Weekly News Flash from the Universal Living Rosary Association of Saint Philomena, Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Dear Apostle of the Immaculate Heart of Mary,

Your passion and zeal for the Glory of God will be rewarded eternally! Through your gift to Our Lady, Her children are given the powerful means of Her protection and grace. But, even more than this, they are given a lively hope and strong confirmation that She does truly care about their suffering and needs and She loves them! God bless you!

I am sharing a secret, the most beautiful and joyful that was ever told. It is the secret of Divine Love. God shouts it from every mountaintop, over the breadth of the land, and across the vast waste of the seven seas, throughout all of creation! It is revealed convincingly on the Hill of Calvary. Upon every Altar, He proclaims it each day and from every Tabernacle, day and night, He repeats it for all who care to hear. Yet, Divine Love remains a secret because man does not understand its language. Hearing, men do not hear, and seeing they do not understand.

Beyond every ambition in this life, the one important thing is to know that God loves you and to return His Love. Moral principles are clear when stated in a book, but they fail to touch the heart, and it is the heart that controls human behavior. A man needs something simple and always ready at hand to repel the assaults of the world: the flesh and the devil. In the inner sanctuary of the heart, divine love is the all in all. The Saints were not mortified or humble, they simply loved God! Virtue is the outward expression of our interior love for God. Love is the only secret of the Saints, the secret of every life lived for God. Love acquires freshness and increasing delight the more it spends itself.

Make the love of God your heart’s primary goal. Do not let your sins or weakness discourage you. It is precisely because we are sinners and have such a great need for God, that He desires to come to us. Do not delay in seeking Him alone. Never be afraid to tell Jesus that you love Him. However, feeble your desires, however often you have betrayed Him by yielding to temptation, Christ cannot resist the cry of a heart that yearns for Him. His Mercy is without limit! Do not dwell on your sins. Flight from sin simply means flight to the arms of God. Satan and sin will lose its power over you. What matters is your desire and quest for Christ! “He who seeks Him has already found Him.” (St. Augustine)

We know perfectly well what is right, and yet we do that which is wrong. What greater act of humility is there than to seek humbly the forgiving love of Him whom we have offended? Will He reject our love? It is unthinkable that Jesus would not be moved to give His help to us. Our blind trust and unwavering confidence in the love of Christ give Him great glory. We must never doubt God’s Love for us. One personal act of love, whereby God is recognized as the Supreme Good, worthy of all love and gratitude, pleases Him greatly. Love must be tried by fire to bring out its purity and temper its strength, thus God sends to us suffering and storms of opposition. Love is courageous! Prayer is an exchange of love, the gift of self to God and God’s gift of Himself to the soul. We must begin with love, progress in love and end with love. Love is the Alpha and Omega of Christian life. To the very last split second of our mortal life, God’s Love and Mercy is at our beck and call. To ask is to receive pardon, with no strings attached. Freely, God gave His Love to us and, freely, we must return that love to Him. Fear nothing in life so much, as to despise God’s Love.

My God, I love Thee!
Patti Melvin

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