Weekly News Flash from the Universal Living Rosary Association of Saint Philomena, Week of Trinity Sunday 2013


One day, a holy card of Pauline-Marie Jaricot was sent to Dickinson by a member. This card contained the name and address of the Secretariat of Pauline’s work and cause in Lyon, France. We wrote at once to share with this office the revival of the Living Rosary in Texas.

Father Georges Naidenoff, S.J., offered us strong encouragement. Through the years, we kept Father abreast of the work, its growth, the joys as well as the trials. In 1988, Father sent to us a First Class Relic of Ven. Pauline Marie Jaricot, which contained this inscription:

“You will find with this letter a precious Relic of Ven. Pauline-Marie Jaricot. Until now, NO ONE has ever received a Relic of Pauline; you are the first and only ones. Guard it as a great treasure!”

The words Father wrote to us, through our years of sharing, encouraged us that we were, indeed, doing the work of Pauline:
“Pauline will help you from above. May God and Our Immaculate Mother give you the strength to struggle against the difficulties and crosses with the same energy and uprightness of our saintly friend, Pauline Marie! I encourage you in your beautiful work. The Living Rosary, of which you are the animator, is blessed by God. My Mass on the Feast of Pentecost is special for me, as it is my assigned Mystery in the Association. May you be given the health to continue with magnificent courage, your spiritual combat!”

In 1994, Père Naidenoff suffered a stroke and was partially paralyzed. Thus ended the beautiful labor in which Father had been engaged of compiling and editing the complete life and works of Pauline on the basis of 25,000 pages of written material. With profound patience and love, he embraced his life of suffering and total dependence. During that time, through the help of his dear secretary and friend, Simone Boudoin, he wrote to us:
“We are constantly astonished by the growth of the Living Rosary; you walk in the footsteps of Pauline who must be very pleased with you; we are so happy that many people pray to Pauline Jaricot through the Living Rosary because she is entirely forgotten by her beloved France; we express again our deep affection for you and our union with you in prayer; your two important letters were received by Father with much joy and which made us realize the difficulties you encounter for the development of the Living Rosary in your country and in the world.”

Father was a man of few words, but his direction and support to us came straight from the heart of Pauline! Thanks be to God, I had taken time to share with Father news and photos of Pauline’s Press and the scope of her work just shortly before his last letter arrived.
“Today, I write to you after the departure of Père Naidenoff for Heaven: Three years and four months of paralysis and 11 days of Calvary at the hospital, Hotel-Dieu, where Pauline used to visit the sick. Toward 7 a.m. on August 19, the Feast of St. John Eudes, he departed this world and was laid to rest on August 22, Feast of the Immaculate Heart of Mary! These are several lines dictated by the Père a few days before his death. This was Father’s last letter.”

“Dear Patti, I was able to read your last letter, so confiding, so simple, so near to God. Your letter is to me a very precious celestial souvenir.”

It seems to me that this was Father’s last will and testament to me and, through me, to all of you members, in which he imparted his blessing to us, which is and always was for us, the very blessing of the heart of Pauline! From his place close to God, he is surely praying for each and every one of us: the Family of Pauline. Let us with fervor and perseverance, remember our dear Father Georges Naidenoff. May he rest in peace!

I have fought the good fight,
I have finished the race…
I have kept the Faith.
(2 Timothy 4:7)

Patti Melvin
Please pray for me

Share Your Gift of Faith

For centuries, our cherished Catholic faith has been passed from person to person, parent to child, etc. Each of us carries in our heart a special memory of how God first graced us with the knowledge of the faith and how Our Blessed Mother, Saint Philomena, Venerable Pauline Jaricot and other saints changed our lives and brought us closer to Christ.

In our work in the Universal Living Rosary Association, we see first hand how millions of souls are currently living without that knowledge of God and are living outside of His grace. We have been given a beautiful opportunity to carry out Christ’s work and pass on our faith and blessings to others who would otherwise never be introduced to Our Lord, the Savior of all mankind. Just as we pray for the souls in Purgatory who have no one to pray for them, we should also make it a part of our life’s mission to pass on our faith to as many souls as possible who have no one else to pass it on to them, who don’t know Our Lord and His promise of salvation.

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This is the box we send out to the foreign Missions $77.95. It contains Rosaries, Scapulars, Miraculous Medals, Cord & Oil, Newsletters, Calendars, Catechism books, 2 TAN books, large color prints, lists and encouragement for our Promoters.

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