Antonina Janusz
Ul. Kochanowskiego 2/9
39/400 Tarnobrzeg, Polska
Fax: 015 23 38 90
Monday, January 26, 2009
Dear Patti,

May God bless our apostolic work in the New Year 2009!

I'd like to thank you for all your kindness, which benefits members of the Living Rosary here in Poland.

Thank you for the Oils; a big package has arrived recently. Still, I'll be running out of them shortly, so I'll be hoping you might be able to send more.
I've sent two lists of new members (#431 and 432). I've asked my son to send you a donation of $100.

On December 27th we baptized my sweet granddaughter Hania, at the church of Dominican Friars in Warsaw. Numerous family members were present; the baptism was followed by a dinner at a restaurant and a reception at my son's place. We were celebrating and singing carols.

On January 10th it was the birthday of the beloved St. Philomena. With a group of members we prayed through the night at a chapel, thanking St. Philomena for her protection.

Always grateful,


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