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Godlessness… The First Step to the Gulag!
(By Alexander Solzhenitsyn 1983)

Long ago, I remember the older people offering an explanation for the great disasters which had befallen Russia: “Men have forgotten God, that’s why it happened!”

Today, if I were asked to formulate, as concisely as possible, the main cause of the ruinous revolution that swallowed up some sixty million people, I could not put it more accurately than to repeat, “MEN HAVE FORGOTTEN GOD!” This, too, is the principle trait of the 20th Century. A defect of consciousness lacking all divine dimensions! The demon of evil, like a whirlwind, triumphantly encircles all five continents of the earth. Transformations which favored economy, the State and the military at the expense of the religious spirit and national life, have been imposed by Czars and governments. The French Revolution was just such a holocaust. Seething with hatred for the Church, the lesson that was learned is that “Revolution necessarily begins with Atheism.” This is absolutely a truth!

In Russia, despite the Communist steamroller, Christian tradition survived. Millions of believers persevered in the faith, in spite of the horrible persecution and infinite number of martyrs. Christianity will not be vanquished! The West has yet to experience a Communist invasion, but it is coming. The West gives overwhelming evidence of the death of consciousness, the divine dimension of a nation. Atheist leaders in the West are bringing up the younger generation in a spirit of hatred for their own society. Christianity itself has become fragmented. It seems more and more apparent that, even with the most brilliant political manoeuvres, the noose on the neck of mankind draws tighter and more hopeless with each passing decade. Are not the ideals of our Century false? And, what of the remedies offered to us through medicine, politics and material success?

Our entire earthly existence is but a transitional stage to something higher. We must not stumble and fall, nor dare we linger foolishly on one rung of the ladder. We must remember God and be lifted up by the Divine Spirit in this dark and terrible hour.

“The ROSARY is what sustains the little flame of Faith that has not yet been extinguished in many consciences. Even for those souls who pray without meditating, the very act of taking up the Rosary to pray is already a remembrance of God, of the Supernatural. A simple recollection of the Mystery of each DECADE is one more ray of light to sustain in souls the smoldering wick.

This is why the devil has made such war against the Rosary. And, what is worse is that he has succeeded in deluding and deceiving souls who have great responsibility because of the positions they occupy … They are the blind leading the blind” Sister Lucia of Fatima, 9/16/1970

“I am the Vine, you are the branches.
He who abides in me, and I in him, bears much Fruit!”

By virtue of our Baptism, we are already in the harvesting field; the plot of land to which God has assigned us to live, play and worship. Very many Catholics, today, are standing in the shadows of Christ’s vineyard for they have discovered that following Christ has turned out far differently than they expected. Their emotions span from disappointment to doubt and even to anger. The secrets of the vineyard are not yet known to them.

The branches are the focus of the vinedresser for it is they who produce the fruit. Each branch is cultivated lovingly so that its yield will be abundant. The fruit represents the good works by which the Father is glorified. When branches grow too close to the ground and become mildewed with sin, they do not bear fruit but become sick and useless. They must then be washed off, lifted up and wrapped securely around the trellis. When we let sin block our ability to bear fruit, God intervenes – first gently and then more firmly. When we respond to God’s discipline of us in a docile and positive way, immediate are the benefits we reap. The fruit we bear is our permanent deposit in the bank of Heaven. Our dreams are much too small. Set them aside! We are here to fulfill God’s dream of all that will bring Him glory through an abundant harvest.

Do you feel you do not make a difference for Him in this world? Are you feeling that God is always unhappy with you? Millions of Christians are caught in an invisible net. They experience pain. They feel like failures. Their lives show little merit. Branches languish and no fruit develops when the Christian lives in the state of sin. The Father then steps in and lifts us away from our destructive and unfruitful pursuits. Through love, He chastiseth that we may reunite with Him. God always acts out of love.

Satan would love to persuade us that God is dealing with us in this manner because we are worthless, unlikable and a loser. The opposite is true. If you never received a discipline from God, you SHOULD doubt His favor.

Every branch that bears fruit, He prunes, that it may bear more fruit. Pruning is how God answers our prayers that our life may be more pleasing to Him and have greater impact for all Eternity. He will cut away parts of our lives that drain precious time and energy from what is truly important. Let us ask God to show us clearly what He wishes of us; then, let us trust Him completely. Emptied of self, God can prune and perfect us, forming us into the image of His Divine Son.

We must abide in Him. To do this, our role is to respond. To abide, we must act. Unless my friendship with God becomes my first priority, I will never fulfill my true destiny as a child of God. If you are in the season of discipline, the Vinedresser is kneeling beside you in the cool of the morning. He is reaching down to intervene in your life, to lift you up and bring you back to fruitfulness. The look on His Face conveys concern and sadness, not disgust, not irritation, not even anger. He looks upon you as a chosen branch that is capable of a richer existence.

If you are in the season of pruning, the Vinedresser is standing beside you in the sun of midday. He is wielding some rather serious-looking shears, but He is not unhappy. In fact, the look upon His Face conveys delight and expectation.

If you are in the season of abiding, I see the Vinedresser leaning against a nearby trellis as the sun is going down, his hat pushed back. He is looking at your branch with pleasure, satisfaction and joy. Just being near you, enjoying your beauty and abundance, is His favorite moment of the day. The huge clusters of grapes crowding your branches are exactly what He has had in mind for you since your branch first sprouted.


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A Christmas Bouquet For Your Loved Ones!

We wish to give you the greatest gift possible during this Advent and Christmas Season to help in a special way to prepare your hearts and souls for the momentous event which we anticipate: God with us!In reality, the first coming of Our Lord in the stable at Bethlehem occurs again and again. It is a merciful reality not only at the feast of Christmas, but in the hearts of each one of us at the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass – the Church being the stable of Bethlehem, and the altar and our hearts the crib. The Church celebrates not only the first coming of Christ upon earth as Our Redeemer, but also the merciful reality of His second coming on earth as our Judge! By His first coming, Our Lord redeemed us from sin and obtained the resurrection of our souls to the life of Grace. With His second coming, Christ will heal us of all our frailties and will bring resurrection to our bodies. We shall reap the harvest of complete happiness with God even as we have served Him in this world with our whole being, body and soul. Christ desires to be born in us that we may live new, purer and more perfect lives.

Thirty days of Sacred Liturgies will be offered for all those who enroll in the Christmas Bouquet of Masses offered by Fr. Ivan Kolodij and the good priests in Ukraine. Your spiritual and temporal needs and your family, living and dead, will be remembered at the Holy Altar every day during December. The Christmas Mass Bouquet will be crowned with a solemn High Mass on the Feast of the Nativity of Our Lord Jesus Christ and during the Christmas Octave. There could be no more precious gift you can give at Christmas time. Each person arranging these Masses for their loved ones will be sent a beautiful Mass card which may be mailed to the person enrolled. We will mail the Mass cards directly to you. These may be sent in your Christmas greeting cards or placed inside your gift packages. This is a wonderful way to keep Christ in Christmas!!!

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