Weekly News Flash from the Universal Living Rosary Association of Saint Philomena, Wednesday, December 18, 2013

(By Most Rev. Luis Martinez)In every need let me come to Thee with humble trust, saying, JESUS, HELP ME!

In all my doubts, perplexities and temptations, JESUS, HELP ME!

In hours of loneliness, weariness and trials, JESUS, HELP ME!

When I feel impatient, and my cross irritates me, JESUS, HELP ME!

When others fail me, and Thy Grace alone can assist me, JESUS, HELP ME!

When I throw myself on Thy tender Love as a Father and Savior, JESUS, HELP ME!

The Angels, while announcing to the world the unique and incomparable joy of the Birth of Jesus Christ, made two promises – one for Heaven, the other for earth: For Heaven, the Glory of God; for earth, Peace to MEN of GOOD WILL. These two promises embrace and sum up the whole work of Jesus Christ in this world.

PEACE is what Jesus Christ brought from Heaven. It is HIS Gift, the Gift of God; a Gift so beautiful, so profound, so efficacious that we shall never be able to fully comprehend it. If we but realized what peace is! If we but understood all the treasures Our Lord has placed in it! Peace is the resume, the crowning and the synthesis of all graces and all heavenly blessings.

Peace is the Seal of Christ!

The life of the Church is nothing else but the same Canticle of Bethlehem: “Glory to God in the highest, and on earth, Peace to Men of Good Will.” The Church has done nothing else, nor does it intend to do anything else, nor has it any other mission than to give glory to God and peace to men of good will. It is God’s Peace, a Peace which the world can neither give nor understand. The world falsifies everything: it falsifies happiness into something artificial and grotesque; it falsifies wisdom casting into darkness those who would believe; it falsifies love giving this sacred name to brutal passion and egoism. The world, the child of Satan, the father of lies, is essentially a liar, falsifying everything. But, there is something it cannot falsify: PEACE. The world cannot give peace because it is something DIVINE. The world, today, tries mightily to do away with PEACE by crushing all religion and all belief in Jesus Christ as the Son of God: God Himself, the Second Person of the Most Blessed Trinity.

The Peace which Our Blessed Lord gives us is Profound! It is not superficial or purely exterior like the peace that reigns in sepulchres – solitude, emptiness and desolation. God’s Peace touches the depth of our hearts; it is something that pervades us like an exquisite, penetrating perfume – reaching to the very depth of our soul and spirit. It is plentitude, IT IS LIFE! It is indestructible. Nothing and no one can deprive a soul of this gift which it has received from God. Neither the persecutions of tyrants, nor the assaults of the demon, nor all the vicissitudes of earth can trouble a heart in which God has established His Peace. On the eve of His Passion, Our Lord told His Apostles that He would give them His Joy: “and your joy, no man shall take from you.” The very same may be said of God’s Peace. Men may deprive us of everything, but the Peace of Christ can still reign in our hearts despite all miseries, sadness and bitterness of life. The Peace of Christ is full of sweetness and tenderness. It is the mark of a Christian and the Seal of Jesus Christ.


We, Christians, have a right to suffer, to be afflicted, to be persecuted; but we have no right to lose our peace. Where there is God, there is peace and we bear God within our hearts. Neither life nor death, nor the powers of Heaven or those of hell, nor height, nor depth, nor any other creature, can tear from our hearts this God whom we possess; then, why is not our entire life embalmed with His Peace? Nothing is so necessary as to discover the secret of peace. Peace is not a thing to be sought after with lukewarmness and negligence, but with ardor and with solicitude. We should constantly seek peace. To lose our peace and live in a state of inquietude is a great evil! Affliction, YES! Pain, YES! Desolation, YES! But, inquietude and anxiety, NO! A THOUSAND TIMES, NO! All our inquietudes have their origin in ignorance, selfishness or want of confidence in God.

Dear Sister Patti,

Good morning to you, Sr. Patti, and team. I greet you all in the Holy Name of Our Almighty God and Creator! It’s been a while now since I wrote to you due to some internet problems. I can’t stop thanking Our Mother Mary and Her beloved daughter St. Philomena, you and the team for everything that we receive from the Centre: all the powerful prayer cards, DVDs, Rosaries, Scapulars, Medals, and posters. I have also received materials from Sr. Margaret Mary Uutoni as you can see in the picture. Since I joined the ULRA group, it’s been such a pleasure for me to share with all my friends and family about the Living Rosary, St. Philomena and Ven. Pauline Jaricot.

This year, so many miracles have happened to me whereby I developed a desire of giving back to Our Heavenly Father, an unforgettable thanks to Our Mother for Her Son’s Mercy and Graces. The Holy Spirit helped me so much to go on a missionary trip. I decided to take my yearly leave of two weeks to visit three Parishes: Holy Trinity Parish in Karasburg, Mater Dolorosa Parish in Aroab and my birth town Most Holy

Name of Jesus Parish, Gibeon in the Southern Africa. I started to prepare the program which I would use at all three Parishes. I made copies of prayers and posters for each Parish, and compiled a prayer book with Novenas, Litanies, Chaplets and some information. After I finished, I contacted our director, Sr. Uutoni who gave me the contact phone number of Bishop Phillip Pollitzer, OMI, from the Keetmanshoop Diocese to present the program. I informed him that I would visit those Parishes since he gave his permission. He was very happy about it. It was a blessed journey down to the South. St. Philomena and our finance lady, Ven. Pauline, took care of my transportation, accommodation and food. The group in Keetmanshoop is already growing. I lost my camera in the photo shop but found it the next day just before my travel to Gibeon, which is my birth place. I was so proud and happy that I could share the Universal Living Rosary Association with the adults and school mates who were attending the talk. The next morning, I had to travel back and stayed in Windhoek. It so happened I could visit my old Primary School principal and his wife. The house assistant called me to visit them because both of them had pain in their legs. I managed to visit them. We prayed together and I applied St. Philomena’s oil on them. While I was there, I received a call to visit a young girl who had knots in both her breasts after giving birth. I gave her some oil and a Rosary, and I told her to pray the Rosary and apply the oil with deep faith and told her that she would be healed if she really believes. After two weeks, I received a call from the girl’s aunty saying that Natasha is healed. I was very happy after my mission. The ULRA group has grown slowly but surely. Fr. Joseph from another small town, Luderitz, in the South, heard that I was there, so he invited me to visit them. I said “YES” with a big smile and happiness, praying that I will save some souls. Thanks to Our Immaculate Heart of Mary! I traveled on 15th November to meet with them on the 17th. We are assured of your prayers and thank you and your team in advance.

Sr. Patti, I will attach some pictures of the places I visit. Therefore, I promise that my missionary trips will carry on till I cover all the parishes in the South. I am looking forward for that big box as I am planning with God’s Grace for the first Annual Conference next year in September.

Thank you and your team for the hard work, patience, love and care to make sure everyone gets something. May God bless you abundantly!

We deeply appreciated it from our hearts. Keep up the good work!

Regards, lots of love and prayers,
Maria Mutota

Dear Patti,

I am really happy that two boxes reached me safe. Rosaries and other religious books are very much appreciated. We launched a mission of making good and quality Scapulars and this has become a reality. Here are our promoters, they sacrifice their food even for the mission. We are reaching out to so many and we are indeed happy. Your toils and sac-rifices are bearing fruits here. May God be blessed every where forever. The names of the promoters sent by you reached me today by post. Among them Msgr. Ruban and Mrs. Muriel have gone to their eternal rest. Please pray for them. Please don’t send any one any sacramental as some freely distribute and others sell, but ULRA doesn’t grow. Please forward their requests and addresses to us we will find out their need and real situation and do the needful.

Many thanks!

May Almighty God bless you + the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit!

Fr. Andrew

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