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Weekly News Flash from the Universal Living Rosary Association of Saint Philomena, Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Thursday, February 27th, 2014



Ministers of Jesus Christ receive the homage of my very deep respect. You are chosen among all men to work the prodigies of Infinite Love. How can I not burst in thanksgiving at the sight of your ineffable grandeur? You are truly kings and priests. It is you who dispose of the heavenly crowns in our favor by the power which the adorable Victim, Who offers Himself each day in your hands, has given to you. You are truly our fathers and mothers since our life rests in your bosom. We find in your charity for us the most delicious milk. I prostrate and humble myself and I see my Savior in you. Yes, Lord, Thou alone can germinate Thy Priesthood in feeble and mortal men, and render their voice fruitful to reproduce Thee on our Altars. Hence, priests of the Most High, if we owe to you the presence of Jesus Christ among us, you owe to His Presence in you all that you are! Your powers come from the Tabernacle and are nothing else but the power, itself, of God Who resides therein. In your anxieties and your solicitudes, in your doubts and your weariness, to whom will you have recourse, if not to the Divine Host of the Tabernacle?

It is on Him and Him alone that the success of your work depends. It is there that you must plead your own cause as well as that of the people given over to your care. Only at the foot of the Tabernacle will you find the sacred fire, the celestial ardor, the strength, the light and all the graces which are necessary for you to fulfill, with dignity, the divine function of your redoubtable ministry.

O Jesus, my loving God, to what excess Thou hast loved us! Not content to have instituted the Divine Eucharist so that the Body and Blood of the Infinite Victim becomes the spiritual nourishment of our souls and the gauge of our glorious resurrection, Thou hast also wished that It perpetuate the memory and the merits of Thy Life and Thy Death. It is by the immolation of Thy Heart, after Thy Sacrifice on Calvary, which poured out Blood and Water on the Cross that Thou hast given birth to the adorable Sacrifice of the Mass. This Sacrifice is offered thousands of times a day and in a thousand different places. Present in army camps, in hospices for the unfortunate, in prisons of human justice, on land and at sea, in all the countries of the world is Thy Sacrifice. Everywhere, there are men who profit from it. The most holy, the most august, the only Sacrifice which is worthy of God. It is begun and consummated within a short space of time for the greater good of priests and of the faithful, to whom it belongs as their property.

Oh! If only we all profited by it! O Jesus, why don't our eyes become as fountains of tears? Why art Thou insulted even on Thy Altars as was Thy fate on Calvary? The Jews said of Thee: “Let Him come down from the Cross and we will believe in Him.” Thus, the irreligious, on entering Thy temples, seem to say to Thee by their proud and disdainful mien: “We will not adore You. If You are a powerful God, respond to our insults, take up Your own defense"

God of Goodness! Thou dost always keep silent and Thy only answer to the impious is the continuation of Thy blessings. So many and so great are the outrages, but these will not suspend Thy Sacrifice. Thou dost continually give Thyself for the nourishment of the faithful and allow Thyself to be enclosed in the Tabernacle, as if those assisting at Thy redoubtable Mysteries were pure souls and perfect adorers. O Victim of Propitiation! It is in Thee that the fires of eternal justice come to extinguish themselves. Thou dost stay the torrents of celestial anger. If the insolent sinner were crushed in the same instant of his offense, how could the Perpetual Sacrifice be continued and reproduce Calvary? Is it not necessary that the reign of Thy Mercy precede that of Thy Justice? Eternity will remain for the punishment of the unfortunate soul who has failed to profit by the tender advances of Thy Love.


( St. Luke. XVII: 21 )

We must keep in mind that God dwells in a secret and hidden way in all souls. This indwelling of God is very different in different souls. In some, He dwells alone, in others not; in some, He dwells contented, in others displeased. Where personal desires and personal self-will least abound, there He is most content, for there He dwells as in His own house, ruling and directing it. The more secretly He dwells, the more He is alone, for nothing may enter into the “secret place” of the soul except that which is permitted to enter. In the soul where the Beloved dwells the most secretly, the purer the soul and, therefore, the more intimate His converse and the closer His embrace.

We must always remember that the Son of God, together with the Father and the Holy Ghost, is hidden in essence and in presence in the inmost being of our soul. As St. Augustine says, “l found Thee, not without, O Lord; I sought Thee without, in vain, for Thou art within.”

O Soul most beautiful, who art so longing to know the place where thy Beloved dwells, that thou mayest seek Him there and be united to Him, thou knowest now that thou art thyself the very tabernacle where He dwells! Rejoice, therefore, because all thy good and all thy hope is so near to thee as to be within thee! Love Him, then desire Him, then adore Him and go not out from thyself to seek Him, for that would be but distracting and wearisome, and thou wouldst not find Him! Strive, therefore, to be hidden with Him and, then, thou shall embrace Him and be conscious of His presence with loving affection! For as St. Paul states, “You are the temple of the Living God.”

God reads our hearts – that is all He cares about. He sees in a glance if there is room for Him in our hearts, and how much room we will give to Him. The presence of the Holy Ghost within us incites us to find more and more room for our Divine Guest, to seek by every means to profit from His wonderful Presence within us. Every day, we become more and more closely united to Him in friendship and love. What matters is not our mission in life, but the Divine Life within our hearts.

Weekly News Flash from the Universal Living Rosary Association of Saint Philomena, Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Thursday, February 27th, 2014



Adorable Heart of Jesus, Thou art the source of the Divine Eucharist in the same manner that Thou were the seat of the temporal Life of Jesus, truly the seat of His sacramental existence.

Before the Precious Blood which redeemed us was spilt, It received in Thee warmth and movement. Since It has flowed on the Cross, It is by Thee that It flows on our souls to purify them, to strengthen them and keep them in the life of grace. Yes, the Blood of Christ is spilled on our souls because His Heart is the instrument of the affections of the God-Man, the throne of His Mercy, the source of His Love and the furnace of His Charity. From this source only flows all the graces and all celestial benedictions. It thus belongs only to Thee to produce, by the Divine Eucharist, the masterpiece of Infinite Love. What do I say, Lord Jesus? By this Sacrament, Thou hast found the means to unite mankind so intimately to Thee that, being one with him, Thy Heart becomes the basis of his spiritual life, just as his own heart is the basis of his temporal life.

Thou dost create in him who receive Thee with dignity, a spiritual man, composed of a spiritual body and a divine soul. His soul is sanctified by Thy adorable Presence. Thy Soul, Itself, becomes the soul and the life of his being, renewed and, as if, absorbed in Thee.

As a result of this marvelous union, man’s material body is reformed. Thy Heart becomes like the driving power of his heart; Thy Blood becomes like the activity of his blood and Thy Flesh becomes like his flesh. Man lives in Thee and Thou dost live in him so much, Lord! It is astonishing to me that he does not also die bodily as soon as he is unhappy enough to separate himself from Thee by mortal sin. And why, then, does he not lose corporal life? Who can sustain him and prevent him from succumbing? O Jesus, I seem to understand. It is that the love Thou dost have for him is not all concentrated in Thy adorable Sacrament.

I see Jesus crucified like a Fountain of Life, placed on the summit of Mount Zion from whence gushes the source of Grace and of Salvation. These vivifying waters fall in an immense Reservoir, which is the Eucharist. The sinner wishes to depart from this mountain, yet the vivifying waters flow in such abundance that they overflow the edges and fall the length of the whole mountain. They moisten the earth which he tramples afoot. In spite of himself, they follow him everywhere. He tries to get away. They, in turn, pursue him. He finds himself caught in a second Reservoir which is fed by a waterfall from the mountain. This flow of Water represents the Sacrament of Penance. The graces wrought in the ‘bath’ of reconciliation purify the sinner of his iniquities and of his ingratitude. He, then, can return to the primary source, the Fountain of Life, from which he voluntarily departed through sin.

O! Why, unfortunate sinner, why do you shudder at the power of the Sacrament of Penance which is the remedy for your injuries? Why do you prefer to remain in your misfortune? Why are you irritated that this Grace impels you to leave the cruel slavery of your sin? Can you fail to recognize that, if your feet were not soaked in the Sacred Waters of the Tabernacle, you would die at once in your sin, like a fish that loses its element? Being lost, you would no longer be able to glorify God’s Mercy but would go surely into Hell, there to manifest His Justice.



“Thine own soul a sword shall pierce.” (St. Luke 11, 35)

Capacity for suffering is the measure of friendship. Only the intimacy, which has grown strong enough to forget self and suffer pain, can unite two hearts. I can do and ask of a friend what I could ask of no other, and the closer the beloved, the more I may ask and never hear denial. Thus, it is with friendship with Christ the Lord. It is of His friends that He can, and does, ask sacrifices. Am I intimate enough with Christ for Him to ask any sacrifice of me? Am I one of His chosen few, from whom He knows no refusal will ever come?

Deep down in the soul of everyone who determinedly follows Christ, there is peace which the world is as powerless to steal as it is to give. Union with Christ cannot be accomplished except through our sufferings – physical, intellectual and moral. These, Jesus permits to cleanse our hearts and bring us to perfect purity of love. And, did not Mary, His own beloved Mother, and even He Himself have to undergo suffering? In the process of His Passion, Jesus was forsaken by His own Apostles, denied vehemently by St. Peter, betrayed by Judas and abandoned by His Heavenly Father as He hung upon the Cross. We, too, must abandon ourselves to God’s Will.

Somebody Else had a heavier cross than the one I bear today.
And the path was far too steep for me had Somebody Else not led the way.

Somebody Else had a sadder Heart than the weary one in my breast;  Somebody’s aching thorn-crowned Head had nowhere to lie in rest.

Somebody Else’s tired Hands and Somebody’s wounded Feet
Were never too weary to minister and Somebody’s smile was sweet.

“Love Him and keep Him for thy Friend! When all go away, He will not leave thee, nor suffer thee to perish in the end.”

There are moments and moods in life’s experience when the momentous reality of God and the utter inadequacy of all else but God, do come home with startling force and vividness.

To us who keep close to Christ, there will come much disillusionment, bringing us much pain. We shall meet with deceit, injustice, infidelity and jealously, and these will cause us much suffering. Why should we allow these things to damage our soul when they have such power to beautify it? We will never become accustomed to these weaknesses of human nature but, as we broaden under the influence of Grace, we will find less difficulty in bearing them silently, alone with our Tremendous Lover, Who is enthroned in the ‘secret place’ of our innermost soul. Holding no grudge toward the offender, we are gracious and humble of manner. As our spiritual life blossoms into maturity, we become so absorbed in the interest of Our Divine Guest that the sayings and doings of others do not reach us. They have lost their power over us or, if they touch us at all, they seem to bring us peace, rather than annoyance.

Each soul has its own secret place where none may enter in,
Save it, and God – to them alone!  What goeth on therein is known to it, and God alone!

O my God, behold me before Thee, poor, humble and needy. I am here at Thy Feet, steeped in my own nothingness. Would that I had something to offer Thee, but I am nothing but wretchedness! Thou art my ALL! Thou art my wealth!

O my God, I thank Thee for having willed that I should be as nothing before Thee. I love and accept my humiliation and my nothingness. I thank Thee for having removed from me any of the consolations of affection. I thank Thee for all disappointments and all ingratitude. I acknowledge that I have need of them and, that otherwise, I might have strayed far, far from Thee.

My God, I thank Thee for having shown me a glimpse of the sweetness of Thine own consolation! I bless Thee, Lord God, in my neediness! How I regret not having loved Thee enough! I desire nothing more than that Thy Holy Will be done.

Thou art my Lord, my Master, and I am Thy property! O Jesus, how gentle is Thy Hand upon me in the depths of my trials! Amen.

Weekly News Flash from the Universal Living Rosary Association of Saint Philomena, Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Thursday, February 27th, 2014
Dear Apostles of the Immaculate Heart of Mary,It is a great privilege, honor and joy to be united with you in this cosmic battle for souls! Through your very kind donations, prayers, zeal, sacrifice and love, you are reaching out to millions of souls enriching their lives and giving Mary to those who are hungry, persecuted and dying. You are the hidden and humble souls serving the Queen of Heaven; the unseen and unsung hero’s providing what is needed on the front lines of battle to ensure victory. Thank God for your enthusiasm, dedication and generosity. We could not do anything without your help. Yours is a mission that lives on throughout Eternity!

Each of us has a vital role to play in order to stay the hand of atheistic materialism which seeks to overtake the Church, Family and Nation. The enemy of souls proclaims structural reform, democracy and peace, when they mean enslavement, dictatorship and the uprooting of all that is supernatural. We live in times very much like those which existed when Ven. Pauline Jaricot lived, in the wake of the French Revolution. These turbulent times were fraught with false teachings, persecution, lies and deceit. Religion was outlawed, churches were being shut down, schools were closed, materialism and moral decay abounded. Priests and religious were hunted down and the family unit was in collapse. Ven. Pauline conceived the idea of the Living Rosary to be a powerful force to save the Church in her beloved France and restore the Faith in all its purity. We battle now to preserve the Faith in the whole world as the revolution today is universal!

When we pray the Rosary, we are wielding the most powerful weapon in the whole world, more powerful that an atomic bomb! And, we are united in doing it, united in the prayer of the Holy Rosary and united in our intention for the Triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary! When the victory is won, and it will be won, there will be an end to abortion and to all sin. United in the Heart of Mary, there will be peace upon earth and Christ the King will once again reign over families, Nations, governments and the whole world.

Thank you so much for your heroic efforts day after day, week after week, year after year! May God bless you all most abundantly in time and throughout all Eternity!

Let us persevere in the glorious mission the Mother of God has bestowed upon us!


Patti Melvin

Let us pray for one another!

(Edition 1899)

By Pauline-Marie Jaricot
Foundress of the Propagation of the Faith and the Living Rosary

It was at St. Vallier that Pauline Marie Jaricot, age 18, in a day and a night, composed this booklet. Cardinal Villecourt wrote concerning this work: “Of a brilliant and vivid imagination, Pauline Marie Jaricot consecrated to God from her earliest youth all the gifts of her mind and heart. This little work was done when she had barely emerged from childhood, yet it breathes the fire of Divine Love with which she was already enflamed. After being examined by ecclesiastical authority, it was judged irreproachable. I was apprehensive lest such a precocious success should be hurtful to her at such a young and impressionable age. The Divine Master reserved for His young servant salutary preservations against pride by sending her the heaviest trials.” What was written of the world and Church in Pauline’s time can easily be said of the Church universally in the 20th Century.

“In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.

Who am I, Lord, to undertake to speak of the Sacrament of Thy Love? Many times I have tried, so many times, as I have been fascinated by the brightness of Thy marvels. Yet, I have remained mute without being able to express anything. Will I be stronger today? Will I be silent for having too much to say? I venture to hope that You will be the fire of my expressions, the intelligence of my spirit, the love of my heart, the support of my weakness and that, hence, I will be able to faithfully accomplish Thy designs. O Mary, throne of Wisdom, it is between your arms and in the shadow of your protection that I will establish the Sun of Justice! I again put my hand in yours. Guide it to the desires of the Spirit of Truth.

And you, Angel, faithful Guardian of my days, whose charity interests itself in my least action, deign to stay by my side to sustain my weakness so that the magnitude of the task will never weaken my courage.

Holy Church, O my tender Mother, if I dare to speak of the most precious Treasure that you have received from your celestial Spouse, it is with sentiments of the most perfect submission to all that you teach by the voice of legitimate pastors; it is at the light of the Divine Torch that you carry before us, that I enter into the sanctuary of Divine Love, persuaded that the most vile instruments in the Hands of God, are the most proper to manifest His Wisdom.”



Saint ‘Little Thérèse’ says ‘True love is nourished by sacrifice. The more the soul denies itself, the stronger is its tenderness.’

Love is the oil with which we replenish our lamps during the night-watches of our lives. These are the times when the soul surrenders all to God. In the midst of the surrender, her light is lost in the Divine Light. Christ alone now lives and shines within her. “He must increase, while I must decrease.” (St. John, III: 30)

This was the secret power of St. John the Baptist. Jesus acknowledged St. John’s success when He told the people that John was “a burning and a shining light.” (St. John, V:35) Let us gladly seize every opportunity for self-sacrifice. How patiently does our dear Lord wait for our attention and our love! Let us refuse Him nothing!


Just as our dear Saint ‘Little Thérèse’ showered her Beloved Lord with the loving caresses of self-sacrifice, so also should we. Our dear Lord wills that we behave in regard to Him as little children. ‘Sicut Parvuli’ (‘just as little ones’) is the expression Our Lord uses in the Gospel with touching insistence:

“I assure you, unless you change and become like little children, you will not enter the Kingdom of God.” (St. Matthew, XVIII: 3)

“Let the children come to Me, and do not hinder them. It is to just such as these that the Kingdom of God belongs.” (St. Mark, X: 14)

The Lord God inclines with more love toward the soul whom He sees as the least. He says in the Book of Proverbs: “As a mother caresses her child, so I will comfort thee. I will carry thee upon My bosom and I will cradle thee upon My knees.” (cf. Isaiah, LXVI, 13)

The duties of our state in life contain the whole of God’s Will for us. We have no other guide for ourselves but to know with certainty that these duties are, without a doubt, God’s Will for us. Without this knowledge, we would get nowhere in our lives, because we are as changeable as the skies, and as drifting as the tides.

The KEY of my heart is my will.
It is this KEY that I must give to God!

‘Thy Will be done!’ is the prayer of a spouse. By these words, we, who are followers of Jesus, are also spouses of Jesus. We surrender everything to Him and it is this very surrender of everything that becomes the proof of our love. Our Lord approaches us, with burning desire, as the loving Spouse of our souls, and this is the only offering that we can give Him which is worthy of Him – this surrender by which we become entirely His. We lose ourselves and we gain Christ. Only thus can the soul say: I live now, not I, but Christ lives in me!

This is the prayer, then, which unites the soul to her Lord, her dear Spouse. “Some will follow Jesus to the eating of the bread,” says The Imitation of Christ, “But very few will follow Him to the drinking of the Chalice.”

The true spouse of Christ must never be dismayed at the thought of great personal sacrifice. We must always know and remember that He, in His own time, will flood our souls with joy and consolation, just as water floods the thirsty land.

We, who give God our will, give God our all, for our will is all that we have which solely belongs to us, to say, ‘Thy Will be done!’ is but another way of saying, ‘Come in, Lord Jesus!’ when the soul hears the knockings of Divine Love. Our only happiness here on earth is to make it our duty ever to find delight in living well the life that Jesus appoints for us. If we do this, we are giving Him the many caresses of loving sacrifices!

It is only in this life that we can merit!

He always wins who sides with God,
To him no chance is lost.
God’s Will is sweetest to him
When It triumphs at his cost.

All that He blesses is our good,
And unblest good is ill.
All is right that seems most wrong,
If it is His Sweet Will.

“Let me cling tightly to you forever, O my loving God! Surround me with thorns, if need be, so that I may live very close to Thee. Then, do with me as Thou wilt. Spare me nothing, Lord, I long for Thee to get as much from me as Thou desire!”

Weekly News Flash from the Universal Living Rosary Association of Saint Philomena, Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Thursday, February 27th, 2014
Dear Apostles and Benefactors of the Living Rosary,We reach out to you with deep gratitude, hope and pain. You may realize that our country is on the verge of Civil War. This revolution has affected us greatly and we are begging your prayers for our poor country. Revolution is used to accomplish what negotiation cannot. In the midst of our suffering, we remember you at the Holy Altar, pleading God’s mercy upon you and your families; health for the sick, strength for the weak and perseverance for the dying.

The thoroughly Christian life is a living Mass. Each one of us must abandon himself in complete surrender to God’s Will. God offers Himself to the Father and, then, turns to us His “little children” and says, “The banquet of the King is ready, eat My Flesh and drink My Blood. I give Myself to you. I am the Manna from above. I will be Jesus the Victim, entirely yours until the end of time.” Jesus Christ at the Altar raises His pleading, pierced Hands to protect us from the rigors of Divine Justice. “Through Him, with Him and in Him, be to Thee, God the Father, in union with the Holy Spirit, all honor and glory!”

The creation of the universe, out of nothing, is but a tiny spark of glory compared to the Glory rendered at the Altar to the Three Persons of the Blessed Trinity by Jesus Christ the High Priest. “Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do.” The official prayer of Christ the Mediator during Mass is the only one which can pierce the clouds and touch and ravish the Heart of the Father. His appeal is omnipotent. The “Manna” of the Altar, the Bread of Angels, is a masterpiece of our Savior’s Love, in which we obtain a food which is the source of life and strength in our mortal wanderings in our exile upon earth.

Our life must be a complete submission to the Will of God as was the Life of Christ. Our souls have been redeemed at a great price. Let us stand at the foot of the Cross with the Queen of Sorrows, praying and weeping before the Calvary of the Altar. Mary stood fearless in the midst of unutterable suffering, yet She was filled with unshakable peace. Love is the giving of oneself! Love is the fulfilling of the Law! Whoever truly loves is a saint now or is on the road to sanctity.

Never miss a single Mass and Communion in so far as your duties will allow. You are daily with me at the Holy Altar to be nourished by His Sacred Flesh and bathed in His Most Precious Blood. Thus, by the ladder of Jacob and in the Arms of the High Priest, you will be lifted up to the throne of the Most Blessed Trinity.

I impart to you all, my priestly blessing:

+ In the Name of the Father, Son and Holy Ghost. Amen.

Byzantine Rite, Greek-Catholic Church, UKRAINE



Where charity reigns, there is close union with God. There can be but scant Spiritual Life where there are habitual failings against charity. If the Spiritual Life is wanting, how can we expect to do lasting good for souls? What a different place this would be if the followers of Christ hungered more ardently for the Spiritual Life!

What change would be effected everywhere were the followers of the King relentless in their efforts to arrive at close union with Him! What countless souls would thus turn from sin to the God of Goodness and Mercy! Our sacrifices and our sufferings would become the power leading souls to God!

We do not fully realize the harm that our uncharitableness can cause to another. Truly, the happiness of our families, the happiness of our friends and also the happiness of our acquaintances all depend upon mutual accord and kindly attitude. This happiness is so dependent upon our powerful words! They cut to the quick, or they soothe and heal. They inspire courage or they arouse anger and revenge. If we have not been perfect in this matter, let us begin now to be charitable. Let us always seal our lips against cutting remarks, unkind insinuations and unfavorable words.

Many a heart has writhed in pain because of poisoned arrows that have pierced to its very core. Many souls have walked through life, dripping with their own blood – slashed by the wicked or the thoughtless words of the human tongue.

“Detraction dries up the very source of piety and grace because the detractor feeds on the blood of souls he has murdered with the sword of his tongue.” (St. Francis of Assisi )

To Speak wisely may not always be easy, but not to speak ill requires only silence!

O, dear God, have mercy on us! Save us from wounding souls for whom You have bled and agonized! Our responsibility is very great – help us not to treat it lightly! Union with You, dear God, transforms our thoughts into Your thoughts. Help us, therefore, to transform those thoughts of ours concerning our neighbor into thoughts of love!


Kindliness of character is knowing that Jesus is within me. “Love one another as I have loved you.”

This, His own Commandment, will help me to practice hidden acts of virtue. Lord Jesus, You know what a struggle it is for us to keep silent, and be patient, gentle, humble, and amiable, but we must be ever vigilant in our attempts to do so.

As St. Teresa of Avila once said, “The devil sends me so offensive a spirit of bad temper that, at times, I feel I could eat people up.”

However, if we experienced no friction or if we met with no injustice, how would we learn patience and graciousness? When we suffer from trials coming to us from others, we learn always to be tender toward the feelings for each other.

O, my dearly Beloved Lord, You know what a struggle it is for me to practice gentleness and silence by a deliberate act of meekness. And, what shall I say, my dearest Jesus, of the inexpressible vexations of mind that arise with such fierceness within me if humiliation, criticism, misunderstanding, coldness, harsh treatment, failures, unfavorable judgments, contempt, or anything else that hurts or impedes me, comes my way?

Do fill my soul, dearest Lord, with Your conscious Presence so that You, Yourself, within me, will think, speak and act for me. Then, the Spirit of Your enduring gentleness will be in the order of my thoughts, in the tone of my voice, and in the deliberations of my actions. This will assure that I will never speak harshly or answer brusquely, listen coldly or give commands haughtily, dismiss abruptly or speak tactlessly to others. The more my soul is emptied of self and filled with Your conscious Presence, the more kindness and consideration I will show. Thus, I will treasure Thy New Commandment realizing what You Yourself expressed:

“As long as you did it to one of these, the least of My brethren, you did it to Me.” (St. Matthew, XXV: 40)

Weekly News Flash from the Universal Living Rosary Association of Saint Philomena, Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Thursday, February 27th, 2014
Dear Apostles of the Living Rosary,The man behind the scenes of this beautiful website and your weekly newsflashes is Richard Fox, our webmaster. What a tireless and dedicated job he does for us! Richard has been diagnosed with a calcified aortic heart valve and he is facing open-heart surgery in the near future. His first thought is not the surgery but to keep our weekly newsflashes going out to you. He is going to try.

Please keep Richard in your fervent prayers. We will let you know when the surgery is scheduled and how he progresses. We all realize that any surgery is major and one must not only prepare for the surgery, but for death. Please pray for Richard that the surgeon’s hands will be guided by Our Lady and he will recover without complication.

God bless you, Richard! We love you!
Patti Melvin


Truth is the Spirit of God in possession of our souls.
Tell the truth, act the truth – always be true!

This seems strange counsel for us to offer to ourselves. We feel that it is something of an insult to urge ourselves to the practice of truth. We are willing to hear about suffering, humiliation, detachment and penance, but truth is a delicate matter. Each one of us believes that we possess it. And, we do possess fragments of it, but not one of us is perfectly true. Truth must be nourished and cherished, because it is upon truth that our spiritual and moral life is built.

If truth be our goal, there is much in life that must be ignored and must be sacrificed. If truth is to reign in all of the avenues of our activities, then there are many things which must not be sought, which must not be fostered and which must not be done.

Our sense of self-preservation is an endowment from God. It is a great gift but, when over-cultivated, it can easily betray us into falsehood. Fear, prejudice and favoritism are influences that tend to distort the truth. As human beings, we fear humiliation. We are prejudiced against those who deprive us of glory. We favor those who cater to our pride.

We cannot fail in charity to the slightest degree without failing against truth. Even if what we say is true and we fail against charity, we are being untrue to the person of whom we speak. Even if what we do is an indifferent act, but by doing it, we deprive another of a fraction of his/her rights, we are not being true. We should be able to look everyone in the face, while acknowledging to all that we have been fair and true to all. We are seeking to weave for ourselves the garment of light, and this is none other than the Spirit of Truth, the Divine Guest of our soul.

Do we feel discouraged at the sight of so gigantic a task? We need not be cast down. Fear must not enter the lives of those who are sincere with God. He is with us always – all we must do is turn to Him, for He abides within us. Our lives are spent with Him and, thus, in close companionship with Truth, we grow sensitive to discord and to all that rings false. Our lives become true. Our thoughts become true. Our words and our actions have a directness and a singleness that inspire confidence and trust. It is not always easy to be true. Truth is infinite, entailing sacrifice. The Spirit of Truth, abiding within us, will teach us the art of being true. It is our desire to be worthy of God’s trust, and our prayer to be souls of fidelity, upon whom He can always rely.

It is our aim to be among those who, with singleness of purpose, seek God and His Holy Will. It is a great happiness to be worthy of trust. To live in such a manner as to merit trust is all that God asks of us. Only He can reveal the truth to us in its vastness, its depth, its breadth and its height. Only He can teach us and give us the courage to live a life of honor, sincerity, and faithfulness.

Weekly News Flash from the Universal Living Rosary Association of Saint Philomena, Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Thursday, February 27th, 2014
Dear Apostle of the Immaculate Heart of Mary,Thank you for your very generous donation, your sacrifice and faithfulness in prayer. The world is in decline and families are compromised. Our poor children are out there in a world filled with lies and seduction, subject to the internet and endless evil. They are in grave danger! Let us pray for them with all our heart and soul.

We believe that God can touch our lives, transform our hearts and change us from sinners to saints, right what is wrong, enlighten our understanding, enlarge our hearts and strengthen our wills. And, yet, from week to week, we see no progress in our spiritual lives and we feel frustrated. Our Confessions are an endless repetition of the same sins. Spiritual advancement seems quite impossible and we feel discouraged, desolate and near despair. We must long and ask for the Gifts of the Holy Ghost. They were given to us at Baptism and strengthened and renewed through the Sacrament of Confirmation. They are already ours! There is nothing lacking to us. We must desire and pray that they will be alive in our hearts.

The Gift of Wisdom enlightens our minds to know God, to be aware of Him and to live in His presence. The Gift of Understanding comes to help us perceive His plan for us. The Gift of Counsel is given to us to know the right thing to do and have the courage to do it. The Gift of Fortitude gives us the courage to forge ahead and to rely upon the strength of God. The Gift of Knowledge gives us the grace to distinguish good from evil, to discern what is Good, True and Beautiful! The Gift of Fear is really not a fear of God but a fear of losing Him. Through ingratitude, presumption and pride, I might lose Him. I know God will never cease to love me but I know, too, that I have the ability to walk away from God! The Fruits of the Holy Ghost in our lives are a sign that we possess His Gifts.

How little we understand the Fruit of Benignity, this marvelous Fruit of the giving of self! So many of us are wrapped up in selfishness. Our hearts become narrow and close out those around us. Sin is rooted in selfishness. Happiness is found in giving. Do I perceive the needs of others? Have I a forgetfulness of self? Am I able to put my own needs aside and respond generously to others? Or, am I focused on my needs, my wants, my pleasure, my plans, my time and my body? Let us beg God to make us aware of the needs of others and generously give of ourselves to help them. What joy, what consolation, what strength will then be given to us!

O Holy Spirit, Sweet Guest of my Soul, abide in me and grant that I may ever abide in Thee!

I remain, one with you in the Immaculate Heart of Mary,
Patti Melvin

Dearest Patti,Happy New Year to you and your family!

Our heartfelt gratitude for the wire you sent for the postage as this will greatly help in our mailings. Thank you also for the FOREX box which arrived on December 28. I am sorry that I was not able to respond to you right away because we were busy cleaning our house on the farm, the surrounding cottages and our family chapel. All were badly damaged. It is two months since the super Typhoon Yolanda hit us but it is only recently that we were able to clean the surroundings and damaged areas. We do not know how we will be able to have our house on the farm and our family chapel repaired because we are financially hard up now. Before, we relied on our coconut trees for our income but, because of the super typhoon, only a few coconut trees are left. If ever we will have money in the future, we will have our chapel rebuilt first, because is God’s house and a Mass is held there every month.

I am confident that prayers will work this miracle. Hence, we are asking for your prayers through the powerful intercession of St. Philomena and the Immaculate Heart of Mary that we would be able to find generous donors who will help us in re-building and repairing our chapel which is dedicated to the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Immaculate Heart of Mary.

Attached here are photos of our properties that were badly damaged. In spite of all the damages, we are grateful to God for protecting us and giving us another chance to be of service to Him. I know that God has a reason why all these things had happened, perhaps to test us and make our faith grow stronger. We are fortunate that our residential house was untouched and our lives were spared. Our prayers saved us. Our house was blessed and enthroned to the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Immaculate Heart of Mary. Blessed objects were hung inside and outside our house, like the Miraculous Medal, Benedictine Cross, Brown Scapular and the Rosary. During the typhoon, our family prayed the Rosary, the Divine Mercy Chaplet and also the prayer of blessings against the storm. The typhoon lasted for almost five hours and the winds were very strong and its sound was like a chain-saw. When the super typhoon came, there was a storm surge in Bantayan but we were lucky that it was a low tide. If it were a high tide, when the typhoon came, many people would have died in our place, just like in Leyte. The Immaculate Heart of Mary protected us. Every Saturday, we had a Dawn Rosary and procession around the town in honor of Our Lady of Fatima. Furthermore, we faithfully pray our Decade in the Living Rosary daily. The statues of the Sacred Heart and Immaculate Heart of Mary Shrine on our farm still remains even through the nearby houses and structures were destroyed. What a miracle!

We have already written and sent Sacramentals to promoters in Leyte and other places that were greatly affected. So far, only three promoters have responded and they said they were safe. While one of the letters was returned to us, others have not yet responded. Perhaps, they have evacuated to another place and some must have died in this tragedy or the post office was destroyed. We are praying and hoping that they will respond and be able to cope. When the storm came to Bantayan Island, about 95% of the homes were roofless. Now, two months later, our neighboring houses are not able to recover yet. They just placed tarp on their roofs but, when it rains, they will get wet. How I pity them and wish I could help them! Since we are also affected, the only thing we can do is to help them spiritually through our prayers.

May the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Immaculate Heart of Mary bless and protect you always! Love and prayers,



Our Divine Master tells us, “Whoever shall humble himself… is the greater in the Kingdom of Heaven.” ( St. Matthew, XVIII: 4 )

No one can make us humble. We possess the material for humility within ourselves. Many persons afford us the means and the opportunity to become humble, and they are our greatest benefactors.

Love and Humility are synonymous. Were it not for the Love of our dear Lord, not one of us would strive to acquire humility. No one would silently bear the cutting or unpleasant remarks of others if he were not totally in love with the Humiliated Christ! Were our eyes not fixed upon the Divine Victim of the Cross, which one of us would suffer patiently and, even cheerfully, the tidal waves of sorrow that sweep over our frail souls, making them much like wind-driven craft on the sea of life?

Accept humiliations before they lose their freshness. Kiss the Cross immediately, before repugnance has set its seal upon thy countenance. These are God’s own personal touches upon our souls. He pleads with us to purchase from Him this fire-tried gold that we may be made rich, and may be clothed in white garments. (Apocalypse, III: 18). We must pay for this gold by our sufferings and our humiliations. Humility and obedience are inseparable. We have bound ourselves to Christ. We have sworn our allegiance to Him and, to Him, we owe our obedience. Therefore, we should spend our days awaiting His orders – for our interest is His Will and our glory is His service. But, only to the truly humble will this obedience be easy, for this obedience is the exchanging of our self for the loveliness of the Master, the Divine Guest of our souls.

Weekly News Flash from the Universal Living Rosary Association of Saint Philomena, Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Thursday, February 27th, 2014
Glory be to Jesus Christ!Dear Apostles and Benefactors of the Living Rosary,

The most beautiful Season of Christmas has come and gone. It is a great time of humility, hope and fulfillment. Now, we begin again the Liturgical year where, in abundance, the Father pours out blessings upon us as a response to our love for Christ and our faith in Him. We have seen our country, Ukraine, undergo riots and revolution and we are firmly reminded by God that, without His Grace, there can be no peace in the world; without obedience to His Law, all is chaos. It is Christ Who saves, Christ Who gives life and Christ Who watches, that none whom the Father has given into His care should be lost. To love God is to receive His gift of Love. The beatific vision, in which we shall know perfect union with God and full participation in His Life, will not be simply us gazing upon Him, but a surge of the whole soul as we give ourselves to Him and know that we are utterly possessed by Him. Only then will we find our complete rest in Him. We will be emptied entirely of self, with nothing remaining, but the joy of abiding in His Will. Our most important consideration in life is not to find God, but never to grow weary of seeking Him. Our most precious good is a strong desire for God which acts in our soul as powerful magnet that attracts the Grace of God. God loves courageous souls, so let our confidence in Him never falter. He gives to whom He will, not because we are good, but because HE IS GOOD! The Incarnation was the crowning proof of Divine Love; God drew near to us, completely giving Himself to us by becoming one of us! Humility prepares the way for God and allows Him the freedom to carry out His plan in us. Love is peace, a peace made of gentleness, patience, renunciation and humility. True Victory is achieved not so much by heroic sacrifice as by constant faithfulness to the most ordinary duties of everyday life. In this way, we acquire a forgetfulness of self and soar to the heights of perfection. There is no better proof of constant, faithful love than persistent, hidden effort that is wearied and discouraged by nothing!!! To offer God our poverty is not a second rate offering, for it is the one essential gift of self, the one gift we all have to give!

We are grateful for your gifts, your prayers and your love. During the New Year, we have arranged that each and every member and apostle of the Living Rosary will be remembered at the Holy Altar: your families, your suffering, your living and departed. Our strength in the days ahead will be our Daily Decade united with millions who are praying for the Triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary! It will not be easy but, with God’s help, we will obtain this victory. Have Courage!

I impart to you all, my priestly blessing:

+ In the Name of the Father, Son and Holy Ghost. Amen.

Byzantine Rite, Greek-Catholic Church, UKRAINE


Alone with God! What does ‘being alone with God’ mean? It means contentment, peace, joy and strength. But, how does one reach this aloneness with God: By constantly communing with the Divine Guest of our Soul!

Alone with Christ, let us ponder over the Will of God, so that we may always recognize it. Let us never forget that perfect submission to God is perfect sanctity. Sanctity is not found ready-made, but is the greatest achievement of man working in union with the Builder of Saints. Deep down in our souls, we hunger for sanctity, but Human Nature is also hungry, and its food is so easily procured that, unless we are always on watch, the soul will meet with irreparable loss due solely to neglect. The soul has many foes whom she cannot fight unless she is continually strengthened with spiritual food. This spiritual food she obtains primarily through the following seven ways:


Saint ‘Little Thérèse’ says, “My whole strength lies in prayer and sacrifice. These are my invincible arms. They can move hearts far better than words. I know it by experience.”

PRAYER! THERE IS NO OCCUPATION THAT CAN HINDER THIS ACTIVITY, UNLESS THE SOUL PERMITS IT. Again, it is a hidden power. Our Lord stresses the necessity of this hiddenness in His words: ‘When you pray, retire into your chamber, and close the door. Withdraw within the soul where I abide, and I shall reveal to you the secrets of My Heart.


The first step in the art of abiding in God is recollection. This is more than just the occasional ejaculation customary during the course of our work.

Recollection is the habitual consciousness of the Presence of God. It is always being aware that God’s loving Eyes are upon us. We will, then, become circumspect in our thoughts, words and actions because of our friendship with Him. We are gracious because He is looking. We lift the burdens of others, remembering His gentle treatment of the bruised reed and the smoking flax. We aim to be true – true to those who are kind to us and true to those who are harsh.

We must absorb more and more of His Spirit until, in the midst of crowds or secluded in our homes, we are alone with Jesus, our inseparable Guide. Jesus Christ is very nigh to the soul who seeks and loves Him, and she speaks to Him in the inner cloister of her heart. The soul needs no set form of speech, but talks with God in her own words and in her own way. She is at home with God and He with her. There is nothing she cannot tell him, whether it be joy or sorrow, success or failure. It is all poured into His listening Ears. ‘Oh, Jesus, You are a darling!’ were words which came from the heart of a child at an unlooked-for pleasure. To some, they may seem boldly familiar but, to the soul living daily in His Presence, they are quite natural.

Is there a difficult piece of work? In great simplicity, she tells Him about it and asks Him to see it through. She is quite real and natural in all she says to Him. She lives in His Will, and her attention is fixed on Him. All through the hours of her work, He is there and the work is done with the perfection, ease, and joyousness that come from His Presence within her. The soul must always remember that He is forever with her as long as she is desirous of His Holy Presence. But the soul is very far from limiting her conversation to merely asking about her own immediate affairs – the greater her love, the wider her reach.

She is and intercessor for others. She brings them with her to Jesus. Their needs and necessities are set before Him and, like the Blessed Mother at Cana, she is quite confident that He will surely supply them. Such prayer embraces the earth, reaches everywhere and exerts great influence on those who are hardened against every other means of approach.

The fear is, that we who are consecrated to God – devoted to Him, spending our lives for Him – may finish our earthly days without having truly realized the great Treasure we have in our souls. It must be our aim, therefore, to grow familiar with the truth of His abiding Presence within us. He reiterates this fact over and over again so as not to be misunderstood. His statements are simple and clear. They are quoted repeatedly by St. John, while St. Paul, too, reminds us constantly that the soul is a Tabernacle of the Trinity.