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Friday, July 10, 2009

Dear Patti & Co,

Once again A MILLION THANKS for the beautiful Rosaries, medals, books, booklets etc... Well as you know we distribute these materials to the faithful in China. On behalf of the faithful in China I sincerely thank you and assure you of our prayers and support. I will offer the Mass for the intentions of the group (Susan O' Neilil & Co) on 13th morning at 7.30 am.

Well you are welcome to this promised land of China. Please do continue to pray for us and the Church in China. These days I often go to China..........we are also assisting in some of the leper colonies. Your help and support is very much appreciated. If you wish to make any donations to help the lepers or any other projects in China you may send the donation to the China account. You are also most welcome to send any medicines, dressing materials etc. to help the abandoned and poor lepers in China.

Once again a sincere Thanks for all your help and support.

All the Best. Take care. May God Bless you.

Fr. Jojo Ancheril CMF
Dear Loving Patti and members of our Association,

Love and greetings from Mainland China!

Thanks a million for the surprising gifts that you sent to us! It is the most powerful weapon by which we can conquer the world, especially our country. Here, the people are longing for spiritual things but they have no freedom to express or to search for it. When they receive our materials, they feel so happy and it becomes a heavenly experience for them. The mission in China needs a lot of prayers and your assistance!

Two weeks ago, I visited a priest who was in the prison for 30 years. When I asked him what was his inspiration and support, with a smiling face and a lot of conviction, he said, "God and Holy Mother were with me and I could endure the sufferings!" His life, as well as other stories, is really an inspiration for me! Now, I am learning the language in order to commit myself more fully to the mission of China. It is quite tough but, for God, nothing is impossible. Please do pray for us. I get a lot of courage and help from the Living Rosary. Once again, I sincerely thank all the members of our Association and the benefactors who are reaching out to us in various ways.

When I was in India, a few members joined the Living Rosary and I failed to send their names to you. Today, when I opened one of my diaries, I found the list. So, I am sending it along with this letter.

One of our priests, Fr. Peter Chao often goes to Mainland China for various programs. When I told him about our Association, he was very happy and became a member. If possible, you may send some Rosaries to him.

I have another favor to ask. Is it possible to get a small Mass kit for us? Because, when we go to Mainland China, we can carry it with us and celebrate Mass privately, as we are not allowed to do so publicly. You know what I mean.

Once again assuring you of our humble prayers and support. You are all most welcome to this promised land of China. When you come, just inform us and we will make necessary arrangements for you.

Thank you! May God bless you!

With love and prayers,


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