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Weekly News Flash from the Universal Living Rosary Association of Saint Philomena, Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Tuesday, April 8th, 2014

Dear Apostles and Benefactors of the Living Rosary,

We extend to you our profound thanks and ask God’s abundant blessings upon you. The strength of your prayer for the Church in Ukraine is felt. We continue to suffer greatly as the persecution increases. Crimea is open to Russian mercenaries and revolutionaries, the whole Nation is being stalked and no one is safe. We step onto Calvary to take our place beside our Crucified Savior.

The magnitude of Christ’s sufferings is unimaginable. He suffered in Body and Soul. The Son of God suffered, the Son of God died. All through His Life, He was never free from suffering for His Passion was ever present to Him. The Cross was the central point of all His thoughts. Consider the road of agony He traveled from the Garden of Gethsemane stained with the sweat of blood, to the house of the high priest; from the high priest to Pilot, who sent Him laden with the Cross to Calvary and to death; His way was lined with enemies on all sides: priests, people, pagans and Jews, men of high and low degree. How numerous were His wounds! How cruel the blows with which He was struck! How great His loss of blood! There was no member of His Body, no power of His Soul that did not suffer. To this desolation, His friends and apostles contributed, for they too forsook Him. The most cruel torment was the thought of the many souls for whom all His sufferings would be in vain. His suffering was voluntary and He embraced it with all His Heart, “Not my will, but Thine be done.”

Christ’s Life was one of devoted patience, meekness and holiness; it was full of strength and resoluteness, animated and inspired by the love of God and obedience to the heavenly Father. His patient suffering is beautiful and loveable, worthy to be admired and imitated. May it fill our hearts with love and sympathy, making our patient endurance of pain meritorious and precious in the sight of God! We gaze upon the Man of Sorrows and begin to grasp the horror of sin. Who will know the depths of the sorrow of the crucified Heart of Mary as the lifeless and mangled Body of Her Son was placed in Her arms?

Daily now, during the Penitential Season of Lent and of our own martyrdom, we remember you at the Sacred Altar, where we are all bathed in the Most Precious Blood of Jesus, one day to bask in His Eternal Glory. Have Courage!

I impart to you all, my priestly blessing:

+ In the Name of the Father, Son and Holy Ghost. Amen.

Byzantine Rite, Greek-Catholic Church, UKRAINE



Oh, you who call yourselves Christians, do you merit this title? For all the favors Jesus manifests in His adorable Sacrament, neither your zeal nor your ardor is excited. Why? Because this generous God consents to dwell in the darkest and saddest recesses? How wretched we are! Where, then, is our faith? We take no pains to remedy the shackled churches or the ornaments which surround Him. The priest has poor vestments. The sacred vessels which enclose the Sacred Host would be cast aside with contempt if they appeared on the table of a lord of the land. Where is your faith? We know that even in the country of our birth, there exist many churches so miserable that they resemble the thatched cottage of a poor shepherd rather than the house of God. We have this sad spectacle beneath our eyes. Can we be so lazy as to tolerate that Jesus Christ be treated so unworthily? We fear to make sacrifices to repair His dwelling and foster Eucharistic Adoration! Nothing for Jesus Christ! Nothing for the glory of His temples! Yet, we incur excessive expenses to decorate our own homes so that our body will be conveniently and agreeably lodged. We dedicate considerable sums to adorn this same body which is the house of clay, while Eternal Beauty is buried in the most monstrous forgetfulness. How dare we show ourselves in public to attract attention, all the while the Sun of Justice is eclipsed beneath clouds of poverty and scorn!

Were it given to the Guardian Angels and the Cherubim who surround the Eucharistic throne to see the luxury of the world, all its displays and pomp, the homes of the great and the rich so magnificently furnished, the places where treasures are hidden, would not this sight break their hearts? Yes, no doubt, O my Jesus, if Thy angels could overcome the barriers of silence which Thou hast imposed upon them, they would make resound all the echoes of the universe with the just reproaches we all merit in Thy regard. They would tear away with indignation the crowns and the ornaments with which we array ourselves and would adorn Thy temples. They would strip our homes of all that which is most precious and would make it serve for decoration in Thy sanctuaries. They would make the hoarders, in spite of themselves, relinquish their gold and silver and use this for Thy exterior devotion.

Meanwhile, O Jesus, all this would not render to Thee the homage of which Thou art deserving because it would destroy our free will! Honor is only valued by Thee when it is given freely. Oh, what hard and ungrateful hearts we have! We do not understand that the exterior devotion which Jesus Christ demands is more for our benefit than His. It is by the goodness of His Love that He inspires the faithful with zeal for His house. Our soul, enveloped here below by a material body, has need of the ministry of the senses to be sustained in piety. The senses must be its servants and its slaves to help ascend the mountain of Zion. The magnificence of the Lord’s temples is very useful and even absolutely necessary to sustain most men in the faith. It is uniquely for our happiness that Infinite Goodness has wanted this exterior devotion to be the result of faith, that faith might sustain itself by visible devotion. It is not the poverty which surrounds Our Savior in some churches which offends Him whose throne is Heaven and Earth, it is the weak faith and the appalling indifference of those who leave Him in such complete poverty! The material temples are the habitation of man. It is for man that He desires to see them adorned. The spiritual temples, that is to say our hearts, are God’s dwelling place. He is jealous to receive all the incense of our love because He is God. Jesus can only allow our senses to reign when His Heart is one with ours. From the Incarnation to His Sacrifice on Calvary, He has done so much to reduce the sensual. Our hearts must be a place for Him alone from which He can reign supreme.


In our century, the senses reign supreme. “Progress” with its glitter tends to flatter them. Our hearts no longer understand the things of God unless our senses perceive them. Thus, Thy word, O my Savior, no longer has any charm unless it is announced with a great eloquence and in an agreeable tone of voice. Thy praises touch us only if they are raised on the wings of sweet harmony and resound with melodious chants. Thy Love is hardly felt or tasted but in the exterior gifts of Thy power, and this, but rarely. When we view a brilliant dawn on the horizon or when, at the end of its course, the sun majestically sinks behind the mountains, we cry out: “O beautiful heavenly body, who can dispute or deny your Maker?” At the sight of a meadow dotted with flowers, or a rich countryside shaded by a thousand diverse colors, we say: “O earth, who can forget the Creative Hand which has so magnificently adorned you?” In seeing the ocean, a few spectators will admire the Power of Him Who has prescribed boundaries to its furious waves. At the aspect of the firmament in the midst of a lovely night, a small number will experience a passing feeling of admiration and say:

“Celestial arch, brilliant stars, you ravish my sight!
Who can deny the existence of the Eternal Architect Who has made all these lovely works?”

Poor blind heart and soul! What will the contemplation of creations and the knowledge of a Creative Hand serve you for eternal life, if you do not change your ways and if you do not resist your passions? How will you be able to resist them? How will you work toward your salvation with success if you do not understand that the stars, the earth, the sea, the rivers; in a word, all creation are for you the figure of Our Lord Jesus Christ? Why do you continue to render to God a homage purely exterior without reflect-ing that the beauties of creation are placed under your eyes only to show you, in a sensible manner, that He alone Who is their Author, is lovable and He alone merits your affection? Divinity enters into the apartment of your senses which are but the exterior vestibule. He must enter into your heart, which is the interior temple, the spiritual temple, there to be adored in spirit and in truth. Why do you stop with the objects of comparison without seeking their significance? Do you not see that the sun which warms the earth and makes it produce a thousand excellent fruits, however admirable, is but a weak and obscure image of the Sun of Justice, Who from the depths of His majestic Tabernacles lights up, fertilizes and vivifies the heritage of His Church and makes It sprout thousands and thousands of virtues?

The earth dotted with flowers, agreeable and varied, shows you but feebly the multitude and the diversity of the Divine Graces of which the Eucharist is the perennial source. The ocean is but a pale reflection of the immense goodness of the Heart of Jesus Christ. Victim of His Love on our Altars, He is submerged in an ocean of mercy and of charity burning night and day without ever being consumed. The planets receiving the sun’s light represent the Teaching Church which receives the Sun of Justice. Jesus Christ is present in the Sacrament of Love. His strength, His beauty and His light shine by its doctrine in the midst of the darkness of our mortal world and direct the steps of voyagers toward the celestial City.

The horizon, which makes you notice the sky touching the earth, speaks to you in a sublime manner of a God Who has drawn near to you, not only in appearance but in reality. This generous God is always Jesus Christ in the Divine Eucharist. Not content to be companion to our exile and the confidant of our sorrows in this valley of tears, He deigns to give Himself to us as a Guest in the house of our soul. He wishes to be one with us. Why is it that you do not know all these things? It is because you focus on the works of the Creator rather than reaching out to Him in love. You limit your homage to a sterile admiration and do not take the pains to look to the perfection of your soul. If only you knew how to recall the immense Love that Jesus Christ bears for you in His adorable Sacrament! What will it serve you to have studied the earth’s movements and the course of the stars, if you have not understood that the Love of Jesus Christ is necessary to the life of your soul? The Divine Eucharist is as essential to your salvation as bread is essential to your existence on earth. When you consider the works of creation in a manner so vague and so cold, what advantage or fruit do you reap from your research and observations? Your pride will be confounded and, in time, you will be forced to acknowledge your complete ignorance. You cannot explain the smallest thing in this vast universe. Only those possessed of a humble heart can come close to the Creator of so many marvels and learn the secrets of His Love. Rather than consulting your limited senses, which are incapable of teaching you anything solid and profound, wouldn’t it be infinitely more advantageous for you to cultivate the life of your soul? Your eternal soul is intelligent, immortal, and filled with the capability of knowing and loving God Himself. Let us know and love God through Jesus Christ in the Sacrament of His Love. It is for this that we have been given our existence. It is for this that God has placed that knowledge and love within our reach. Would a language so simple be understood by the scholars of our Age? We are tempted to doubt this due to their increased pride and the great degree Jesus, in proportion, has lowered Himself. It would seem impossible for the proud to adore Jesus Christ as God. They have already distanced themselves from Him as much as the sun is distant from the depths of the ocean. Filled with pride, how will they be able to approach our Sweet Savior, humiliated to complete annihilation?

If so many prodigies of old were needed to dissipate the dark clouds of idolatry, will lesser ones be enough to dispel the dark night of our pride and modern impiety?



Words of cruel sadness – and true even today! What about your soul? Are you robbing God of anything? Does everything within your castle belong to Him? Does He have all your love? Is He first in your heart? Have you a hatred of sin?

Your house is meant to be a House of Prayer. In order to make your soul a House of Prayer and, thus, acquire a loving docility to the Divine Guest of your soul, your memory, understanding and will must be under strict discipline and their natural activity must be constantly turned toward God. There is always to be an indefinable loving remembrance of God, as well as a frequent communing with your Divine Guest. Accustom yourself, by your own activity assisted by grace, to always converse affectionately and simply with Jesus, thus acquiring a real devotion to Him Who dwells within your soul. “Behold, I am with you all your days.”


Christ is with us in our JOYS, showing us how to make use of them by pouring them into the hearts of others. He is with us in our SORROWS, infusing strength, not necessarily comfort; but strength – STRENGTH to go on bravely, STRENGTH to smile, STRENGTH to be tender and STRENGTH to sympathize.

Oh, the beauty of that smile when the heart is sad! Oh, the power of that tenderness and the comfort to others of that sympathy, given by the soul in anguish! This truly must be supreme joy to the Heart of Christ! Christ abides with us in the Blessed Sacrament so that we may get to know Him and to feel, at liberty, to bring Him our cares and sorrows.

It is there, also, before the Tabernacle that we learn the tremendous secrets of the Saints, and it is there before the Tabernacle where much is made impossible, as well as possible, to us who follow Christ lovingly and constantly:

Impossible to judge hastily!
Impossible to judge harshly!
Impossible to find fault with thousands of things!
Impossible to lord it over others!
Impossible to speak unkindly!
Impossible to show resentment!
Impossible to prefer our rights to Christ’s!

And, it is there, too, before the Tabernacle that many things begin to happen within us. It is there that our soul grows silent over many things. It is there that some mysteries disappear, and much is made clear to us.

It is there that we learn to wait: to wait for God’s Will to be made known to us, to wait for God’s Grace to work in other hearts and to wait for God’s sweet influence to subdue our restlessness.

It is there that we talk over matters with Jesus that only He can ever understand. It is there that we place our heart’s most secret cares and most secret sorrows — and there that we rise, calmed and strengthened, with love replenished.

It is there that we are fashioned into Saints. “If anyone love Me, he will keep My Word, and My Father will love him, and We will come to him, and make Our abode with him. (St. John, XIV: 23)

“I know,” says Saint ‘Little Thérèse’, “and I have experienced that the Kingdom of God is within us!’ (St. Luke. XVII, 21) Our Lord teaches without the sound of words. I have never heard Him speak, but I know He is within me. It is Jesus alone Who has instructed me.”

Truly, Saint ‘Little Térèse’ was a Living Tabernacle. Let your soul, too, be a Tabernacle before which you often prostrate yourself on account of the Divine Guest Who dwells within it. Take counsel of Him a minute before you speak or act. Words do no good unless they are the result of silent prayer for, without being united to God, there can be no fruitful undertaking and no fruitful apostolate for the winning of souls for Christ.

St. Francis de Sales says that, just as bees return to the hive attracted by the sweetness of the honey, so the interior soul loves to seek God within herself, knowing by experience how pleasant is His company.

Everything is done together with the Lover of your soul. You go hand in hand with Him. The soul will bring forth fruit exactly in the same measure in which the inner life is developed in it. If there is no inner life, however great may be the zeal, the high intention, the hard work, no fruit will come forth. It is like a spring that would give out sanctity to others, but cannot, because it has none to give. One can give only that which one has. It is, in solitude, that God gives Himself to such a soul.

Saint Teresa of Avila states, “I advise whoever wishes to acquire this habit of interior recollection not to grow tired of persevering in trying to gradually obtain mastery over self.”

To win this grace, two things are necessary: Firstly, in each day must be an unchanging regularity to and loving fulfillment of all our prayers. Secondly, there must be constant prayer during all of the rest of one’s time. That is to say, during the many occupations that fill the day, our minds must be fixed on God, and our eyes must always be turned toward Him, either by ejaculatory prayer, or by simply turning inward toward Our Divine Guest. It matters little what method we use, so long as the soul gazes on her Beloved, now and again. We must lower our eyes to our heart and remain in recollection for a few seconds, thinking: “You are within me, my God! How I love You!”

Thus, will we develop the habit of interior recollection and we will, therefore, feel the sweet Companionship of the God of our heart.

“Unless the grain of wheat falls into the ground and dies, it remains alone but, if it die, it brings forth much fruit.” (St. John, XII: 24-25)

If our harvest of souls is to be great, we must die to ourselves. This entails great suffering. We are so close to self, that if we choose to die to self, we must examine the matter, and strive to become familiar with the weapons that will help toward this death of self. It will help us accept all calmly and silently.

What Saints we should be, were we always wide awake to the constantly recurring opportunities for self-conquest! Bitterness of sacrifice would give place to the vigor of love. Love eases the struggle, until human nature has grown submissive to the soul. Union with God is surrender to His Will!

Dear Mother Patti,This morning, 20 teachers and 980 pupils of the Holy Family Elementary School received their enrolled materials. While I was still in the school, some of the teachers brought more lists of names of their husbands, children and relatives to be enrolled. I came back with about 50 lists of names to be enrolled. They loved the new Rosaries and showed appreciation of the Living Rosary method and spirit of praying. Some said that it is the simplest form of praying the Rosary of Mary. Photos included.

I was told of a senior nurse who had sharp pain in her left leg; she placed the Green Scapular on the affected spot and the pain stopped till today. Others reported how the cords helped: they use to have frightful dreams and many nightmares but, since they began wearing the wrist cords, all disappeared.

Another parcel was prepared for a promoter in a distant region. I gave the Stations of the Cross pictures to two Parishes. They send their appreciation. Ave Maria!


Dear Mother Patti,Thank you for the two boxes just received! I will contact Michael Adzege, Living Rosary promoter of Nigeria as soon as I have his address. Fr. Michael is expecting me between June and July. I will arrange how to meet with Michael Adzege then.

Meanwhile, I am happy to inform you that the Archdiocese of Yaounde appointed Fr. Louis Marie Mbida Otele as the Spiritual Director of the Living Rosary. Yesterday, he met the members of the association in a Recollection that was organized for that occasion. About 70 members attended the recollection that took place at St. Augustine’s Parish at Nguosso neighbourhood. The topic of the recollection was “Catholics in the face of the New Religious Movements”? The Spiritual Guide called on all members present to be firm in our Catholic Faith and belief. He told them that one of the most powerful instruments against the temptation of joining Pentecostal Churches is PRAYER; a prayer that comprises the Eucharist and recitation of the Holy Rosary. “You are members of the Living Rosary; you must live the Rosary that you pray.” Father said. (photos are included). I have enrolled some priests in the Living Rosary; they spoke well about Saint Philomena. A number of parcels have been sent to promoters. Ave Maria!


Share Your Gift of Faith

For centuries, our cherished Catholic faith has been passed from person to person, parent to child, etc. Each of us carries in our heart a special memory of how God first graced us with the knowledge of the faith and how Our Blessed Mother, Saint Philomena, Venerable Pauline Jaricot and other saints changed our lives and brought us closer to Christ.

In our work in the Universal Living Rosary Association, we see first hand how millions of souls are currently living without that knowledge of God and are living outside of His grace. We have been given a beautiful opportunity to carry out Christ’s work and pass on our faith and blessings to others who would otherwise never be introduced to Our Lord, the Savior of all mankind. Just as we pray for the souls in Purgatory who have no one to pray for them, we should also make it a part of our life’s mission to pass on our faith to as many souls as possible who have no one else to pass it on to them, who don’t know Our Lord and His promise of salvation.

This is the box we send out to the foreign Missions $77.95. It contains Rosaries, Scapulars, Miraculous Medals, Cord & Oil, Newsletters, Calendars, Catechism books, 2 TAN books, large color prints, lists and encouragements for our Promoters.

This is the box we send out to the foreign Missions $77.95. It contains Rosaries, Scapulars, Miraculous Medals, Cord & Oil, Newsletters, Calendars, Catechism books, 2 TAN books, large color prints, lists and encouragement for our Promoters.

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Weekly News Flash from the Universal Living Rosary Association of Saint Philomena, Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Tuesday, April 8th, 2014


In other times, the sanctuary was hidden by a veil or by a separation which almost concealed it entirely from the gaze of the faithful. Today, it is completely visible. The preliminaries can take place even at the foot of the Altar and in some churches, the sanctuary is brought so close to the nave that one could say, in a way, there exists no separation. Formerly, the least function in the Church was considered a signal favor and men found themselves happy to avail themselves of these. Today, service in the Lord’s temples, decoration of the sanctuary and care of the Altars, is entrusted to servants, the poor and even to children. O, God! Is there nothing that will stir the ungrateful and insensitive hearts of man? The mighty of the land are served with respect and magnificence. Distinguished men find themselves honored to serve their monarch in the most abject functions, and Thou dost permit valets, even unfortunates without faith and without love for Thee, to approach Thy august Tabernacle. Oh! Profound annihilation of my God! Of old, the Church doors were opened and closed only by deacons clothed with minor orders; now-a-days, the keys to God’s house are given to obscure men, often to those who hardly know the mystery of the Eucharist. This function is carried out with little faith and much indifference. We would be right to ask ourselves if it has not been given to jailers rather than adorers of Jesus Christ to guard this angel’s Treasure. And I, myself, so miserable, have many times closed Thee in Thy temple, O adorable Prisoner of Thy Love! I have brought with me the keys of the Treasure of the angels and of the saints. I was given the privilege to open Thy Tabernacle at my will, to derive from It the strength, the hope, the love, and the consolations necessary to my happiness.

My God, what could I offer Thee in thanksgiving for the inestimable favor Thou hast given me in permitting me this conversation, one to One with Thee, in the secret of Thy Tabernacle? I have only my heart. Thou doest seem to sigh for the heart of each one of us in particular. In the Eucharist, Thy Love is brought to all men. I am but mud and Thy design is to make this clay, watered by Thy Precious Blood, an instrument in Thy Hands. By Thy plan, I, who am so miserable, am made to feel most suited to carry out Thy plans.


On entering certain churches out in the country, or within the city, the greed of the inhabitants and their weakening faith is visibly evident by the poverty of Thy dwelling. One would even be tempted to say: ‘In the name of Thy glory, why dost Thou remain in such places, so outraged and scorned?’ We must leave aside vile appearances and penetrate this new secret of Infinite Love. Jesus Christ, by His submission, His patience and His humiliations, renders more glory to His Father than is possible for man. He contents His Heart, infinitely loving, by lavishing on mortals all good possible even without cooperation of their will. It seems that His Love wishes to offset their indifference by the multiplicity of Its sacrifices. Nothing rebuffs this generous God from living with us, neither the dust in which His Tabernacle is buried, nor the scraps which cover His Altar, nor the slovenliness and the negligence which certain sacristans permit to reign in all that serves for the Sacrifice. He is not rebuffed by the solitude and the neglect to which He is reduced in a multitude of churches in the country.

The solitude and poverty which prevail in some of the sanctuaries of Jesus Christ are a source of concern and scandal as sure as they are an indication of a superficial and faltering faith. The incredulous are tempted to doubt the Real Presence of Our Lord in the Holy Eucharist when they hear of the horrible crimes which are committed so frequently against this Adorable Mystery. Our weak faith is evident when Altars are soiled, Tabernacle doors are broken or missing, Sacred Hosts are found on the ground and other sacrileges and impious deeds even more abominable are present. It is then that men, weak and filled with the prejudice of pride cry out: “No! No! Jesus Christ is not there. A God would not let Himself be treated in so outrageous manner.”

Oh, you, who are revolted by such horrible scenes, if your sentiments were confined to a profound and holy indignation, nothing would be more just and more reasonable. But, to be so lazy as to falter in the faith for such reasons is to understand nothing of the mystery of the Love of God for man. Reflect and you will see that these dreadful profanations at which you have unjust indignation, far from enfeebling your faith, should prove to you in a manner striking and irresistible, the grandeurs of God.

Jesus Christ, the Supreme Victim, has freely and voluntarily consented to suffer. He willingly suffers all the malice of man and all the malice that man is capable of inventing, no matter how atrocious or infernal. The more the glory of God is outraged by the abominations of blind mortals, the more the Divine Victim humbles Himself, and exhausts Himself in order to repair the injury done to Sovereign Majesty! Such is the great secret of the mediation of Jesus Christ on Calvary and even more so in the perpetual Sacrifice on our Altars. The more Jesus is humbled the more grand the Father appears to me. By the humiliations and the prostrations of Jesus Christ, His divine perfections are manifested in a manner incomparably more marvelous than by all the magnificence of Paradise. This noble and superb truth is made to transport with admiration all those who have a soul capable of feeling and of reasoning. That is not all. Another truth presents itself, which is no less worthy of our meditations. If Our Lord Jesus Christ, by His humiliations, avenges the glory of His Heavenly Father, must He not avenge, also, His proper honor? Let us strive to know better our generous Savior. When He cannot win the souls of man by the spiritual blessings with which He gratifies them in His adorable Sacrament, He tries to win them by temporal blessings. It is for this reason He has solemnities established in His Church. The Blessed Sacrament is carried in triumph before our dwellings as if to mark them with the Blood of the Supreme Victim in order to preserve us from the visit of the exterminating angel, whose coming is so often provoked by our crimes. In olden times, the children of Israel were preserved from this fatal visit by the blood of the Paschal Lamb, prefiguring Jesus Christ. For this same reason, the God of Goodness, hidden beneath the august veils of the Eucharist, during solemn processions, travels not only our cities but also the market towns, the hamlets, the narrow roads, the fields and the prairies, to bless by His Divine Presence, both man and the products of nature which serve to conserve his health and life.

Let us never forget that it is truly Jesus Christ Who assures the bounty of the countryside, the prosperity of the cities, the strength of armies and the preservation of kingdoms. If our faith were strong, we would see each step of the way, the imprint of His generous Blood. But, by an inconceivable prodigy of blindness, man enjoys the innumerable blessings which Jesus Christ procures for him in the temporal order without feeling any gratitude toward Him. They do not even ask Him to continue His blessings. What can I say? For the most part, they do not doubt that it is to Him they owe their blessings. Yet, in their enterprises, they go here and there and everywhere, except to Him alone Who can insure their success.

How thankless we are toward this good Master! How ungrateful, also, to His clergymen! We have never understood that they are doubly our fathers and our mothers. In calling down upon our Altars Our Lord Jesus Christ, they procure for us both the life of the soul and the life of the body. Often, we have very little esteem for the poor priest of our parish. In the bosom of this one man reposes the salvation of all who are under his care. Every time, he offers the august Sacrifice or he carries the Holy of Holies, be it in procession or to the sick, he sows benedictions upon us and our surroundings.

O Jesus, Infinite Goodness, how Thy Love is generous and constant! How different it is from the love of creatures! The friendship of man is always announced by flattering words which accompany the most seductive promises. He is always glad to inform all those who will listen to him of the sacrifices he had made for his friends. He wishes to collect praises as payment for his gifts. Soon all this pretty fire, all this display of sentiment evaporates and leaves regrets, indifference, and a thick smoke. Thy Love, on the contrary, a thousand times more ardent, more sincere, more generous than we could ever conceive, keeps the most profound silence in our midst. It is expressed only by a thousand prodigies of kindness, always old and always new. O man! Learn to know the Divine Friend Who descended from Heaven to save you. Follow Jesus Christ from His birth in Bethlehem’s stable up until His last breath on Calvary. Consider Him in His crib, in the home at Nazareth, in the course of His evangelical preaching, in the Garden of Olives, before the tribunals of Jerusalem and on the mountain of sacrifice. Could a human friend love in this manner?

These proofs of love, are they not authentic enough? YES! Without any doubt, it is enough for us, but not enough for Him. It was not sufficient for Him to leave this legacy of Love by His tears, by His sweat, by His Blood. It did not suffice for Him to die in the midst of torments and disgrace. Even the Cross itself, was not a brilliant enough sign in His Eyes to show His Love for us. After His death, the soldier’s lance opened the wound which led to His Heart and from this sacred Fountain flowed the Blood and Waters of perpetual Sacrifice which is to inundate the entire universe. These waters flow on us by means of the Sacraments until the consummation of the centuries. Then, and only then, will Jesus Christ have finished proving His Love for us. Here is what He has done and here is what He is still doing and HE KEEPS SILENT.

Yes mortals, Jesus gave you everything except the power of preventing Him from doing good to you as long as you live. And for which one of His kindnesses do you insult Him? Why do you abandon your most faithful Friend? Is it because He has loved you too much? Ingrates! Whatever your malice, know that you will not change His Heart! In vain must you persist in dragging the shameful chains which crush you; in vain will you disregard the Infinite Graces of His mediation. As long as you be in the century of mercy, He will always interest Himself in you in a most generous and kind manner. Be content to know to what extreme He loves you. He will never speak to you of His Love, or reproach you. He will simply redouble His kindnesses.



If the ungenerous and self-seeking souls only recognized the graces they lose by airing their grievances and whining over their little sufferings, inconveniences and miseries – looking out for sympathy – how saints would multiply! If there is one time more than another that our heart and soul should be filled with silence and secrecy, it is when we possess the priceless gift of pain. There is no greater proof of God’s Love than when He introduces the soul to sorrow. Suffering was always our dear Lord’s closest and constant companion. There is, in every sorrow and affliction, a resemblance to the Divine Victim. During life, the Cross is brought into the inner chamber of the soul where God abides and, with Him, the hidden sweetness of the pain is shared.

The Divine Victim surrounds the Cross with even higher walls of secrecy than those He claims for Prayer. Suffering naturally turns the soul outward for sympathy, but this outward turning wastes much of the purifying and sanctifying effects of the Cross. It is for this reason that the Divine Master urges us to complete secrecy. Thus, enclosed within the walls of silence, rich with the secrets of love, fragrant with the prayer of pain, flooded with light from the Cross, filled to overflowing with God, we will sing our way to Heaven.

Why were the Saints, Saints?

Because they loved Me much, hence they never complained.
They were cheerful when it was hard to be cheerful.
Patient, when it was hard to be patient.
They pushed on when they wished to stand still.
And kept silence when they wished to talk;
And were agreeable when they wished to be disagreeable.


You will get to Heaven by keeping, to the best of your ability, this one resolution: NEVER TO COMPLAIN! We forget the little compact that God enters into with each one of us, and this is it: “My child, walk submissively down the stormy path I have marked out for you during your few years of trial here and, in reward for your obedience to My Will, I will bestow upon you an eternity of happiness.”

This compact really exists. It has been made with each one of us. We are pleased with this compact of our dearest Lord, for it shows His loving tenderness for us. But, base cowards that we are, instead of walking bravely on our thorny path, we are perpetually complaining. All of us complain, except God’s true servants, and these never complain, for they totally and completely understand God’s simple little compact.

For us, then, the making of this one resolution will help stop all outbursts of temper, and all uncharitableness. It will make our interior calm and patient like Our Divine Lord Himself Who dwells within us… Never complain!

“Dearest Jesus, take my heart and make it Your home of love and rest. There, let me lavish on You many little attentions, and confide to You many secrets I know that bring heart¬aches, and my many struggles with self-love. But my reward: Union with You, my Loving God! So, do not hesitate to pierce my little soul till the last drop of self-love has been drained away, and You possess the entire love of my heart.”

Let me retire, then, with my Divine Guest into the secret chamber of my soul. There, I will be His altar that He alone may know how close I am to Him – that from Him alone I may receive recompense – His Love. There is but one LOVE strong enough for the heart to keep all secrets for its Beloved!

I’ll come and tell Thee, Jesus, the trouble that my nature finds.
The pleasant news that has reached me, that I long for others to know.
I’ll keep it, though, for Thee, my Jesus, and thus my love I will show.

Weekly News Flash from the Universal Living Rosary Association of Saint Philomena, Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Tuesday, April 8th, 2014
Let Us Love Without Limit, Without End!Dear Apostle of the Immaculate Heart of Mary,

We have received your wonderfully generous donation in the post. This gift from your heart is a great help for us in doing the world-wide missionary work in which we are engaged. These times are very difficult and this work is vital to families, Nations and Holy Mother the Church. It is a beautiful act of reparation to the Heart of Christ and Our Blessed Mother. May God reward you abundantly both in time and throughout eternity!

Ven. Pauline Jaricot’s life and work was, above all else, to help by every possible means in the salvation of souls. Her home of Lorette became a bustling center where all, who needed to come in contact with a devoted heart and a firm and tender hand, were sure to find a friend. Her hospitality was nobly and generously exercised. She embraced every kind of work and ministered to every need.

The essence of her rule of life was to sacrifice every private devotion and every occupation, all her personal interests, for the good and consolation of others and to be always the humble servant of the servants of God. Pauline’s charity was boundless. Letters from all parts of the world gave witness to her charity. Her purse was at the service of all who were in need. The treasures of her soul were equally lavished on anyone in danger or in sorrow. Both the rich and the poor came to her in their trials to unburden their hearts. Pauline listened to them with the full attention, which expresses more eloquently than words real sympathy and interest in another’s misfortune. Her own work was then done during the hours meant for sleep and rest.

Pauline did all in her power to render those around her happy for this leads to prosperity and draws down upon us the blessings of God. The sanctification of the Priesthood was one of her constant thoughts and the subject of her most earnest prayers. Pauline united the two most powerful weapons with which to conquer the Heart of God and that of man: unlimited self-sacrifice and ardent charity. She wished to love without measure, without end!

Our beloved Pauline, a great prodigy of heroic charity, suffered betrayal and underwent a slow torture of calumny, humiliation, ingratitude and the loss of every human consolation. She knows what you suffer; she feels your pain. Go to Pauline, open your heart and have great confidence in her power to help you!

Patti Melvin

Let us pray for one another!



It is you, priests of the Most High, who are the means by which the graces and the merits of the Blood of Jesus Christ are poured into our hearts. Your priesthood is the river of milk and honey which waters the plains of Zion. If your ministry is to us, so sweet and so precious, could it become bitter and sterile for you? The bee collects the nectar of the flowers for us as delicious nourishment and, by its labor, is the first to profit from the fruits of its activity. He finds safety in his hive from the ravages of the seasons.

O, my priests, do take notice of this comparison! You will find in the Garden of Olives, in the Praetorium, on Calvary and in all the Savior’s Passion, the purest fruits of Infinite Love. Begin, then, by satiating yourself with them before giving them to our souls. How can you not find, in the faith that you preach to us, an invincible army to turn back all the enemies’ attacks? It is in vain that you will seek enlightenment in the counsels of man and science. Who will be able to give you guidance in the troubles which agitate you so often and those which even you cannot explain? Who can animate your zeal when fears come to dishearten your courage and leave you uncertain about the manner in which you are to conduct others to salvation? Who can reassure you, when you almost regret your first steps in the sanctuary due to the present corruption of our century, the poor fruit of your words and your own battle to persevere? Who will you consult in all the sorrows attached to your ministry, if not Jesus Himself whom you have the happiness of approaching so familiarly? Jesus, your Master and celestial Friend, wishes to remain honored by your confidence, and He complains that you do not confide in Him always and trust Him with all your heart. Where will you find a better Counselor or a more admirable Consoler?

Only He can guide you in the direction of souls and speak, by His Grace, to those whom your voice leaves indifferent. How many times, in response to your prayers, will He not confound the audacity of the corrupters in order to preserve the innocent from the universal contagion! He may use even you to save the people. Ah, do not doubt! If you but realized your power over the Heart of Jesus, your sadness would be changed into joy each day and you would bless your election to the priesthood. The apparent sterility of your labors would yield ample rewards. To enjoy the consolation of Jesus Christ, you must ask Him for it. Already, He has made all the advances. He demands that you respond to them by bringing to Him your heart, your spirit and your vows. He has given everything to you in giving Himself to you. Present yourself to Him at the throne of His Love and He will grant you all things. Emulate Moses! In all your anxieties, go knock at the Tabernacle door!

O Infinite Love, contained in the Divine Eucharist, the ingratitude of men serves Thee as an occasion to better show Thy Love. Just as a fire which is kindled grows by the shower which would seem to extinguish it, the Love of Jesus seems to become more ardent, more impetuous, more ingenious in making sacrifices, the more we become indifferent to It.

While hidden in the secret of Thy Tabernacle, O God of Love, the proud one forsakes Thee. Nothing in Thee flatters his vanity. Thou art a King, accessible to the poor, to the ignorant and even to simple children. To reign in the heart of the proud, is unknown to Thee. The ambitious neglect Thee because they know only worldly grandeur. They would not be content to rest in the hidden place of Thy Heart. This pleasure could not satisfy their love for luxury and ostentation. Scientists neglect Thee. They are keen on brilliant discoveries which can obtain for them admiration and celebrity here below. For the science of salvation, they have little concern. The rich abandon Thee. Their eyes, accustomed to the glitter of gold, silk and precious gems, cannot rest upon a God – poor, annihilated and hidden under the most humble appearances. Warriors desert Thee. Their greed for glory gives them a disdain for the spiritual battle offered them by Thee, the conquest of hidden enemies and triumph over their passions. Thy heavenly Kingdom does not appear to them a glorious enough enterprise. Merchants forsake Thee. Thou desirest them to purchase Heaven by acts of charity and they thirst for gold. Farmers desert Thee. They are more anxious to harvest their fruits than to receive Thy celestial gifts. The idea of laboring for souls within Thy Heart is scorned by them. Young folks neglect Thee. Bound by a thousand secular affections, they have not the courage to break these attachments to bind themselves to Thee. The elderly forsake Thee. Crushed beneath the weight of the chains which tie them to their bad habits, they would rather waste the time left to them by occupying themselves with souvenirs of their dissolute youth than to prepare themselves for eternity which is soon to engulf them.

If I go over all ages and all the levels of society, I find everywhere ingrates who forsake Thee and I cannot stop myself from crying out, “Where then are the elect? Are they only to be found in the adorers of Thy august Sacrament? Ah! There are but few from each walk of life.” It is only Thee, alone, Who thinks of man’s true happiness! Man distances himself from Thee and Thou dost redouble Thy pursuit of man! As our faith weakens, the Church, always directed by the Holy Ghost, exposes Thee more and more to the adoration of the faithful. She multiplies the Benedictions of the Blessed Sacrament, She renders the sanctuaries of our churches more accessible and She seems to strip Herself of every rigor to place the Throne of Thy Mercy within the reach of all who desire it!


LOVEST THOU ME?“Feed My lambs, Feed my sheep.” ( St. John, XXI: 16-17 )

Man is weak. If his spiritual life is neglected, he soon loses his taste for it. Absorbed by material cares, in the end, he finds pleasure in them.

Our inner life must be like a branch filled with sap, of which our works are the flowers. St. Bernard says: “If you are wise, you will be cisterns, not channels.” For the channel lets the water run off without holding a drop, while the cistern, on the contrary, fills itself first and, then, without becoming empty, pours forth its water upon the fields from its over-supply, which is constantly being refilled.

We, as followers of Christ, are like chalices. Filled to the top with the Life of Jesus Christ, the overflow of them thus pours forth upon other souls. Says St. Teresa: “Saintly soul does more real good for souls than a great number of other souls who are more gifted and learned.”

Thus, by the order fixed by God, our intimacy with Him glorifies Him far more than all the good which we may be able to do for a great many souls, at the expense of our own spiritual progress. Our Heavenly Father wishes this harmony to be always present in our zeal for souls.

God supplies His workers in the interior life always with the means of making progress in virtue. “Our union with God,” says St. John of the Cross, “consists in the union of our will with His, and is measured entirely by His Will.” Instead of seeing, by a false idea of spiritual life, the possibility of progress in this union with God as only done in calmness and solitude, St. Teresa judged on the contrary. She judged that union with God dwells in the activities imposed by Him upon our state in life, thus increasing our spirit of sacrifice, our humility, and our devotedness for the Kingdom of God. This helps to increase the intimate union of the soul with her Lord, thus giving life to all of her daily work and leading her ever onward toward sanctity.

Only as the Soul is immersed in God,
Is her service filled with life!

She who is united to God, and allows Him to work freely in her heart, contributes more to the sanctification of the church, and the salvation of souls in one hour, than does another in many years, whatever may be her gifts and talents. Our apostolate will be successful only in the measure that we live that inner life, of which Jesus is the source.

Endurance depends much on silence.
Power escapes with too many words.

Dearest Patti Melvin,I am sorry that I could not write as promptly as I wanted, due to poor electricity and network. I am overwhelmed by the spiritual weapons that came out from the parcel of 7th February which I received on 6th March. I really lack words to express my heartfelt gratitude for your hard work to get the materials ready for us and for your generosity that has no boundary. A huge thank you and a huge hug! May the Good Lord reward you abundantly for us!

Thank you so much for the beautiful metal link Rosaries, prayer cards, wrist cords, prayer cards to St. Philomena and Consecration to St. Philomena cards which we begged for, the beautiful CD on the Life of St. Philomena and Sacrifice Beads of St. Therese of the Child Jesus. We shall send you the consecration photos. You are working hard to see that we all become saints, and that is what we are all called to be. Thank you very much!

Thank you for more copies of booklets on Fr. Mateo’s Rosary Meditation, the Future of the Church and Consecration Cards for the Children of Mary and St. Philomena’s Cards in French, etc. and the novena prayers to Our Lady of Perpetual Help; as I pray this novena, rest assured that all your intentions and those of our benefactors and the whole ULRA will be raised to Our Lady. I sincerely thank you and all those who are working hard to produce these spiritual materials in order to enrich us spiritually. May God bless and reward them for us! We are praying for you all.

I am tempted and already I have fallen into the temptation of begging for more St. Philomena cord prayer cards and the beautiful small prayer card of St. Philomena for the Youths, and the Exorcism prayer against Satan; it will be good for more people to pray this prayer against Satan. We are united in prayers for Ukraine too!

Dearest Patti Melvin, the Lord is good all the time! Please, kindly join me in thanking God for His faithfulness and goodness to me. Sometime in September 2014, I shall be celebrating my silver jubilee in Religious life. My Congregation has granted me an opportunity to go to Rome, Assisi and Brixen for pilgrimage in July. I wish I could reach Mugnano to visit the shrine of St. Philomena. Rest assured that as I visit all those shrines, your intentions, those of our benefactors and the whole ULRA will be presented to the Lord.

With lots of love and gratitude! Happy Feast of St. Joseph in advance! God bless!

Sr. Mary Florence Angwe
St. Joseph’s Convent
West Africa

Dear Patti,My friend, Kevin Rowles, suggested I write to you as you like to hear about the helps received through prayers to St. Philomena.

My sister, Emily, and I have been members of the Living Rosary Association since 1996 and we have always known St. Philomena to be very powerful. We have never suffered from any illnesses. I had not been to the doctors for about 6 years when I started to feel ill and suffer from tummy aches. I thought it was food allergies so spent ages cutting out different food groups. Then, I became really weak and tired, and generally more unwell and eventually went to the doctors. That day, they rushed me in to hospital because my blood count was 4 (I only had a third of my blood) which usually, if I was older, I would not have survived. I had a blood transfusion for the iron-deficient anaemia in July 2013 and thought that would solve all my problems. Two weeks later, however, I went back in because I could not breathe properly and they thought it might be a blood clot on my lung. They told me I had pneumonia and kept me in overnight. In the morning, there was a doctor who did not want to let me go without further investigation so he did a CT scan and they found multiple blood clots on my lungs. I was 10 days in hospital – never having had anything to do with hospitals before – and was seriously ill not able to breathe. We prayed to St. Philomena for my health to improve and everything to be sorted out. The doctors wanted to do a colonoscopy, I had had an endoscopy because I was convinced my problems were to do with wheat and gluten intolerance (coeliac disease) which causes tummy aches and is linked to anaemia too. The endoscopy said I was okay but suggested I have a colonoscopy and barium meal. The barium meal showed a slight narrowing where the large intestine meets the small. They sent me home to recover a bit and come back for a colonoscopy which I did.

When I had the colonoscopy in September 2013, they came across a large bowel tumour which
they believed was responsible for all my problems. The doctor said it had been growing for about three years! I had to have a CT scan to check my liver and lungs, and we prayed so hard to Saint
Philomena for a clear scan – after 3 years of a tumour growing and bowel tumours can spread to the liver and lungs, it seemed impossible it would not have gone further. Incredibly, our prayers were answered and the scan was clear!

Then, I had to have major surgery to remove the tumour and, unfortunately, it had to be done quickly. They could not wait 6 months for my lungs to clear up. So I had to have an operation while taking blood thinners for the blood clots in my lungs (risk of bleeding). The operation had a high mortality risk. All this was completely new to us and I was reading about St. Philomena and how a man had prayed for a friend who was having an operation and he asked St. Philomena that the doctors would come up to him at the end and say that the operation was a great success or uneventful or a certain word so that he would know she would have interceded for him. In the story after the operation, the doctor came up to him and said the exact word he had asked him to say and everything was well with his friend.

I prayed to St. Philomena and we used her oil. We asked that my operation would be absolutely simple, straightforward with no complications. I went in and when the doctor came round afterwards the first thing he said was, “It was totally straightforward, uneventful.” It was incredible!

Next, they had to study the tumour to see if it had gone into the lymph nodes. It seemed near impossible that it had not, as the tumour was so big it had almost blocked my bowel. After a few weeks, we went for my results and although it was a T4 tumour (the biggest), the nodes were completely clear – ranking a zero! Even the doctors were scratching their heads and wondering whether to give me chemotherapy ‘just in case’ but the answer to the question whether to give chemotherapy or not; no if the lymph nodes are clear. But as I was so young (32), they decided to do a new microsatellite test on the tumour to see on the microscopic level if they should give me ‘just in case’ chemotherapy. This test, after much prayer, also came back with really good news – no chemotherapy needed – a favourable prognosis.

All my friends who had been praying are amazed and pleased at how well my recovery has gone, and how things seemed to turn around. On the day of my operation, when we were told the op was straightforward and uneventful like we had asked St. Philomena, dad was driving home and saw on the bus stop “Philomena” written. It was really spooky and incredible. So, it’s been five months since my operation and I am running about with endless energy feeling totally well! All that remains are regular checkups via CT scans and I will continue to pray to Saint Philomena, Wonder-Worker, that all will continue to be well.

I am sorry about the length of this email but I wanted to tell you the whole story and how St. Philomena helped me and achieved everything I asked for every step of the way. She really is amazing! God bless you!

United Kindgdom

Weekly News Flash from the Universal Living Rosary Association of Saint Philomena, Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Tuesday, April 8th, 2014
Dearest Mrs. Patti and all the members of the Living Rosary Association,

Thank you very much for your prayers and support which we feel here in Ukraine! Please forgive me as I was not able to get back with you quickly. The Living Rosary Center, during these days, is very busy. I want to let you know what is happening in Ukraine.

After the regime of Yanukovych collapsed, the police vanished. The police force in Ukraine was very corrupt as it had been used by the government to kill citizens, rob them and persecute them. They even threatened to put in jail our Catholic priests. Now, the citizens are patrolling the streets and protecting our peace. Our Greek Catholic Church is supporting with prayers and donations the faithful who have suffered greatly during this upheaval. A swarm of Russian troops came to our towns and cities,
and shouted they were going to burn our houses and bribe our people to burn police departments, and government buildings in Lviv and other parts of Ukraine. Many of them received money from Russia and were told that Ukraine was in chaos, and they should move Russian military into Ukraine to restore peace.

The priests and clergy of our church were protecting the faithful by standing together and praying, and speaking to these men, and begging them not to burn their houses. Together, we protected our city from these Russian men who were determined to destroy our property. Now, the same situation exists in Crimea. Our city borders Poland. At the present time, great numbers of refugees are pouring in from Crimea seeking shelter and protection from the Russian troops. The Russia militants are very heavily armed with tanks and machine guns. They are taking over the houses of Crimean people and making them evacuate with nothing. Ukrainian military cannot come to help. They are held hostage in their military bases. Over 3000 Russian troops have landed in Crimea. They bribe people with money to join their side. They pay $100.00 a day to those who will help them.

The Center of the Living Rosary published and printed a Rosary leaflet and distributed it all during the revolution, free of charge. This way people would be sure to know how to pray the Rosary. Putin has blamed our priests from Western Ukraine for helping the people to defend their rights.

May God protect us in the days ahead! Please always remember us in your prayers which are the greatest protection to us and your material support during this time of persecution

Byzantine Rite, Greek-Catholic Church, UKRAINE

Lent is a time of cleansing and enhancing a holy desire helped by prayer, fasting and almsgiving. We begin this season by receiving ashes on our foreheads to remind us that the purpose of Lent is to prepare us with a holy desire to love and serve God more effectively.

“The entire Christian life,” said St. Augustine, “is an exercise of holy desire.” He does not say that we should annihilate our normal, human desires, but we should elevate and purify them. Our desires are far too small if we look for fulfillment only in what this world offers by way of transient satisfactions, but God wants us to have so much more – His very Self. During Lent, we seek to tune in to higher desires – our longing for God. For this reason, the first reading reminds us that we must come back to God with our whole heart. So, Lent is not just doing something more or avoiding something. It is a time to live and love God with an undivided heart through prayer, fasting and almsgiving,

Of course, in the Gospel, Jesus did not simply tell us to observe the classic Lenten practices. He Himself went through intense penance until He achieved the “Holy Desire” to unite His will of the Will of God the Father. And, the purpose of Lent also tells us that our life as a believer is a participation in the Life of Christ Who calls us constantly to enter into full communion with God. This is the reason, prayer comes in the first place. Prayer connects us not only with the Lord but also with one another and all the Saints. Prayer is the foundation of our friendship with God, and it opens the way to eternal life. This is where the Holy Sacrifice the Mass becomes the highest form of our prayer to encounter and unite with Our Blessed Lord.

Fasting is another major discipline of Lent where we have the opportunity to purify our senses. Why do we fast? Simple! We learn in the creation story that the first sin committed by a human came through eating. But fasting goes beyond fasting from food. There are some very keen things we learn from the Saints and the wisdom behind fasting. They practiced voluntary self-denial through fasting in order to sharpen their appetite for God. Some people might say that they decided to abstain from meat during Lent but eat only lobsters. You can do that, I don’t care as long as you increase your appetite for God.

Lastly, we have almsgiving, which must be the fruit of prayer and fasting. All of us resonate in some way to the ideal of almsgiving. Lent is a good time to stop wasting our time, talents and treasure for any form of vanity. With a holy desire and vision, we could perhaps do more to serve the needy, not so that people will consider us generous, but to imitate God’s generosity to us.

Finally, St. Augustine speaks of cleansing as a necessary condition for the exercise of holy desire:

“This will be effective only to the extent that we free ourselves from infatuation with this world. It is like filling an empty container. God means to fill each of us with what is good, so that we can cast out what is bad! If He wishes to fill you with honey and you are full of sour wine, where is the honey to go? The vessel must be emptied of its contents and then be cleansed.”

So, let us begin this wonderful Season of Lent with the “Holy Desire” to love God with undivided hearts.


JESUS CHRIST – Physician and Consoler

Such is Thy Love for us, O Jesus Christ! Our last breath can open Heaven to us when, by a life of iniquities, we have a thousand times merited Hell. With what tenderness does God not also visit, in their last moments, faithful souls who have loved Him! It seems that Thou dost not depend upon the care of the persons who surround them. In person, Thou comest to be their Guard, their Physician and their Consolation.

Thou art like a tender mother who takes in her arms a cherished son and comforts him, relaxing him by her caresses. In this way, she procures for her child a position sweeter and more comfortable. Thus, also, our sweet Jesus offers Himself to His dear and faithful children. He gives them His Heart upon which to rest. Not content to take them within His Arms, He gives them His caresses to rejoice them. He comes to associate Himself with their sorrows. His Soul is their soul. His glorious Body unites with their suffering flesh. He attaches Himself to the head of their bed. He gives them all the merits of His Passion to sanctify their sufferings. He fortifies their soul in making His Blood spill upon their agony. He gives them courage to accept with Him the chalice of death. He does this in such a manner that His Passion and His Agony continue and are consummated, in them, to achieve salvation.

Ministers of Jesus Christ, permit me to compliment you again. It is you who are the agents of Jesus beside the souls whom He comes to visit. You are charged to make known to them the grandeur of His gifts and depth of His Love. If He keeps silent, to let you speak to the poor ailing in His Name, He hears all that you say to them and He judges your words according to the force of His Love for them. This occasion is presented often and it is true. And if you are tempted to become habituated to that which will eternally be the subject of the administration of the Angels and sSaints, listen to what I tell you. Each occasion to administer the charity of Jesus Christ becomes a new source of Divine Fire which must embrace your heart. Is not Our Savior always disposed to inflame hearts? And if you reduce your efforts because His Love is too generous, is it not because you neglect to speak to Him heart to Heart? Each time, your God uses you for the tools and instruments of His goodness toward those who suffer, each time that you have the happiness to take the course with Him, is it not to arrange to instruct you as He instructed His apostles during the course of His mission on earth? If you remain cold and even troubled while the Light of the World is in your hands, is it not again because you neglect to stoop before Him Who humbles Himself before you, to adore in spirit and truth He Who loves you, to pray with simplicity and confidence to Him Who desires to grant you all? If it were given to the king’s minister to be in his sovereign’s familiarity, as we are that of Jesus Christ, do you not think he would profit by it?

O Jesus, have the faithful ever understood that Thy perpetual immolation on our Altars becomes the source not only of all the graces which flow directly from the Sacrament of Thy Love, but even of an infinity of others we do not suspect? What does the Cross, placed on the Tabernacle, signify? The means to render Thy wounds always alive has been found: a way to make Thy Blood flow incessantly upon us; a way to make Thy wounds always open to us; a way for Thy Blood to continually stream down upon us. Having entered into Thy glory, Thou hast found a way to be always reborn. And, what is this means, without the instrument of death, by which Thy Passion can be perpetuated until the consummation of centuries?

This is precisely the great Mystery which operates on our Altars. The greatest of all marvels is hidden in the Divine Eucharist. It is the most magnificent invention of Thy Infinite Love. The Sacrifice of Jesus Christ upon the Altar re-opens continually the wounds which He received during the course of His Passion. What is, in effect, this Sacrifice, if not the continuation and the reproduction of that of the Cross? Why is Jesus Christ immolated, continually present in our temples, if not to apply to us the merits of His works, of His sufferings and of His Death? The Eucharist is, then, truly the source of all the other Sacraments. The Divine Fountain, which flows in perpetuity until the consummation of centuries, is the Eucharist. It is here that the Infinite Victim is immolated always for us.


II. Detachment

We cannot practice silence for any length of time before God urges us to detachment. We cannot live long in God without losing our taste for the things of time, and becoming enamored of the hidden and the obscure. God creates this love. He infuses it in every soul who lives united with Him. In the company of the Divine Outcast, we gradually recede from sight.

Desire to appear, to be seen, soon dies out. We find countless opportunities to step aside into the shadows. Even should duty demand our presence in the light, our inward gaze – the gaze of the soul resting upon God – saves us from the taint of publicity. We relinquish all eagerness for companions, save that of Christ and, thus, eliminate all anxiety about the doings and sayings of others. We focus our attention on Him, until our life becomes absorbed in Him and His work. He came to give us an example, and to show us how to win souls. His treatment of them is so delicate and full of tact. The secret of His success lay in the fact that He sought not Himself. So, we too withdraw deeper and deeper into the silence of God. We talk less. We listen more. The interests of self drop out of the conversation. Silence envelopes us – wrapping us in a peace and tranquility heretofore unknown to the soul.

But Jesus, the Divine Potter, cannot fashion us into Saints without cost and expense to ourselves. He must make us poor in order to enrich us. Some of our clay must be sacrificed if the work of the Potter be perfected. He builds sanctuaries on the ruins of self-love. Detachment is doing its work. It is impossible to listen to the Silent and Solitary Jesus, while still clinging tenaciously to the things of earth.

But detachment makes us desolate. It is a very slow and long drawn-out martyrdom. Very few detach themselves with one blow. We have to cut away a little bit here and a little bit there. Those who have reached close union with God have stripped their interior house of all obstacles.

But the root of all troubles lies in this: The soul shrinks from the Divine intimacy of its ‘Tremendous Lover’ because the soul, suspecting rightly that she might lose all to gain ALL, is too unwisely selfish to sacrifice her all for that one Priceless Pearl!

“All which I took from thee, I did but take not for thy harms,
But just that thou might seek it then in My Arms.
All which thy child’s mistake fancies as lost,
I have stored for thee at Home.

Arise, clasp My Hand and come!”

Dearest Patti,A week ago, I paid a visit to Emeritus Archbishop Peter Kwasi Sarpong in his residence at Christian Village, Kumasi, as he had been my Spiritual Director and adviser in the work of the ULRA for over two decades. He warmly welcomed me and, in a conversation with him, I narrated the problems facing the work at our great Living Rosary Center here: i.e. our outstanding bills, etc. due to lack of funds locally, simply because of our very poor economy and high cost of living in the country. I told him all about your constant supports, encouragement and your willingness to help us once again to obtain what you had already promised us and other important needs for the smooth running of our Center to be much stronger. I mentioned everything specifically to him and he was moved and touched.

I informed him about how we have organized our members into nine strong groups and each group is making one particular powerful Novena and praying Rosaries daily for both our spiritual and material needs, most especially for your special intentions and that of our Universal Center, while some of our good Priest Members here are also offering Holy Masses for the same noble aim. Before ending my talk, I suggested to the Emeritus Archbishop that, if God permits and things go well this year, we may wish to celebrate our first National Congress within the month of May. Last year was the 25th year of the ULRA in Ghana but, due to the very poor situation at our Center here, we could not do anything more than pray many Rosaries and offer many Holy Masses for the Living Rosary Association the world over. To this, the Archbishop was so grateful and thankful. “All well and good!!!” At the end of our conversation, the Emeritus Archbishop asked me to come again with all my collaborators to his house on the following Sunday, March 2nd, 2014 so that he celebrates Holy Mass with us for the special intentions of the ULRA, most especially for you (Patti), your intentions and that of our Universal Center, Benefactors and the Living Rosary Association in the World. I passed this good news over to all my collaborators the same day and they received it in good faith.

Therefore, last Sunday, March 2nd, we were all transported to the Emeritus Archbishop Peter Kwasi Sarpong’s house at the Christian Village where we prayed the Rosary from 9.00 a.m. to 9.30 a.m. and immediately after that the Holy Mass began in his private Chapel. The Mass was indeed celebrated for the progress of the ULRA in the World over and for the special intentions of its Universal Director, Patti Melvin and Family, and the Archbishop mentioned this over and over in the Mass. He however blessed all of us with holy water by pronouncing our names one by one during which your name (Patti) too was pronounced and holy water was sprinkled before a Crucifix on the wall inside the Chapel for you in your absence. After the Mass, Emeritus Archbishop Peter Sarpong sat down with us in his nice common hall for a conversation about the ULRA for over an hour. I showed him many important documents on the Living Rosary and I finally presented to him a copy of THE HOLY SACRIFICE OF THE MASS by Father Mateo Crawley-Boevey that you sent about two weeks ago and he expressed his appreciation in a very special way. He also expressed his love for the ULRA and encouraged us not to give up in anyway. He reassured us that he will continue to bless the Association and offer Holy Masses for our special intentions always, so we should also pray for him. He, therefore, asked me to pass the news over to you (Patti) so that you may rest assured of his prayers and Masses. Shortly after refreshing us, he once again blessed us before our departure at 1.30 p.m. Please find in the attachment some 32 poor photos of the event. Thanks and God bless you!!

Peace be to you, Patti!!! PAX TE CUM, PATTI!!!

Yours in Jesus and Mary,
< Anthony – GHANA >

Most Rev. Dr. Peter Kwasi Sarpong, Emeritus Archbishop of Kumasi, Ghana is a member and great supporter of the Living Rosary. He was ordained a Priest on December 11, 1959 and consecrated as Bishop on March 8, 1970. He was enthroned Archbishop on July 14, 2002 and retired in March 2008.

Weekly News Flash from the Universal Living Rosary Association of Saint Philomena, Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Tuesday, April 8th, 2014
Glory be to Jesus Christ!Dear Apostles and Benefactors of the Living Rosary,

It gives me great joy to greet all of you! We are prepared for a busy year of evangelization reaching many new souls with the Living Rosary and St. Philomena. We are going to republish our booklet on the Rosary devotion and double what was put out last year, 200,000! This booklet is badly needed in Ukraine. Already, I am making preparations with our priests for the Lenten Bouquet of Masses and Masses during the Easter Octave. One cannot help but notice the great increase of suffering in the world and within our own families. Our union of prayer is badly needed.

Our Blessed Lord told His disciples before His Ascension into Heaven that life would be a series of tears, suffering, and the bearing of crosses, while the rest of the world would rejoice and make merry. Bear in your minds the truth that your tears will earn for you joy and pleasure which will be unlimited in duration in the life to come. You must suffer either in this life or in the next. Suffering, contempt and poverty is the lot of a Christian who wishes to save his soul and who tries to be pleasing to God. We suffer for a time, only to be rewarded with a happy Eternity. The merciful God chastises us on account of His great mercy. If we travel from house to house, we will find that in each home is planted the cross of Christ: injustice, sickness, addiction, infidelity, drunkenness, impatience, jealousy and hate. Everyone has a cross to bear! How unfortunate and full of despair is the soul who forgets for what purpose God has sent him that cross!!! Look up to Heaven, lift up your eyes and see the Good Father Who holds ready for you a mansion of glory! God sends you suffering to atone for your sins and the sins of the whole world. God sends you suffering only to crown you with everlasting beatitude.

Christ has made our suffering a means to sanctity, a well-spring of merit, and hope for the satisfaction of the sins of mankind. Our tiny agonies and little crucifixions are made divine by the Divinity of Christ. God is not short-sighted; Jesus brought life out of death! The Man of Gethsemane is GOD! His human weakness is Divine strength. The barren road to Calvary is golden with wheat; and, out of its stones, Jesus has made for us the Bread of Life! The fruit of Silence is Prayer, the fruit of Prayer is Faith, the fruit of Faith is Love, the fruit of Love is Service, and the fruit of Service is PEACE! Jesus is our true Model and He never lived one single moment without suffering, an intense suffering which the human mind cannot comprehend!

We keep you, each day, in our prayers and find great joy in our union through the Living Rosary. Give to God the things that are God’s: your reason, your heart and your will. Use them only for God and you will be saved. We are God’s property, the children of His Grace and Charity. I extend my priestly blessing to you and your family. Remember me, please, in your good prayers.

I impart to you all, my priestly blessing:

+ In the Name of the Father, Son and Holy Ghost. Amen.

Byzantine Rite, Greek-Catholic Church, UKRAINE

Dear Apostle of the Immaculate Heart of Mary,Thank you so much for your very kind donation and your faithfulness in prayer. We never fail to remember you in our Family Rosary. Today, young people are facing great challenges. It is so easy for them to fall in with the wrong company, or to be lured into groups involved with demonic rituals. We do not realize how prevalent witchcraft is and the huge numbers of mind-altering drugs that are available to our youth. They are bored and eager to experiment ‘just one time.’ We must pray for them, guide them and give them an example of a life lived for God. They need to know they are loved and that someone cares deeply about them. Family prayer is vital to ward off evil and, sadly, it is often missing in the home.

We must take the utmost vigilance in guarding our senses against temptation. A lapse of vigilance is very costly. Watch and pray! We must guard, in particular, the windows of our eyes and ears, and keep our minds clean and pure. One of the stratagems of warfare in ancient times was to poison the wells. The wells today are the printing press, cinema, television, radio and theater. They paint the images ofgood and evil on retinas, eardrums and the minds of millions, young and old alike. Society cannot be indifferent to the material carried by these mass media. Porno in the newsstand is a time-bomb with a delayed fuse, which spreads death and destruction in thousands of communities. All action begins in our thoughts. By guarding our thoughts, we control our actions. The best defense is a strong and vigorous offense. It is not enough to resist temptation; we must also advance in virtue and in holiness of life. We must have instant recourse to prayer, which taps the source of spiritual power and strength, and channels it to the soul. Without prayer, our bows have no arrows and our guns are without bullets. Faith moves mountains and faith expresses itself through prayer.

O my Savior, give me the Grace of unfailing patience in time of trial.
Help me to be sweet and gentle in disappointments.
Let me put myself aside and think of the happiness of others.
Let my suffering mellow me and not harden or embitter me.
As I make my rounds of Daily Duty, let me whisper a word of love for Thee.
I long to be wholly united to Thee for all Eternity, Jesus my Love!

Patti Melvin

Let us pray for one another!


With all our hearts, we thank you for your prayers for Richard Fox, our webmaster, who just underwent open-heart surgery on February 13.

The surgery was a great success and his recovery went much faster than the surgeons expected. There were a couple “glitches” which required the Hand of God, but they were overcome quickly. Richard is so glad to be back home and back to work for Our Lady and St. Philomena. Thank you, again, for all your prayers and continue to keep him in your good prayers! Richard is a very important part of our Living Rosary Team!

Richard with first batch of food sent him by friends via gift certificates from the French Grocery in Phoenix.



O Jesus, Victim of Thy Love on our Altars, I would wish to speak of Thy boundless charity, incomprehensible patience, profound humility, perfect obedience and prodigious humiliations. But, how would the weakest and the most imperfect of Thy creatures have the temerity to plunge into this ocean of bottomless marvels and endless shores? Am I, then, condemned to remain mute in my admiration? Would Thou have conducted me into the garden of Divine Love only to cause me the sorrow of not being able to gather from it? I am like a child who, placed in a flowerbed dotted with a thousand flowers, falls at each step and finds himself unable to make up a bouquet. Yes, Lord, the loving traits, which disclose Thy tenderness for us are so many that I know not which ones to choose in order to render Thee homage. What then will I do? I will stammer. It is permitted to do so when it is a question of expressing that which surpasses even celestial intelligence.

First, I rest my tender regards on the hidden Jesus, on Jesus, prisoner of His Love, on Jesus obedient to His ministers. The senses are prohibited, reason is astonished and faith cries out, “Mortals, prostrate yourselves, adore Jesus Christ beneath the Eucharistic veils! He presents Himself to you under the form of bread because He is your life. He presents Himself to you under the form of wine because He is your strength.” How noble and touching are the motives for which He hides Himself beneath these obscure appearances. If he dazzled His ministers by His Majesty, He would halt their functions. In charming their ears, he would impede their steps by this show of exterior power. He would make them tremble. He likes better to abandon Himself into their hands, without restrictions, without resistance and without any reservation. Such is the law which His Love imposes on Him.

Whether His ministers take Him from the Tabernacle to give Him to the faithful, to expose Him to adoration, to bring Him to the sick, or to bless the people, He is always there. He is always disposed to do their will. Everyday, from sunrise until the following daybreak, Jesus is ready to obey them. Whether they carry Him visibly or they judge proper to hide Him in their bosom, Jesus Christ abandons Himself to them. O priests! Who will be able to recount your privileges! The Lamb was immolated for all, but you alone are charged with doing the honors at His table and it is you who invite the guests to the celestial banquet.

Jesus Christ came to establish His reign in souls but nothing brilliant announces His presence. His triumph is to vanquish man’s senses by the conquest of His Heart. It is not for man’s heart to be dazzled by his senses. He remains always hidden for the latter in a manner impenetrable. If His ministers carry Him to the sick, He is almost always surrounded by only simple folk who are obscure in the eyes of the world. The hands of the priest are the triumphant chariot on which He travels the roads of the cities. While the kings of earth announce their presence by brilliant cavaliers, by bugles and warlike thunder, Jesus Christ, King of kings, hidden beneath the veils of Love announces His Presence only by the most humble instruments. It would seem to be too little to fulfill His designs this hiding beneath Eucharistic veils. He desires that all which serves His charity will also serve as a proof of our faith. In regards to the sick, even a greater poverty surrounds Him. A piece of furniture destined to be used in the most ordinary way by the people in the house, is used as the throne on which Our Lord reposes. Often, giddy children, thoughtless and frivolous, lean against the piece of furniture and shake the Blessed Sacrament. More often, those who care for the sick one, pass by repeatedly before the Savior without seeming to remember His Presence.

It is thus that Thou art pleased to fool our senses, O Divine Jesus! That our heart may establish on their ruins, its empire and offer Thee a homage pure, free, ardent and durable. It is to our heart that Thou dost speak; by Thy patience in suffering the dissipation of those who surround Thee; by Thy gentleness for him who Thou comest to visit; by Thy silence in the outrages which are too often received by Thee, and Thy profound humility … everything done says, “JESUS IS LOVE!”

And who can better feel these words of love than the sick person himself? See at what instant he is presented with Thee, when he is most prey to the worst sufferings, discouraged by the weakness that afflicts him, frightened by approaching death. It is in this sorrowful and fatal moment that Thou dost deign to honor him with Thy visit and with Thy Presence. His heart has always been the object of Thy seeking. And, it is now, prior to its last beat that Thou comest to ask of him that last homage which he can render Thee.

You seem to say to him, ‘O my child, now that the world has said its farewell to you, now that your benumbed senses are incapable of mastering your heart, don’t you wish to give it to Me? Your refusals during life sorrowed Me without making Me lose hope. I kept silent in the midst of your frivolous amusements because the noise prevented you from hearing Me. But, today, when illusions are taken over by the terror of death ~ TODAY, my son, give Me your heart. Give it to Me with confidence. Repent for having known Me so late and offer yourself as an expiatory sacrifice to My justice, throw yourself in the Heart of My mercy. I exact nothing more after the confession of your infidelities. As a pledge of My perfect reconciliation with you, I give you My Body to imprint in yours the principle of a glorious resurrection, My Blood to mark you with the seal of the elect, My Soul to accompany yours to the feet of the Eternal Tribunal, my Divinity to judge you with the benefits of My mercy before My justice claims its rights over you. Today, my son, I want to drain the last treasures of My Grace in your favor by applying to you, through My Sacrament of Extreme Unction, all the merits of the agony and of the cruel sufferings which I endured for love of you. All your senses will find in the weaknesses which I suffered, the necessary strengths to sustain your heart in its last moments against the temptations of the devil, the horrors of death, and the sufferings of separation, so that thus your soul may be more and more purified to appear before the tribunal of God.’

SHELTERING THE DIVINE OUTCAST (Continued)It is obvious that, if we deliberately and courageously try, as often as we are able, to fix our minds on Jesus, the center of our souls, we shall soon, by the mere force of habit, as well as the grace of God, become intimate with the Divine Guest of our soul. This intimacy with God can be most easily procured in the following two ways:


All noise is waste! All real power is silent! So cultivate quietness in your speech, in your manner, in your thoughts and in your emotions. Speak habitually low. Wait for silence and attention, only then will your low words be dynamic.

Speak modestly! Get the reputation of understanding things and, then, what you say will have double force; but be a known exaggerator and you will make no impression at all.

Encourage quiet thoughts. Truth is eternal, and eternal things are low-keyed. Imitate God, Who is the most silent of all. He hides in the secret places of hearts. He moves hidden behind the events of history. Contemplate Jesus! It was in the deepest silence that He bore all which He bore for us. JESUS ANSWERED NOTHING

Sanctity and silence are inseparable: silence of word, silence of action, silence of life. The atmosphere of silence is the only one where the image of Christ is not tarnished and blackened by the vapors of this reeking world of sin. Have we not noticed that God seems to withdraw from us when our lives are not silent? It is when we are silent that we are recollected and, then, we can catch the whisperings of the Spouse of our hearts as He woos us with His Love.

Within the stronghold of silence, we are taught the secrets of the peaceful Master of our house. He speaks to us in silences that are audible, clear and convincing. We find that, almost imperceptibly, we loosen our hold upon the things we most cherish. Life seems to recede. Or, is it we who recede from life? Is it God drawing us away? Is the Holy Ghost enlightening us on our values? It must be so, for we are slipping away from the crowd, soon to be lost in the solitude of our Hidden God.

Greetings Mother Patti!

I have received the box. Thanks so much! I have also sent some forms. Please, when you received it let me know. I do not have anything for distribution when I sign up new members and I need more materials. We have begun the Novena from the 31st January to 8th February. So I am in town preparing for the program. The Bishop has asked me to appoint volunteers in other dioceses. We have four bigger dioceses now. People are ready to spread the devotion. I am really happy for all the things that are in the box and I informed Father. He is so happy about it and he said he is going to write you. I have visited the provinces, appointed new volunteers and shared more of the materials you sent me.

These are the pictures that I received from one of my volunteers: Picture-1 is about a cross section of some pupils of the Roman Catholic school in Tikonko which is the oldest school in the village. Picture-2 is also cross section of some pupils in the United Methodist primary school. In pictures-3 is the volunteer I am talking about. He is very devoted and he is ready to work at all time. He is really helping me with the propagation of the Living Rosary. There are so many testimonies coming in right now. The people are really co-operating. Thank you for your prayers.