Weekly News Flash from the Universal Living Rosary Association of Saint Philomena, Wednesday, August 29, 2012

(I Cor. 3-18)

It is the Holy Ghost Who creates, renews the face of the earth, works miracles of grace and, by His power, raises the bodies of the dead. The Holy Spirit comes forth to complete, beautify and sanctify the whole of creation. The Paraclete takes up the work of the ascended Christ and brings all His teaching into fruitful light. His mighty operations apply the Precious Blood of Calvary and complete the Redemption. He that rejects Him shall find no comfort. He who grieves Him shall be eternally lost. How happy we are to bear the Paraclete within us, and how sacred is the heart wherein He dwells!

Where the Holy Spirit dwells, where He works the grace of a new birth and unites the members of the fallen Adam to the humanity of the Son of God, there must be true life ~ life of the Deity. If this vitality of the Church proceeds from the breath of God and depends upon His continual presence, it cannot fail… It is everlasting!

If the Church be the Temple of God by reason of the Holy Spirit dwelling within Her, then, by necessity, all who are Her members are, likewise, tabernacles of the Holy Ghost. The body, therefore, which the Holy Spirit animates must partake of His Holiness. “If any man violates the Temple of God, him shall God destroy. For the Temple of God is holy, which you are.” ( I Cor. 3 –17 )

ALL THE SACRAMENTS are sensible signs of the action of the Holy Ghost giving grace to the soul: Water in Baptism, holy chrism and imposition of hands in Confirmation, anointing of the sick with oil in Extreme Unction, and so on. The material element of the Sacraments was implemented by Christ in their administration because human beings are composed of body and soul. The person receiving the holy Sacrament knows that he is doing so, and must believe in the interior effect of the outward sign.

A Sacrament cannot be given to a DEAD PERSON nor can it be administered REMOTELY! The minister must be near the recipient so that they are in immediate, sensible contact.

Through the Incarnation, the Son of God became man. He did not become a human person, but a divine Person, with a human nature, united to the Father and the Holy Ghost in the infinite Godhead. The Resurrection of His Body is very much a part of the REDEMPTIVE MYSTERY and TRIUMPH. For this very reason, we must recognize the entire Biblical tradition regarding the reverence toward the dead, the thoughtful burial of their bodies, and the continued remembrance of their burial place as a preparation and presage of the burial of Christ.

The burial of a body as an act of reverence is as much a part of the tradition of the people of God, as the burning of the body is a part of the Pagan tradition. The children of Israel carried the bones of the Patriarch Joseph with them out of Egypt and into the Promised Land forty years later. Anyone who has his body burned positively departs from the BIBLICAL and CHRISTIAN tradition. It should be made clear that cremation is a pagan act! It is an unspoken rejection of the Doctrine of the Resurrection of the Body, whether the person realizes this or not.

As partakers of God’s nature, we are given a divine dimension by the fact of our Baptism through Sanctifying Grace. Through this Grace, we are engrafted mystically into the sacred humanity of Christ, our Savior and Redeemer, as is written to the Galatians: “For you are all the CHILDREN of God, by faith in Jesus Christ.” (Gal.3:26) Through this union with Jesus Christ, our souls are eternally transformed, marked and empowered, so that we are no longer human beings but “Christians”. By Baptism, we become adopted children of God, heirs of all that Christ gained for us by His PASSION, DEATH and RESURRECTION; we also become temples of God (1 Cor.3:16), bearers of the Most Blessed Trinity, visible members of Christ, our Mystical Head to quote Saint Paul: ONE BODY, ONE SPIRIT!

For this very reason, Christians learn a demeanor which is rigid and outstanding, one that separates him from the world. The physical deportment of a true Christian sets him apart from the rest of the world: his modesty, his dress, his demeanor, his whole manner and the value he places on material and passing things. He is a sinner very much in need of mercy; hence, he must live in a posture of humility, penitence and love. He has received a divine dignity, which requires that his conduct be imitative of Christ.

Let us suppose the Blessed Virgin Mary had taken steps, once the Sacred Body of her Crucified Son was taken down from the Cross, to have Him cremated, so that she might keep His ashes with her always. The thought is blasphemous. Hardly less should Catholics have their bodies burned up.

Cremation is a disturbing trend among modern Catholics!

Christ was to rise again from the dead, and so are all those baptized in Christ to rise from the dead. And, on that final day, each will be confirmed in the Spirit for all Eternity. We always surround, with reverence, the burial of our loved ones as a sign of our respect for that person, our faith in the Resurrection but, especially, because his body was a temple of the Holy Spirit and a vessel of grace, which will live eternally.

At the death of a loved one, all gather around his body with the priest at the head to beg God’s mercy upon his soul. We are all guilty of venial sins and each one must be totally repaired by prayer, sacrifice and Holy Masses. The doctrine of Purgatory is very clear. At the funeral Mass of each Catholic, the priest escorts him into the Church making a plea for his eternal rest. Saint Paul refers to death as one being asleep. At the Second Coming, those who have gone to Heaven will form Christ’s great entourage, as He comes to judge all men.

For the life of the faithful, O Lord, is altered, not taken away!

The true Christian ponders the Scriptural promise that the bodies of the dead of the saints will be raised up to incorruption. To be sure, God can raise the ashes of the cremated to life and will do so, for God can do all things. But cremation most certainly is not pleasing to Him, as it is contrary to the tradition of redemption.

Grant, we beseech Thee, O Lord, that in the hour of our death, we may be refreshed by Thy Holy Sacraments and delivered from all guilt, and so deserve to be received with joy into the Arms of Thy Mercy, through Christ Our Lord. Amen. (3 years indulgence)



Every speck of it is of infinite worth; for with its tiniest particle, man can buy Heaven! Any split second is wealth enough to purchase an Eternity of Bliss!

TIME is a commodity we waste with all of the recklessness of a sailor who squanders his money on a drunken shore leave. TIME is a commodity for which we hunger and crave like a half starved beggar. Few of us realize that no matter how pressed we are for TIME, we always have enough of it to achieve man’s only purpose for existence and life’s one ultimate goal; for we have the present moment; and that is all the time in the world.

Every tick of time comes from Him, Who is timeless. God made you to be happy in time and throughout all eternity. But, none can be genuinely happy unless he takes “HIS TIME” and does with it what God desires. He gives you time that, like Christ, with it, through it and in it, you may help Omnipotence discharge one of His eternal decrees. You have this passing NOW of time that you may help God carry out His Plan. The hour has struck for you to assist the Infinite in the governance of the universe. Once you realize that, you can TRULY tell time.

Think what a Christian meant to St. Paul and the men of his times, and what it means to the men of ours. In those days of long ago, the pagans had no difficulty recognizing Christians. “Behold, how these Christians love one another!” was no mere rhetorical expression. Today, how do we Christians stand out, in any way, from the pagans around us?

If we do not find God, it is not because He is too far away, but because He is too near! For the Triune God is in us by His Wisdom, His Goodness and His Power. God is thinking of you NOW! God is willing you NOW! GOD is working in you NOW!

Were God to forget us for the slightest tick of time, we would cease to be. We are, because HE is. Ours is a living God! Ours is a living Faith! Too often the truths of our Faith about God are allowed to be dead. Providence is a truth that throbs with love and life for each of us personally. Literally, it enfolds us in a paternal embrace and keeps our tiny human hearts beating against the great Heart of God.

Christ is the LIGHT of the World…
We are HIS members! We then must be Flames in that Light!

By Baptism, men are made “the Flesh of Christ” as Pope Leo the Great taught. God is not only watching you right now, He is working in you. What does God require of you? That you do His WILL! Grasp this truth and hold it to your heart: Nothing, absolutely nothing, happens in this universe, but by the Will of God or His permission! We know that God is Good. In all truth, He alone is good! Hence, there must be a vital purpose, an infinitely wise and good purpose, for whatever He sees fit to will or permit. God’s Law is written into our beings and obedience to this Law gives us the greatest liberty! It leads us to the accomplishment of “CHRISTHOOD!” The fate of the immediate future, which unquestionably will spell the fate of the world, lies in Catholic laborers. If they “baptize” their work and their world, mankind is saved. And, they are the only ones who can do it. Our Father presents the Gospel of Christ to the world of workers, only through His members! This baptism must be of “blood” for it will take red-blooded men with wills of steel, completely devoted to Christ and totally without compromise of any Christian principle. If, when we enter our place of work, we leave God outside, more than half of our lives are lived without conscious communion with the only ONE through whom we can live. We owe God worship with our whole being every hour that we live.

Dr. Alexis Carrel has claimed that the fundamental cause of our decadence is a loss of “a sense of holiness.” He is talking about precisely what we have been thinking right along, for a “sense of holiness” comes down to the awareness of the presence of God! If we have it, we will go to work with the same attitude of soul and purpose of will with which we go to church. Right now, you have a God-given career involving self-surrender and service; in this career, there is really only one virtue ~ humble conformity to the Will of God, and only one sin ~ defiance of God’s Will. We do not consider the entire day. We have reduced our concern to the only time we have. The only time there will ever be ~ the NOW! Let man do his duty, no matter how humble it may be, and he has contributed some-thing to the fulfilling of God’s all-wise plan of “re-establishing all things in Christ”.

If God be God, He is breathing in everyone who is right now drawing a breath. Theology tells us that God never does anything without a purpose. If God be God, that purpose can ultimately only be Himself. Hence, every living human being has and is now acting, a veritable career: one that comes from God and is for God. There is no useless human being. Every creature is good and every creature has an exalted career.

God never changes!
We are made to His Image and Likeness.

The total sum of our earthly duty is to love: love God, love self and neighbor. Our mission is intimately connected with the Incarnation of God and the Redemption of mankind. Our career is to be Christ. This is the Will of God for us ordinary men. “It is not My mission to condemn the world but, on the contrary, to save the world.” (John 12:47)

Consider Christ’s life upon earth. “Is not this man the son of the carpenter?” Remember where He was born, and of whom, in a cattle shed of a peasant girl. Remember His nationality and race. He was the poorest of the poor. That is how He was born, that is how He lived, and that is how He died. He had to use the manger, cattle used at birth. He died on a criminal’s cross and was buried in a borrowed tomb. This Man, Who, after 30 years of ordinary and insignificant life, knew opposition, frustration, and apparent complete failure, is the Man Who saved the world. He did it by always doing the Will of His Father. Our career is a Christ career. We must save mankind by doing the Father’s Will. That is the greatness to which we ordinary men have been called. Christ’s life-work was the reparation of the Father’s glory and the redemption of mankind. To sum it all up, let it be said that OBEDIENCE saved the world and nothing else. Nothing else will save it now. You may say: “How can I save mankind, when I can’t even help myself at times?” What is utterly impossible to you, as a human being, is made easy for you as a baptized child of God. What Jesus Christ was by nature, we become by grace. We have been given all we need in nature and in grace. All that is needed for our triumphant success is our obedience … our doing the Will of our Father.

God needs you to complete the work of Christ on earth. It does not call for miracles, you do not have to cleanse lepers, multiply loaves, change water into wine, or raise the dead to life. None of these things would have saved the world, had not each, at its particular moment, been the Will of the Father for the Son. Christ is waiting to use your will in order to “do always the things that please” the Father. You can learn how simple it is from the greatest Woman who ever lived. Mary of Nazareth never did anything great in the eyes of her fellow humans while she was on earth, yet she is the Mother of the Mystical Body of Christ. She said FIAT! “BE IT DONE UNTO ME!” FIAT! It was with this word that God began creation. Here, we see the beginning of re-creation, by the same word. See your Mother and see what she did to become Co-Redemptrix of the world. For, this is your creed in a single word! You have been given a share in God’s own nature; you have a free will that has been made powerful through your FIAT. You are a “sacrament” ~ a sacred sign, a visible means of invisible grace. You are a savior. All this, by the Will of God! Like Mary, but in a lesser degree, you are to be a co-redeemer; but you will never be this, unless, like her, you make an unconditional surrender to God. The total gift of self, the wedding of your human will to the divine ~ this is the only way to save yourself and others. It is the Will of God for us today.

On Sinai, God expressed His Will for every man and had it written in stone. Those Ten Commandments are never fully understood until they are seen to be one. Saint John told us that “God is LOVE!”

The Ten Commandments can be expressed in one: THOU SHALT LOVE! This is the command that is to rule your life not only now but for all eternity. To many of us who go on repeating: “If I only knew God’s Will in my regard …” You are what you are, you are where you are, and in the condition, social stratum, economic rating and cultural group because God so willed it. God foresaw this from all eternity. God wants you to love Him, love yourself and love your neighbor. Do you radiate Christ at all times and in all places? Have you taught others about Christ by the manner in which you lead your life? If not, you have been imprudent and improvident; you have not been doing the Will of God; for you have not loved. The mistake of our age is to think that Christ’s Mass consists entirely in what happened on Calvary or takes place on the Altar of your parish church. If you have not been living the Mass all your life-long, day and night, you have not been loving; you have not been living at all.

The WILL of GOD for each of us right now is that we should grow up … in Him, for Him, and even like Him. There is only one way of doing this. Continual contact can be made, should be made and must be made in the state of life in which we live, through our DAILY DUTIES. If a man is to be a man, he must be moral; if he is moral, he will do what is becoming: always act obligingly and ever be just; if he is just, he will be whole (sane, sound and healthy), if he is whole, he will be holy. A real man, then, is not only sane, he is saintly. Never do you need to say you are not sure of the Will of God in your regard; for it lies in the duty of the present moment in the state in which you find yourself in the passing NOW. The Morning Offering renders all that we do, think and have, a complete offering to God through the Immaculate Heart of Mary, and links us with the Holy Masses throughout the world. A stronger link no man can forge. “Whether, then, you eat or drink, or do anything else, do everything for the Glory of God.” (Cor. 10:32)

Every Breath! Every Heartbeat!
We must not only do the Will of God, but also be aware of the tremendous word: ACCEPTANCE!

We must embrace God’s HOLY WILL! Acceptance does not mean any mere nod of the head in agreement or reaching your hand out to take from God whatever He wills to give; it means LOVE: A TOTAL giving of self! The man who lives this acceptance of God’s Holy Will is a man apart from the rest of the world. He has an air of dignity, tranquility of a soul, is in control of his emotions and passions; he is serene, he is simple, and reaches out to all who suffer and labor with a warmth of love that is frankly divine. A woman has only one duty in life – to love! She has but only one destiny – to become her real self. A wife and mother can never be small, mean or selfish – and claim the sacred titles of wife and mother. She must ever be what Mary was and Christ is: LOVE that is SACRIFICE ~ SACRIFICE that is LOVE. She mothers not only her children, but a good wife actually “mothers” her husband that, by participating in his life, she brings to birth the deepest and best in him. Companionship on this level is life giving! We are not on earth to learn how to say prayers but to become prayer!

Never cease praying!!! DO NOT Extinguish the Spirit!
Hold to that which is Good and have NOTHING to do with any kind of Evil.
There is only ONE Real Evil in the world … and that is not Death!

We are losing our sense of sin. Cancer is not the evil! Heart trouble is not sin; therefore, heart trouble is not evil. Disease, disability and death are not sins; therefore, they are not evils. Each can be for me God’s Will at any moment. How will I meet them? Pope Pius XI told us that, if we did not turn to prayer and penance, God would be forced to let Satan loose. Our Lady at Fatima admonished the children to prayer and penance. We did not pray. We do not practice penance. What can we expect? What God permits we are to face and fight. When we have done our outmost and still face failure, then we can smile and say FIAT. For, we can be sure that it is God’s Will for us right NOW. Job says with clarion clarity: There is only one loss that can be called evil – and that is the loss of Grace. Sin is the only evil under the sun. When will we Christians learn this? It is by adversity not by prosperity that God proves the fidelity of His servants and separates the wheat from the chaff. Every cross, every affliction is a blessing from God!

Remember! The CROSS means SALVATION!

Under that sign, we conquer the world’s only evil: SIN. If ever the world needed red-blooded, full-blooded, fiery-blooded followers of Christ, it needs them NOW! Christianity is not in danger, for God is still God and faithful to His promises. The gates of Hell shall not prevail. But, too many Christians are in very grave danger; for they are not intent on doing the one thing necessary for life everlasting, the Will of God in their regard.

When the final moments approach in your life, everything will depend upon the state of your soul in that NOW which will never end… the NOW of Eternity! If I have formed in my life that sacrament of the moment, always living and in love with God’s Holy Will, why should I fear? Upon His deathbed, Christ made a special bequest. As a final legacy, He left you His Mother to be your mother. RECALL HER SEVEN SORROWS. She, your mother, is the gateway of all grace – and very especially that final grace no man can merit, the grace of final perseverance! She is the Help of Christians, omnipotent in her power to supplicate! She is the Refuge of Sinners, Queen of the Universe! Where will she be and what will she be doing when you face your final NOW? Do you know anything about a mother’s love? Do you realize the lengths any mother will go to save her child? Have you ever realized all you mean to Mary, not for yourself, but precisely for what you are “IN CHRIST JESUS”? She is the Woman told of in Genesis, the one who was to crush the head of Satan. She is the Woman clothed with the sun. She is your hope … how can you fear?

As we live so shall we die, and as we die so shall we live for Eternity. If we live from NOW to the next NOW striving always to do God’s Will, we will die doing just that and nothing else. This present NOW may be our last. Live it to the hilt of its holiness by taking it from God and for God, accepting all that it holds as His manifestation of love and trust in us, and return it to Him as the good servant returned his talents: DOUBLED!

“Be faithful unto Death, and I will give thee the crown of life.” (Apoc. 2: 11)

Then, our last heartbeats will be but a praying of that prayer of all prayers:

“OUR FATHER, Who art in Heaven, hallowed be Thy Name,
… IN ME … NOW!

(by Fr. Raymond OCSO)

I do not know, Oh God, what awaits me today. I only know that nothing will happen to me except what Thou, from all eternity, hast FORESEEN, ARRANGED and ORDAINED. It is enough, Oh God, for me to know this. I adore Thy eternal, inscrutable dispositions and I submit myself to them for the love of Thee. I desire everything Thou desire and permit to happen to me. May Thy most Holy Will, worthy of eternal adoration and exaltation, be done in all things! Amen.

Music St. Pfilomena’s suffering and death of a martyr

Dear Superiors!
Praise the Lord!

I’m Zoltán Kollonay concert pianist and composer, from Hungary. I wrote a piece of music, which is titled: Holy Pfilomena Legend. The world’s first performance will be the 2012th 08th 31st Pecs, Hungary, in St. Peter’s and St. Paul’s Cathedral. The piece was written for trombone and organ. The Legend of St. Pfilomena respectfully invite the presentation of a large, listen to the concert.

For more information:

Yours sincerely,
Zoltán Kollonay

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