when presented by the Vicar of Christ to the Universal Church for Her edification, Her instruction and Her sanctification.

The voice of the Living Church, in the hour in which She declares what God has revealed, is no other than the voice of the God the Holy Ghost and She, therefore, generates Divine Faith in those who believe. Our Lord has said, “He that heareth you, heareth me!” The Definitions and Decrees of the Pontiffs, speaking ex-cathedra, or as head of the Church and to the whole Church, whether by Bull, or Apostolic Letter, or Encyclical, or Brief to many or to one person, undoubtedly emanate from a Divine Assistance, and are infallible.

Whether the final words of science, speculation or reason ever solve the riddle of the material universe or historical evidence makes no difference to Catholic doctrine. The Judgments of the Lord are true, and are justified in and of themselves: They stand for all time. A Saint is indeed a glorious and sublime being, but Who makes him so? THE HOLY GHOST! To Him, the Saint owes everything. God the Holy Ghost infuses Sanctifying Grace into his soul at Baptism, inundating him with wondrous light, docility, constant self-restraint and courage, distinguishing him as a creature of rare and singular nobility. He communicates strength and fervor to the will of the Saint, and lavishes him/her with the treasures of heroic virtue, miracles and mystic manifestations. The Holy Ghost moves the Church to pronounce Her beatification or solemn canonization upon the Saint in order that He may place His seal upon the glory of His servant.

From the Holy Ghost comes the sudden, inexplicable, and impulsive movement among the faithful to venerate some Saint or other, which is a remote cause in the determination of the Church to raise that Saint to the Altar. From God the Holy Ghost, likewise, proceeds the solemn judgment of the Church, which pronounces officially upon the virtues and merits of the Saint. The judicial decision that the virtues and miracles of this Saint are authentic, and that he is worthy of public veneration, is an infallible utterance of the Vicar of Jesus Christ – in prescribing the veneration of the Saint throughout the whole world, HE CANNOT ERR! Hence, it is God the Holy Ghost Himself Who moves the Pope to pronounce this binding judgment, and it is God the Holy Ghost Who guides his action.

The Vicar of Jesus Christ solemnly raised Saint Philomena to the Altar, bequeathed upon her a proper Office, and crowned her with two jewels of infinite glory: her titles of "Patroness of the Living Rosary" and "Patroness of the Children of Mary". Saint Philomena reigns in power before the throne of God today and forever. The glorious patron of all priests, that indefatigable Confessor Who could, read both hearts and souls, Saint Jean Marie Vianney, tells us clearly: “To Saint Philomena, God will never refuse anything, for she gave herself entirely to God by her virginity and her embrace of a most heroic martyrdom.” He had no hesitation to admit that Saint Philomena obeyed his wishes, for God Himself obeyed him every day at the Holy Altar. We imitate the Saints, and obey the directives of the Vicar of Jesus Christ, in our devotion to this glorious Saint of the catacombs.

Our Daily Decade, offered fervently and in union with all the members throughout the whole world, will make in our hearts a nest for the Holy Ghost. They will burn like lamps, of which God Himself is the Divine Oil that will never be extinguished. Olive oil is a symbol of intimate union with God, and the peace and charity that should ever possess us. This Divine Oil, with which our souls must be aflame, is to be bought only with the currency of humility and sacrifice - it will never spoil, and will burn always for the glory of God and for our own welfare. Oh, let us enlarge our hearts that the Holy Ghost may fill our entire being, thereby setting it afire and consuming it in His Honor! May we never dim or sully the lamp of our heart by unnecessary contact with the world, through pride or self. We must ever burn with a longing for Heaven, and must be consumed by pure love to sacrifice ourselves for poor sinners!

We, as members of the Living Rosary, are bound by a special duty to love Saint Philomena, who is our Patroness and Protectress. Pope Gregory XVI, while blessing Ven. Pauline Marie Jaricot, Foundress of the Living Rosary and Propagation of the Faith, spoke these binding words:

“O Powerful St. Philomena, you are the ''Guardian Angel" of the Association, obtain for us the Gifts of the Holy Ghost in order that we will be given the light to know the Will of God, the science of loving Him, the wisdom of discerning what pleases or displeases Him, the fear of saddening Him, and the strength to obey Him. Now, all the Living Rosary is under the patronage of Saint Philomena. Pray to this great Saint, whatever you ask of her, she will obtain for you.”

These are not my words, dear Associates, but the words of the Vicar of Jesus Christ, the voice of the Holy Ghost in our regard!

Our Daily Decade, offered fervently and in union with all the members throughout the whole world, will make in our hearts a nest for the Holy Ghost. They will burn like lamps, of which God Himself is the Divine Oil that will never be extinguished. Olive oil is a symbol of intimate union with God, and the peace and charity that should ever possess us. This Divine Oil, with which our souls must be aflame, is to be bought only with the currency of humility and sacrifice – it will never spoil, and will burn always for the glory of God and for our own welfare. Oh, let us enlarge our hearts that the Holy Ghost may fill our entire being, thereby setting it afire and consuming it in His Honor! May we never dim or sully the lamp of our heart by unnecessary contact with the world, through pride or self. We must ever burn with a longing for Heaven, and must be consumed by pure love to sacrifice ourselves for poor sinners!

The very life and death of our holy Foundress, Ven. Pauline Marie Jaricot, was centered in the Cross. Assailed by creditors, by rebuffs, blame and betrayal, by calumny and scorn, her faith was tested, and her virtue refined to purest gold. By her confidence, her spiritual vigor, her gentleness, patience and serene acceptance of all these crosses, she climbed to the center of the Cross, there to descend into the very depths of that Divine Heart pierced for our salvation.

The very life and death of our holy Foundress, Ven. Pauline Marie Jaricot, was centered in the Cross. Assailed by creditors, by rebuffs, blame and betrayal, by calumny and scorn, her faith was tested, and her virtue refined to purest gold. By her confidence, her spiritual vigor, her gentleness, patience and serene acceptance of all these crosses, she climbed to the center of the Cross, there to descend into the very depths of that Divine Heart pierced for our salvation.

United today in charity, prayer and intention, the Universal Living Rosary fulfills its mission, all our hearts forming but one heart in the Heart of Jesus through the Immaculate Heart of Mary, thus constituting the Garden of Delight of God the Holy Ghost: His Paradise on earth, filled with purity and love. All virtues should blossom there – fresh and beautiful, sweetly perfumed, and worthy of Him! Lilies of purity, violets of humility, and roses of love must delight the Holy Ghost in this Garden.

O Mary! Most humble Daughter of the Father, most pure Mother of the Son, most faithful Spouse of the Holy Ghost, Sweet Advocate of Sinners, we bend low before thy Immaculate Heart, Tabernacle of the Most Holy Trinity, Seat of Power, Wisdom and Goodness and, by thy hands, offer our hearts to the Holy Ghost, imploring thy help to spread His Kingdom to the whole world!

Dear Associates, do not let your weapons fall into disuse. Do not allow yourself to be lulled into the false sleep of death. In spite of your weakness and your littleness, you must hope against all hope, and never cease to work and pray. Your most generous and persevering efforts to procure the Glory of God will have their effect in time and eternity! Your own burden will become lighter because of our union. According to our faith, we will be given our desire for the conversion of sinners, that the light of faith may penetrate every nation, and every soul.

The hour is late! Make haste to do everything possible to bring about the Triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary through the Most Holy Rosary, consecrating yourself totally to Her pure and humble Heart, that God's Will may be done, on earth as it is done in Heaven!

Please know that each and every one of you is remembered daily in my prayers and, in your charity, I beg you to remember me in yours.

Patti Melvin, Universal Director
Patti Melvin


"May Christian nations seek the protection of the Mother of God with an ardor that grows greater every day! May they cling more and more to the practice of the Holy Rosary, not only as a remedy for their misfortunes, but as the very badge of Christian piety! The Rosary is the protection of the Mother of God against the enemies of the Catholic Church. To Mary, we must fly. We wish to see it offered more widely in all places and at all times! The great Virgin of the Rosary is the most potent Help of Christians." Pope Leo XIII

“One day, through the Rosary and the Scapular,
I will save the world.”

Mother of God to St. Dominic


"I am the vine, you are its branches; if a man lives in Me and I in him, then he will yield abundant fruit; separated from Me,
you have no power to do anything." (John XV-5)

The countryman is not impatient because the season of flowers and fruit is swiftly over and the winter is long. He knows that the life sleeping in the earth is stronger than anything, which can assail it. The life in all the living is stronger than death. This is the knowledge, which is the root of his peace. If Christ is to come to flower and bear fruit in our individual lives, there must be seasons of rest in which there is almost no activity but the total giving of self to nourish the life within. Hence, there must be a permanent state of inward rest, founded in peace of mind, which comes from COMPLETE TRUST.

Great was the joy of God at the dawn of creation. In His field, He had one little plot apart, lying under the snow where no foot had ever trodden, silent with the silence of snow that no voice had ever broken. In it, He sowed Living Bread. This little plot was OUR LADY. In her was sown the seed of His Son's Life. Christ is the Bread that gives life to the world!

The man who grows wheat has often held that grain of the wheat in his hand, and that grain is the germ of life. He can look around him at his family and see they are truly the children of the field’s wheat and he can know that not only is he their father who gave them life, but also the laboring man who has given them the joy of health in giving his body to the sowing and growing and reaping of their bread. He is not just “earning a living wage" but working for a sacramental life.

God has sown the world with living bread. He has sown the seed of Christ in the Virgin Mother. He is the Father Who has given us life! And Christ, Who is God made Man, is the laborer in the Father's field…

Christ is the Sower Who went out to sow.
He gave His Body to be our bread!

From the moment of His conception, Christ was earning the bread of life for us; in His acceptance of suffering in infancy, in His own necessity, His hunger and thirst, His need for sleep; in the agony before His Passion and in the consummation of His labors on the Cross. Our souls are alive because Christ is within them. Christ's Life in us gives the color and radiance and purpose of Christ to everything that we do. Much more than this, our human relationships with one another are a giving of Christ to one another, and a receiving of Christ from one another. Since Christ has given Himself to us, our lives have the redemptive quality of His Life, and our relationships with one another are a communion in Him.

Everyone who lives the Christ-life and, therefore, loves with the Heart of Christ, is adding Divine Love to the world. This is the only force that can conquer hate. Christ is the good seed with which our humanity is sown! The grain of wheat, which is our Christ-life, must fall into the ground and die, or else it remains but a grain of wheat; but if it dies, it then yields rich fruit. (John XII-24) The seed must be buried in the earth, which is us. The seed is not buried in angels, but in men. Christ was born not because there was joy in the world, but because there was suffering; not to riches, but to poverty; not to satiety, but to hunger and thirst; not to security, but to danger, to exile, to homelessness, to destitution and to Crucifixion! His incarnation in us is in the suffering world as it is; it is not reserved for a Utopia that will never be, nor does it differ from His first coming in Bethlehem. The seed must rest in the earth. We must allow the Christ-life to grow in us in rest. Our whole being must fold upon Christ's rest in us, as the earth folds upon the seed. Our destiny is to live the Christ-life and to increase Christ's Love in the world; to give Christ's Peace to the world. What miserly and contemptible ambitions we have beside this reality!

The ray of the Holy Spirit penetrates us because Christ is in us. The ray of the Holy Spirit is the Fire and Light that penetrates our lives and draws up the seed of Christ from out of our darkness to flower in the Light of God. "Let the Earth be opened and bud forth a Savior!"

The Divine Infancy in us is the logical answer to the peculiar sufferings of our age and the only solution to its problems. It seems that human anguish is a gathering tide ~ a storm rising higher and higher, sweeping its dark waves wider and wider, closer and closer. We feel futile and utterly helpless to do anything to stop it. The only hands that can hold back that storm are the Hands of Christ; and because the storm and waves are driven by sin, only the Hands of Christ on the Cross can heal the world of its sufferings. Christ on the Cross is the oneness of the world. In Him all our individual suffering is integrated into one redeeming act of Love. It is not "WHAT" we suffer that redeems and gives health; It is "WHO" suffers.

What does it matter that we suffer a little or a lot, but that Christ suffer in us. Not that our lives are small or are lived on a heroic scale, but that they are lived by Christ in us. Our way to share in the world's healing, to mitigate the world's suffering, is simply to foster and cherish the Infant Christ in our souls. Herod ordered the children to be killed because he was afraid that one among them might be Christ. Any child might be Christ! The fear of Herod is the FEAR of every tyrant, the HOPE of every Christian, the most significant fact in the modern world!

Not content to be "a" human being, Christ wishes to be "each" human being and is, in fact, born in the soul of everyone who will receive Him; and in each one in whom He lives, whose life He lives, He is loved infinitely by the Father, loved as what He is, the only Son. God looks down on the wreckage and misery ~ the FIASCO, if you like, that we have made of the world and seeing us in the midst of it says, “THIS IS MY WELL-BELOVED SON!" Our life is as precious to God as Christ is precious to God. On each one in whom Jesus Christ lives, the whole of the Infinite Love of God is concentrated at every moment. If only you and I could realize this, there would be no one who could not fulfill the first condition of rest, which is TRUST. Christ came to take the burden of the suffering of the world on His own back. His Love for men not only made Him live as a Man among men, but made Him live the life of every man who allow Him to enter within. Christ does not change. If He lives in us, He does so in order to motivate our lives and our actions by His own Love of God and man.

Satan has not the power to incarnate himself in our nature, to make himself man to be born of woman. He must always work from the outside. He is Hate and Hate cannot incarnate, as Love is incarnate in the world. Hate can, by no means, be born in generation after generation as Love is. It is a tormenting thing, literally the torment of the damned, for Satan is compelled to witness the indwelling of the Divine Love of Jesus Christ in the dust that we are made of, by the fitting mediums of Grace: water and fire, chrism and oil, wine, bread and salt. Mightily, he who is “Lucifer” strains and agonizes to make something equivalent to the sacramental life for himself. This may be why he never tires of tempting us to sins of the flesh; to sloth, gluttony, drunkenness and lust, and most subtly to the pride of life. Through the pitiful, sniveling sins of the flesh, the devil comes as close as he ever can to the forming of his sacramental system; he cannot be a human being with a body of his own; he cannot be born of a woman; he can never become a little child; but that which he cannot be, he can possess! But he cannot breathe life into any substance, or bestow on it the grace to be a channel of life; but his touch can impart the contagion of death. The very sins he uses to abort the incarnation do not give human nature to him, they weaken it in us. They do not make the devil human, but they dehumanize man.

It is to children and the truly childlike that Our Lady has come from Heaven in our own times, and to them she has entrusted her message of penance as man's last hope. If everyone in whom Christ lives at all, in whom He is an Infant and whose soul is alive, would surrender himself to God, resting in Him, that He might rest in them; in each one of them the world's redemption would begin as it began in Mary, the Mother of God. He trusted the expression of His Love to her. He was dumb ~ her voice was His voice. He was blind ~ her eyes were His sight. His Hands were folded; her hands did His work. His life was her life; His heart-beat was the beating of her heart. From the moment when the Christ-life is conceived in us, our life has but ONE single purpose … to express His Love for God and for the world. By allowing the Infant Christ to rest in us, not only does He grow in us but we are also formed into Him.

At His Death as at His Birth, the CIRCUMSTANCES of Christianity were the same as they are today. We hear continually that this is a post-Christian world; that Christianity is over; that it is a failure, that Christ's teaching is impractical. That wherever the Church is powerful, there is corruption and where Christ is, Judas is. There always has been, and there always will be, a bloody hand to take thirty pieces of silver. But why would anyone doubt Christ? He is consistent, He does not change… Christ remains true to every detail of His Sacred Passion and its circumstances. On the night of the very first Good Friday, Christianity looked like a failure: Jerusalem moaned in her sleep, the Apostles fled, Judas hung from a tree, Christ was dead! Christ rested in the tomb. He had done all that He could do and given all that He had to give. He had trusted His Father. He rested ~ darkness in His Eyes, silence in His Ears, peace in His Heart! Contained in the first heartbeat of the Risen Christ is the Resurrection of the world. He rests in our midst now, in the Sacred Host. He is silent, is secret and hidden in the Host now as He was in Advent or in the tomb. He trusts Himself to His creatures in the Host as He trusted Himself to Our Lady in Advent. Then, He gave Himself to one human creature who was sinless and in whom He could have His Will. Now, He gives Himself into the keeping of sinners. In the Host, He is immobile and He is dependent. He rests in the hands of the priest on the paten, in the tabernacle. He remains with us, resting in cities and lonely and unexpected places, little tin churches and great cathedrals, in schools, hospitals, prisons, asylums and in concentration camps. Wherever human creatures are, He rests in their midst.

Just as His sleeping in the boat that was threatened by the storm made His apostles ask Him: “Master art Thou unconcerned, surely we will sink…" Today, if we ask the same question, His reply will always be the same: “Why are you faint-hearted? Have you still no faith?" Christ could show His power and His glory. He could show that the Host is God. He could break down the pride of those who have no fear of God but He does not! While injustice and arrogance exist, He remains silent and helpless, and seems to do nothing at all. It has always been Christ’s way to come first in a hidden way, to be secret even in those in whom He abides. He is to be gradually recognized by His Love, thus quickening His Life within them and, only afterwards, by the force of His Power, by His Word that commands the wind and water.

When the Christ-Child once more reigns, His throne will be His mother's arms. When He is crowned, as one day He will be crowned as King of the Jews in Palestine, He will rule from the arms of Our Lady of Mt. Carmel in Czechoslovakia, in a golden cape stiff with gems, from the arms of Our Lady of Prague; in Russia, He will lean from the breast of the tenderest of Mothers, Our Lady of Vladimir. In England, He will be enthroned, firm and merry, on the knee of Our Lady of Walsingham! It is no small wonder that in an age which is the age of Redeeming Childhood, Our Lady is becoming more and more loved all over the world. For, there is no one else who can teach us as she can, how to foster the Infant Jesus in our lives.

It is the littleness, the dependence, the trust of human creatures in the Divine Infancy which will give flower to the seed of Everlasting Life. The Host appears to be divided among us; but in reality we, who are divided, are made one in the Host.

The Host is resting among us in order that Christ may work His miracle of His Love in us, changing us almost imperceptibly into Himself… that through us, HIS LOVE may overcome the world!
… By Caryll Houselander

“My Father, I accept everything! May I be condemned but may they be absolved!
May I die but may they live!

Fiat Voluntas Tua!

Universal Living Rosary Association of Saint Philomena

Weekly News Flash from the Universal Living Rosary Association of Saint Philomena, Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Wednesday, August 8th, 2012

The Incomprehensible Heart Of Mary

May the Incomprehensible Heart of Mary give us Her own spirit,
Her strength of mind and Her courageous will!
It is from Mary’s Immaculate Heart that we, Her children, draw our Fortitude!

Mary is SILENT!

There is a sorrow, a grief that is too deep for words. During the Passion, we find no recorded words of Our Blessed Mother; Her very SILENCE speaks eloquently. In Silence is Strength … O Mary, Mother of Sorrows, impart to us Your spirit of silence that, in times of trial, we too may find our solace in Jesus, our Divine Spouse.

Mary is STRONG!

Mary is the “Valiant Woman” of Scripture, the culmination of every type of strong women in the Old Testament: Judith, Esther, the mother of the Maccabees… Mary stands silently at the foot of the Cross because that is what God asks of Her. She does not swoon, nor wail, nor draw any attention to Herself. How can She bear what is beyond all human strength to bear? Her strength is not Her own… She leans on the Heart of God, “SANCTUS FORTIS!” O Mary, my Valiant Mother, share with us the strength and the fortitude of Your Immaculate Heart so that, like You, we may find our only strength in Thy Divine Son.

Mary is SERENE!

Mary is serene and peaceful as the Morning Star… “serene as the moon”, which always reflects the glory and brilliance of the sun despite the changing conditions all around. Deep is the anguish, the “sea of sorrows” into which She is plunged, yet in the depth of Her Soul all is PEACE. There is no turmoil because there is no sin; there is no conflict between Her will and the Will of God. It is a conflict of wills which is the very cause of turmoil in our lives. Suffering need not mean turmoil. For a Christian, pain and peace are compatible. O Mary, my most Sorrowful Mother, share with me the serenity of Your soul. Teach me that, even in the midst of trial and suffering, I can abide in peace, for where peace is there is God.


After the Soul of Jesus, there is no soul as exquisitely sensitive as the Soul of Mary. She is sensitive not in a selfish way, but sensitive to pain and suffering because of the incredible capacity of Her Love. The greater the capacity a soul has for love, the greater too is its capacity to suffer. For Mary, it did not matter what She felt or how deeply She had to suffer. Her gaze was ever fixed on Jesus. For Herself, there was no thought, no pity, no consideration. She suffered because He suffered. Jesus is to Her a Treasure far greater than Herself. O Mary, my Sweet Mother, Thy tender Heart is pierced over and over by countless swords of sorrow! Teach me to be self-forgetting like You, and sensitive to the great sufferings of others. When I am in pain, help me to keep my eyes on my dear Savior Crucified.


Although each moment is an eternity to Mary, our Sweet Mother, queenly in Her sorrow, steadfastly keeps her silent vigil beneath the Cross. It is impossible for us to comprehend Mary’s capacity for suffering. Her Sorrow is a boundless ocean, bitter and unending. She stands there constant from the beginning to the end. Her will does not waver and change from moment to moment. My Queen and my Mother, standing steadfast beneath the Cross, obtain for me from Jesus, the constancy of soul that was Yours!

Mary is SAINTLY!

Mary’s Immaculate Heart is the august Sanctuary, containing within its depths all of the joys and sorrows of the Life of Jesus. Instinctively, we kneel before Her and reverence Her holiness. But what is holiness? It is the complete union of the soul with the Will of God. Mary’s union with God’s Will, whether it brought joy or sorrow, sweetness or bitterness, was in every instance complete and unreserved. This perfect uniformity with the Divine Will is the source of Mary’s sanctity. O Mary, the Sanctuary of Holiness, take me into the depths of Thy Immaculate Heart that I may learn in that school the secrets of sanctity.


How “priestly” is the presence of Mary at the foot of the Cross offering Her Son and Her God to the Eternal Father! She sacrifices all of Her maternal rights and privileges to Divine Justice. As we gaze at Her, there on Calvary, we see that She is beyond even self-immolation. Far more than Saint Paul, Mary can say: “I live now not I, but Christ liveth in me…” Her total offering of self, made at the Annunciation, is the firm foundation upon which Good Friday is built. O Mother of Sorrows, we poor sinners, unite with You and offer Your Son and God on Calvary. Obtain for us, from Jesus Crucified, Eternal Life!

Standing on Calvary, Mary has no more “SELF” to immolate ~ She has something far greater and more precious: Her own Son and Her God! The sacrifice made by Our Lady of Her Divine Son on Calvary is a sacrifice beyond the comprehension of the human mind. We can only kneel in reverence beside Her, uniting ourselves with Her supreme offering.

Dear Jesus, help me to spread Thy fragrance everywhere! Flood my soul with Thy Spirit and Light! Penetrate and possess my whole being so utterly that all my life may be only a radiance of Thine! Shine through me and be so in me that every soul I come in contact with, may feel Thy Presence in my soul! Let them look up and see no longer me, BUT ONLY JESUS!

It’s Never Too Late!

Who do things happen as they do? Why does one suffer and the other one prosper? What does the future hold?

Life, at best, is full of uncertainty. No two persons are identical, neither are any two lives ever the same. This is God’s design and only He has the answer. However, there is one thing that all men have in common, in every age unto the end of time and that is DEATH! We all must die. The time and manner may be different, but we shall all die. The state of our immortal soul at that moment will determine our entire Eternity.

Rather than frightening us, this should offer us peace and consolation. In spite of what our past has been, while there is still life in us, God’s merciful Love reaches out and is ours for the asking.


If we but turn to Him with trust and a contrite and humble heart, He will forgive our sins and call us to be with Him forever in Heaven.

Did Christ not forgive the thief on the right, who was crucified alongside Him in His last hour?


And, consider the parable of the laborers in the vineyard (Matthew 20:1-6). The vineyard owner went to town in the morning and hired the idle workers to labor in his vineyard for an honest wage. Then, he went back again at noon and hired more idle workers, and when evening came, still more were brought to work in his vineyard. When nightfall came, the vineyard owner called in all the laborers, and out of the goodness and generosity of his tender heart, he gave them all a full day’s wage. Those who had worked longer hours began to grumble that they had been unjustly paid. The good master responded in this way: “Are you complaining because I have been generous to those who spent less hours In the field? Take the wage you agreed upon and go thy way.” God is the vineyard owner; we are the workers, and Heaven is the wage. Every one of us, at some point in our lives, has been called to labor in the vineyard of the Master. It matters not what hour we have been called, or even that we might have been called earlier, but we declined to accept. We MUST answer that call in order to receive eternal salvation. PERHAPS, THIS VERY DAY WILL BE OUR CALL!

God created each and every one of us out of love, and He desires that we be united with Him for all Eternity in the perfect happiness of His real and loving presence in Heaven – the Beatific Vision. Not because we are good, dear friends, but because HE IS GOOD! We need only to respond to Him. Those who are in heaven today are not there on account of their own merits and good works but, rather, they are there on account of their love and cooperation with God’s Holy Will. All of Heaven’s residents have cast their trust upon Our Blessed Lord, and relied solely upon His infinite merits and goodness.

There is no perfect happiness upon earth. Life’s vital purpose and mission is to know, love and serve God during our earthly life, in order that our desire for perfect happiness may be realized by the possession of God in Heaven. If we possess the love and friendship of God upon earth and His promise of eternal salvation, then nothing on earth which we may attain is of greater importance, and nothing we may lose is really so tragic. Like good sentinels, we must be ready for death at all times. Rich or poor, sick or healthy … NOT ONE OF US IS GUARANTEED TOMORROW!

Jesus Christ came to earth not only to redeem us by suffering and death, but primarily to establish His Church. It is His desire that all belong to this supernatural institution – the treasury and channel through which all the merits of His Life and Passion are imparted to us. As there is but one Lord, one Faith, one Baptism, one God and Father of all, there is but one True Church.

There stood at the foot of the Cross, Mary His Mother. As His last Will and Testament, His final and most precious Gift, God gave us His very own Mother.

“Woman, behold thy son …

Son, behold thy Mother!”

AII that He has and that He earned upon earth, God wishes to give us through the Humble, Sorrowful, and Immaculate Heart of Mary. She will always be there to take care of us, guide us, protect and defend us in this great warfare of life. OH, HOW PLEASING IT MUST BE TO JESUS WHEN WE LOVE AND HONOR HIS MOTHER! Mary never refused anything to Jesus while He was upon earth, and throughout all Eternity; Jesus will never refuse Mary anything she may ask of Him in Heaven.

Go to Jesus in the company of Mary, His Most Holy Mother, to receive all the graces you need for your salvation – everything you need for your eternal happiness. The Good Thief stole Heaven in his last hour, SO CAN YOU!!!


Immaculate Heart of Mary visit, today, we beseech thee, those souls who are in the cold sweat of death, and at enmity with God. Bathe them in the Most Precious Blood of Jesus. Breathe into them the very Life of God. Obtain for them the grace to make perfect Acts of Faith, Hope and Divine Charity, that they may be snatched from the very abyss of Hell to glorify God for all Eternity, and to … ADD TO THE LUSTER OF THY TRIMUPH!

Sweet Heart of Mary, be my Salvation!

Weekly News Flash from the Universal Living Rosary Association of Saint Philomena, Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Wednesday, August 1st, 2012


The Fruit of Silence is PRAYER…
The Fruit of Prayer is FAITH…
The Fruit of Faith is LOVE…
The Fruit of Love is SILENCE…

Our Blessed Savior very clearly elaborated His program of Life… His Kingdom is a spiritual one wherein the poor, the afflicted, the persecuted, the meek, the merciful, and the pure of heart are those who enter therein. Let us then take up our cross and suffer with Jesus Christ, for by our sufferings and crosses we apply to souls the satisfaction and merits of Our Blessed Lord’s Passion and Death. The enemy of our intimate union with God is our want of mortification ~ our fear of the Cross. This strangles our efforts and our prayers; it keeps us chained to earth and renders weak both the Sacraments and our poor prayers. Let us not forget, all earthly attachments seek to enslave us. The Cross is our way to freedom from these enslavements. The Cross is a plea for liberty. To dedicate ourselves to suffering, to repair God’s outraged Majesty and His unrequited Love… what a sublime duty and magnificent manifestation of God’s goodness and generosity! The Cross unites us to Him and opens for mankind the treasures of His Most Sacred Heart!

Our every painful trial bears resemblance to the excellent Passion of Jesus Christ, which, when endured with patience, makes us like Him Who endured it for us. Jesus Christ took up His Cross, kissed It because He loved us and showed us how it must be borne. Our crosses are gifts from God. Patience is the virtue of the martyrs; patience made them wise; patience gave them victory over all their enemies; patience made them perfect. Happy are they that find the Cross, embrace It, and live and die without ever descending from It. These, then, are those who live in Thy company, O my God, and die in Thy Arms.

Mary acted in concert with Christ in redeeming the human race. Mary’s love for Her Son was so great that, in a very real way, the sufferings of Her Divine Son became Her own. MARY is the Queen of Martyrs, the Martyr of Love! We shall never in this life fathom the love of Our Lady for Her Divine Son, thus we can never fully comprehend Her sufferings, which are without measure! Oh, how beautiful is Mary in Her long martyrdom! How majestic Her strength and sweetness!



Is the principal practice and Purpose of devotion to the Immaculate Heart of Mary? It is reparation that will restore to mankind love for God. Today, the Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary are surrounded by our irreverence, ingratitude, sacrilege, coldness and contempt of heart. There is nothing that unites us so closely to the Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary as the CROSS.

O Mary, grant that, like you, I may accept the sword of suffering and that, like you, I may be submissive and RESIGNED!

Let no man say, there are no real enemies here to combat! For, they are our ever-present, deadly, cruel and most deceptive enemies: sin, the devil and everything that seeks to enslave God’s children. We are locked in a fatal battle, the prize of which is our eternal soul. The weapons which will bring victory in this battle are self-denial, sacrifice, prayer, labor, suffering and the Cross- all must be embraced joyfully and willingly! Our afflictions, humiliations and devotion to duty serve as the greatest defense we have in building up the Kingdom of God. We must be on fire with love of the Cross! The active apostolate could bear no fruit without the great gift of the Apostolate of Prayer and Suffering. Thank you, dear Lord, for this high privilege of being one with Thee in the work of saving souls.

Let us take our place with Mary at the foot of the Cross. It is our birthplace. We became Her children there. We do not have sinlessness in common with our Mother, but sorrow is common to us both.

If there were no Original Sin, suffering would be unknown to the children of men. We have committed many sins; therefore, we have contracted a great debt to God. The Passion of Our Blessed Lord and Savior is intended to unite our hearts to His in that easy and sweet worship which is founded upon compassion. How blind we are if we view suffering as a punishment or calamity, and see prosperity as a sign of His favor. God sends suffering so that we may atone here for our past sins; He sends suffering to prevent our committing sin or to draw us out of sin; and most importantly, He sends suffering to us, His chosen ones, to make us partake in His Redemptive action, to become like Him: to be with Him ~ “SAVIORS TO MANY”! With courage and peace of soul, may we take our place on the Hill of Calvary beside Our Mother and His, to offer the oblation of our poor lives to the Father, for souls!

Through the prayers and the suffering of many, our active apostolate bears abundant fruit. The Triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary will be borne of the patient prayer of suffering carried by many a hidden soul. We salute you, true soldiers of Jesus Crucified! Through your prayers and sufferings, the precious flask of Sanctifying Grace is brought to those near death and the life¬-blood of their soul is revived. Your generous and persevering efforts so as to procure the Glory of God will have their effect in time and throughout all Eternity!

Earthly SORROWS are the Roots of Heavenly Joy…
A CROSS is a CROWN begun!

No matter how long the years may be, let no murmur escape my lips, no unkind thought take shelter in my heart, no self-seeking lurk within my soul! With a smile on my lips and a song of joy within my heart, I will walk courageously with Thee, O IMMACULATA, TO THE END!

May the Most Just, Most High and Most Adorable Will of God be done in all things: Praised and magnified always and forever!

SON, Behold Thy MOTHER!


SORROW is the Gold of the KINGDOM of Heaven.
No favor may be compared to that of carrying the Cross with Jesus Christ!

The Immaculate Virgin Mary receives with love all our sorrows and sufferings and she treasures them in the vault of her Immaculate Heart. In return, she issues to us coins a thousand times their importance: coins of consolation, peace of soul, love and joy.

The Crucifix is the scepter of the KING of Kings, the Symbol of His Power, the Memorial of His Love. In the Cross is all hope, all love and all safety for the offspring of Mary. By this sign, Her children WILL CONQUER. Every saint owes Heaven to Her. Do you wish to be close to God; you must be close to Mary! “God has committed to Mary the treasury of all good things in order that everyone may know… that through Her are obtained: every hope, every grace, all salvation! For this is the Will of God.” (Pope Pius IX) Mary stands inflexible at the foot of the Cross ~ resigned, patient and suffering. Christ is Her life, yet She wills that He suffer and that He die. For unless He suffer and die, how can we, Her beloved children, live? In a very true sense, Our Lady suffered His crucifixion for us … Behold our Co-Redemptrix!

To those God loves, He gives the heaviest crosses. And those who love Him discover in these crosses the most profound joy. All who travel with Jesus and Mary, travel lightly.

LET THE MASS BEGIN! This is the greatest love story ever told, the Love of JESUS for sinners, the Love of God for man. The Sacrifice is consummated now and Mary stands at the foot of the Cross with the sword through Her Heart, the sword of our salvation. I gaze upon Her and look at that lovely, glorious uplifted face and the light that blazes in Her eyes… She weeps not for Jesus, but for sinners. Mary has no need of human consolation for She bears the Light eternal in Her soul. HE has TRIUMPHED gloriously!!! Love redeemed the World, and only Love can SAVE it!

Let us take our stand with Mary on Calvary and take an active part in our Redemption in three blessed ways: the Apostolate of Action, the Apostolate of Prayer and the Apostolate of Suffering. The achievement of the Active Apostolate depends upon the prayers and sufferings of many.

Christ has merited by His Passion and Death an infinite amount of redemptive graces. Still, He gives to us a special part in helping to distribute them. Our physical pains, humiliations, failures, losses and voluntary penances contribute to distributing the merits of Christ’s Passion. In the light of the Cross, they are the brilliant diamonds which purchase the most precious graces for souls. Blessed are they who weep, with Jesus in His Passion and Mary in her Sorrows!

We, Christians, must realize that beyond our duty of becoming like to Christ and being united to Him, there remains the task of bringing Christ to as many others as possible, indeed, the noblest of all works! Perhaps all along we have taken for granted that our part in the Redemption was one of receiving and not of giving. We must aim to take a full and active part in the great work of Redemption. We must realize our physical pains, sickness, humiliations, inclement weather, disappointments, failures, losses, mental trials and voluntary penances as our contribution in distributing the merits of Christ’s Passion. Through our sufferings, we have been given a vital administrative role in Christ’s redemptive merits. In a very real sense, but secondary, we do become co-redeemers with Christ through the Immaculate Heart of Mary. It is a privilege and divine grace to bear these sufferings in Christ’s place for the building up of the Mystical Body of Christ.

Today, people are intent upon the gaining of indulgences. I wonder, however, if they ever think about making their donation to the treasury of the Church by which these indulgences become available to others. God allows us to do this and thus encourages us to co-operate with His Son in this wonderful work of satisfaction. Right here, we can show our profound loyalty, friendship and love for God by helping others benefit from His gifts of Redemption. “Dear Lord, accept this suffering that these souls may increase in holiness…” etc. May God’s intentions, desires, patience and all-consuming love become ours! We will recognize our success in this effort only when we are so taken up with Him that we forget ALTOGETHER ourselves!

O My God, I believe, I adore, I trust and I love Thee. I beg pardon for those who do not believe, do not adore, do not trust and do not love Thee.


Make your whole day and your whole life: your work, your influence, and your every action, the expression of your surrender of self to God. If, all through the day, you meet with suffering, disappointment, persecution and ridicule, do not grumble ~ this is your Mass! Wherever there is an opportunity to reach out to your neighbor, to make him better, happier or to relieve his suffering, don’t excuse your-self, do not shirk it ~ this is your Mass! And, when death finally comes and calls you to the Master, make the offering of your life the last act of your Mass, the last great YES to the Holy Will of God. We must be absorbed with an insatiable longing to carry out His least desires and interests. God must be our ALL! GOD ALONE!

By our Baptism, we have been made flesh of the Crucified One! Let us flee from the vices and blandishment of the world, which contribute not anything to the Christian formation of the soul, nothing toward Heaven.

Prayer is our life of love with God. Prayer elevates, SUPERNATURALIZES and makes God-like our sufferings and crosses. Both prayer and suffering are closely related. The law of love is the law of likeness. Now, we are becoming like unto Christ, our Divine Beloved.

‘Carry me on the Cross, O Christ, wherein alone is Life for all those who die!’