Defending Mary

Defending Mary

"If Mary were but known, how much happier, how much holier, how much less worldly we would be, and how much more would we be living images of our sole Lord and Savior, Her dearest and most Blessed Son!"
Father F.W. Faber – November 21, 1862


Devotion to Mary is low, thin and poor. It is frightened out of its wits by the sneers of heresy. It wishes to make Mary so little a Mary that Protestants may feel at ease about her. Devotion to Mary is no longer the prominent characteristic of our religion that it OUGHT TO BE. Jesus is not loved, heretics are not converted, the Church is not exalted, souls who might be saints wither and dwindle and the Sacraments are not fittingly frequented. Jesus is obscured because Mary is kept in the background. Thousands of souls perish because Mary is withheld from them.


How many of us would be able to explain, let alone defend the Glories of Mary, if we were called upon to do so?


Father William Casey, Superior General of the Congregation of the Fathers of Mercy, is a nationally renowned speaker and we wish to share with you his excellent presentation on "Defending the Glories of Mary".



























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