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Dear Fellow Devotees of Our Lady of the Rosary,In this February 2011 issue of our News Flash I have news to share with you about the Venerable Pauline Jaricot, who, as you know, founded both the Propagation of the Faith and the Living Rosary.Many of you have heard the lovely audio presentations by David Eaves on our website. David is from Wales. If you have not, I invite you to listen to his presentation about the Venerable Pauline Jaricot, Saint Philomena, the Rosary and the Brown Scapular. You will find David’s Audio presentations at the bottom of the pages on the sections, Foundress (Pauline Jaricot), Patroness (Saint Philomena), the Rosary and the Brown Scapular.

David Eaves has also spent the last two years producing beautiful recordings of the Holy Rosary for every day of the year. Each recording is filled with interesting information on the Saint of the day and the nicest spiritual meditations.

Sadly, David has been stricken with the most devastating form of brain cancer known.

In this News Flash you will find the story of David’s pilgrimage with Father Copsey and the Representatives of our England Center to Ars and Lorette, Pauline Jaricot’s home in Lyon, France. I have included a lovely prayer David put together which can be used for private use, but I wanted to share it with you because of its deep beauty. I know you will love it as much as I do.

We unite with David in praying for his cure which would be the miracle our holy foundress needs for her beatification. Still, always, we pray that the Will of God be done and that David be given the grace and courage to carry this huge cross with patience, love and trust. We reach out to his family with our prayers and a warm embrace.

I am also going to share with you news about a new organization formed at the home of Pauline Jaricot, Lorette, in Lyon France. I have included a letter from them as wall as the meeting minutes from their meeting in December, 2010.

As I close, I wish to remind you of the deep connections between the Venerable Pauline Jaricot and her friendship with St. John Vianney and their relationship with Saint Philomena.

St. Philomena, Ven. Pauline Jaricot and St. John Vianney – their separate lives were inspiring, but the three together were given miraculous rewards by God for their devotion to Him.

St. Philomena, Ven. Pauline Jaricot and St. John Viannney.

It is no coincidence that the official Feast of St. Philomena falls on the 10th of August, for that is the very day that the Great Miracle of Mugnano occurred and the day that St. Philomena granted the Venerable Pauline Jaricot a wonderful healing. It was the miraculous cure of Pauline Jaricot which led to Philomena’s being raised to the status of Saint.

Pope Pius XI canonized St. Jean-Marie Vianney in 1925 and named him “Patron of all Parish Priests” and said that his spirituality in its totality should be followed by them. This would necessarily include his deep devotion to St. Philomena.

The present Pope dedicated 2009 as the “Year for Priests” and has honored St. Jean Vianney by elevating him to be the “Patron of all Priests“. Because he was such a dear friend of the Ven. Pauline Jaricot, her cause for sainthood takes on new fervor. Pauline was not only the foundress of the Propagation of the Faith, she also founded the Living Rosary Association to promote faith through the united prayer of the Daily Decade of the Holy Rosary, and the distribution of good Catholic literature in the wake of heresy and persecution, which was rampant in her own day in the aftermath of the French Revolution.

These three lives are very closely intertwined in other ways. Note their influence on these Leaders of the Church:

  • Pope Gregory XVI raised Philomena to the status of Saint and also named her the Patroness of the Living Rosary Association. Pope Pius IX granted to her the glorious title: Patroness of the Children of Mary.
  • The Living Rosary Association founded by Pauline Jaricot in Lyon, France was approved and richly indulgenced by Pope Gregory XVI and accorded official canonical status on January 27, 1832.
  • On January 13, 1837, Pope Gregory XVI named Philomena, Patroness of the Living Rosary Association and declared her to be the “Thaumaturga,” the “Great Wonder-Worker of the Nineteenth Century.
  • The Confraternity of Saint Philomena was founded by Fr. Louis Petit in Paris and on November 30, 1886 his Holiness, Pope Leo XIII, raised this Confraternity of Saint Philomena based in France to the rank of Archconfraternity.
  • On June 16, 1907, the Supreme Pontiff Pius X, receiving in audience Fr. Petit, exclaimed, “…the great argument in favor of devotion to St. Philomena is the Curé of Ars. By her, in her name, and through her intercession, he obtained innumerable graces and continual prodigies.
  • Saint Pope Pius X named St. Jean Vianney Patron of the Archconfraternity of St. Philomena.
  • In an apostolic brief on May 21, 1912, Saint Pope Pius X extended the Archconfraternity of St. Philomena to the entire Church, by raising it to the status of Universal. He stated “All the decisions and declarations of his predecessors regarding St. Philomena should in no way be altered.

Saint Philomena’s influence was life-changing for both Pauline Jaricot and St. Jean Vianney. Pauline’s miraculous cure by St. Philomena on August 10, 1835 provided the impetus for formally elevating St. Philomena to the Altar. She then became the only person recognized as a Saint solely on the basis of her miraculous intercession.

When Pauline shared the story of her healing with her dear friend St. Jean Vianney (Curé of Ars, France) and bestowed upon him the relics of St. Philomena obtained from the Shrine in Mugnano, Italy, she prophetically said to St. Jean Vianney, “Have full confidence in this great Saint. She will obtain for you all that you ask.” Both St. Jean Vianney and Ven. Pauline Jaricot grew up in the same historical period and both suffered very much from the persecution of the Church during the French Revolution. Priests were hunted down and sent to prison if they would not take an oath to the State. Pauline, herself, was baptized at home by a priest faithful to Rome. The holy Curé saw in St. Philomena a New Light for the Church Militant.

Patti Melvin
Patti Melvin
Director of the Universal Living Rosary Association of Saint Philomena (ULRA).

Our Pilgrimage to Lyon, FranceAnne Curran, our representative from England wrote to give us the details of their pilgrimage:

We traveled from London to Lille, and on to Lyon by train. The tomb of Pauline is at St. Nizier, a very large old church, imposing and cold. We offered the Rosary at her tomb and then, after climbing hundreds of steps through old Lyon, we reached the Basilica of Fourviere where Pauline made her personal vow of virginity to the Most Sacred Heart. There, we had a stunning view over all of Lyon. We descended a short distance below to Lorette (the house of Pauline Please click here to learn much more about Lorette) where Sr. Catherine met us. The four Franciscan Sisters at Lorette were very kind to us. Together with members of the local church, they had been making a novena of prayers for David. We were invited to take part in the final day of this Novena in Pauline’s room.

Sister Pricilla showed us around the newly refurbished house of Lorette, which is being made into a museum. Each room is representative of Pauline’s different activities. There is a room with Pauline’s mission work, and another room with relics, as she loved relics. I was very struck by the similarity to the way Pauline worked and the way you work, Patti! I would truly say you are a perfect continuation of her work! The refurbishment of her grounds and the renewed interest in Pauline’s cause is being sponsored by the Archbishop of Lyon.

Lastly, we were taken to the room where Pauline died. This is a lovely room, full of atmosphere and with an amazing view over Lyon. When Pauline was dying she asked to be moved over to the window so she could look out over her beloved Lyon.

Just before breathing her last, Pauline raised herself up on her elbows and cried out: “Mary, My Mother, I am all Thine!”

I felt such peace and joy in that room. It was for me the highlight of our visit. We prayed the Rosary with the local people and the Sisters. We then attended the Mass at the chapel of St. Philomena at Lorette. I was told that the relic of St. Philomena in the chapel disappeared several years ago and there is none in Lyon. Pauline loved relics and there were so many, but not one of St. Philomena!

On 9th January, the anniversary of the death of Ven. Pauline Jaricot, we took a taxi to St. Nizier, where the Mass was celebrated by the Auxiliary Archbishop, Msgr. Thierry Brac de La Perrière. Msgr. Brac joined us in the Rosary before Mass, as did many parishioners. The Church was full! Pauline’s Heart is located a short distance from St. Nizier at the Church of St. Polycarp which is closed during the week and opened only for Sunday Masses. A Third Order Dominican lady, Emmanuela, helped us to get in at the side door and view the place where rests the Heart of Pauline. Her Heart is interred in cement in the wall of a side altar to St. Francis Xavier. There was literature about Pauline here in French.

It was a difficult trip for David and I very much admire his faith, good spirits and courage. On Monday, January 10, 2011, the day we celebrate St. Philomena’s birthday, we traveled to Ars. At the entrance to the small village is a large statue of St. Philomena pointing the way to the Basilica dedicated to her. Inside the basilica is a beautiful side chapel reserved to honor St. Philomena. What struck me most about the house of the Curé of Ars is its austerity and simplicity. When viewing his little room we could even smell charred wood where the devil had set fire to his bed. On the little altar by his bed was a relic of St. Philomena. At the other end of town was the wonderful statue of the Curé with the little boy who showed him the way to Ars. We were very lucky that few people were there, because in the Summer I would imagine the place to be absolutely packed with pilgrims.

We all received many special graces. I personally found the visit very inspiring and it has encouraged me on in spreading the devotion of the Living Rosary and the cause of Ven. Pauline Jaricot. David has not noticed any change in his condition, but we are all hopeful and will continue to pray for this. We are sharing with you some photos taken during our visit. We carried all of you in our hearts!”
Anne Curran, ULRA – ENGLAND

O Sacred and adorable Heart of Jesus! Furnace of Eternal Love! Ocean of Infinite Mercy! Consolation of the Afflicted! Refuge of Sinners! Hope of the World! I place my trust in Thee!

Fervently, I adore Thee and unite my heart, my affections and my supplications to Thy most admirable Heart. To me, Thou hast given Thyself with an ardor and vehemence of the deep truth of Thy Infinite Love and nothing gives Thee more honor than that I place my whole trust in Thy Love.

For this end, Thou wast pierced with a lance on the Cross and, for this purpose, Thou dost remain a daily Victim of Thine own Love on the Altar.

O infinitely compassionate Heart of Jesus, I humbly beg in Thy adorable Name and through the intercession of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, for a perfect healing of my physical infirmity and the courage to accept from Thy Sacred Hands what is best for my immortal soul. I ask this favor in honor of thy faithful daughter, Ven. Pauline-Marie Jaricot, that through the Sacred Heart of Jesus, her victim heart and life of heroic virtue may be recognized by the whole Church.

Saint Philomena, Ven. Pauline Jaricot and Saint Jean Vianney who while on earth were particularly devoted to the Sacred Heart of Jesus, join your voice to mine as I implore the blessings of health of body and soul through thy intercession. I beg thee, likewise, from the adorable Heart of Jesus, which has dominion over all hearts, to have compassion on all those who are in the dread state of mortal sin, and to open to them all the treasures of Thy mercy at the hour of their death. Most Sacred Heart of Jesus, I place my trust in Thee, in Time and for all Eternity. Amen.

Persons receiving favors through the intercession of Venerable Pauline-Marie Jaricot, are asked to write or e-mail our Center. These will be submitted to Lyon, France in support of our dear Mother Pauline’s cause for sainthood.

(For private use only)

Words of St. John Vianney when he gave this cross to Pauline:
“My Sister, to try to get from under the Cross is to be crushed by its weight, but, to suffer it lovingly is to suffer no longer.”

Below, explore Lorette on Google Maps
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Les Amis de Pauline Jaricot (Friends of Pauline Jaricot)Dear Patti,

As you may be aware, last May we created an association called “Les Amis de Pauline Jaricot” in Lyon to promote the memory of our Venerable Pauline Jaricot. This was initiated by Nicole Eymard, whom you know. We have held regular meetings and have undertaken some actions, such as prayer meetings, historical research and conferences

I am the Secretary of this association and the President is the Archbishop of Lyon, represented by Msgr. Thierry Brac de la Perriere. Nicole is a member of our office, of course. Our meetings are held in “Maison de Lorette” in Lyon, the very house where Pauline lived.

We are all very impressed by your work and your energy and would like to strengthen our links with you. You will find here attached a translation of our objectives, an outline of the minutes of our last meeting (I did what I could to put it into English), and a list of our present members.

As I speak English (I lived five years in Atlanta Georgia), I will be glad to have your comments and correspond with you and the Universal Living Rosary Association, in the name of the “Les Amis de Pauline Jaricot” Association.

Best brotherly regards,
Bertrand DEAU.
Paris, France

Les Amis de Pauline Jaricot

Summary of minutes of the meeting held on December 15, 2010

  • Support the cause of the beatification of Pauline Jaricot,
  • Develop knowledge of Pauline Jaricot, founder of the Propagation of Faith and the Living Rosary, and initiator of a social approach rooted in the Gospel,
  • Clarify her charisma through the study of her writings, her spirituality and her missionary and social commitments,
  • Promote the publication and the translation of her works.

Outline of the Minutes of Dec 15, 2010 Meeting

The following members of the Association met on December 15, 2010 at 5 p.m., at Maison de Lorette, head office of the Association: Msgr. Thierry Brac de la Perrière (President), Msgr. Jean-Marie Jouham, Sœur Cécile Guérin-Boutaud, the Misses Katy Campagnolo, Marie-Dominique Escaron, Elisabeth d’Escayrac, Marie-France Eymard (Vice Secretary), Nicole Eymard (Vice Secretary), Brigitte Liogier de Sereys (Vice President), Valerie Peyraverney, Nicole Saby, Colette Tempere et Catarina Zuccaro (in charge of Communication), Messieurs Gaetan Boucharlat de Chazotte et Bertrand Deau (Secretary).

Main subjects covered:

  1. Increase the number of members – An announcement will be made by Brigitte Liogier de Sereys at the end of the mass celebrated by Thierry Brac de la Perriere at Saint Nizier church on January 9. Subscription forms will be distributed to the assembly.
  2. Recording the existing teams of the Living Rosary – Nicole Saby works on it with the Dominicans.
  3. Actions towards the poverty stricken people – Marie-Dominique Escaron makes several suggestions, such as micro-credit and assistance to small businesses.
  4. Recording of all existing documents – Nicole Eymard will continue her work with Mrs. Genin together with Pontifical Office for the Missions and Dominicans. Bertrand Deau will collect copies of letters of Pauline from archives of Missions Etrangeres de Paris, Jesuits in Vanves and Ursulines in Chavagnes en Paillers.
  5. Conferences on Pauline in 2012 – Prepare the content of a conference which will be given in several places by different people (such as priests or historians) during 2012, as that year has been consecrated to Pauline by Cardinal Barbarin.
  6. Simple booklet on Pauline – Monseigneur Jean-Marie Jouham, Colette Tempere and Katy Campagnolo progress well on the subject with the editor «Bayard Presse ».
  7.  Monthly prayer reunion – Valerie Peyraverney and Catarina Zuccaro are congratulated for their organization of the prayer meeting every first Wednesday of the month. Valerie proposes the creation of a perpetual Rosary to be recited day and night around the world with two intentions: the sanctification of our priests, and the spreading of the gospel among the people of the earth.
  8.  National Council of the teams of the Rosary with the participation of the international coordinator – The meetings are to take place in Lyon on March 25, 26 and 27 2011; the preparation is well under way by Nicole Saby, who is representing us.
  9. Social undertakings of Pauline – Work in progress by Bertrand Deau with the mayor of Rustrel, Roger Fenouil, the historical Association « Archipal » in Luberon, and Professor Daniel Murat (Avignon University) on the industrial undertakings of Pauline in Rustrel.

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