Weekly Newsletter from the Universal Living Rosary Association of Saint Philomena, Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Dear Apostles of the Immaculate Heart of Mary,

With all our hearts, we thank you for your generous support and for your prayers. We realize clearly that the New Year will be a singular challenge and that the great pillar of the Holy Rosary will be our joy, consolation, strength and protection. Let us come humbly to the poor crib of the Divine Infant Jesus and learn from Him those virtues which most draw down upon the world God’s Mercy.

Oh, what a beautiful time of pilgrimage we enter with Jesus, Mary and Joseph, as we journey with them to Bethlehem! Over the hills by day and by night, the sound of rushing trees and flocking birds fills the air. Here, now, we can meditate on our lives seeking to discover ways in which to make room for the Divine Infant King. Possessions beguile our hearts, pamper our bodies and promise us liberty and happiness. Our poor mind is completely occupied with them while lofty thoughts of sacrifice, love and loyalty are smothered. Before us, we face a long stretch of desert. We stand sorely in need of holy joy which can only be obtained through fidelity to grace and faithfulness to the duties of our state in life. Fidelity is the raw material of perseverance, and its importance cannot be exaggerated. Without an interior spirit and supernatural intention, the seed of our words and works is sown upon rocks.

This journey across the hills on foot with the Holy Family will give us true liberty of spirit. May we, too, serve God at the sacrifice of self and with absolute generosity! Let us aspire to have their faith, hope and trust. Is His service our sole work? Is our ruling passion a horror of sin? Are we working towards a devout life? Search out the secret of the Christ Child’s infancy. He has done nothing in half measures. His is unreserved generosity for the glory of the Father and the perishing souls of men.

Sinlessness was not the great prerogative of Our Blessed Mother. Her greatness, from the very first moment of Her Immaculate Conception, was an entire and joyous surrender of Herself to God. This was never retracted for so much as an instant through all Her years of labor, prayer, uncertainty and pain. Mary remained firm and intrepid in Her love and trust in God from His Birth in the stable at Bethlehem to His Death on the Cross at Calvary. May we embrace Him affectionately and thank Him for loving us and giving to us His very own Mother! Let us empty our heart of things and make room for the weary travelers who seek refuge from the cold.

God love you!

One with you in the Heart of Mary,One with you in the Heart of Mary,
Patti Melvin

Dearest Sr. PattiOn behalf of Danalega Holy Trinity Catholic Church Christian community, I would like to thank you very much for the gift you sent us. We received the Rosaries, Scapulars, holy Oil, Miraculous Medals, prayer cards and CD on Our Blessed Mother that you sent in March. The members are very happy in joining the Universal Living Rosary Association.

We are promoting the Marian devotion. So, I am very happy for the Sacramentals that you sent us. I distributed it to all the newly registered members. Here, many Christians are giving witness through the prayer of the Rosary which has miraculous aspects. As you know, Ethiopia is very poor country and many youth are migrating to different parts of the world searching for better life and future. However, many are dying on the way because of hunger, violent attacks, harmful animals and sinking in the quicksand.

Let me tell you one Christian’s witness: When he was migrating abroad with his friends, on the journey, they met with pitbull terriers which came to attack them. At that time, this Christian had the Bible and Rosary in his pocket. He took the Bible out and held the Rosary up and said: “Please Mary, the Mother of God, come soon to help and protect me from these terriers.” He kissed the Rosary and then showed it to the terriers. They left him and attacked the others who were with him. His witness makes many to understand how powerful the Rosary is.

Now again, I send lists of new members enrolled. I await your response for their Sacramentals. May God bless you for your action and effort!!!

Father Adane Woldemariam
Apostolic Vicariate of Hosanna
Danalega Holy Trinity Catholic Church – ETHIOPIA

I have listed 3000 + members. Due to political turmoil here among the Muslims and Christians here in Southern Mindanao, maybe it will later reach US. Our devotion to Saint Philomena is also strengthened because our Diocese has already the blood relic of Saint Philomena here at the Benedictine Monastery of the Benedictine Nuns. We have propagated her devotion and of the Living Rosary. I and the Diocesan Youth Apostolate are helping hand in hand for the propagation of the Living Rosary and of St Philomena. I have inserted the pics of the blood relic of St. Philomena here in our Diocese.Bryan Gomez—PHILIPPINES

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