Weekly News Flash from the Universal Living Rosary Association of Saint Philomena, Week of Sunday August 25, 2013

Dear Apostles of the Immaculate Heart of Mary,Afzaal joined the Living Rosary on October 7, 2000. At the time, he was working at the local hospital as an orderly. He began at once to help with translations realizing the value of the ULRA work for the faithful in Pakistan. Later, he was “dismissed” from his job because of his Catholic Faith. Having time on his hands, he began translating all our materials for spreading the devotion. He traveled throughout the country to give seminars in parishes and schools. We set him up with a computer and built a small chapel in his home. During the following years, he worked tirelessly with no thought of himself, against the most terrible odds, physical and political, and is responsible for enrolling hundreds of thousands of members in the Living Rosary. He survived the spinal TB which nearly killed him and, now, he is battling the deterioration of his spinal nerves. Time is urgent! The hospitalization and surgery will cost over $5,000. God love you for anything you can give. Please keep Afzaal in your prayers. Thank you!

Click here to see photos of his mission in Pakistan

Patti Melvin

Dear Patti,Subject: Afzaal Khokhar, Promoter of the Living Rosary In Pakistan

I had sent a note earlier but my computer malfunctioned and I had to send it again. I think your idea about raising money for Afzaal is wonderful. I think, it will provide a great deal of help to him. This is the third time I have rewritten this e-mail, as there was a terrible lightning storm last night and I think it struck my computer.

Brother Afzaal was treated a little more than two years ago for tuberculosis of the spine. This is a dangerous condition that is not often successfully treated and can be fatal even with the medicines of our modern day. He took a total of four different medications for a year. He was cured and we believe that the Lord’s Hand was in this, because even the best of treatments is not often successful. He was riding a motorcycle to take devotional materials and to speak to a group about the Lord and His Mother (as well as having materials on Saint Philomena), when he had an accident and hurt his neck and back severely. He is now developing weakness in his foot (called FOOT DROP) and weakness in his fingers. This is because the material between the bones of the back (which are called vertebra) is protruding out of its proper position. This material is commonly called the DISCS. It is crushing the nerve roots coming out of the spine which move the fingers and the feet. There is no medical treatment for this. Only a surgical procedure can relieve the pressure and save the nerves. A surgical procedure will prevent the permanent and progressive damage which will occur if this is left without surgery. Once the damage is there, it will not reverse, even with a surgical procedure. We can prevent it from becoming worse. Brother Afzaal will lose the ability to hold things in his hand if this is not done. He will lose the ability to walk without a crutch or cane if the FOOT DROP is allowed to continue without intervention.

Brother Afzaal has endured much personal tragedy with family relationships through this trying time with his health. He also lives in an Islamic country that actively persecutes Christians. Christians are 15% of the population and are the poorest group economically in that country. There is no Medicare or Medicaid. There are no social “SAFETY NETS” to assist when one needs intervention for a serious illness. Please take to heart what you can do for this brother and help with the most generous gift that you can. Consider the possibility of what you would pray and hope for, if you were in his shoes.

Brother Afzaal, you are in our prayers.



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