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Venerable Pauline-Marie Jaricot – HEART ON FIRE!

“I have loved Jesus Christ above all the earth. And, for His Love, I have loved more than myself, all those who are in travail and pain.” Ven. Pauline-Marie Jaricot

Pauline’s soul lived within the frame-work of these words. The Love of Christ was the mainspring of her life. Christ, to Pauline, was not an idea or abstraction; He was someone, a living person, whom she loved and Who loved her. The divinity of Christ is an abyss of light which would totally blind mankind; thus, He covered Himself by the veil of His humanity. On account of the incarnation of Christ in Mary, we see Mary, virgin-mother and Christ, God-Man, perform these wonders that we may become real children of God. What marvels lie in this mystery! Do we understand what Jesus is to us? What we are to Him? Do we realize what we owe Him? Christ was not content to give us part of what He had received from the Father: His graces, His merits, His Life, His very Body and Blood, but He gave to us His rights as a Son. These rights rendered us children of the same Father Who is God, and of the same mother who is Mary!

Pauline never wearied contemplating Christ. By her vow of perpetual virginity, pronounced at Christmas in the year 1816, in the Basilica of Fourviere, she bound herself to Christ forever. Pauline became His bride. Communication with her Spouse was the top priority of her life. Our Lord longed to reveal to her the secrets of His Sacred Heart, symbol of His Love, source of His mercy. The Holy Eucharist was His gift to her heart. Pauline heard the complaints of the Heart of Christ: “I have loved mankind and they love me not.”

Christ revealed to Pauline the abyss of the pain of His Heart, which was torn open. She was made to feel His great tenderness for sinners. He revealed to her everything from His conception to His death on the Cross. It was the very passion of His Heart that He wanted to make flow through the heart of Pauline.

The Love of Christ which animated Pauline materialized into action. Her immense desire to love and her thirst to possess God inspired her to act for His glory. Christ spoke to the heart of Pauline sharing the designs He had chosen for her to achieve. During her life, Pauline carried out with tireless zeal and every resource of her creative genius that which led to the love and knowledge of Jesus Christ. Contemplative that she was, her vision was universal! Pauline embraced the whole world! Pauline was a beggar of the mercy of God for those who were starved for His mercy. Daily, she prayed at the chapel of Our Lady of Grace located in the Church of St. Nizier. It is here that she was granted the most singular grace of her life. It is here that Pauline is buried and here that her heart is encased in the reliquary over the Altar. On Palm Sunday, 1817, she heard the voice of Christ speak to her:

“Do you want to suffer and die for Me?” Her reply was immediate and total. Pauline offered herself to Christ as a victim soul of His Divine Mercy. Her oblation was accepted, and Christ replied, “Prepare yourself for death”. Christ instructed her that He would use the Eucharist to transform her into Himself absorbing her into His Infinite Being. Through long hours of adoration, Pauline discovered the mystery of God’s greatness, His perfections and love.

By an inward light, Pauline saw the evils of society grow visibly. Impiety, rationalism and naturalism were at the root of this evil — in one word: ATHEISM. The volcano of impiety would act as a tomb for mankind, which would ultimately destroy it. The final consequence of man’s impiety would be the annihilation of the human race.

Pauline offered herself as a living sacrifice thereby averting God’s anger on the world. She offered her life that Christ might be merciful. Pauline sacrificed her life for the glory of God. She took upon her shoulders the weight of the world. Christ would live in her through the Most Holy Eucharist and enable her to accomplish her mission. Now, she was anxious that her sacrifice might be accomplished. Pauline set out for Calvary; she gave Him her all. Her life was strongly ascetic with penances and deprivations. In advance, Pauline made the sacrifice of her health, reputation, affection and her whole person. Having read the lives of the martyrs, she imagined a triumphant and glorious martyrdom of blood. Pauline did not realize that Our Blessed Lord was asking something quite different, a martyrdom of heart, which would be even more painful. To sacrifice oneself suddenly is more comfortable than to immolate oneself in detail day-by-day, hour by hour, every moment of one’s life. Having made this total sacrifice of self, its fruit was born in time, as Pauline clearly conceived in her mind the designs of the Propagation of the Faith and the Living Rosary. Both are divine works, through which the Blood of Christ is spilled out upon the whole earth!


Pauline united the two most powerful weapons with which to conquer the Heart of God and that of man: unlimited self-sacrifice and ardent charity! Christ came to set the earth on fire. Our Blessed Lord transmitted this fire to Pauline that it might embrace the hearts of all mankind. The Church is the second glory of Jesus Christ; the FIRST glory is MARY, HIS MOTHER! Mary and the Church receive their beauty from Christ, as the moon receives the clarity of its rays from the sun. Putting her hand in the Hand of God, Pauline reached out beyond self and sacrificed her whole being that all might be animated and illumined by the divine light of Christ.

Ven. Pauline-Marie Jaricot, pray for us, the children of thy Living Rosary!


My hope is in Jesus Christ! My only Treasure is the Cross!
I seek nothing but the Will of God, and aspire for nothing, save its perfect accomplishment!
I place my hope in Thy mercy, which surpasses all Thy works



No human creature need ever be lonely, because no human creature is ever alone. The Father is always with you! He is inside every bit of you, supporting you in being. If He took away His support of you for an instant, you would not only die, you would return to the nothingness from which He drew you by His creation. You wouldn’t be even a grain of dust or a trail of light smoke that drifts into the air and fades away.

Try To Cultivate An Awareness Of His Presence!

If He is to be your only source of happiness in the life to come, isn’t it wise to get acquainted with Him here? Don’t pass Him over as an impersonal thing, merely an answer to a question in a Catechism book.


A Person Who loves you and Who has an undying interest in you! Talk to Him anytime, in a loud voice, in a soft voice, or with no voice at all, but the SILENT cry of your heart, He hears all. HE UNDERSTANDS ALL! Every beat of your heart, every twitch of a nerve, every least thought, every heartache, He feels with you! When you fall asleep from sheer fatigue, He doesn’t sleep or go away. He stays awake, watching over you. You are carried upon His shoulder in your sleep, as a small child’s body lies limp over its father’s shoulder after a strenuous day.

If you are lonely, it is because you do not know Him, or you have forgotten Him, or you do not understand that He is your first Lover, your only Eternal Lover! You should try to understand the warmth of His Love for you, the infinite loveableness of His own sweet personality and beauty.

No man or woman has ever been loved by a Prince as He loves you. No other can give you the lasting happiness that He alone can give. The feelings of desolation He allows you to have are really GIFTS! He gives you these to wean you from false loves, from trivial loves that would waste your heart’s energies when you could get a renewal of life and joy by turning to His embrace.

It is a mistake to give your heart to any creature. You were made for ONE Love alone! And, until you give the whole of your heart to Him, you will be sad, unquiet, lost! He made you for Himself, and He is a jealous Lover. He put a craving for love in your heart and soul that will never be fully satisfied until you pass the brief test that is this mortal life and see Him face to face as He really is, in the Beatific Vision.

You are making your eternity now, every minute, every moment, with every thought and every impulse of your heart. You have only one chance to make it as you will want to have made it when your soul stands before His judgment seat.

To the God Who has loved you from all Eternity!
The only One Who can give you peace, rest and
An Ecstasy of Love that can never be taken away!

A Christmas Bouquet For Your Loved Ones!

We wish to give you the greatest gift possible during this Advent and Christmas Season to help in a special way to prepare your hearts and souls for the momentous event which we anticipate: God with us!In reality, the first coming of Our Lord in the stable at Bethlehem occurs again and again. It is a merciful reality not only at the feast of Christmas, but in the hearts of each one of us at the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass – the Church being the stable of Bethlehem, and the altar and our hearts the crib. The Church celebrates not only the first coming of Christ upon earth as Our Redeemer, but also the merciful reality of His second coming on earth as our Judge! By His first coming, Our Lord redeemed us from sin and obtained the resurrection of our souls to the life of Grace. With His second coming, Christ will heal us of all our frailties and will bring resurrection to our bodies. We shall reap the harvest of complete happiness with God even as we have served Him in this world with our whole being, body and soul. Christ desires to be born in us that we may live new, purer and more perfect lives.

Thirty days of Sacred Liturgies will be offered for all those who enroll in the Christmas Bouquet of Masses offered by Fr. Ivan Kolodij and the good priests in Ukraine. Your spiritual and temporal needs and your family, living and dead, will be remembered at the Holy Altar every day during December. The Christmas Mass Bouquet will be crowned with a solemn High Mass on the Feast of the Nativity of Our Lord Jesus Christ and during the Christmas Octave. There could be no more precious gift you can give at Christmas time. Each person arranging these Masses for their loved ones will be sent a beautiful Mass card which may be mailed to the person enrolled. We will mail the Mass cards directly to you. These may be sent in your Christmas greeting cards or placed inside your gift packages. This is a wonderful way to keep Christ in Christmas!!!

Please click here to request Christmas mass online

Please click here to download and print a form to order your mass request gifts.

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