Weekly News Flash from the Universal Living Rosary Association of Saint Philomena, Wednesday, January 4, 2012

A Family Praying the Rosary is Filled With the Life of Christ!

There is no greater hope for earth than the sight of father, mother, brothers and sisters on their knees together in the quiet of their home praying the Rosary. On their lips is the Word of God, in their hearts is the Love of Mary, and within their home, all the special graces and blessings God pours down upon those who make their home a Home of the Daily Family Rosary!

Every wife can be an influence in the life of her husband, every mother an inspiration to her children, every brother and sister a companion and help to their siblings.

In the great Charity of Christ, Marriage has been Elevated To the Dignity of a Sacrament!

This means that marriage has been taken out of the civil courts and placed in the sanctuary. It means that Our Divine Savior has shed His Precious Blood that your love shall be sanctified, that your children shall know the fear and love of God, and that your union will not fail!

Television is deadly poison to the souls of our Youth!

Often, just one television program is enough to push a youth into mortal sin. Right in your own home, they are exposed to violence, nudity, vulgarity and perversion taken in through their senses, the windows of their soul. None of you would risk your child’s life by sitting him on the freeway in the middle of the night. Setting him in front of the TV is worse. You endanger the supernatural life of your child which is infinitely more precious than his bodily life. What a responsibility before God!

Television is a deadly poison to the minds of our Youth!

No intellectual effort, whatsoever, is needed for watching TV. By viewing TV, people are passive. They receive what is presented without making any effort to think. They are comfortable and lazily seated on the sofa, enjoying a snack. Everything is at hand. They swallow the snack and all that the television pours out. The pictures strike an image on the imagination and leave their trace on the mind. Television creates millions of people who do not think. It replaces culture. God’s judgment is replaced by public opinion, and the listless brain of the viewer is placed under anesthesia. We cannot be saved without making all our decisions in favor of good. The obstacles and traps which come from the world, the devil and our own lusts, we must conquer through our liberty of judgment for the glory of God.

Television is deadly poison for our children’s studies!

Ask an intellectual effort of children who watch television and you will obtain no response. These children have the inability to concentrate and pay attention. They are insecure, superficial and fail to have a solid grasp of intellectual reasoning. Television watchers are filled with the illusion that they have great and vast knowledge. The young lose their innocence and simplicity. They live in an artificial world of sin, ugliness and stupidity. Irreparable harm is done to their intelligence and hearts. Your efforts and those of their teachers are rendered sterile.

Television is deadly poison to Family Life!

Your homes must be sanctuaries where GOD is honored, loved, and served and where parents watch vigilantly over the education of the children. Television is breaking up family life. It prevents conversation of parents and children. Television is the stranger in your home who has been given the place of honor that belongs to God and to you parents. There is no more family life, no more conversation, no more prayer, no more unity! The family is ruptured by the presence of television, which dictates its programs, its opinions and its garbage. GET RID OF IT, TODAY, tonight while the children are sleeping!

You will be surprised to see how much time you have to enjoy your family, how fast the level of conversation will rise and how docile your children will be to your authority.

Family prayer, morning and evening, and the family Rosary will once again take their rightful place of honor. The artificiality of life which goes on in front of the television kills the personality of everyone in the family and, thus, results in mediocrity, laziness, slavery to fashion and impurity. Catholic parents must not be party to such dehumanization and de-Christianization of their families.

Television is deadly poison to the education of your children!

Educate your children to the full exercise of their spiritual lives. A child’s interior life is the only thing that will arm him against the false maxims of the world. Help put him in touch with truth. Attract him to what is simple, good and beautiful. The home is a church in which dwells the Most Blessed Trinity. Not just anyone should be allowed to come inside. Not just anything may be said, no unfitting or vulgar music may be sung. The home is like a tabernacle, one enters and senses the need for respect; he is taken by a certain feeling of depth, and is sheltered from intellectual and moral degradation. To educate a child is to dare to choose for him the Life of Christ. Sin cannot withstand the presence of a good mother; irresponsibility is rebuked by the industry of a devoted father. Piety, purity, temperance and justice, prudence and courage and all other virtues blossom in the rich soil of a family faithful to God. From such homes, there goes forth a power like the Spirit of God to renew the face of the earth. In the ordinary realm of life, we do not hesitate to choose for our children what is necessary to safeguard their health. In the all-important realm of the child’s soul, we must not hesitate to instruct and demand that which is best for his soul. If our love for our children is true, we will be courageous to take the heroic steps necessary to secure their eternal salvation. Require your children to eat supper together with the family. Let them eat what is served to them. Set a time for studies and supervise their work. Demand of them Christian generosity toward you and their brothers and sisters! Insist upon physical efforts: walking, hiking, biking, tennis, swimming, etc. If they are lax, weak and wanting in energy, it is because they need lots of exercise. Throw out the make up and nail polish, what is needed is prayer, work and sacrifice.

Youth are made for heroism. The more you ask of your children, the happier they will be. Above all, never give up. Strive valiantly to provide for them a good example. Saintly parents beget saintly children. A sanctified family will grow into a sanctified community and a sanctified community will grow into a holy Nation. The Sacred Mass is the most important of all. The Mass teaches us the necessity of sacrifice, self-denial and service. Here at Holy Mass, we acknowledge God’s supreme dominion over us. The restoration of the Mass to its rightful place in society will turn the key that will open to the whole world a reconstructed social order. Frequent Mass and Holy Communion will be the foundation of every holy family. From such homes will spring champions in the cause of Christ and saints for His Church. Great is your opportunity, and great will be your reward!

By the Eucharist, you will perform miracles, cure souls, and bring back to the family and to God those who have strayed farthest from home! Restore the Family to Christ, through the Immaculate Heart of Mary! Pray your Daily Decade!

Restore the Family to Christ, through the Immaculate Heart of Mary! Pray your Daily Decade!

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