Weekly News Flash from the Universal Living Rosary Association of Saint Philomena, Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Glory be to Jesus Christ!Dear Apostles and Benefactors of the Living Rosary,

The most beautiful Season of Christmas has come and gone. It is a great time of humility, hope and fulfillment. Now, we begin again the Liturgical year where, in abundance, the Father pours out blessings upon us as a response to our love for Christ and our faith in Him. We have seen our country, Ukraine, undergo riots and revolution and we are firmly reminded by God that, without His Grace, there can be no peace in the world; without obedience to His Law, all is chaos. It is Christ Who saves, Christ Who gives life and Christ Who watches, that none whom the Father has given into His care should be lost. To love God is to receive His gift of Love. The beatific vision, in which we shall know perfect union with God and full participation in His Life, will not be simply us gazing upon Him, but a surge of the whole soul as we give ourselves to Him and know that we are utterly possessed by Him. Only then will we find our complete rest in Him. We will be emptied entirely of self, with nothing remaining, but the joy of abiding in His Will. Our most important consideration in life is not to find God, but never to grow weary of seeking Him. Our most precious good is a strong desire for God which acts in our soul as powerful magnet that attracts the Grace of God. God loves courageous souls, so let our confidence in Him never falter. He gives to whom He will, not because we are good, but because HE IS GOOD! The Incarnation was the crowning proof of Divine Love; God drew near to us, completely giving Himself to us by becoming one of us! Humility prepares the way for God and allows Him the freedom to carry out His plan in us. Love is peace, a peace made of gentleness, patience, renunciation and humility. True Victory is achieved not so much by heroic sacrifice as by constant faithfulness to the most ordinary duties of everyday life. In this way, we acquire a forgetfulness of self and soar to the heights of perfection. There is no better proof of constant, faithful love than persistent, hidden effort that is wearied and discouraged by nothing!!! To offer God our poverty is not a second rate offering, for it is the one essential gift of self, the one gift we all have to give!

We are grateful for your gifts, your prayers and your love. During the New Year, we have arranged that each and every member and apostle of the Living Rosary will be remembered at the Holy Altar: your families, your suffering, your living and departed. Our strength in the days ahead will be our Daily Decade united with millions who are praying for the Triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary! It will not be easy but, with God’s help, we will obtain this victory. Have Courage!

I impart to you all, my priestly blessing:

+ In the Name of the Father, Son and Holy Ghost. Amen.

Byzantine Rite, Greek-Catholic Church, UKRAINE


Alone with God! What does ‘being alone with God’ mean? It means contentment, peace, joy and strength. But, how does one reach this aloneness with God: By constantly communing with the Divine Guest of our Soul!

Alone with Christ, let us ponder over the Will of God, so that we may always recognize it. Let us never forget that perfect submission to God is perfect sanctity. Sanctity is not found ready-made, but is the greatest achievement of man working in union with the Builder of Saints. Deep down in our souls, we hunger for sanctity, but Human Nature is also hungry, and its food is so easily procured that, unless we are always on watch, the soul will meet with irreparable loss due solely to neglect. The soul has many foes whom she cannot fight unless she is continually strengthened with spiritual food. This spiritual food she obtains primarily through the following seven ways:


Saint ‘Little Thérèse’ says, “My whole strength lies in prayer and sacrifice. These are my invincible arms. They can move hearts far better than words. I know it by experience.”

PRAYER! THERE IS NO OCCUPATION THAT CAN HINDER THIS ACTIVITY, UNLESS THE SOUL PERMITS IT. Again, it is a hidden power. Our Lord stresses the necessity of this hiddenness in His words: ‘When you pray, retire into your chamber, and close the door. Withdraw within the soul where I abide, and I shall reveal to you the secrets of My Heart.


The first step in the art of abiding in God is recollection. This is more than just the occasional ejaculation customary during the course of our work.

Recollection is the habitual consciousness of the Presence of God. It is always being aware that God’s loving Eyes are upon us. We will, then, become circumspect in our thoughts, words and actions because of our friendship with Him. We are gracious because He is looking. We lift the burdens of others, remembering His gentle treatment of the bruised reed and the smoking flax. We aim to be true – true to those who are kind to us and true to those who are harsh.

We must absorb more and more of His Spirit until, in the midst of crowds or secluded in our homes, we are alone with Jesus, our inseparable Guide. Jesus Christ is very nigh to the soul who seeks and loves Him, and she speaks to Him in the inner cloister of her heart. The soul needs no set form of speech, but talks with God in her own words and in her own way. She is at home with God and He with her. There is nothing she cannot tell him, whether it be joy or sorrow, success or failure. It is all poured into His listening Ears. ‘Oh, Jesus, You are a darling!’ were words which came from the heart of a child at an unlooked-for pleasure. To some, they may seem boldly familiar but, to the soul living daily in His Presence, they are quite natural.

Is there a difficult piece of work? In great simplicity, she tells Him about it and asks Him to see it through. She is quite real and natural in all she says to Him. She lives in His Will, and her attention is fixed on Him. All through the hours of her work, He is there and the work is done with the perfection, ease, and joyousness that come from His Presence within her. The soul must always remember that He is forever with her as long as she is desirous of His Holy Presence. But the soul is very far from limiting her conversation to merely asking about her own immediate affairs – the greater her love, the wider her reach.

She is and intercessor for others. She brings them with her to Jesus. Their needs and necessities are set before Him and, like the Blessed Mother at Cana, she is quite confident that He will surely supply them. Such prayer embraces the earth, reaches everywhere and exerts great influence on those who are hardened against every other means of approach.

The fear is, that we who are consecrated to God – devoted to Him, spending our lives for Him – may finish our earthly days without having truly realized the great Treasure we have in our souls. It must be our aim, therefore, to grow familiar with the truth of His abiding Presence within us. He reiterates this fact over and over again so as not to be misunderstood. His statements are simple and clear. They are quoted repeatedly by St. John, while St. Paul, too, reminds us constantly that the soul is a Tabernacle of the Trinity.

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