Weekly News Flash from the Universal Living Rosary Association of Saint Philomena, Wednesday, June 6, 2012

SPEAK MOTHER, your child is listening!

Beloved child, my aim is to transform you into Jesus. I will help you think, love, will, speak and act as He did, not only on the outside, but more importantly within your soul. What I have done for all the Saints, let me do for you through your humble acceptance of my mission and your docility to my direction. In order for this transformation to begin, you must set aside a minimum of ten minutes every day to make your spiritual reading. However brief be the time, NEVER fail to perform this daily exercise. It will nourish your soul. Contemplate Jesus and then contemplate yourself. How far, then, are you from speaking, loving and thinking as He does? Speak to Him face to face, directly, and without any set formula of prayer. BELIEVE! If Jesus has said a certain thing in the Gospels, the matter is settled! You need look no further for proof or explanation. Love the Truth! Let no pretext whatsoever prevent you from keeping this resolution.


Knowing the thoughts of Jesus is not sufficient to make you immediately live His life. You must seek to conquer those enemies that oppose the life of Jesus within you. YOU CANNOT SERVE TWO MASTERS … If your worldly tendencies rule your life, Jesus cannot be your King. What is your ruling passion – vanity, pride, touchiness, ambition, envy, sensuality, laziness, egoism…? Be very sincere about your examination. Always beg for light from above!

“He must increase, I must decrease!”

Make your daily examination of conscience, considering carefully what Our Lord Jesus Christ might have thought, felt or done in your place. Through intimate conversation with Jesus, discover ways where-by you can overcome self and obtain His likeness. Arrange brief pauses during the day to get in touch with your soul. Through little ejaculations and acts of love – ‘motions of the heart’, you will develop a habit which will become for your soul its very breath:

My God, I love Thee!
All for Thee, My Jesus, through Mary!
My Jesus, mercy,
Mary, help me!

Your generosity with God is the measure of your love. Without sacrifice, there is no gratitude; without sacrifice, there is no love. Renounce yourself in EVERYTHING so that Jesus may reign in your heart. Give Him not only all that He demands, but all that pleases Him. You must be an apostle and seize every opportunity to reach souls. May the spectacle of Calvary haunt you and pursue relentlessly! May the cry of the dying Christ and the sighs of your suffering Mother resound day and night in your ears! Place yourself next to me at the foot of the Cross and look at Jesus Crucified! See His Body trembling under those frightful tortures. Is He shedding His Blood in vain? “Woman, behold thy son; Son, behold thy Mother!” It is to me and to you that He speaks. He will aid you to save your children – children, who without your help, will be lost for all eternity. Listen again…

“I thirst! I thirst in My Body; I thirst above all in My Heart!
Will he who replaces Me at My Mother’s side, give Me the souls for which I crave!”

There can be no success without prayer. Supernatural achievements are the fruit of grace and grace is the flower of prayer. Through the use of the fruits of your Redemption, prayer has been given the power to replace action whenever the action is not possible; Spiritual Communion when the Sacramental is not possible, Baptism of desire when Baptism by water is impossible, and even the life-giving act of perfect contrition in the absence of a priest. You must base your hope on God to whom you pray and not upon your own skill and persuasive power. Reach out for prayers from all of the monasteries and convents of contemplatives, the humble and the suffering. Pray for your Bishop, Priests and Religious, and pray for all missionaries before you begin your actions, pray when difficulties arise, pray when you succeed and pray when you fail. Pray and never stop praying! All of you realize that suffering plays a key role in saving souls. Look courageously at the crosses that face you. To an apostle who is taking on generous sacrifices for God, many trials will come: sickness, poverty, dryness, darkness and, often, blatant persecution. If these crosses are accepted with faith, humility and love, they will purify you of all self-seeking, reveal to you your absolute incapacity, make you cast yourself into the arms of God and thus render your efforts more fruitful. The most purifying crosses, by far, are those inflicted through the ignorance, the stupidity, and the malice of men. Do not be surprised if the devil tries to ruin your work. When he attacks my soldiers, he is really attacking me. Keep up your confidence and courage. I have crushed his head and will continue to do so FOREVER!


Union with others who have the same apostolic aspirations as yourself will do more than inflame the zeal of all those united; Your zeal will be singularly strong! When you work with another, you will become not twice but ten times as powerful. By your close union formed under my banner, you will be invincible. All those enrolled in sodalities must realize that they constitute never merely a devotional association but a militia in my name that is predestined to crush the head of Satan. They will secure the most brilliant victories.

The enemies of Christ are divided on all points of doctrine; they are united only to attack the Church. Catholics are united on all points of doctrine; yet, they are divided only when they defend the Church. At the time, Satan finds Christians so zealous in the service of God that they are unlikely to succumb to his temptations against faith or purity, he inspires them with opposing apostolic methods and then instead of fighting him they are fighting one another. Have you never observed that, in the time of war, the victorious nation is the one whose soldiers and officers set aside their own personal views and cooperate faithfully in some general plan of campaign regardless of its superiority? In all the conquests of the Church, the troops, which enjoyed the greatest success, were those religious groups faithful to their vow of obedience and who followed with perfect docility the direction of their leaders.

There is no Strength without Union and no Union without Sacrifice!

Have you holy envy of another’s success in this battle for souls? Are their efforts crowned with more glitter than yours, do they draw in more souls? Are they given more recognition? Has the ugly head of “self” reared up in your heart? Do you give way to feelings of disregard for others? Do you seek to cause their demise by forcing people to make a choice between you and them? OH, NO!

You have become my apostle to bring Christ to souls and all souls to Christ. I am the way that leads to Christ; it is I who gave Christ to the world. It is my Son Who has so willed it. Through His Church, His Mystical Body animated with His Spirit, He never stops preaching me and teaching all souls that the most natural and effective way to find Him is to come by the way of the Mother.

When you are faced with your limitations, you must have recourse to the practice of offering to God the good works of others. This constitutes the glorious joy of the Communion of Saints. You must never grieve over your powerlessness; rather you must apply yourselves to the science of love. You know that the love uniting all the Elect in Heaven is so great and so pure that the happiness and merit of each individual Saint belongs to us all. You must develop the habit of offering to God all the good done by every Association united in this battle for souls and, at once, becomes your own!


“Follow My example and trust in My Mother. She is all-powerful. Have I not made My Mother the dispenser of all Graces? Is she not able to give all she wishes, to whom she wishes and at any time she wishes? Have confidence! She is goodness itself! I entrusted Myself to My Mother for the accomplishment of My mission. She stood at the Foot of the Cross believing when everyone else hesitated; It is in her that My work of redemption is a total success; My Mother is My supreme triumph! Honor her in My Name and in your own. Honor her for those who do not honor her; for pagans who have no knowledge of her, for heretics who blaspheme her, for bad Christians who fail to pray to her, for consecrated souls who show themselves lukewarm in her service. Honor her to the limit of your power for she is beyond all praise. Honor her with no fear of excess. You will never honor her as much as I did, nor so much as I wish her to be honored.”

Taken from “MY IDEAL” by E. Neubert SM, 1946

Imprimatur Potest: Peter Resch SM
Nihil Obstat: William Drum / Imprimatur + Joseph Ritter

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