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Weekly News Flash from the Universal Living Rosary Association of Saint Philomena, First Week of Second Sunday After Easter 2013

Thursday, April 18th, 2013
Dear Apostle of the Immaculate Heart of Mary,Your very generous and thoughtful donation has reached us safely and our hearts are filled with the deepest gratitude. War abounds; sickness, persecution and suffering of every kind plague humanity from the poor hamlet to the palaces of the world. We cannot continue our lives and hope for health and prosperity until we give God first place! Your sacrifice is the hope of the world. May God reward you abundantly and give you the courage to fight on!

We must realize that to work for the salvation of souls without, directly or indirectly, partaking in the Sacrifice of the Savior of the world, is imagination pure and simple. Sacrifice wins by force of example. From the beginning, Christ demanded this of His disciples. There is no single corner of the earth where the Kingdom of God was founded without meeting resistance. Christ taught us what was necessary to ensure the salvation of the world by His words and by His example. He prayed for us and so we must apostolize our brethren by praying for them. But, the chief instrument He used to save souls was the CROSS. If we understand our mission as saviors of souls with Christ Our Savior, we must accept the cross and even seek it. It is the whole Christ that must save the world; since we are one with Christ and are living members of the whole Christ, we have a mission to fulfill. We must conquer self and, then, conquer the world for Christ!

Christ did not attribute the suffering and ignominy of His Passion to the Jews who accused Him, nor to Judas who betrayed Him, nor to Pilate who condemned Him, nor to the soldiers who ill-treated and crucified Him, nor to the devil who incited them all, though they were the immediate causes of His sufferings and demise, but to God His loving and beloved Father Whose Wisdom is always shown in the right proportion between the means He employs and the end He has in view. The Will of God is our sanctification!

Patti Melvin
Please pray for me


The Propagation of the Faith is the mission of Christ upon earth, born of His merciful Heart which is crushed by the sins of mankind. Christ’s Most Precious Blood poured into the Heart of Pauline that it might be spilled out upon us all. The Propagation of the Faith had its origin in God. Pauline was given the first impulse to work it, develop it, shelter it as an immolation and return it to the Church, fertile and abundantly fruitful. This being done, she went into retirement for three years to pray and deepen the mystical life of her soul. In 1826, she founded her second great work, the work of her heart – the prestigious LIVING ROSARY. The Propagation of the Faith and the Living Rosary were the two greatest works of the Church in the 19th Century, and the very first organizations of the Church in France, Switzerland, Belgium and America, after the devastation of the French Revolution. They are the very fruit of the blood of Martyrs! In 1827, the Living Rosary was officially blessed by the Nuncio in France, Cardinal Lambruschini, who became its protector. Pope Gregory XVI in two formal briefs gave the Living Rosary his approval – Jan.27 and Feb. 2, 1832.

The Living Rosary experienced immense success in every class of society. Henceforth, until her death, Pauline’s life was dominated by the Living Rosary. For a period of thirty years, this simple yet hugely fertile Association was her uncontested domain and personal success. She managed its work alone. Lorette, her home, was the Center. She was helped by two chaplains and a few companions, the Daughters of Mary. In Pauline’s day, souls had grown cold and the Faith itself was threatened. It was vital to awaken in society supernatural values. How could this be done? Pauline turned to Our Lady of the Rosary. Many times, the Church had recommended the Holy Rosary to revive devotion, appease the wrath of God and produce the fruit of virtue in souls. Sadly, this devotion had fallen by the wayside and was left to the old and unlettered. It was looked upon as the prattle of superstition. But, Pauline knew it was the Gospel, the history of the Life of Christ and His Mother, a book open to all, the fruit of which is the Love of Christ and consolations in abundance. She wished to make it agreeable to the masses. Under the inspiration of the Holy Ghost, she adopted the means which had proved so enormously successful with the Propagation of the Faith: PRAYER, PENNY and PROPAGATION. Groups of fifteen were launched. Every person committed to praying a Decade of the Rosary for an intention common to all. She linked the spiritual inspiration to a practical organization. Fifteen hearts united, forming 150 Roses as a Crown for Jesus through Mary. A union of hearts – a UNIVERSAL spiritual Family! Each member was linked invisibly but, united, they prayed the whole Rosary, and all of them gained the merits of each Rose! Pauline likened them to 15 coals: some were cold, some poorly lit and a few were on fire. Brought together and fanned with prayer, these smoldering embers would become an INFERNO! She asked each member to bring in 5 other members. The groups of 15 increased with an unbelievable speed.

Pauline wished to animate all peoples into a huge colossal army of prayer. She desired to set fire to the faith of all Christians. Bad books abounded, injecting souls with their poison and plunging the faithful into lukewarmness. This Daily Decade, five minutes of prayer each day with meditation on the Life of Christ, could not help but warm and vivify the hearts of men and thus produce the fruit of salvation. She challenged her associates by proposing the great universal and missionary intentions of the conversion of sinners, preservation of the Faith and its propagation in all the world, and the exaltation of Holy Mother the Church.


Pauline was the Mother of the Living Rosary and its queen. She exercised influence without measure. Through her letters, her circulars and personal interviews, she communicated the super-abundance of her spiritual life. Pauline transmitted the fire which consumed her, to others. The magnificent work of the Living Rosary triggered a true spiritual renewal of society in the 19th Century. Pauline knew she was nothing of herself, but an instrument in the Hands of God to accomplish His merciful designs. She rejoiced in her nothingness. Absolute self-sacrifice and devotion to others, founded on total oblivion of self and deepest humility was her goal, and the goal she held for her Daughters of Mary. In loving, serving, sacrificing and making Jesus loved and served, she found the only genuine happiness that man can taste upon this earth.

The MISSION of Pauline-Marie Jaricot is ONE with the Church!

The Church by its nature is missionary. The mission of Pauline is Universal. She addresses the entire world. She longs to bring the multitude to Christ through prayer and sacrifice. Her ambition is as immense as the one of Christ Himself.

Pauline never identified herself with anyone of her works. Her vocation is not limited. She never intended to simply “get something done” but she placed herself on a totally different plane. Putting her hand in the Hand of God, she reached out beyond self and sacrificed her whole being that all might be animated and illumined by the Divine Light of Christ. Pauline joined the magnificent vision of St. Paul for the Church:

“You will represent my Church; therefore, I will unite with you by the same union I have united with the Virgin Mary, your unique Mother and Mother of the Church. While devoted to the salvation of all, you will endure everything that the Church will suffer from the impious, and they will exhaust upon you their hate against Her.” (AAL 3, 9, 38)

PAULINE-MARIE JARICOT is the glory of Lyon! PAULINE is the glory of France! (Cardinal Tomko) This great contemplative is the Mother of the Missions. She was God’s instrument to give the Church the admirable works which, today, procure the extension of His reign to the ends of the earth. By her life, we are reminded that intimacy with Christ is the source of all apostolic fertilization. Her profound interior allowed her to carry her heavy cross with love. Pauline confirmed with joy that the ardors of fire which consumed her, the torments which assaulted her and the serious sickness that overwhelmed her for many years, were to prepare her for the sorrows that would befall her one after the other, almost without interruption, from her 40th year to her death. All were nothing compared to the pleasures and glory given to her as God’s servant. Death by Love for all men ~ Holiness, the Triumph of Love!

Pauline gave everything to Christ: her health, her life, her good name, her affections and her fortune, that you and I might have this precious gift of the Living Rosary. Finding her offering acceptable and worthy, Christ gathered up her gifts and so she would perfectly resemble Him, HE PUT HER ON THE CROSS. As a disciple of Christ, Pauline united the two most powerful weapons to conquer the Heart of God and that of man ~ self-sacrifice and charity, without measure, without end! Let not the fire die out. We, who are her children, must go forward with the mighty work of our Mother’s Heart, the very Heart of Christ, and pour out upon all the earth His Most Precious Blood through our Daily Decade.

VIVA! Ven. Pauline-Marie Jaricot, Victim Soul and Apostle, Martyr of Charity!

Share Your Gift of Faith

For centuries, our cherished Catholic faith has been passed from person to person, parent to child, etc. Each of us carries in our heart a special memory of how God first graced us with the knowledge of the faith and how Our Blessed Mother, Saint Philomena, Venerable Pauline Jaricot and other saints changed our lives and brought us closer to Christ.

In our work in the Universal Living Rosary Association, we see first hand how millions of souls are currently living without that knowledge of God and are living outside of His grace. We have been given a beautiful opportunity to carry out Christ’s work and pass on our faith and blessings to others who would otherwise never be introduced to Our Lord, the Savior of all mankind. Just as we pray for the souls in Purgatory who have no one to pray for them, we should also make it a part of our life’s mission to pass on our faith to as many souls as possible who have no one else to pass it on to them, who don’t know Our Lord and His promise of salvation.

This is the box we send out to the foreign Missions @ $53.95. It contains Rosaries, Scapulars, Miraculous Medals, Cord & Oil, Newsletters, Calendars, Catechism books, 2 TAN books, large color prints, lists and encouragements for our Promoters.

This is the box we send out to the foreign Missions @ $77.95. It contains Rosaries, Scapulars, Miraculous Medals, Cord & Oil, Newsletters, Calendars, Catechism books, 2 TAN books, large color prints, lists and encouragement for our Promoters.

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Weekly News Flash from the Universal Living Rosary Association of Saint Philomena, Week of Low Sunday 2013

Thursday, April 18th, 2013


‘Neath St. Michael’s Shield

Lucifer has placed his stamp upon the present Age. Open and secret revolt against God and His Church, the spirit of criticism, unbelief and immorality are spreading like a cancer. The arrogant boast of Lucifer rings out: “I will be like unto God!”

Men loudly proclaim their self-sufficiency and deny the existence of a Supreme Being. Government and secret societies plotting against God, strive to blot out from homes, schools, offices and society, all traces of Christianity. All these frightful events convince us that we must turn to St. Michael, the Archangel, that glorious prince of Heaven who rendered all honor to God, conquering Lucifer and casting him into the abyss. It is time for Christians to rise from their sleep and to offer vigorous resistance to the enemies of salvation. The weapons in this conflict are not the arms of civil warfare, but the spiritual weapons of prayer, penance, increased fidelity to God’s Commandments and frequent reception of the Sacraments.

The Church invokes St. Michael the Archangel as an Angel of superior rank, the Prince of Angels, who has supreme command over all the heavenly hierarchies. This position of honor was merited by St. Michael in the battle he waged against Lucifer and the rebellious angels before the creation of the world. St. Michael and his faithful followers won a glorious victory. With the swiftness of lightening, Lucifer and his companions were transformed into hideous demons and cast into the abyss of eternal torment and darkness. In reward for his zeal and fidelity, he was made prince and commander-in-chief of all the Heavenly Legions. He is the “first lieutenant” of Jesus Christ, for he was the first to lead the faithful servants of God to victory against the enemy.

St. Michael is the Guardian Angel and protector of the Catholic Church. The Fathers of the Church agree on this unanimously. St. Joan of Arc, the Maid of Orleans, who in the 15th century saved France, ascribed her vocation and victories to St. Michael. Pope Leo XIII, realizing by divine enlightenment the present and future struggles of the Church against the powers of Hell, composed a prayer in honor of the warrior Archangel. From his time to the present, the prayer was offered after every Low Mass. In 1960, in the wake of Vatican II, this prayer was discontinued.

Saint Michael is the protector of every individual Christian and all Christian Nations. It is our duty to be faithful Catholics, to profess our Faith openly and energetically, and to preserve a glowing, invincible love for Jesus Christ. St. Michael is the conqueror of Satan. In a thousand different ways, Satan plots and wars against God and tries to usurp His throne.

The early Christians invoked Saint Michael for the cure of the sick. During the pontificate of St. Gregory the Great, a terrible pestilence depopulated the city of Rome. The Pope ordered a penitential procession under the patronage of Our Lady and St. Michael. St. Michael appeared above Castel Sant’Angelo holding a sword in his right hand which he thrust into the scabbard. At the same moment, the pestilence ceased. Many miracles have taken place at the Sanctuary of Mont-St.-Michel in Normandy, France.

Not only during life does the glorious Archangel Michael defend and protect souls, but he is their special advocate and counselor at the hour of death. When the final hour of our earthy career draws near, and we are confronted by that awful moment in which our soul must leave the body which it has loved so much, satanic hosts, like ravaging lions, will make their last attack on us. If we have had devotion to St. Michael during life, he will assist us at the critical hour of our death. St. Michael is the advocate and incontestable helper of the Holy Souls in Purgatory.

St. Michael is the Guardian of the Most Blessed Sacrament. As such, he sees that thousands are given the grace to embrace Christ sacramentally. When the end of the world draws near, he will wage a final battle against the Antichrist, who by false miracles will endeavor to seduce even the Elect. Let us pray often with great confidence to St. Michael, champion of the Cause of Christ.

Fr Paul O’Sullivan, EDM

Fr. Paul O’Sullivan was born in Tralee, Ireland in 1871 and died in Lisbon, Portugal in 1958. At the age of 16, he entered the Dominican Novitiate and, then, he went on to Rome to complete his priestly studies and be ordained. His health failed him and he was a broken man. He was sent to Lisbon for a period of convalescence. The moment he set foot on the soil of Portugal, his health improved and he undertook an apostolate, the likes of which is rarely the part of a single priest’s accomplishment.

At the time of his arrival in the country, religion was at a very low ebb indeed! Masonic persecution which began after the Civil War of 1834, left the Church nearly abandoned. Few went to Church or received the Sacraments. There was little or no Catechism or religious instruction. Few Catholic books were published though vile literature was broadcast all over the country. Things dragged on like this until 1910 when the anti-God Republic rang out their cry: NO GOD! NO RELIGION! Alfonso Costa declared: “In two generations, the Catholic Church will be extinct in Portugal.”

It was a dreadful time. Revolution followed revolution. Corruption was rife. Paper money took the place of gold and silver currency. In 16 years, there had been over 40 administrations and twenty revolutions. Father Paul grieved over these tragic happenings. He befriended the rich and the poor. Soon, he learned that many Catholics longed for the old days when the Faith was practiced and widespread over the land. When he spoke to the faithful, he referred with deep feeling to their outstanding devotion to the Blessed Sacrament and the Blessed Virgin Mary. Portugal was the Land of Holy Mary as nearly all the cathedrals were dedicated to the Assumption. Fr. O’Sullivan peered through the darkness that surrounded the Nation and beholding the glories of its religious past, he was fired up by apostolic zeal to devote his life and all his energies to the work of restoring the Faith in Portugal. All through his publishing career, he used the initials EDM or Enfant de Marie, Child of Mary! What more glorious title can there be!

Catechism classes were organized on a larger scale than usual, conferences and retreats were multiplied. In 1907, Fr. Paul began to publish a monthly magazine which he called, O Rosario. He succeeded in having it published all over the country. Embolden by this first venture, he founded another monthly magazine in 1916 entitled, Cruzada do Rosario. These two monthly magazines are still flourishing today and have done a great service in keeping the Rosary devotion alive throughout the country. In 1922, he established a Catholic Press and began to publish Catholic magazines, books, pamphlets and instruction. The output was enormous. Through the years, he wrote on nearly every subject, The Wonders of the Holy Name, How to be Happy – How to be Holy, The Life of St. Philomena, AII About the Angels, The Secret of Confession, Visits to the Blessed Sacrament, Read Me or Rue It, and many more.

At an early period in his life, Father developed a devotion to St. Philomena through reading the Life of the Curé of Ars. He wrote her life story, made frequent pilgrimages to Mugnano and had her statue erected not only in Corpo Santo but in many churches throughout the world as well. On the 11th of every month, he gathered the devotees of the Saint to Corpo Santo for Mass and a sermon. During the sermon, he would read the list of favors granted through her intercession since the last meeting. As director of souls, he was much in demand. Nuncios, bishops and many in high estate as well as the poor sought his advice and administration. He was inflexible and unyielding once he had his mind made up, and he could attract and dominate people. His devotion to the Mass was most edifying. It seemed as if he made a resolution to hear every Mass celebrated in our church. He would leave any occupation to hear the Mass of a visiting priest who came at an odd hour.

Surely, our dear Fr. Paul O’Sullivan was an instrument used by Our Blessed Mother to prepare the hearts of the faithful for her visitation at Fatima. This was done by his powerful effort to restore the prayer of the Holy Rosary throughout the country.

What great similarities there are between Father O’Sullivan’s days and our own! The governments are godless, their goal to destroy religion is nearly accomplished and family life is all but non-existent.


The American Humanist Association (AHA) produces a bi-monthly journal and was given legal status by the U.S. Supreme Court. Their goal is to free one’s philosophy from the traditional constraints of theistic belief. Organized in 1867 under the leadership of Ralph Waldo Emerson, the AHA appealed not only to those theological reformers within the Unitarian Church but also to non-Christian liberals. It is sometimes referred to as a “New Religion” which incorporates naturalism, materialism, rationalization and socialism: A New Faith for a New Age!

It was designed to be ever evolving and compatible with the social schema of our present day humanity. It was the AHA who argued that Bible study in public schools violated the separation of Church and State. The Supreme Court upheld this policy of religious neutrality. They defend the right to abortion and it is they who did much to popularize cremation and humanistic memorial services. In 2003, they secured a religious tax exempt status, as a non-profit, publically supported educational organization. Their goal is to promote the spread of Humanism and refine its philosophy.

In their self-definition, God does not exist and it is a destructive illusion to believe in Him. Man marks the highest point to which nature has evolved and he must rely entirely on his own resources. They decry creation and have worked very hard to promote the theory of evolution. They believe that everything changes, so there can be no enduring or permanent values. John Dewey, probably the most influential American philosopher in the field of education, is the author of the first Humanist Manifesto in 1933! Forty years later, a second Humanist Manifesto was issued. Among its major tenants are these: “… traditional dogmatic or authoritarian religions that place Revelation, God, ritual or creed above human need or experience do a disservice to the human species. Humans are responsible for what we are and what we will become. No deity can save us; we must save ourselves. The right to birth control, abortion and divorce should be recognized.”

The members of the AHA are placed strategically in highly sensitive areas, and are internationally funded. They have key positions to influence public opinion. While they say, “Let us do away with all forms of intolerance,” they are adamantly intolerant of all religion. Up until the 1960’s, Christianity, with a unanimous voice, had taught an ethic of self-control, self-denial, encouraged reparation, sacrifice and prayer.

The great religious upheaval of the 16th Century contributed to the long term decline of religion and the rise of secularism in the West. In the midst of continually multiplying numbers of groups claiming to have the truth, it becomes difficult for people to believe that any faith can be true. Another cause of the fragmentation of Christianity was the growth of science. Religion was perhaps not openly attacked, but it was disbelieved. It ceased to be important. The dramatic success of the new scientific discoveries gave man an exhilarating sense of self-confidence and self-importance. If it could not be proven by science, then it did not exist. In the 18th Century, the intellectuals began to advocate religious tolerance. In part, they said it was out of respect for the individual’s conscience. In part, however, it was out of the conviction that all religious beliefs were equally false and, thus, all should be equally tolerated. Voltaire rejoiced that, in a society where there were many religious groups, all of them would be weak. The French Revolution of 1789 accomplished many of its goals of enlightenment, sweeping away by violence all the social institutions to which the intellectuals objected, including the Church! Their goal to remake the world in the name of humanity gave birth to a murderous and destructive fanaticism. It was the “Committee of Public Safety” which implemented the Reign of Terror in the name of humanity.

The 19th Century gave birth to three new revolutionary systems of thought, those identified with Karl Marx, Charles Darwin and Sigmund Freud. Although different in many aspects they all were based on materialism. Human existence was described, by economic necessities, biological evolution, and sexual urges. These three gave great impetus to Secular Humanism and all three dispensed with God. Atheism came into its own during that Century. “If God did exist, he must be destroyed!” The new Humanism embodied a demonic urge to negate and destroy. Once God had been denied, man could achieve true freedom by denying all moral constraints on himself and invent his own morality. Mass communications came into full swing. Books filled with this propaganda flooded the cities, schools and homes. Compulsory education was established and all the youth would be impregnated with Secular Humanism.

All these forces, plus the prosperity of the masses, transformed personal values and beliefs of countless Americans. They proved less and less able to say ‘NO’ to themselves and did not want others to say ‘NO’ to them. Spouses divorced, pregnancies were aborted, people of all ages made free use of drugs merely to experience something new and thrilling. The world was experienced as man’s own creation. Belief in God would continue in some general way, but His existence made little or no difference in their lives. They became Secular Humanists in practice, whatever they might have called themselves. Automobiles gave people a great sense of self-reliance. There was little room for God, prayer or obedience to God’s divine Law. Young people rebelled against established authority and all rules and demands for obedience. Students gained the right to cohabit in dormitories, use drugs and all rules pertaining to personal behavior and dress, were abolished. Sadly, most parents were living a compromising life of self-indulgence feeling that, after years of hard work, they deserved it. The obvious result was the breakdown of families. By the late 1970’s, this reached epidemic proportions. The number of divorces equaled that of marriages, and single parent families were countless. In over three-fourth of all households, both parents worked outside the home. The upbringing of the children was given over to schools, the very breeding grounds of secular humanism. Values clarification is a teaching technique in the schools to undermine the values children have learned at home from their parents who are the chief means by which religious belief is handed down.

Self Reigns As God!

Catering to the whims of self has become an obsession. Self is entitled to do whatever it wants and restraints on those desires are almost always unjust and unhealthy. The revolution goes deeper still. It amounts to a repeal of the entire Christian ethic of unselfish love and self-denial. The family is seen as the bastion of Christian values and, as such, it is under ferocious attack. Woman’s liberation is a deadly blow to family and religion. Life is reduced to an endless quest for personal fulfillment. Some clergy have even taken up the new religion of Enlightenment. Liberalism in religion has never been a way into the Faith; it has always been a way out of the Faith!

Pope Saint Pius X in 1907 condemned liberalism in the name of Modernism. It is the way by which secularism enters the Church. They are apostles of unbelief, endlessly telling believers that they should no longer accept this or that teaching of Christianity. In the end, all of them are negated! Christians trust in God. Humanists trust in themselves. Secular Humanism promises earthly happiness. Totalitarianism is a system which seeks to shape and control every aspect of people’s lives in the interest of creating a perfect worldly society. Religion in the modern world has been the strongest and most tenacious bulwark against both. In the end the humanist system betrays man. The Humanist’s acts of defiance and heedless disregard end by enslaving the individual to his passions. Since man was created by an all-wise and all-loving God, he cannot be free or truly happy except in loving obedience to His Creator’s Will.

“You shall know the Truth, and the Truth will set you Free!”

From the ULRA Mission news:

Recently, we had a letter from Doctor Alberto of Guatemala sharing his situation:

“You must wonder what I tell you of our special needs regarding our humble struggle for the Catholic Faith in Guatemala. You know perfectly well that we do not fight against human forces, but supernatural enemies of our souls. We are confident that the Immaculate Conception will crush the serpent’s head. We are committed to spreading the Living Rosary in this land. We are aware that Our Lady gave to St. Dominic, through the Rosary, the power to convert heretics and preserve the True Faith. We trust in her powerful intercession. We trust in our dear St. Philomena. Nevertheless, the holy Rosary is today completely forgotten! Right now, we are totally committed. We would like to share materials for the spreading of this devotion to villages and distant areas. Can you help us? We can reach many! You can count on us!

We have been praying with our sick brothers spreading the Living Rosary and St. Philomena’s devotion in our city’s hospital and surrounding areas. Deo Gratias! St. Philomena has been a wonderful help and she has never let us down anytime we ask her intercession! Now, we renew our commitment to help the suffering get closer to God and we offer our prayers for all our benefactors.

Urgent actions must be taken. The Protestant sects are taking over our Catholic families. Drugs, violence and impurity are taking over God’s place. Many priests have modernist and Communist ideas. We need the Rosary so much! We will continue our struggle as the Rosary is the perfect remedy to bring back to God His social reign in Guatemala.

To Jesus, through Mary!

God bless you all!”

Dear Friends,

Cordial greetings from the new Catholic Diocese of Bo in Southern Sierra Leone!

I have been in touch with Ms. Juliana Tommy. I acknowledge and appreciate the spiritual work she is engaged in, that is, of promoting the praying of the Rosary in our country which is largely Moslem. I would like to express my gratitude to you and your organization for the gifts of Rosaries, Chalice, Holy Oils, etc. that I received from Juliana after my Episcopal Ordination on 7th May this year.

Our diocese is the newest and youngest in Sierra Leone. We hope to build it up on a very solid spiritual foundation. We, therefore, kindly ask you to keep us in your prayers and help us form the people of God in this new diocese in deep spirituality.

May Mary, Our Mother,
Help of Christians, pray for us all!

Yours in Christ,
Most Rev. Charles A. M. Campbell

Thank you so much for the package you sent me. St. Philomena’s cord is unbelievable! l wear it all the time. It is like my own umbilical cord that connected me to my mother! I am overjoyed with it. It is part of me now and will be forever! < Teyo – UK >
I have been a member from 2003 and my wife joined in 2008. Thank you for your magazine, Dedicated Decades, we both read it throughout. The spirituality of the essays deepen our faith, while the accounts of the miraculous interventions of St. Philomena and the courageous efforts of Catholics in third World countries, increase our devotion. We are sending our annual donation.
< Raphael – MALTA >

Thank you so much for your parcel. May God reward you 100-fold! Great numbers have benefited. I encourage all my students to enroll in the Living Rosary. We pray for all of you and we thank you! I treasure everything you send for it gives strength to our people.
< Sr. Ma. Teresita

Thank you for your gift of Rosaries. Today, we have many faithful who come to pray the Rosary. They live under the firm confidence in Mary and the power of the mysteries. Countless numbers convert. The simplicity of this devotion makes it perfect for children and persons of every walk in life. Forgive my delay to send my thanks along to you. I work alone as Prior of our Dominican Mother House, Director of a school and representative of the Dominican Order in Quito. When I distribute the Rosaries you send to our people, before we begin the Holy Rosary, we pray for you first.
< Fr. Jose – QUITO >

I mailed you 720 members and here is another photo of new members from the Madeleine Academy and our feast day celebrations for St. Philomena. Your FOREX boxes are such a support for the spread of this devotion among the suffering and poor. God bless us all!
< Carmelita – PHILIPPINES >

We gather all our youths for 2 weeks out of the year and we invite speakers, resource people from the Church and government, to give guidelines to the youth. During this time, we have sports activities, Bible studies, the Rosary and Eucharistic Adoration, fund raising and a social night. We are happy to learn about your Youth for Purity Crusade and are eager to be a part of this work.
< Sr. Martha – KIRIBATI >

I greet you on the Eve of St. Patrick, our patron. May St. Patrick along with St. Philomena bring you and all your staff many graces and blessings! I am hoping you can send me some medals of St. Philomena. I work as a hospital chaplain and I give out the medals. I place the children under her care. Prayers are answered in abundance! I know she is a powerful Saint. Also, I place couples who have suffered miscarriages under her protection to help them conceive. May God reward you!
< Fr. Martin – DONEGAL, IRELAND >

Thank you for accepting our sincere request to join full membership in the ULRA. Many will be willing to join the group. I enclose a photo of our new members. We appreciate your concern for us and pray that this communion may shine forth toward accomplishing the desired mission before us, which is the salvation of the whole world.
< Frt. Silverius – Tanzania >

I have presented the framed photo of St. Philomena to his lordship Most Rev. Dr. Camilus Elukudo (SP) while the members look on. I intend to build a shrine for St. Philomena in the Port Harcourt diocese. We will need your help and prayers. Yours faithfully,
< Brother Savior Bala,
St. Paul’s Major Seminary >

I have enrolled these young seminarians in the ULRA. I could not include everyone as many were writing their exams. Please we need more materials for the large number of new members.
< Leonard – NIGERIA >

I am officially continuing to assist the youth in our parish to take part in the Living Rosary. It is my hope that you have received the enrollment forms I sent and more materials will be coming to us. I am sharing photos of the youth just enrolled. < Fr. Joachim-MALAWI >

Please find 26 completed forms for membership. We are patiently waiting for more Rosaries. We thank God for the good works you do in His name.
< Sr. Mary Florence – CAMEROON >

Many are interested in taking part in the Living Rosary. The young generation and our whole community wish to be involved. Distant villages are asking to take part. Please send us more materials to help spread the devotion. God bless all of you!
< Andrew – ZAMBIA >

I wish to thank you and all your members for your tireless support of my missionary work by providing me with Sacramentals. We are very grateful as it is an important part of what we do here at the Shrine of the Sacred Heart of Jesus through the Heart of Mary.
< Fr. Okanya, Rector – KENYA >

Thank you for the DVD on the Eucharist. I am one with you in prayer that through the example of St. Philomena, every family may cultivate a great love and devotion to the Eucharist and the Blessed Mother! I am so grateful to receive materials from your Association.
< Fr. Fidelis – TANZANIA >

Thank you for the Rosaries, Medals and all the materials you send. I am very happy because our congregation is growing in great numbers not only in this parish but also in other parishes the priests invite me to share with them the life of St. Philomena. Then the bishop has invited me to teach the people about the Living Rosary and St. Philomena. We continue to pray for all of you. Please do not forget us.
< Mathewos – ETHIOPIA >

“In my suffering from kidney failure and dialysis three times each week, your parcel and kind words are a great consolation. The road of pain leads to Heaven. I have to suffer. Please pray for me and know that you are remembered in my prayers.”
Late Fr. James Parokaran

Please pray for the repose of soul of Father James. His Archbishop continues his Decade in the Living Rosary.

Please Father,

Pray for the Conversion of my Loved One!

Pray that my Children will return to the Sacraments!

Pray that our Grandbabies will be Baptized!

Progress is the watchword of our modern Day. Progress should be likewise the watchword of our spiritual advancement: progress in making use of the means of Salvation God has given us for these perilous times. Our families are plagued with opportunities for sin, which are innumerable and divisive. Dangers, which are so incredibly menacing, attractive and enticing, surround us on every side. We cannot overcome them by our own power. Without God’s help, we will drown in the mire. Witchcraft and Satanism abound, drugs and alcohol, pornography and nudity have found their way into our schools and homes.

We have been deceived by the devil. Setting our hopes on material comforts, possessions and future security, we have forfeited family, faith and eternal beatitude. How can we best appeal to the Hearts of Jesus and Mary? How can we attain the salvation of our families? How can we help those who have lost the faith and abandoned themselves to this vacuum of greed, pride and hate?

Our Lady of Fatima came to bring peace to the world. The foundation of Peace is the possession of Grace. Man must cease offending God. Sanctifying Grace is the Life of God Himself imparted to the soul, whereby man is raised to a supernatural level and becomes a friend and child of God, and an heir to Heaven. The presence or absence of Sanctifying Grace in our souls, at the moment of death, will decide our eternal salvation or damnation. Through the Sacrament of Confession, all is gained and saved, and the repentant sinner is restored to the friendship of God. Washed in the Precious Blood of the Lamb of God, he receives the source of life, the medicine of salvation, the fount of healing and the beginning of all that is good. There is no more effectual means of preservation from the dangers and temptations which beset our families, than frequent union with Our Lord in Holy Communion.

Misled by false teachers, many have given up the Faith, Love and Hope of Christ. We must turn back to God by whom we are loved so very much. When man restores God to the temple of his soul, Mary will reward the world with a lasting peace.

Thirty days of Sacred Liturgies will be offered by Father Ivan Kolodiy in the Ukraine during the month of August for our loved ones who have fallen away from the Sacraments, for grandchildren who need to receive Baptism, and for the conversion of those you entrust to God. The names of those enrolled will be placed on the Altar during the entire month of August.

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Share Your Gift of Faith

For centuries, our cherished Catholic faith has been passed from person to person, parent to child, etc. Each of us carries in our heart a special memory of how God first graced us with the knowledge of the faith and how Our Blessed Mother, Saint Philomena, Venerable Pauline Jaricot and other saints changed our lives and brought us closer to Christ.

In our work in the Universal Living Rosary Association, we see first hand how millions of souls are currently living without that knowledge of God and are living outside of His grace. We have been given a beautiful opportunity to carry out Christ’s work and pass on our faith and blessings to others who would otherwise never be introduced to Our Lord, the Savior of all mankind. Just as we pray for the souls in Purgatory who have no one to pray for them, we should also make it a part of our life’s mission to pass on our faith to as many souls as possible who have no one else to pass it on to them, who don’t know Our Lord and His promise of salvation.

This is the box we send out to the foreign Missions @ $53.95. It contains Rosaries, Scapulars, Miraculous Medals, Cord & Oil, Newsletters, Calendars, Catechism books, 2 TAN books, large color prints, lists and encouragements for our Promoters.

This is the box we send out to the foreign Missions @ $77.95. It contains Rosaries, Scapulars, Miraculous Medals, Cord & Oil, Newsletters, Calendars, Catechism books, 2 TAN books, large color prints, lists and encouragement for our Promoters.

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Weekly News Flash from the Universal Living Rosary Association of Saint Philomena, First Week of Easter 2013

Thursday, April 18th, 2013

The Power of theMarriage Crucifix!

In the town of Siroki-Brijeg in Herzegovina, Europe not one single divorce has been recorded among its 13,000 inhabitants. For Centuries, because of pressure of the Turks and the Communists, the people suffered cruelly as their Christian Faith was always threatened. They knew, through experience, that salvation comes through the Cross of Christ! It does not come from humanitarian aid, peace treaties or disarmament plans.

The Source of Salvation is the Cross of Christ!

These people possess a wisdom that does not allow them to be duped over questions of life and death. That is why they indissolubly link marriage with the Cross of Christ. When a young couple is preparing for marriage, the priest tells them that they have found their Cross. And, it is a Cross to be loved, to be earned, a Cross not to be thrown away, but to be cherished. The Cross represents to them the greatest love and the Crucifix is the treasure of every home.

When the bride and groom set off for the church, they bring with them a Crucifix. The priest blesses the Crucifix, which then takes a central role during their exchange of vows. The bride places her right hand on the Crucifix and the groom places his hand over hers. Thus, the two hands are bound together on the Cross. The priest covers their hands with his stole as they proclaim their vows to be faithful until death. The bride and groom do not then kiss each other, they rather kiss the Crucifix. They know they are kissing the source of their love.

If the husband abandons his wife or the wife her husband, they let go of the Cross. If they abandon the Cross, they are left with nothing! They have lost everything for they have abandoned JESUS. After the wedding, the newlyweds bring the Crucifix to their home and give it a place of honor. It becomes the focal point of family prayer. When trouble arises or conflict breaks out, it is before the Cross they seek help. They do not go to a lawyer or consult a fortune teller or astrologer. No, they go straight to Jesus on the Cross, get on their knees and pour out tears and prayers, and exchange their forgiveness of one another.

They will teach their children to kiss the Cross every night and not to go off to sleep like pagans. When at night they kiss the Cross, they know that Jesus is holding them in His arms and there is nothing to be afraid of. Their fears and differences melt away, in their kiss of Jesus on the Cross.

Marriage brings forth Human Life;
But united together on the Cross, it brings forth Divine Life!

THE GREAT CHALLENGE: To be a Christian in a Pagan World

After the Church, the family is the most sacred place on earth. Your participation in the ULRA and love for the Mother of God is evidence of your desire to offer yourselves as lay apostles in advancing the Kingdom of Our Eucharistic Christ among men. You are pioneers. The task to which you have committed yourselves calls for enthusiasm, and the zeal and dedication of missionaries. You are to be congratulated! Parents have a divinely appointed mission in their natural field of influence in the home and family. Here, they reign over the heart of the Nation and decree the ideals that shape the destiny of a generation! When those ideals are Christian, the home is a replica of Nazareth. The work of re-establishing Christ and Christian ideals must begin in the home.

Today, the soul of Christianity has been replaced by a new spirit. Every parent can serve as a leader in this battle. Every wife can be an influence to her husband, and husband to his wife, both can be an example to their children. Every Catholic parent must accept the teachings of Holy Mother the Church on marriage. The dignity of womanhood and the nobility of manhood rest upon that teaching. Marriage is a contract that implies a right to life-long companionship, mutual support in common interests, common sorrows, common joys; a contract that implies parent-hood, a contract, therefore, which excludes all thought of divorce, trial marriage, and contraceptive birth control. To a Christian, marriage is more than a natural contract. In the great charity of Christ, marriage has been elevated to the dignity of a Sacrament. This means that marriage has been taken out of the civil courts and placed in the Sanctuary. It means that Our Divine Savior has shed His Precious Blood that married love may be sanctified, your children will know the fear and love of God, and your union shall not fail. When husband and wife realize that Christ died that their union shall not fail, surely they cannot refuse to bear the trials of life, yes, to carry a cross and suffer a crucifixion in all patience rather than succumb to the tragedy of a broken home.

What a mockery of the Cross is Divorce!
What a betrayal of the Crucified!

Matrimony is a Sacrament of the living. To receive this promised grace of the Sacrament at any particular moment or in any particular crisis one must be free from mortal sin. Accept this point in simple faith and understand that God will help you meet your responsibility as spouse and parent if you put no obstacle in His way, if you preserve His life in your soul and are in the state of Sanctifying Grace. You may get discouraged and feel overwhelmed with the burdens of your marriage, but try to see these temptations as opportunities to prove your love for God and your family. They are precious coins of gold when born with patience and love that will help you to gain merit and win Heaven.

Marriage is the most challenging vocation there is and yet we find no continuing education courses on it. Here, we give lines to live by, the Liturgy of married couples. Each will foster the successful flowering of the sacred covenant of Marriage. The family must be the one who shows the world that God is truly Our Father!

Using these guidelines, often and well, will strengthen your family and bring you peace. Say daily, morning and night, if not more often, “I love you.” Say it, mean it and show it.

Say often, Thank you. Be specific when you say this, thank you for a great meal, thank you for taking time to listen, for fixing something, repairing the door, thank you for caring, thank you for putting up with me. Finding things to be thankful for and voicing that thanks will cultivate in your married union gratitude to God and gratitude for each other. Being ungrateful is irrational. You may express your love and gratitude by a phone call, in a note, by a hug. You know, there are a thousand different ways. Find the good in everything you can, seek it out, talk about it, think about it.

Say with sincerity, “I am sorry.” Say it, mean it and state it in a way that is honest. I am sorry for taking you for granted, for not tell you about that errand, for forgetting to call when I was going to be late, for failing to ask your advice, whatever it might have been that caused pain and frustration to your spouse. And then say, ‘Please forgive me.’ By saying this, you are taking responsibility for the injury done. The mercy of God is medicine. To God we owe everything, He owes us nothing. What do we give to God, next to nothing! What does He give to us, everything! No matter how we offend Him, He is willing to forgive us. He was nailed to a cross and died that we might have forgiveness. Who are we to withhold mercy to another? Who are we to withhold forgiveness? We have to be willing to apologize sincerely and ask forgiveness and be willing to forgive.

Ask your spouse about her (his) day. It is important to you and your marriage. Catch up on the activities, challenges, joys and sorrows of the day before dinner if possible, or after. You must take time to be interested. Once you ask the question, give your undivided attention to what is shared.

Ask often, ‘How can I help you?’ This will usually get an immediate response. Then you must say, “Ok, I’d be glad to!” Say it, learn to mean it and find joy in doing it. We entered marriage to be like Christ. We are called to love in a way that is life giving – through sacrifice.

Ask once a month or when possible, “Will you go out with me on a date?” Make the plans before you ask the question as to the place, the flowers, the restaurant, the time. This is all about renewing the well-springs of love. Make memories now as you did when you were first married. You may not feel like it, but love is much more than a feeling. When feelings die, don’t conclude that love is dead. Feelings are like the weather, they come and go. While we cannot deny our emotions, for they are real and powerful, we must not let them rule our lives. Our covenant to God and each other is stronger than any feeling. That spouse of yours in the Hands of the Divine Sculptor is going to make you a saint. Let Him chip away at all your rough edges. We are pilgrims on this planet for as long as we are here. We are in exile on our way from earth to Heaven. God uses suffering to make us saints, and make sure we reach Home safely.

Family life must include prayer. Family prayer is the greatest source of peace in the home. Mary must be the Queen of your home. When we pray the Rosary we are simply speaking to God’s own Mother. There is no sinner so hardened with crime, no heart so broken with sorrow, nor anyone so weak that Mary will not save and comfort them if only they asked her. Mary gave us the Rosary to make us good, to make us strong, to make us happy and to make us holy. Let all the members of the family make their consecration to the Immaculate Heart of Mary and wear the Scapular as a sign of that consecration. The Miraculous Medal is a very powerful protection and source of Grace, let it be worn by all. Place holy water fonts by the entry and exit of the house and in every room. This powerful sacramental drives out the devil, remits venial sins and helps the Souls in Purgatory. Enthrone your home to the Sacred Heart of Jesus. Have a Crucifix in the Living Room, and a nice picture of the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Immaculate Heart of Mary. Prepare a place for prayer where you gather each night to pray as a family. Go regularly to Confession. This is so vital. The priest is there to dispense with the utmost generosity the mercies of God to man. The poor sinner kneels at the feet of God’s representative, laden with failings and weaknesses, pain and sorrow. He lays down his heavy burden and his sins are swallowed up in the abyss of God’s mercy, fears, doubts and remorse are lifted from his soul. Much needed counsel may be sought. Make the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass the highlight of your life, your week and your family. Go to Mass as often as you possibly can. In every Mass, Heaven comes to earth; we are surrounded by angels and saints. Who wouldn’t want to go to Mass! We all want to go to Heaven – we just don’t want to die first. As Catholics, we don’t have to die in order to go to Heaven. All we have to do is go to Mass, this is heaven on earth!

Modesty in your family is important: Modesty in dress, speech and action. Show respect for one another and for God. At least 15 minutes of spiritual reading should be done each day. In order to live our Faith, to defend our Faith and to teach our Faith, we must know it. We cannot love God if we do not know Him. To be a Catholic family takes discipline, courage, sacrifice and love. If you cannot do all of the things mentioned above, do one of them. Simply begin, have a desire to do them all, and your prayer will be answered. Our beloved country must return to Christ, and the surest and sweetest way to make our homes a veritable fortress of grace is through living a vibrant Catholic life.



Voluntas Tua. The fulfillment of God’s Will is the ideal that is to be realized by all creation; in justice, if it needs be, but in love assuredly. Jesus Christ, the King of Heaven and Earth has gone so far in His Love for us poor sinners as to take up His abode in our churches for the convenience of each one of us. Do we avail ourselves of this happiness by frequently visiting Christ in the Most Blessed Sacrament? Or, do we say, we have too much to do and fail to make the time for a visit? Perhaps, love and affection for the goods of this world and too little love for Jesus Christ prevent our making the effort. Yet, we find time to eat, sleep, talk, laugh, amuse ourselves and even time to sin. If we appear seldom before Jesus Christ in the Blessed Sacrament, it is a sign that we love Him but little. If we loved Him a little more, we would find the time to visit Him. Let us take our troubles, our burdens and our affairs to Him, and He will bless them and give us prosperity. If we would visit Jesus Christ in the Blessed Sacrament for only a quarter of an hour each day, how many trials and hardships we would be delivered from, from how many accidents, misfortunes, temptations and attacks of the devil would we be preserved; how few sins we would commit, and how much more consolation and peace of heart we would enjoy!

“Come to Me, all ye that labor and are heavily burdened, and I will refresh you!”

Weekly News Flash from the Universal Living Rosary Association of Saint Philomena, Holy Week 2013

Thursday, April 18th, 2013
Christ Has Risen! Alleluia!

Beloved Family of the Living Rosary,

What joy it gives me to congratulate you on keeping faithfully your holy vigil during the penitential season of Lent, so that your Easter Sunday may be all the more glorious! What incredible gratitude we would have for any man who would give his blood for us, and what if he carried his love to the extreme limit and gave his life for us that we might be saved from the danger of death? Our gratitude would be infinite. Just imagine that Jesus Christ has shed the last drop of His Precious Blood that we might have Eternal Life! The Blood of Christ extinguishes the fire of Divine Justice. It is the price of our Redemption. Each drop of His divine Blood cries out in our behalf for mercy. Although a single drop of It would have sufficed to wash away the sins of a thousand worlds, Jesus Christ gave the whole of It not only once, but many times: at His Circumcision, in the Garden of Olives, at the flagellation, the crowning of thorns and the opening of His Sacred Side, and He offers it every day at a million Altars, in all the Tabernacles of the world, unto the end of time. Our confidence in the Precious Blood of Jesus should be infinite and our gratitude for this Divine Gift, constant.

God gave us not only the Holy Eucharist on the eve of His Crucifixion, but He also established the Priesthood with all the Sacraments, the Holy Church and infallible authority with the power to teach, govern and rule. The echo from the Cross rings out to the whole world: Father, forgive them for they know not what they do. Father, by these wounds of Mine, forgive them! By this unspeakable torture of My Hands and Feet and My whole Body: Forgive them! By all the shame, ignominy and anguish of My Heart and Soul, Father forgive them! By this, My Blood, covering My Body and trickling down to the earth:

“Forgive them, Father, for they know not what they do!”

The Church will triumph over heresy and scandal. Oh, what a marvel for Our Holy Mother: the One, Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church, the gates of Hell shall not prevail against Her!

We deliver ourselves up for the salvation of souls. These sacred months of Lent have been dedicated to all our members and our Easter Masses will be offered for you in petition and in thanksgiving. We must increase and multiply.

I impart to all of you, my priestly blessing:

+ In the Name of the Father, Son and Holy Ghost. Amen.

Byzantine Rite, Greek-Catholic Church, UKRAINE

Oh my Soul, why art though afraid to take up thy cross, which leadeth to the heavenly Kingdom? In thy Cross is Salvation; in thy Cross is Life; in thy Cross is Protection from thine enemies; in thy Cross is Infusion of heavenly sweetness, strength of mind, joy of spirit; in thy Cross is the Way to the Height of Religious Virtue, and the Perfection of Sanctity to which thou hast been called!


Dear Apostle of the Immaculate Heart of Mary,

The Cross admits us into the intimacy of God, of Jesus Christ His Son, of all the angels and all the saints. Is it not incomparably glorious? Let it be welcomed every time it presents itself! All honor to crucified souls! They are the favorites of God. The most cruel torments which the Martyrs endured are as nothing in comparison with the anguish which Mary suffered. Her very Soul was transpierced with the sword of grief, without the alleviation of any consolation. She beheld Jesus dragged through the streets of Jerusalem, everywhere insulted, scoffed and despised; She beheld Him scourged, crowned with thorns, beaten and spit upon. Mary practiced unalterable patience. She stood up in the midst of the most horrible tempest like a rock surrounded by waves which beat against it, without causing it to fall. Neither the abyss into which She was plunged by Her grief nor the spectacle of death, nor the fury of man, nor the rage of demons was able to cast Her down. Her demeanor was full of resolution and courage. Without allowing any complaint to escape from Her, She adored the designs of God in silence and submission. She was a Mother who was not afraid to stand by Her Son amidst insults, contempt and injustice. With Jesus, She drank to the dregs the chalice of humiliation.

What a lesson for us! Mary teaches us the spirit of sacrifice. Knowing that the design of God is that Jesus should die to save the world, She enters with Her whole Soul into the divine decree. Jesus gives Mary to us as our Mother. What confidence, what hope, what consolation, what happiness is ours! Mary, thou art my Mother! I no longer fear, I am happy and I hope!

Christ’s adorable Face was wounded with blows and His flesh lacerated with scourges, His Head crowned with thorns, His Hands and Feet pierced with nails. He is Our King, Our Lord and Savior, Who leads the way for us to our Eternal Home. Yet, we love pleasure so much; we are afraid of suffering and discomfort. How dare we call ourselves Christians! Oh, Sacred Cross, whatever you may be: sufferings of the body or sufferings of the soul, come, come to me; I accept you cheerfully; I will bear you henceforth with courage and resolution!

The Resurrection of Our Savior is a guarantee to us of His divinity and, thereby, the complete guarantee of all our beliefs for, if Jesus Christ be God, His Religion is divine; the Gospel, which is His Word, is divine; the Sacraments which He has established are divine; the Church which He has founded is divine and, in believing it, I am certain not to be deceived. In following our Faith, we are following an Infallible Guide. In vain do the infidels attack our beliefs, in vain do nations rage: Jesus Christ Risen replies to all. There is not one single objection which does not fall to pieces against the stone of the sepulchre. What a consolation! What a triumph for the Faith!

The Resurrection of Our Savior is the assurance of our own resurrection. We are destined to rise with Christ. He, who listens to the Church, listens to Christ and cannot be deceived. What a great consolation for us all! United with Mary at the Foot of the Cross is our most pivotal position. We are surrounded with Her love, inflamed by Her charity, guided by Her wisdom, and infused with Her courage and fortitude.

We extend to each and every member of the Living Rosary Association a warm blessing and great encouragement to extend this devotion to the far ends of the earth!

Christ is Risen! Alleluia!
Patti Melvin
Please pray for me


The Battle won’t last long,
And the End will be Everlasting!”

St. Teresa of Avila

The enemy is within our gates. We must identify him and recognize him for what he really is, and strive with all our might to crush and expel him from our hearts and our homes. Some feel the enemy is only political or merely an economic system. Be not mistaken that the enemy of your family, Holy Mother the Church and our country, is atheistic materialism, secular humanism, Communism! It stalks our cities, community housing, residential neighborhoods and country villages. Its tools are terror, murder, lies, deceit, oppression, cruel suppression of governments, enslavement of millions, separation of families, crisis, unrest, conflict and destruction. It is a revolution against the established order which has at its heart to silence moral authority and enslave the world.

Archbishop Fulton Sheen spoke courageously and tirelessly exposing the fundamental nature of Communism and our duty to use all our resources and energy to oppose it. Every member of the Communist Party has pledged to commit treason against the USA and help to overthrow our Constitution by duplicity and deceit. The Communist Party is the largest atheistic organization in the world. It is determined, dedicated, well organized and deadly! We must use all our resources to stop this lethal foe. If we do not win, the rest of the world will be swallowed up by this satanic force and we will lose all our freedoms. Their goal is to subjugate, dominate and remake the entire world, by subversion if possible and by force if necessary! Rome is the big prize for Communism. Our Lady of La Salette forewarned us in 1846, Our Lady of Fatima in 1917. Our Lady of Fatima mentioned 1960 as being critical in the battle for souls. Sister Lucia later lamented that neither the good nor the bad have taken to heart or heeded Mary’s pleas.

We could not realize the implications of Our Lady’s Message at that time but, as we look back, it is painfully clear. We view woefully the Vatican-Moscow Agreement of 1962 in which Vatican officials formally pledged to Soviet counterparts that the Church, henceforth, would refrain from any condemnation of Communism! This pledge has been honored without exception to the present day. As such, it constitutes TREASON! Failure to oppose the satanic force of Atheistic Communism can hardly be short of sin! Archbishop Sheen was called to Rome in 1963 and ordered to be silent against Communism by the Holy Father. The great foe of Communism was silenced and Pope Paul VI publicly proclaimed the United Nations to be the hope of the world! THIS IS HISTORY. Please God, we can learn from it.

We are on the battlefield and need some deadly serious guidelines to help us win this war. Satan is a deceiver for he is the father of lies and there is no truth in him. If he can get us to believe his lie, then he can begin his work in our life. He questions God’s word and His goodness. He is a rebel against God, “You will be like unto God,” he tells Eve. God accomplishes His work through Truth, Satan through lies, but he always masquerades his lies as God’s Truth. His target is our mind and his goal is to divert us from doing God’s Will. God’s Will is not our duty, but our delight; it is our nourishment! Beware, we cannot reason or dialogue with Satan. Man’s wisdom is no match for Satan is cunning. We must study our Faith, understand our duty to God, and make time for prayer, without which we will be easy prey for the devil.

Be Sober! Be Alert! Be Prayerful!

The Devil, our adversary, prowls about like a roaring lion, seeking whom he may devour.

If Satan cannot attack our mind, he is happy to attack and destroy our body which is God’s Temple, the tabernacle of the Most Holy Trinity. Christians can be seen and it is our conduct in the body that glorifies and exalts Our Blessed Lord. The members of our body are tools in the Holy Spirit’s Hands to help build the Church. The various trials we encounter are simply a test of our faith and they produce in us endurance. Impatience is a mark of unbelief. Patient endurance is enriching. The only way to learn patience is to go through the suffering that God has assigned to us. Satan is proud, critical, unbending, stubborn, a gossip, jealous and a braggart. Pride glorifies man and robs God of the Glory He deserves. The essence of sin, is to be independent of God. Beware if you feel important! Remember in this battle against Satan the only way to conquer is to surrender,


Humility is not thinking meanly of ourselves; humility is not thinking of ourselves at all! We must know our enemy and put on the Armor of God: truth, humility, faith and absolute confidence in God. Satan is a destroyer, he is well organized and his first attack is against the home. Let us give him some resistance!

Our vast physical resources and our masterly technical skills will avail us nothing unless we are a people strong in Faith which gives purpose to our action, and fosters discipline and courage. The true strength of a Christian Nation is the power of God which outweighs all force of arms! The fortress of our Catholic Families has been gravely undermined. Lustful self-indulgence, divorce and birth prevention and have broken the lives of our youths rendering them delinquents!

Victory will come, only with obedience to God’s Love!