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“May the Hand of My Father bless you, who have loved Me and wept over My Passion!
I Welcome You! Come Ye Blessed of My Father!”

Let us become like unto JESUS CRUCIFIED, hiding ourselves in His Sacred Wounds, bathing ourselves in His Precious Blood, loading upon ourselves the humiliation of suffering for the love of Jesus Crucified. Here is the victory of God; that there are souls in this world who accept, ney, even desire sufferings, victims who offer Him their hearts and their lives that Reparation may be made for the sins which have crucified Him. Emptied of self, they are filled with Christ!

The world will be saved only when there are a sufficient number of souls devoted to Reparation and not before! Christ came upon earth to make Reparation and for no other reason! He came to repair His Divine work which sin had ruined to restore to man his supernatural life; to compensate by His merits for the insult offered to His Father in the Garden of Eden, which is every day renewed and multiplied. He came to expiate by His sufferings the selfishness and pride of mankind. Our dear Lord could have accomplished this work of Reparation alone, but He chose to associate each one of us, every Christian, with it. He is our Head and we are His living members who, in virtue of His Sacrifice, possess a divine life. He is the Christ; we Christians, each of us are ~ Alter Christus ~ other Christs. At the Offertory of the Holy Mass, the priest pours wine into the chalice. Then, under pain of mortal sin, he has to add a few drops of water. Thus, Our Lord’s role and ours are symbolized. The wine alone would suffice for the validity of the Consecration; nevertheless, the drops of water must be added which, by the effect of the Divine words of Consecration, are changed into His Precious Blood. Our infinitesimal gift of self thus becomes divine in virtue of the power communicated to it by God.

We remain almost ignorant of our greatness as Christians if we have no knowledge of our obligation to take part in Our Savior’s work of Redemption. If we shirk our duty of Reparation, we cannot be united with Christ in His mission. To be a Christian is to be a savior, a victim! It is not possible to be a true Christian and at the same time strive to lead a comfortable life. We cannot partake in all the goods and pleasures that life has to offer and leave the laborious task of cooperating with Christ in redeeming the world to others. NO! NO! Such a program would be incompatible with the Gospel of Our Divine Master.


FIRSTLY, Reparation must be made in union with Christ.

SECONDLY, Reparation must be made AS HE WILLS IT ~By SUFFERING!
Are there two Christs;
A Crucified Christ and a restful Christ?

Saint Paul did not preach two Christs. He knew of only One, “CHRIST CRUCIFIED”. Men have changed since Saint Paul’s time. Now they know of two. The first Christ, the suffering One, did not suffice for them so they invented another one ~ a christ without a cross, without the doctrine of suffering, a christ without two beams which cast a disquieting impressive shadow, a christ whose demands are easily met:

“Live as you please, do as you wish!
Give me the alms of your dying breath and I promise you a happy Eternity!”

THERE IS NO SUCH CHRIST! The disciple is not greater than his Master. If we wish Him to triumph, we must fight with Him! Looking at the Cross, we must see something more than the wood. There is ONE nailed to those beams. We say: ‘the Crucifix’, but we are wrong, for we name a thing. We must say, “The Crucified”, the Person of Christ, Who is both Divine and Human!

“What! Is it Thou, My God, Who hangest There? Wilt Thou that we save the world together? Dost Thou think I can? A living victim with Thee, O Lord! Ah, Yes, with all my Heart, Take Me!”

We must deny ourselves and embrace the cross with both hands: nothing less will avail. O Heart, symbol of Christ’s Passion of Body and Soul, who would not venerate and love Thee? The Holy Sanctuary of His Heart, where Jesus continually renews His Sacrifice, shall likewise be mine: there I will offer my humble share in His work of Redemption. The whole Life of Christ is one prolonged “ECCE,” one unceasing ratification of the immolation of His first day. Mary’s entire life was an “ECCE” in imitation of Her Divine Son. When the meaning of our Eucharistic life is truly grasped, victim-hood and self-immolation must be embraced. Never has GOD’S Name been so blasphemed, nor has His Will been treated with such contempt!

Love of pleasure reigns universally supreme. Huge sums of money are spent on theaters, cinemas, drinking, concerts, sumptuous dining, spas and health enhancement; all the while, we are in the throes of war and men are starving by the hundreds of millions. WE LACK APOSTLES! True devotion means loving souls so ardently that we go in pursuit of them without waiting for them to come to us and without any thought of looking for their love or gratitude. The source of Divine Grace is ever within our reach, ready to gush forth in living streams, to cleanse men from sin, purify their conscience, give sight to the blind, to heal the leper and the paralytic. Yet, as at the Pool of Bethsaida, volunteers are needed to bring God’s assistance to the misery of mankind.

Today, many are so near-sighted that they pass through life blind to the sights which surround them. Their thought is upon themselves. In the midst of a world hurling to its destruction, they have no thought of the millions of unhappy beings around them, creatures who are enslaved by wretchedness, doubts and want of God. Lukewarm and indifferent, they fill the world with nothing beyond vanity and attend-ing to pleasure. Everywhere the glutton is seen. He has no fear of death, nor does he concern himself unduly with the mystery of life. The monastic life has almost disappeared to give place to a free and open life, active and fruitful, which parades as progress for mankind. The Crucifix is relegated to the rubbish heap! Do we not hear that there are no absolutes, that all truth which does not spring from man is error? God sees all this: He hears all this! For whom do we take God! In vain, do men assert God is nothing! Degraded mankind insults God and denies His very existence but it is powerless to injure the Most High.

GOD is GOD! All those who would put out the stars and deny the supernatural are powerless.
God exists ~ Eternally!

He has His rights. God will not suffer man to treat Him as an outcast with impunity. If God cannot find enough souls to counterbalance all these insults, what may we not expect! We MUST be not only FAITHFUL souls, but GENEROUS souls

Suffering alone will not suffice. Suffering must be embraced with all our heart, out of love for God. Each of us must have the will of a martyr. Our blood, too, must be poured out. Not perhaps on the battlefield or in the arena, but it must be shed in our DAILY DUTY of striving after holiness and for the restoration of humanity in Christ. It must be given, drop by drop, by the daily sacrifices ~¬ often trivial and yet so meritorious ~ of an existence spent wholly for God.


Sin ruins souls! The holiness of prayer and penance saves souls and Nations. As we look around us, do we deplore the conditions we see? Yet, we must ask ourselves, how responsible are we for the present state of affairs? Do we find in our lives, in any degree, that we are responsible for the conditions in the world today? We cannot be like Pilate and wash our hands of it, declaring that we are in no way to blame for these evils. Do we understand the reverberating effect of our sins ~ personal and public? Had there been ten just men in Sodom and Gomorrah, these two cities would not have perished by fire. It is the sins of individuals, which bring down upon a people calamity far oftener than we imagine. Do not look out, LOOK WITHIN! One single mortal sin, in itself, is sufficient to cause God to send a great calamity that would destroy the earth. There is only one evil upon earth: SIN. Truly, the enemy is not Osama Bin Laden or terrorism, the enemy is SIN. The remedy for the calamity of today is LOVE: love of God and Reparation for the love of God! The rebellion of mankind against its Creator and Savior is a lie, which resonates from the very vault of the Heavens: “I WILL NOT SERVE!”

By Reparation, one just soul can obtain the pardon of a thousand sinners. If we care about Holy Mother the Church, our families and our Nation, our first duty is to lead an exemplary life and to avoid those deeds which God, in His Justice, cannot help but punish. We must always be faithful in prayer and suffering to make progress in holiness. Every Christian must make Reparation. If he avoids this obligation, the whole Christian body, all civilized society, an entire nation, and the whole world, may have to expiate his indifference. God grants him the grace to perform this Reparation out of LOVE. The Holy Spirit is betrayed at every moment. Holy Mother the Church is blasphemed every hour of the day ~ openly, shamelessly and cunningly. How much longer will we remain silent? DON’T WE SEE? They are gaining ground!

Will we let them swallow us alive? Do we not love our MOTHER THE CHURCH? One with Christ upon the Cross, like hidden springs of water, victim souls work secretly and silently. Their hidden virtues spread fertility all round. Everywhere, in every rank, God has His chosen souls. Whence do these noble souls spring? They are the drops of blood of a noble race, the voice of living traditions of the old Catholic stock, the moral wealth of an Organism which is steeped in the purest and most virile Christianity.

Love for love, life for life, blood for blood, offering for offering: all is one between us. I will be humble for the proud; weep for sinners who laugh, and give to Thee my whole soul for those who reject Thee. Thou hast given all, my Lord! Thou hast suffered all! Let me suffer! The road by which You came to us is the road by which I will be carried to Thee. There is no more powerful prayer than suffering, it purifies and lifts up the soul. The secret of the King is my strength of soul, my key to Heaven! To be a victim with the Victim, a victim for the Victim, this must sum up my entire life. The catacombs were more to be feared than the Forum. Thus, it is in our day, those who suffer and expiate in the catacombs of the 21st Century are the first and foremost active laborers to restore the Throne of Christ the King on earth as it is in Heaven. IF WE LOVE GOD, WE MUST SUFFER!

The very best crosses are those which we do not choose for ourselves: the crosses found at home and in our work place. These are always to be preferred to hair-shirts, disciplines and fasts. Let us humble ourselves and embrace with love those crosses which are imposed upon us against our will.

To Be a Victim! What Folly! NO! What supreme wisdom! O, How few there are who understand the sublimity and grace of this state! The doctrine of Reparation forms the basis of all true interior life. I must atone by the tears of my heart through fidelity, patience, deep piety and love. If I cannot be the priest who sacrifices nor the victim, I can be the dead wood that is burnt by another and destroyed for the GLORY OF GOD – A HOLOCAUST!

Have I the Courage? Have I the Faith? Have I the Generosity? Have I the Love!


O Mother of Sorrows, given to us from the Cross to be Our Mother, thou who didst behold the Drops of the Most Precious Blood of Jesus falling to the ground, remember the sorrow which overwhelmed thee as the waves of the sea, and which far exceeded any sorrow ever borne by a creature upon earth. Now, that it is well with thee, having entered into your joy sitting at the right Hand of your Divine Son forever more, remember to speak well for us, your sorrowful children, who yet wander in this vale of tears.

Mother of Sorrows, plead for us with the Eternal Father, intercede for us with thy Divine Son, pray for us to the Holy Spirit that, after our time of penance upon earth, we may behold the glorious Face of Jesus Christ, thy Son, and dwell with Him forever in Eternal Joy. Amen.

Imprimi Potest, Nihil Obstat Imprimatur + Georgius Cardinalis Mundelein 1931

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