Weekly News Flash from the Universal Living Rosary Association of Saint Philomena, Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Children blessed by their parents are blessed by God!

The parental blessing is as old as humanity. Priests have the authority to bless all the faithful; thus, too, parents have the right to bless their children. Dear Parents, every time, you raise your hands in benediction over your children, you draw down upon them the blessing of God for the good of their bodies and souls. The early Christians, daily, blessed their children with the Sign of the Cross. Your happiness and joy does not consist in wealth, but in having good children. The Sign of the Cross which you make upon your children’s forehead will never be effaced. The blessing will never be lost. No passion will be able to obliterate it completely. The parental blessing effects another great good; it is a sacred bond which unites the father and mother in everlasting fidelity, in perfect love and harmony. The Sign of the Cross, daily, reminds them of the solemn obligation taken before the Altar to remain faithful even unto death. The blessing: Have your children kneel before you; place your right hand on the head of each as you repeat: GOD BLESS YOU, MY CHILD! Then, you may take holy water and, with the thumb of the right hand, make the Sign of the Cross upon the forehead and lips and breast of the child, saying: “IN THE NAME OF THE FATHER, AND OF THE SON AND OF THE HOLY GHOST." The child may answer: “GOD REWARD YOU!"

You may send your blessing to those away from home. The parental blessing may extend over hill and vale, and will rest on the children wherever they may be. Post your blessings in a letter: “Your father and mother bless you.” The blessing maybe given in the evening after night prayers. It may be given oftener; when the child leaves the house for school or on a journey. It should be given solemnly on the day of First Holy Communion, on the wedding day, on a child’s entrance into Religion or to a son about to ascend the Altar for the first time. Finally, dear parents, bless your children when lying on your deathbed. You may not be able to bequeath any great possessions to your children, but one thing you can give them: the heritage of your blessing. It is better to be blessed than to be rich! Fathers! Mothers! Bless you children daily, most especially in these present times when the dangers surrounding the youth threaten their innocence and their Eternal Salvation! “I BLESS YOU, IN THE NAME OF THE FATHER, AND OF THE SON AND OF THE HOLY GHOST, THAT GOD MAY BLESS YOU!”

"Let's Walk Towards Heaven! The Battle Won't Last Long, and the End Will Be Everlasting” St. Teresa of Avila

The enemy is within our gates. We must identify him and recognize him for what he really is and strive with all our might to crush and expel him from our hearts and our homes. Some feel the enemy is only political or merely an economic system. Be not mistaken that the enemy of your family, Holy Mother the Church and our country, is atheistic materialism, secular humanism, Communism! It stalks our cities, community housing, residential neighborhoods and country villages. It’s tools are terror, murder, lies, deceit, oppression, cruel suppression of governments, enslavement of millions, separation of families, crisis, unrest, conflict and destruction. It is a revolution against the established order which has at its heart to silence moral authority and enslave the world.

Archbishop Fulton Sheen spoke courageously and tirelessly exposing the fundamental nature of Communism and our duty to use all our resources and energy to oppose it. Every member of the Communist Party has pledged to commit treason against the USA and help to overthrow our Constitution by duplicity and deceit. The Communist Party is the largest atheistic organization in the world. It is determined, dedicated, well organized and deadly! We must use all our resources to stop this lethal foe. If we do not win, the rest of the world will be swallowed up by this satanic force and we will lose all our freedoms. Their goal is to subjugate, dominate and remake the entire world, by subversion if possible and by force if necessary! Rome is the big prize for Communism. Our Lady of La Salette forewarned us in 1846 and Our Lady of Fatima in 1917. Our Lady of Fatima mentioned 1960 as being critical in the battle for souls. Sister Lucia later lamented that neither the good nor the bad have taken to heart or heeded Mary’s pleas.

We could not realize the implications of Our Lady’s message at that time but, as we look back, it is painfully clear. We view woefully the Vatican-Moscow Agreement of 1962 in which Vatican officials formally pledged to Soviet counterparts that the Church, henceforth, would refrain from any condemnation of Communism! This pledge has been honored without exception to the present day. As such, it constitutes TREASON! Failure to oppose the satanic force of Atheistic Communism can hardly be short of sin! Archbishop Sheen was called to Rome in 1963 and ordered to be silent against Communism by the Holy Father. The great foe of Communism was silenced and Pope Paul VI publicly proclaimed the United Nations to be the hope of the world! THIS IS HISTORY. Please God, we can learn from it.

We are on the battlefield and need some deadly serious guidelines to help us win this war. Satan is a deceiver for he is the father of lies and there is no truth in him. If he can get us to believe his lie, then he can begin his work in our life. He questions God’s word and His goodness. He is a rebel against God, “You will be like unto God,” he tells Eve. God accomplishes His work through Truth, Satan through lies, but he always masquerades his lies as God’s Truth. His target is our mind and his goal is to divert us from doing God’s Will. God’s Will is not our duty, but our delight; it is our nourishment! Beware, we cannot reason or dialogue with Satan. Man’s wisdom is no match for Satan is cunning. We must study our Faith, understand our duty to God, and make time for prayer, without which we will be easy prey for the devil.

Be Sober! Be Alert!

Be Prayerful! The devil, our adversary, prowls about like a roaring lion, seeking whom he may devour.

If Satan cannot attack our mind, he is happy to attack and destroy our body which is God’s Temple, the tabernacle of the Most Holy Trinity. Christians can be seen and it is our conduct in the body that glorifies and exalts Our Blessed Lord. The members of our body are tools in the Holy Spirit’s Hands to help build the Church. The various trials we encounter are simply a test of our faith and they produce in us endurance. Impatience is a mark of unbelief. Patient endurance is enriching. The only way to learn patience is to go through the suffering that God has assigned to us. Satan is proud, critical, unbending, stubborn, a gossip, jealous and a braggart. Pride glorifies man and robs God of the Glory He deserves. The essence of sin, is to be independent of God. Beware if you feel important! Remember in this battle against Satan the only way to conquer is to surrender,


Humility is not thinking meanly of ourselves; humility is not thinking of ourselves at all! We must know our enemy and put on the Armor of God: truth, humility, faith and absolute confidence in God. Satan is a destroyer, he is well organized and his first attack is against the home. Let us give him some resistance! Our vast physical resources and our masterly technical skills will avail us nothing unless we are a people strong in Faith which gives purpose to our action, and fosters discipline and courage. The true strength of a Christian Nation is the power of God which outweighs all force of arms! The fortress of our Catholic Families has been gravely undermined. Lustful self-indulgence, divorce and birth prevention have broken the lives of our youths rendering them delinquents! 

Victory Will Come Only With Obedience To God's Law!

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