Weekly News Flash from the Universal Living Rosary Association of Saint Philomena, Week of Sunday June 16, 2013

Dear Child of Mary,You have been given charge of both lives and souls, and your energy must be expended completely in prolonging these lives and rendering them more fruitful, more Christian. In imitation of Mary, you must be more than kind: You must be compassionate and your patience must be inexhaustible. In giving yourself utterly and completely to everyone, you must be a reflection of Jesus Christ Himself.

Morality is the science by which we learn how to regulate our conduct. It teaches us our duty that we may love it and practice it; and it inspires within us a horror of evil, that we may avoid it. What a grand thing it is to be able to serve and to be of use to someone! It completely transforms our lives. And that someone we must always remember is Jesus Christ Himself, “As long as you do it to one of the least of these, My brethren, you do it to Me.”

Your vocation requires certain qualities, which are tantamount to your duties:

  1. The just man is in possession of his soul. Thus, you must acquire the habit of self-control. Listen carefully to others, remain calm, act wisely and swiftly. Be prepared to forget yourself and give yourself to others from morning till night and from night till morning. If your efforts are not rewarded with success, it does not matter! Go on devoting yourself to others. If you feel you are being treated unfairly, forget it and think only of others! At times, you feel worn out, physically and mentally, or you are indisposed. Give your family and friends the merits of the suffering which you bear in silence and even with joy. Your vocation is lofty and arduous, the work is exhausting, and you are everlastingly subject to others. Shall you give way to depression or indifference, or even to disgust? NO, NEVER! God has given us something glorious which always can, and always should, win the day: our WILL. This is the most beautiful, most noble faculty of your soul and can triumph over every discouragement. It is not what you feel that is important, but what you will!
  2. Be generous! Do not be self-seeking. Let your love go unnoticed, but be content with doing good. A radiant soul seems to share in the Light of Our Lord; her mere presence is a reassurance and source of joy. Above all, be good natured. This is a basic virtue, giving rise to all others. Be consistently even, peaceful and radiant, free from any sort of hardness or malice. It ought to be the overflow of all that is best in you, poured out upon your neighbor and, especially, your afflicted and suffering brethren. Your kind-heartedness will act as a sedative on the sufferer. You must belong entirely to others, forgetting self and all that self-demands. You must be kind, therefore, at all times and in all circumstances, and thus bring joy to the Heart of Jesus suffering. Prepare yourself to rise to the highest acts of self-sacrifice.

    To dedicate yourself, to spend your time, strength and life in the service of another, without the slightest desire to profit, is to LOVE. The sick and the suffering bestow upon us a great favor by allowing us to perform an act of charity, to add to our store of merits. “We do not ask a sufferer what his nationality is, or what is his religion. He suffers – that is all we need to know! He belongs to us and we shall give him relief.” Louis Pasteur. With courage and will-power, the humblest of us can do great things! Every day, the suffering and wounded, in body and soul, depend upon us as an infallible source of strength. Our sacrifice and selflessness gives them courage. We must help them understand that to die is to fall into the arms of Him Who has loved us most; it is to enter into the joy of the Lord. To all those who reach out to you, give your courage, that they may suffer, endure, act, struggle, persevere and raise up; support them, wait on them and pardon them. When you are rich in courage yourself, you will radiate it to all around you. Do not worry who is for you or against you. Remember, your Catholic duty is the expression of God’s holy Will. In every circumstance, let that Will be your guide and motivating force.

  3. Patience must be your chief virtue. You must be so penetrated and so saturated with patience that it never deserts you, however disturbing and unexpected the provocation may be. Patience is perfect self-possession in every conceivable circumstance. It is a calm and peaceful attitude towards everybody and everything. Life has not to be lived, but conquered! Conquest implies struggle. For this struggle, one of the weapons which we must have is patience, wherewith we may endure, suffer, hold our peace and recommence. Patience, always patience! Seek the Will of God in everything and you will bend your neck more easily under His yoke. It is impossible to serve suffering humanity without making a complete and total sacrifice of self.

Never make, provoke or listen to criticism in any shape or form. It undermines the whole edifice!!! Be good natured, be optimistic, always look on the bright side of things and suffer joyfully. Hide, support and sympathize, rather than correct and reprimand. This good spirit creates an excellent atmosphere. Optimism is confidence in God! Suffering will make no difference to cheerfulness. When you are with those who are suffering, your cheerfulness will forge a bond of union between you both, and your calm and joy will strengthen them. Watch and pray; and by your works of charity, spread the truth. Nothing you do, will go unnoticed.

Those upon whom God has struck down by suffering are receptacles of His Love. They have been chosen by Him to become, in a special sense, saviors and redeemers with Him completing in their members the Passion of Christ, their Head! God created man for the noblest ends: to know Him, love Him and to serve Him. Constant vigilance is necessary. You must perseveringly inspire the poor, wounded and mangled souls with courage, bidding them again and again to ‘Lift up their hearts!’ You must make them realize the profit that the supernatural world of souls derives from their life of martyrdom! If you cannot bring a body back to this life, you can show the soul the way to the next. Never be ashamed of what you ought to be most proud of:

You are a Child of the Universal Mother, the Catholic, Apostolic and Roman Church!

One with Mary, let us sacrifice all to save souls! Bon Courage!

Patti Melvin
Please pray for me


Holy Ghost, I consecrate to Thee my body with its senses and I beg of Thee to employ them for the greater glory of God. Holy Ghost, I consecrate to Thee my eyes that they may look only on my Jesus. Holy Ghost, I consecrate to Thee, my ears, that they may be attentive only to Thy divine inspirations. Holy Ghost, I consecrate to Thee all my senses, that they may serve me only to love Jesus and to sacrifice myself for Him. Holy Ghost, I consecrate to Thee my soul with all its faculties, that it may be Thy temple and Thy oasis.

Holy Ghost, I consecrate to Thee my memory, that it may be mindful only of Thy beauty and of the words, acts and passion of my Jesus. Holy Ghost, I consecrate to Thee my heart with all its affections, that captivated alone by the charms and the delights of Thy love, it may ever find in Thee peace, love, strength, light and all Thy Gifts and Fruits, and that loving Thee every day more and more, and making Thee loved by many souls, and by the whole world, were it possible, Thou mayest also love me more and more, and make me holy with all those that I love. Amen.


O Holy and most Beloved Spirit of God, to Thee do we commend all the needs of our dear country, confident that, in Thy mercy, Thou will hear us and deliver us from all evils which afflict or threaten us.

Come, Divine Fount of all happiness, and pour down Thy holy Peace upon our dear land, and maintain it in peace in spite of all enemies, whether from within or without. Thou who art the Soul of the Catholic Church, Thou who does shed abroad divine charity, Thou who art the Light of the understanding and the Divine Fire that inflameth the heart, draw to the fair bosom of the Spouse of Christ all Her erring children, giving the priceless gift of Faith to those who possess it not, and confirming us all in loving service and obedience to our Holy Father the Pope and to the Bishops and Pastors of the Church.

Behold our miseries, O Divine Spirit! Look upon the countless offenses committed, in public and in private, against the Divine Majesty. Certain it is that we have merited naught except castigation at the hands of God, but have we not Mary, our Mother and Thy Immaculate Spouse, and have we not Thee Thyself, O Spirit of Consolation, to save us from enemies and from the effects of our offenses!

We implore Thee, then, to send forth Thy vivifying breath to renew the face of our dear land! Who, O Divine Spirit, can triumph as Thou can, against the powers of Hell itself! For, art Thou not the Fire that consumeth all sin, Essential Purity, the Bond of brotherhood that we so yearn for, Truth infallible, and Love, oh yes, Love Divine that unites all, reconciles all and purifies all!

Save us, then, for we perish! Fortify, preserve and extend the reign of Thy Church in our beloved land; allay all strife, political, social and domestic; enlighten, guide and possess our rulers, through the merits of Christ Our Lord and the intercession of Mary, Thy Immaculate Spouse.

St. Michael, Archangel, who has so often been sent to combat for us against Lucifer and his vile followers, deliver us from the wiles of that evil spirit, and grant that our holy religion may triumph over the enemies who blindly oppose or persecute Her. Amen.

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For centuries, our cherished Catholic faith has been passed from person to person, parent to child, etc. Each of us carries in our heart a special memory of how God first graced us with the knowledge of the faith and how Our Blessed Mother, Saint Philomena, Venerable Pauline Jaricot and other saints changed our lives and brought us closer to Christ.

In our work in the Universal Living Rosary Association, we see first hand how millions of souls are currently living without that knowledge of God and are living outside of His grace. We have been given a beautiful opportunity to carry out Christ’s work and pass on our faith and blessings to others who would otherwise never be introduced to Our Lord, the Savior of all mankind. Just as we pray for the souls in Purgatory who have no one to pray for them, we should also make it a part of our life’s mission to pass on our faith to as many souls as possible who have no one else to pass it on to them, who don’t know Our Lord and His promise of salvation.

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This is the box we send out to the foreign Missions $77.95. It contains Rosaries, Scapulars, Miraculous Medals, Cord & Oil, Newsletters, Calendars, Catechism books, 2 TAN books, large color prints, lists and encouragement for our Promoters.

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