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The Sacred Heart Of Jesus And The Priest

God’s Mercy embraces the whole world and His Sweet Love is the reparation which ascends to Heaven at every moment of the day and night. The entire Life of Jesus Christ had no other object than the Redemption of the human race. Yet, the gift of the Death of Christ is beneficial only to those to whom the merit of His Passion is imparted. The Blessed Eucharist is the last and greatest expression of the burning Love of the Sacred Heart of Jesus for mankind.

In the Most Blessed Sacrament, Jesus Christ is really and truly, substantially present, Body and Blood, Soul and Divinity. It is here in His poor little Tabernacle upon our Altars that He dwells amongst us with His Heart full of love: waiting, waiting, waiting for us to come. If we believe He is there and we do love Him, daily we will try to visit His House, avoid grieving Him by sin and make some reparation for our past sins.

Would to God, it were only heretics and infidels who wound the Sacred Heart of Jesus in the Most Blessed Sacrament! But alas! It is Catholics, His special and privileged friends and chosen spouses, who offer Him a divided heart. Through the heresy of Modernism and Ecumenism, the very reverence that once surrounded the Altar is gone. The genuflection to show adoration and realization that God is present is no longer used. The silence of prayer and adoration has been exchanged for the din of talking and singing, clapping and shaking hands. Modesty in our dress, showing reverence for God Who is physically and truly present in the Tabernacle, has vanished. Suddenly, we realize there are no more outward gestures to express our interior belief in the Real Presence of Christ in the Eucharist. Perhaps, we don’t believe! Perhaps, we have stopped praying! The gap between how we pray and what we believe is getting wider and wider. Sadly, we realize the great erosion that has taken place in our Faith.

The devil knows where the power lies. He knows his enemy. His end game is an attack on priests, so that reverence for the Blessed Sacrament having been removed, he might empty every Tabernacle and scatter the adorers who would gather there. This is no coincidence, it is his back door. Do you realize that a majority of Catholics no longer believe in the Real Presence?

THE EUCHARIST is the Source, Center and Summit of the Church’s LIFE!

If I am the enemy, I will strike at Her Heart. The Holy Sacrifice of the Mass is the same Sacrifice Christ offered on Calvary but in an unbloody manner. His Presence is the Power! Satan knows that his worst enemy is Jesus in the Eucharist. If he can subvert belief in the Eucharist, the victory is his. If we don’t believe Christ is present, what will be our attitude at Mass? Who would make a holy hour? Strike the shepherd and scatter the sheep! The attack on the priest comes from without the Church and from within the Church. His morals are corrupted, his prayer life subverted, his breviary torn from his hands and he is enticed in a thousand ways to jump into the swamp of endless secular activities. He has taken off his cassock and cannot be distinguished as a man set apart from the world to live a life of sacrifice and total consecration to His Eucharistic King. The priest is a sacrificial lamb, offering and offered.

Everyone has a weakness. The devil finds a way to wound the priest and, then, he enters into his heart. Through this wound, whether it be alcohol, sex, drugs, whatever it may be, the devil seeks to destroy him.

The devil works hard to take down a priest for he knows if he strikes at the Heart of the Church, he can debilitate the priest and take away the Eucharist.


The Restrainer of Evil is removed and all manner of chaos erupts. We are gradually de-sensitized to it and people begin to accept it. They don’t realize their horrible loss.

Fewer priests mean fewer Masses. Power is drained out of the Church, Her strength is diminished, and She can no longer hold up the world in being. The world begins to sink into hell under the weight its own iniquity. Watch the 6 o’clock news. Attacks come from every side. Why? How? Because the enemy strikes at the very Heart of the Church and diminishes reverence for the Eucharist. Cultivate and nurture love of the Eucharist and respect for the Most Blessed Sacrament of the Altar. Pray for your priests and love them as you have never loved them before.

Saint Peter Julian who, all aflame with faith in the Holy Eucharist, pleaded with the world, “Jesus is there, go to Him,” obtain through the intercession of the Blessed Virgin Mary, Our Lady of the Blessed Sacrament, that this cry from the depth of his heart may re-echo in all the hearts and lead to a renewal and deepening of Christian life everywhere.


“O Infinite Love, settled on our Altars, be always my hope, my consolation, my strength and all my happiness! May the fire of the Tabernacle consume my violent passions! At Thy Feet, O Lord, may my sadness turn to joy, my obstacles to success, my desires into willingness, my antipathies, my jealousies and my resentments against my neighbor, into the most ardent charity!

Cease to hope in man no matter what his power or talents! Stop depending upon yourself! Hope only in God Who has saved the world before and Who alone can save it again.”
by Ven. Pauline-Marie Jaricot

Eucharist Heart of Jesus, Thy Kingdom Come!

“The Art Of Suffering
(Fruits of Contemplation By Victorino Osende, O.P., 1953)

Many people are intent on probing into the causes of suffering and are assailed by temptations against faith when they see its extension and magnitude in the world. Suffering seems to us irreconcilable with our image of an All-Good and Loving God. For those who heed only the light of reason and consider the natural order as supreme, for those who regard the natural goods of this life as absolute, for such as these, pain has no possible explanation. Only in the light of the supernatural order do we find the key to the great mystery of suffering.

The natural order is not supreme and absolute; its goods have purely relative value, as do its evils. The very things we find to be evil may be valued as good, in as much as they may be the source of a greater good and an increase of glory to God. If we were to consider the infinite good we gain through suffering, we would change our lamentations into hymns of joy. After Christ died on the Cross and sanctified suffering, He infused divinity into it, so to speak, and made it a kind of sacrament by means of which the graces of Heaven descend upon earth. Suffering is the living cross on which and through which every man must be redeemed and saved. Every Christian is another Christ and, as such, must suffer and die in order to attain the glory of the Resurrection.

Through our suffering, all things are restored: justice is re-established, man is reconciled with God and he is reinstated in His friendship, grace is imparted to the soul and sanctification is achieved. Suffering is the singular agent of our purification and the eternal guarantee of our humility. Humbled and purified, we are restored to the image and likeness of God.

No one can enter into the possession of God without first detaching himself from all that is not God, and this is precisely what suffering effects in our hearts. However, we must bear in mind that these marvelous effects of suffering are produced only if the suffering is sent from God and not of our own making. It must be accepted with patience as coming from the loving Hands of Our Father in Heaven. We must suffer as Christians in union with the Spirit of Christ. It matters not if suffering comes as a consequence of our sins and in expiation of them. God never wills sin. He makes use of suffering to draw us to His Sacred Heart and keep us humble. Suffering is the most efficacious means for our redemption and our sanctification. Christian suffering sanctifies all things and Divine Love sanctifies all suffering!

Every new imperfection and misery we discover in ourselves is a new treasure of sanctity. How beautifully each and every such discovery serves to humble and unite us more closely with God! Pride is the ABSOLUTE evil; God therefore permits all other evils, even sin, in order to destroy PRIDE. Will to be humble if you do not wish to be humbled against your will.

While we are not asked to embrace suffering as such, we must embrace the Will of God which is manifested in the suffering. The art and science of suffering consists in suffering with and for the Love of God! In this is contained the Secret of Suffering. Suffer for the love of God and you will be blessed! One act of perfect union with the Will of God suffices to blot all the sins of a lifetime, all the sins of the world. One PERFECT act of love is enough to make us saints.

Nevertheless, it is necessary for us to learn how to suffer without causing others to suffer. Some sufferings are avoidable, others are unavoidable. What is most important is that we avoid fostering self-love in suffering by seeking abundant consolations, indulging in self-pity or by believing that our sufferings make us worthy of special consideration. The best way to suffer is in silence and alone with God, Our Divine Physician. To seek consolation outside of God is like seeking water outside of its fount. The majority of our sufferings arise out of PRIDE, repugnance to mortification, over-sensitivity and our immoderate desire for pleasure and recreation. Those who love vanity and lies often suffer much at the hands of others. Let us make every effort to have great compassion for our neighbor and patient acceptance of his defects.

Above all, trust God for the future. Do not torture yourself wondering what will befall you tomorrow. Do tranquilly today whatever is in your power and rest confidently in the Hands of God. Absolute faith and confidence in the bounty and love of God are and ever will be the immovable basis of life’s equilibrium and the only refuge and support of human frailty and misery.

Suffering is a miraculous wand which, by breaking the hard rocks of your cold heart, brings forth from it torrents of life and sanctity. It is suffering that makes you penetrate the profound secrets of the wisdom of God. Suffering sums up all the blessings of earth.


Be patient with all, especially with yourself; for if you love sanctity, you yourself will be your greatest cross. Only victims are redeemers. What mortifies most is what sanctifies most! Do not ask God to relieve you of your cross but to give you the strength to bear it. God is everything! Die to all things, and you will find death sweet!

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