Weekly News Flash from the Universal Living Rosary Association of Saint Philomena, Wednesday, June 27, 2012


“This is why I was born and why I have come into the world to bear Witness to the Truth.”

Christ is Our King. The adorer who enters a Catholic church goes down upon his knee in a royal salute that we call a genuflection. Christ is enthroned in the monstrance at each benediction and exposition of the Blessed Sacrament. Christ is a King of Mercy and Love. He does not force our obedience, He solicits it; He does not command our service, He begs it; He does not thrust Himself upon His subjects, He asks their love and devotion. He is a King of free subjects, a monarch of willing men and women, a ruler who woos and wins and holds by the power of His generosity and unselfish love. He offers each of us a daily audience. He remains in our company as long as we will permit Him. Political slavery begins with spiritual slavery, and it cannot be achieved so long as men remember their Divine King, and live by His law. Never before have we needed Christ the King, as we need Him today!

The Royal Campaign

Christ’s entire Life was a Campaign to establish His Father’s Kingdom upon earth. Man has watched leaders rise, make sweeping promises, guarantee great reforms, only to see them end in sad collapse. Power breeds tyranny and greatness degenerates into cruelty. Laws have been made not to govern but to bind victims in slavery. Christ’s Kingdom would be one of Peace and Love, in which the King would be Father and Savior, the citizens – brother and sisters, and the only chains would be those which bind the deadly enemy to hell and render him powerless to make war upon the children of God. The crowning battle in the Campaign of the Life of Christ appeared to be a crushing defeat! Death was swallowed up in victory and the Cross once a symbol of shame, has become the banner of endless conquests. Christ did not wish to fight His war alone, win His victories unaided, and establish a Kingdom in which He would play the only part. That is why, He stretched out His Arms in the great invitation, “Come, Follow Me!”

Christ came to drive out man’s only real enemy: SIN! He would not crush those who seek to destroy the soul, He would manifest to them His sweetness and His truth. To men who sought death, He would give life. The call of Our King is gloriously challenging. To make certain the victory, He gave His companions the assurance of His presence. He arranged to be on the battlefield, to be in the vanguard of His marching armies. On the front line, the Tabernacle is His mobile tent. He never ever cries, “GO!” He always cries, “COME!” He leads, He does not send; He goes first; All others follow after Him!

Christ the King reaches out to the strong, but it is the weak who seem to answer. His truth flashes before the clever, but the simple accept it most eagerly. His invitation goes out to all, but those who love the world too much, prefer the world to the God Who made the world! Too many friends of God are lazy while His enemies have the energy of the devils themselves. Those who claim to be on God’s side do halfheartedly what God’s opponents do to the full bent of their twisted souls. We who love the Eucharistic Christ and profess to serve the King of Kings have a decision to make: With how much energy and devotion shall we advance His Kingdom, fight His battles, win His victories and give ourselves to His cause?

Our Part In The Royal Campaign

To some of the great saints is given the privileged honor of playing a spectacular role in the Royal Campaign: St. Peter, St. Paul, St. Patrick, St. Benedict. But, for most of us, the role in Christ’s Campaign will be a simple one, unnoticed and completely without external glamour – yet important beyond measure! We will do small deeds, accomplish small achievements, have endlessly ordinary days and, in small ways, we will play a vital, significant and important part in Christ’s Campaign. In God’s plan, man presides over his world of self, as master and ruler. He wields the scepter of his free will and is guided by his conscience. He may follow God’s laws or disregard them. Indeed, God Himself cannot come into his soul unless he, the master, invites Him! Man is able to bar God from His world, drive Him out and reject His ambassadors. By the providence of God, each man is supreme within his own kingdom. He may rule it well or rule it tragically. He may serve the King of Kings or kneel before Lucifer. The first of all conquests for man is the conquest of his own individual soul, which is the most important of all worlds. The universe as a whole is made up of individual souls. Mankind does not exist; there exist only individual men and women. There is no mob; there are only men and women who make up the mob. Humanity is an abstraction that cannot be saved; only this man and that woman and all the individual people can be saved. God did not die for an abstraction, but for you and me, and for every individual soul. God cannot take over souls by divine decree; He must wait until they freely surrender to Him. “Behold, I stand at the door and knock,” He cries. Until the door is opened by the dweller in the house, God cannot enter. God must wait patiently for our decision to swing wide the gates of our little world to Him. Christ Our King will conquer by love, not by force!

We are wise to forget universal conquest for the moment and think rather of the conquest of that little world which is the one that God loves and Christ seeks. We may not be able to give China and India to the provinces of His Empire; but we can give Him our soul, surrender to Him the small world that is bounded by our bodies and our influence. In gratifying reassuring truth, this is the world His Heart craves. God has placed in our hands a sector of the wider world and has asked us to administer it for Him and for His children. We are to be good stewards. For husband and wife, the home; for the student, the classroom; for the storekeeper, his shop and for the doctor, the patients’ bedside. Each of us is a steward of his briefly loaned goods. Each individual has a double function: As king of his own little world, he must open that world to Christ and, as he finds himself entrusted with the care of others, he must radiate Christ to them. Whether our part in Christ’s Campaign to establish His Father’s Kingdom of peace and happiness upon earth, is spectacular or routine, it is a vital part that depends solely upon us and our co-operation with God. We can surrender our world to Christ or we can hand it over to the devil.

Our consecration to Jesus and Mary is a haven of escape from sin, and a royal highway of advance in virtue: a ladder of ascent and a key to Heaven. It is by our consecration to the Immaculate Heart of Mary that peace will come to the world, Russia will be converted and the final dogma of Mary Mediatrix and Co-Redemptrix will be formally pronounced by the Holy Father and all the Bishops and Cardinals united with him. Modern heresies will be crushed and the Church will Triumph. In 1948, Pius XII called for the consecration of ALL: a universal consecration to the Immaculate Heart of Mary. Consecration is a total gift of self, for one’s whole life, for all time and eternity, a pledge to live an intensely Marian life. Pope Pius XII again consecrated the Church and the whole world with special reference to Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary on July 2, 1952. He then instituted the new feast of the Immaculate Heart of Mary to “forever commemorate that solemn consecration.”

The Holy Father exhorts us to follow Him, by consecrating ourselves individually to the Heart of Mary, making the consecration in our family, in our parish, in our diocese and in our country. Let everyone be consecrated to the Immaculate Heart of Mary and live that consecration. This is the most powerful preparation we can make for the great day when, “the Holy Father will consecrate Russia to Mary’s Immaculate Heart and peace will be given to the world.” Let us not look from afar and say, ‘if only the Holy Father would do this, if only the Bishops would do it.’ Can we not see that this type of thinking leads us to inaction and apathy? I cannot speak for the world but, individually and firmly, I can make that life-time commitment to Mary to belong entirely to Her and to become like Her so that, filled with Christ, I can pour forth Christ upon the world. I alone can completely and utterly surrender my heart to the Heart of Mary, since I alone am ultimately in command of myself and all my acts. We consecrate ourselves not because we are perfect, but to become perfect.

The Heart of Mary is a Heart of Love:

The Heart of the Mother of God!

Our Lady’s ultimate mission is to give souls to Jesus and Jesus to souls. In every authentic apparition, Our Lady asks for the building of a Church, for pilgrimage and Eucharistic Adoration. This is Her ultimate mission to lead souls to Jesus, to the Eucharist and to the Confessional. Wherever we find true devotion to the Heart of Mary, there we find true love of God. Mary is the Paradise of God, and the unspeakable world, into which the Son of God came to work His wonders. No prayer of ours ever reaches the ear of God, unless whispered by Our Mother Mediatrix; and no divine response is given to our prayers, except through the Dispensatrix of His every gift! Every grace that comes to us passes directly through the Heart of Mary. The scepter of Her rule is love, for She never ceases to be Our Mother while reigning in the splendor of a Queen. There is no surer way or easier way than Mary, for uniting men with Christ and obtaining through Him that grace which makes us holy in the sight of God. She alone has destroyed all heresies. We undertake, by the Queen’s Command and under Her direction, the conquest of all souls for Christ:

To live WITH Mary’s Heart!

To live IN Mary’s Heart!

To live THROUGH Mary’s Heart!

To live FOR Mary’s Heart!

Of Mary, there is never enough! Living our consecration means becoming zealous apostles of the Queen of Apostles and using every ounce of our energy, ability and ingenuity for conquest in the cause of Her, who crushed the serpent’s head. The consecrated apostles of Mary’s Heart of Love can know no rest until that hour of triumph; and to this end, they take their place in the battle ranks of Her Legion and the armies of Her Ambassadors.

With Mary, EVERYTHING! Without Mary, NOTHING!


To come close to Her, to become like Her, to permit Her to reign over our hearts and our whole being, that She live and act in us and through us, that She love God with our hearts, and we belong to Her unreservedly: THIS IS OUR IDEAL! To influence those who surround us in order that the hearts of our neighbors might also be open, so that She might be Queen in the hearts of all men wherever they are in the world, without regard for the difference of race, nationality or language: THIS IS OUR IDEAL! That Her life might grow deeper in us from day to day, from hour to hour, from moment to moment, and without any limits: THIS IS OUR IDEAL!


Dear Apostles of the Living Rosary,

We come today to crystalize our goals and to seek new ways to increase our numbers. The hour is late!

The principle of our labors is to bring the Immaculate Heart of Mary to every individual, that She may form them into Jesus Christ for the glory of God, in time and throughout all Eternity. This is done in a singular way and magnificently through the Daily Decade each member carries, united throughout the world and offered for the Triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary. The Decade is the very heart of this devotion and is to be prayed each and every day. It is not necessary to have a Rosary, for it is the prayer which is the powerhouse and fire of charity of the Living Rosary. This devotion is suited to all peoples of the world and there is never any reason for special legislation to the particular circumstances of an individual. Material help is not our mission. Even Sacramental help is not our mission. We are a furnace of prayer, an inferno of charity!

The Petit Manual of the Living Rosary outlines the authentic organization. Any variation from this Manual means departure from authenticity. We go forward to prepare the way for the Reign of Jesus Christ through the Immaculate Heart of Mary, using the Holy Rosary, the most effective weapon given to mankind, not to radiate ourselves!

After founding the Propagation of the Faith, Pauline retired for three years to pray and meditate. During this time, the inspiration for the Living Rosary, a great movement of prayer, took shape in her soul. Her desire was to save France from the ravages of the Revolution and to unite all Christians in a colossal army of prayer. The plan was practical, simple, possible for all and a total success:


The Propagation of the Faith and the Living Rosary were the two greatest works of the Church in the 19th Century! Following the original guidelines laid down by Venerable Pauline Jaricot, the Living Rosary is organized for quick and efficient growth, protected against disunity, and secure against the pride of souls who would dismantle and destroy its heart.

The Association of the Living Rosary is highly indulgenced and, with each new member enrolled, the graces and merits of all the members are greatly increased. Pauline likened the fifteen members as coals one would use to build a fire. Five coals are cold and have only good will, five coals are lukewarm and have little zeal and five coals are on fire with love of God and zeal for the Faith. Put them all together, and you have a furnace of charity, a great inferno circling the world, powerfully wielding the greatest tool given to us in these latter days for the conversion of sinners, the preservation of the Faith in our own country and the propagation of the Faith throughout the whole universe. Our goal is the establishment of the Reign of Christ the King through the Immaculate Heart of Mary. Though we are many, we become ONE! Each member makes the contribution of his own Decade to the Decades of all the other members, thus each one gains the graces and merits of over TWELVE Million Rosaries being offered each and every day by the Associates. This is the power of “ASSOCIATION,” the gold of the Living Rosary! This is the great inferno, the Living Breath of the Holy Ghost!

Let everyone take up his Daily Decade! Let us beg the Immaculate Heart of Mary, to make our faith courageous; then, filled with firmness of spirit, we will cast aside all fear.

“O Mary, let us never submit to timidity or yield to human respect! When failure comes, let us be resilient! When the powers of hell rage around us, let us hold fast, for God is with us! Against the falsehoods of the world, may we be faithful and true. May our courage be intrepid, valiant and heroic! Let us keep vigil at the foot of the Cross of Calvary, united with the Sorrowful and Immaculate Heart of Mary, in life and at the hour of our death!”

We must strive to make our soul a City of the Immaculate! Let us spare no sacrifice to give Our Lady to souls and souls to Our Lady! God gives His graces through the Immaculate Heart of Mary! This grace is life itself to the soul and, so, our mission is life-giving and absolutely vital!!! St. Philomena is the New Light of the Church Militant and how badly we need her heroic charity, humility, purity and obedience to all that is the Will of God.

May God and His Blessed Mother be with you in everything you do, always and forever! Daily, you are remembered in our prayers.

Time is very short now, we must …


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