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This is the House of God and the Gate of Heaven. The Mother and Child are wrapped snugly, seemingly one, to signify their union in the Holy Spirit. Only the two Heads and the Hands of the Child Jesus are visible. His right Hand is raised in blessing, while the left Hand holds the orb of universal kingship.

Conceived of the Holy Ghost,

Born of the Virgin Mary!

This is the House of God and the Gate of Heaven. The Mother and Child are wrapped snugly, seemingly one, to signify their union in the Holy Spirit. Only the two Heads and the Hands of the Child Jesus are visible. His right Hand is raised in blessing, while the left Hand holds the orb of universal kingship.

A Pearl Beyond Price!

Grace is a Christian mystery. It is at once a ‘Pearl beyond Price’ and our greatest treasure. All grace comes through Jesus Christ. Before the Birth of Christ, there was no grace. Grace is Trinitarian as was explained by the Angel to Mary: The Holy Ghost will come upon you, the power of the most high Father will overshadow you, your Child will be called the Son of God. There is only One God and He is TRINITY. People who deny the Trinity, do not know the true God, but some imposter. Our Christian life is a personal relationship with the three Divine Persons. We love each in a different way as the Creed explains. We love God the Father as Father and worship Him as Creator, offering Him especially, the sacrifice of His Son in the Eucharist. We worship the Son as the Word Incarnate, really present among us. We listen to this Beloved Son, in Whom the Father is well-pleased. We are His disciples and learn from Him the truth that we cannot be His disciples without willingly sharing His redemptive Cross. We worship the Holy Ghost by cooperating with Him, Who wishes to sanctify us. We hear His voice in the Scriptures and in the authentic teaching of the Church. We do not resist His desire to make us holy and perfect. We do not grieve Him through sin. We acknowledge that the Holy Ghost is spousally joined to the Blessed Virgin and mediates sanctification through Her. We receive and value the Sacramentals She recommends because these come from His divine power; from Him to us, through Her Immaculate Heart, which is His worthy dwelling place.

Spouse of The Holy Ghost

Until now, the greatest prerogative of Mary was Mother of God. This title is consistent with mere creature-hood. The Immaculate Heart suggests a close kinship with God, (as in Lk.1:35) that Mary was overshadowed by the Holy Ghost and made Mother by Him, thus indicating a permanent spousal union of love. In God’s plan, spouses lose a good portion of their individuality to be fused into a union which has a paschal dimension. The spouses die to self to resurrect in the union of man and wife, mother and father. They are no longer two, but one. This is the Father’s Will to make their unity perfect. The Holy Ghost is Love. To perfect His loving of humanity, the Holy Ghost appropriates and uses the Immaculate Heart of Mary. Where it is difficult for a human heart to be moved, to respond to pure spiritual love, the Holy Ghost uses the Immaculate Heart of Mary to love humanity, most especially the sacred humanity of Christ. Jesus is acutely sensitive to human love and is pained by indifference and hatred. During His exile among the hardened hearts of sinners, the Holy Ghost’s possession and use of Mary’s Heart as if it were His own, ensures that Jesus will be loved on earth as He is in Heaven.

Families, who pray the Rosary, invite Mary into their homes. She never comes alone. The Holy Ghost, Who always accompanies Her, will bring faith and every good gift. The true holy people of God, born of Mary and the Holy Spirit, will not fail, despite the raging of Satan against the Church. God has equipped His Mother admirably to defend Her children.


St. Augustine talks of two cities: The City of God, where men love God to the contempt of self and the City of the World, where men love self to the contempt of God.

Purity of religion is not something to be taken for granted. Religion is that which links man to God. The Church is a colony of Heaven among sinners. It lives in the terrifying conflict that rages between all that is good and evil. Hell’s war against the Church is a continuation of its war against Jesus Christ. Satan’s goal is the complete extermination of Christians. There is no middle ground. The alternative to Christ is anti-Christ. Heresy is the devil’s vomit to wash away the Church. Satan’s primary goal is to infiltrate and pervert the pure religion of Jesus and thus create a false religion that will hand over the gullible to the power of the anti-Christ. God would have us possess a horror of false religions. It is for this reason, the pure religion of Christ has always condemned shared worship with other religions. False religion is the very worst of scourges. Satanic perversion of the Faith reached a climax in the Fourth Century in the form of Arianism. This nightmare of apostasy was expelled from the Church at the Council of Ephesus in 431 where it was solemnly defined that Mary is the Mother of God. In the 7th Century, a worse scourge appeared in which Asiatic pagans combined with Islam and denied the Divinity of Christ.

For 1000 years, the Church was besieged. Survival and success was obtained through Our Lady’s victories at Tours in 732, Lepanto in 1571, Vienna in 1683 and others. Religion, pure and undefiled, finds its source in the Immaculate Heart of Mary. It is the noble vocation of the Immaculata to expose the schemes of Satan, to restrain him and to crush him. Heresy is directed against Mary, because She is the guarantor of the Incarnation, the central mystery of our Faith. Mary disposes of the merits of Christ and mediates the Holy Ghost. There is no contest; THE VICTORY IS HERS! God now wishes much more than simply the restoration of previous Marian piety. He commands that we establish true and visible devotion to Her Immaculate Heart throughout the whole Church. It is the Will of God that Her role as Mediatrix of All Graces be publicly and universally defined as a dogma of Holy Mother the Church. This very dogma was introduced formally at Rue de Bac, and a Medal was coined to commemorate it. Miracles, in abundance, have been obtained through its veneration. It was again announced with joy at La Salette and we were firmly warned by the Mother of God of the consequences the Church and the world would suffer if this was delayed. Pope Pius IX, the great Pope of the Immaculate Conception, said that the words of the Queen of Prophets at La Salette, were the light that guided his pontificate. Again at Fatima, Almighty God confirmed the reality of Our Lady, Mediatrix of All Graces by the miracle of the sun: God wishes to establish in the world devotion to Mary’s Immaculate Heart.

“My Immaculate Heart will be Your Refuge and the Way that will lead you to God!”

How is it possible to discern the Holy Ghost from other spirits? It is the mission of Mary and the Holy Spirit to bring mankind to Calvary and there obtain the merits of the crucifixion of God. As the Redemption approached, it was Mary who made the vital decisions affecting Her Son. She withdrew Him from the publicity of the Temple when He was twelve. She over-rode His reserve at Cana and commanded the miracle which manifested His Divinity and led Him to the hour of His Passion. The Fourth Commandment gave Her maternal rights over Her Son but, surely, this forbidding and commanding of God, is unfitting in a creature. How could She know when He should expound the law or when He must begin to show His glory? It was the Spirit speaking to Jesus through Mary. They are so “TWO-in-ONE” as to be indistinguishable. Satan tries to dissuade us from the Cross while it is the mission of Mary and the Holy Ghost to lead us to Calvary. St. John persevered in prayer with the Mother of Jesus on Calvary. He received the Holy Ghost. After the Ascension, the Church persevered in prayer with Mary for nine days. It received the Holy Ghost.

We are taught to have recourse to Mary because of Her Immaculate Conception: the sinlessness necessary for Her divine marriage and motherhood. Our Lady’s visitation to Paris in 1830 is apocalyptic and defines these times. She had come to begin the crushing of the serpent and the liberation of mankind from his venom. She can do this because She is the Mediatrix of All Graces. Some people were puzzled that the humble Virgin should wear gems and rings. These are Her engagement and wedding rings. It is the Holy Ghost Who clothes Her and Whose power envelopes Her. Her ability to help in every need comes from Her divine union to the Trinity through marriage. Mary does not stand by the Cross and offer Her Son as Abraham was prepared to do; She is inextricably linked to the Cross. She has become part of the Sacrifice. The Divine-human maternal love of Her Immaculate Heart is part of the sacrificial offering. Her co-redemption takes nothing from His unique achievement, but makes it bearable and possible. He looked for someone who would console Him and understand and there was ONE:

Mary and The Holy Ghost.

It is Her union with the Holy Spirit that makes Her power of intercession omnipotent. Mary is the visible aspect of the Holy Ghost. Her Heart, so to speak, is the sacrament of His Love to mankind and, through it, flows the fullness of His Life, GRACE. A rejection of Her is a rejection of Him. When there is deliberate blasphemy against His Bride in Her Immaculate Conception, Her Virginity, Her Motherhood of God or Her holy images, His anger is terrible. What God has claimed for His own may not be profaned by man. Mary loves the One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church with a divine love, the love of the Holy Ghost Who dwells within Her Immaculate maternal Heart. The Church is born of Water and the Holy Ghost and given by the Holy Ghost to Mary, His Spouse, to cherish and to educate. Disrespect or ingratitude by the Church towards Mary is an abomination. May God be with you!

We are the SOLDIERS of Mary Immaculate, whose courage in following Her Son to the foot of Calvary has never been excelled. We are called to be firm of mind and purpose, to cast aside vain fear, and to summon all our powers and resources in order to achieve the Triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary.

Place yourselves, your worries, your families, all your needs and concerns in the furnace of the Immaculate Heart of Mary. In obedience to the Holy Ghost, there take your refuge and consecrate yourself and family to Her Immaculate Heart. Cease to grieve the Holy Ghost and to resist Him:

Embrace His Bride:

Love Her, Honor Her, Take Refuge in Her Immaculate Heart!

Today, we are all suffering the consequences of our disobedience to the Bride of the Holy Ghost. Before each great divine intervention, the rule of Satan reaches a zenith. As we rush headlong toward world enslavement advanced by impurity, deception, betrayal and violence, the Immaculate Heart of Mary is our only hope.

IN THE END … The entire world and everyone in it, consecrated to the Immaculate Heart of Mary, will be loving the Sacred Heart of Jesus with the only love fitting of Him; for, it will be the Love of the Holy Ghost in the Immaculate Heart of Mary breathing Love for Love: ONE GOD LOVING HIMSELF!

“THE IMMACULATE CONCEPTION” by Bishop Ullathorne -1855


PRAYER – The Life of Our Soul!

The habit of prayer is no burden to ANYONE, for we can pray worthily at any time, in any place, and in any posture. Even the motion of the lips is not necessary; the mind and heart can be engaged in it: while we read or converse or go about our daily work. Moreover, prayer produces a delicious feeling of hope and rest in God; and this feeling is worth more than all the happiness that wealth can purchase or the world can give.

God respects not the arithmetic of our prayers, how many they are; nor the rhetoric of our prayers, how elegant they are; nor the consistency of our prayers, how melodious they are; nor the logic of our prayers, how methodical they are; but the sincerity of our prayers, and how heart-sprung they are.

There is a freshness about the early morning which belongs to no other period of the day. The sun has a more kindly brightness and the air a fresh crisp­ness which are lost largely as the day grows older. Upon awakening, we throw open the window wide and let in the buoyant atmosphere of the new-born day. It expands our lungs and brightens our eyes and makes us feel how good it is to be alive.

What the new-born day is to our physical nature, the morning prayer is to the life of the soul. It is opening the windows of the heart that the clear air of Heaven may flow in. It re-invigorates the life within us and turns our thoughts toward the One we love the most. It is a source of renewed strength, and gives a buoyancy to the spiritual step and a clearness to the inner vision. It floods the heart with the breath of life and bathes it in the sunshine of God’s smile.

TO BEGIN THE DAY WITHOUT IMPLORING GOD’S GRACE and thanking Him for benefits received, is certainly wrong and exposes us to great danger. St. Francis Xavier says, “When you wake in the morning, raise your thoughts at once to Heaven, and while you are putting on your clothes and washing your hands and face, call to mind the faults into which you fell the day before, and ask your Lord for the grace to avoid them this day.”

The FAITHFUL Christian, before giving himself up to the tasks of the day, will meditate a certain space of time on the Commandments of God and the example of Christ. Always keep in mind that saying of our heavenly Master:

“What shall it profit a man if He gain the whole world, and suffer the loss of his Soul?” (Mark 8:36)

Prayer For A Holy Life
(By Saint Thomas Aquinas)

Grant me, O merciful God, that what is pleasing to Thee I may ardently desire, prudently examine, truthfully acknowledge and perfectly accomplish for the praise and glory of Thy Name. Ordain, O my God, my whole life, and what Thou requirest that I should do, grant me to know it and to fulfill it as is meet and profitable to my soul. Give me Thy grace, O Lord, my God, that I may not fail in prosperity or in adversity, avoiding pride in the former and discouragement in the latter. May I rejoice in nothing but what leads to Thee, grieve for nothing that turns me away from Thee! May I wish to please and fear to displease none but Thee!

May I despise, O Lord, all transitory things, and prize only that which is eternal! May I shun any joy that is without Thee, nor wish for anything outside of Thee! May I delight in no rest which is without Thee! Grant me, O my God, to direct my heart toward Thee and, in my failings, constantly grieve, with the purpose of amendment.

Make me, O Lord my God, obedient without contradiction, poor without depression, chaste without corruption, patient without murmuring, humble without pretence, cheerful without dissipation, mature without dullness, prompt without levity, fearing Thee without despair, truthful without duplicity, doing good without presumption, correcting my neighbor without haughtiness, and edifying him by word and example without hypocrisy.

Give me, O Lord God, a watchful heart which no curious thought will turn away from Thee; a noble heart which no unworthy affection will drag down; a righteous heart which no irregular intention will twist aside; a firm heart which no tribulation will break; a free heart which no violent affection will claim for itself.

Grant me, finally, O Lord my God, science in knowing Thee, diligence in seeking Thee, wisdom in finding Thee, a conduct pleasing to Thee, a perseverance trustfully awaiting Thee, and a confidence finally embracing Thee. May I endure Thy punishments by penitence, profit by Thy benefits through grace in this world and enjoy Thy blessedness by glory in the next; Who livest and reignest, true God, forever and ever. Amen.

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