Weekly News Flash from the Universal Living Rosary Association of Saint Philomena, Wednesday, December 28, 2011

To Saint Philomena, Nothing is Refused!

Here is our little Philomena whom you enquired about the other day. Since birth, she has not had any ailment. She keeps growing healthy and people are asking me, “Mike, what are you giving your baby to eat, what cream and soap do you use on her, etc.?” It’s not like I have a lot of money to take care of her like some people do but when she stands among other children, she looks different. When it was time for her to walk, she walked and now she has started singing and talking. People can’t stop being amazed. Thank you for accompanying me on this journey; when I needed your prayers right from my wife’s pregnancy, you were there for me; you remember the mother almost lost the baby but for the intercession of St. Philomena and Mother Mary. Philomena is our miracle baby!
< Michael – NIGERIA >

When I had my 6th baby, I had a long hard labor and suffered with a uterine infection. The doctor advised me to have no more children and suggested I have a ligation. I became pregnant with my 7th child last year and my family was very much concerned for my wellbeing. My aunt let me wear her St. Philomena cord during my 8th month of pregnancy and I prayed to this great Saint every day. She heard my prayers. I had a normal delivery and named the baby, Mercedes Philomena in honor of God’s mercy and in thanks to St. Philomena. < Maria – USA > Today, while still in bed, there was a great pressure on my left eye, but suddenly it felt like tangled wires behind the eye being released. It was astonishing. There was also pressure ringing in my ear, which was painful. I placed my Brown Scapular on my ear and my eye and felt an anointing. The loud noise ceased and the pressure vanished. Things felt different. I tried to get up and I got right up without help. I was able to walk without assistance! All praise and thanksgiving to God and His Saints! < Lillian – USA > Thank you for your prayers and the intercession of St. Philomena. My daughter passed the bar exams and is now a full pledged attorney! Praise God!
< Avilina – PHILIPPINES >

I wrote some time back and asked for prayers for my son to find a job. Thank God and St. Philomena who brought forth this miracle. My son received word, he was to fly out to the cruise ship in Puerto Rico and begin his new job right away. He carried with him the relic card of St. Philomena and is praying to her every day.
< Irene – USA >

Forgive my delay in writing as this was due to the wild floods which surrounded our hospital. Here is a photo of our orphans who have taken up a Decade in the Living Rosary. Please send us more Sacramentals and pray for the success of St. Philomena’s Hospital of Fatima here in Benin, Africa.
< Clarisse Misse – BENIN >

These good people are from Mexico, in the State of Michoacán. Her brother lost his job and, after going back to ask if there was any way possible to reclaim the job, he was told “Definitely, NO!” He was very discouraged when they were told about the virgin St. Philomena and how powerful she is. He and his wife began a novena to her with complete confidence and, at the end, he went back to ask for his job back. They gave it to him right there and then! I had a bad inflammation in my legs where screws had been implanted. My diabetes was unstable and I suffered a mild stroke. The doctors said my toes must be amputated. I agreed to the surgery as my fever was high and the inflammation in my feet spread to my whole body. I was in grave danger. Our dear friend, Jeanne Marie, visited me and brought St. Philomena’s healing oil and other devotionals in her honor. He gave me his own cord and a beautiful picture of this Saint. I underwent the surgery and he visited me every day for the next three days, saying that, at the end of that time, St. Philomena would heal me and that my leg would be saved. When the doctor came the next day, he announced that the inflammation was completely gone. Today, my body is healed and my diabetes is under good control. I am at home with my wife and son, who promised to honor St. Philomena for all of their lives.
< George – BEIRUT, LEBANON >

For three years, I suffered terrible pains in my joints, underarms, arms and knees. During this time I went to three doctors, had tests done, and was given sedatives and vitamins. Nothing stopped or lessened the pain. It was as if 1000 needles were driven into my body, to the point where I could get no rest at night. At first, I judged this devotion to St. Philomena to be exaggerated piety, foolish, truly foolish! Today, I am ashamed to admit this. One night when my pains were excruciating, I took the little vial of holy oil and put it all over my body where the pains were so bad. Instantly, I experienced such relief that I fell deeply asleep. The pains ceased as if by magic. But, it was not magic! It was through the grace of God and the intercession of St. Philomena. I stopped taking all my medicine.
< Javier – UNA VOCE CUBA >

On 23rd May, a dear friend of mine was taken to the ER unresponsive. She was an elderly woman with no relatives in our State. Our priest went out to give her Extreme Unction, and we prayed the Rosary around her bedside. She was also enrolled in the Scapular Confraternity on that same day. We carried the holy oil of St. Philomena to her and placed some on her forehead, also sprinkling a little Lourdes Water. On the very next day, after 7 days in a coma, she woke up! She is recovering. We thank God and all our friends who prayed for her. < Joseph – OH, USA > I am writing to ask you to send me another holy oil. My husband uses it every day for his leg problems and, although he has always been skeptical of miracles, finds his legs much better. He has been converted by St. Philomena. He was unable to sleep or walk without lots of pain. He prays to this dear Saint every night and thanks her for helping him! I have been faithful to my Decade. Thank you for all you do in promoting, the Decades of the Rosary. Gratefully yours,
< Clare – NY, USA >

We visited Paul in Liberia and he told us about St. Philomena. My wife and I had been married for six months and she was having spiritual problems. We made the 54 days Rosary Novena for the intercession of the Immaculate Heart of Mary. We found that she was 3 months pregnant. Her confinement time came and labor was only thirty minutes. Our beautiful baby is named Philomena.
< Alfred – LIBERIA >

We want to share the miracle obtained through the Miraculous Medal. Our blood bath is increasing daily. Last week, close to 200 people were killed by suicide bombers. The miracle was that Zai, a Moslem girl who had accepted the Medal, kept it on her body hidden from everyone. None of her relatives knew she had it. Her family was killed in the bombing, she alone lived! She has promised to wear the Miraculous Medal all her life and is asking me for more. Please pray for her!
< Paul – SOMALIA >

After working in the school, my husband and I took the bus home. There was a terrible accident. My hand and arm is broken and multiple injuries on my body. Still, it is a great miracle that I am not dead! I say, “Thank you, Saint Philomena and the holy Virgin Mary!” Here are the lists of 120 new members for the Living Rosary. We have two miracles to share: Yeldie was married for 15 years and had no children, but after she was anointed with the holy oil of St. Philomena, she was blessed with twins. Another lady who was ten years married without children, put on
the Miraculous Medal and anointed herself with the holy oil. She is now expecting a child.
< Paula – MAURITIUS >

I am a patient with hyperthyroidism. I began to use a drop of the holy oil of St. Philomena on my tongue. When I went for my review at the University Hospital, I was told that my thyroid gland was now almost normal!
< Monica – ZAMBIA >

St. Philomena answered our prayers and the application of her oil on my husband’s large toe prevented the need to amputate it! The black skin peeled off and there was new healthy pink skin underneath it. The best news of all is that he has decided to join the Living Rosary! Thanks for all your prayers.
< Peggy – MA, USA >

Saint Philomena, Invincible Champion of Chastity, Pray for Us, who Have recourse to Thee!

In January 2005, my daughter was in her third month of pregnancy for her first child, when she was involved in a 4-vehicle accident on a busy street. Two vehicles hit her from behind and she was so blessed to sustain only moderate injuries. The vehicle she was driving was the smallest one involved. The other two were totaled. To our amazement, her vehicle sustained minimal damage and the left rear corner of the car took the brunt of the impact and on that side, was the bumper sticker, “Ask Saint Philomena – To Philomena nothing is refused!” Here is Myra with Anna Rose who is now 5 years old!

I am busy working for the US Senator Rand Paul and he is doing a good job. I believe we need to do more for the Faith. Each and every day, I meet so many people who say they were ‘former’ Catholics. So many care only about material things. So many souls are on the road to Hell. I do what I can but it is not enough. This is why your Dedicated Decades is such an encouragement. To see all these people in so many foreign lands, so hungry for the Faith and so in love with St. Philomena is a great consolation! God bless you! Bon Courage!!!
< Bernie – KY, USA >

Thank you so much for the beautiful package you sent after the passing of my mother, especially for the Mass card. You sent the most wonderful teachings of our Catholic Faith of anyone I have ever donated to. God bless you!
< Cecilia – USA >

Open to Us, O Mary, The Gates of Paradise Since Thou has its Keys!

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