Latest Missionary News From Around the World, June 2010

Tuesday, June 29, 2010
My dear Patti,

Peace and Joy of the Lord abide with you! What a wonderful grace-story has followed the birth of our little Philomena Adzege! Thank you so much for forwarding me the mails. Our little Princess Mena really continues to ravage hearts with celestial love, pouring out great graces on suffering humanity and offering hope to desperate hearts! I rejoice with Michael and his wife for this story of faith, hope and Divine Love!

Thank you very much for the two big parcels you sent me through Marilena Testatonda. She brought them to me here in Bologna last Saturday. On Sunday, I had the story of Santa Mena prepared and photocopied in 100 copies and distributed them to all the members of our community present for the Holy Mass. All are enrolled as members of the Universal Living Rosary Association of Saint Philomena (ULRA) and are very enthusiastic about knowing more and more both about the little Princess and the ULRA. Next Sunday, during Holy Mass, the community will do the Total Consecration. Pray for us! The Heavens are really at work but we need prayers.

I must stop here for I have to go for Holy Mass.

With love, prayers and blessing,
Fr Michael Uche AKAIGWE
Parrocchia Gesù Buon Pastore,
Friday, June 25, 2010
Dearest Mamma Patti

Thank you so much for your care to our work here, I think that the photos of the boy who I sent his story with the rapport of the hospital, are not arrived to you safely, so I will contact the shop net to send them, because they were separate of all the others photos, they are 4 or 5 photos.

About the chapel, it will be the first one for OUR Saint in Lebanon and all the countries beside us, it will be the chapel for the members of the Living Rosary who desire to honor Saint Philomena in Her place here, who I will put Her Relic in the chapel, to be honored by all her lovers. It will be also the first and the only one for

The Living Rosary, who we will consecrate many members to the Immaculate Heart of Mary and to the Scapular Brown, it will be a special place for Our Saint, who many many members can not travel to Italy to visit Her Saint Body, so here they can pray to Her, receive also Her oil and cord, Her photos and the cards of the decade, The presence of the Holy Eucharistic will help us also for the adoration to the Body of Jesus, and also to pray with the children of the Living Rosary the Rosary every day for the intentions of Our Lady and your intention, for the Triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, for our dear benefactors and all the members of the Universal Living Rosary Association of Saint Philomena (ULRA). We need now the money to continue to do the electricity, the paint of inside the chapel and outside, to put an altar, the seats, the tabernacle, the lights, a nice statue to Saint Philomena, even in small size, and in the end we will work for the garden of the chapel, to put a big bell. Thanks to God for helping us doing the basic, the principal, and now we wait your help to continue the rest as you can help the possible. I will check tomorrow the shop net about the 4 photos of the boy who is healed by a miracle of Our Saint Philomena. I send you my love and prayers.

Ave Maria.

Your slave and slave of the Immaculata
John Kayrouz
Thursday, June 24, 2010
My dear Patti,

Thank you so very much for the forex box, my most awaited rosaries and Sacramentals. I arrived yesterday the other day. I was looking for your letter, but I didn’t find one. I have many names of new members of the Universal Living Rosary Association of Saint Philomena (ULRA) already on hand but I will wait for the ones here in the school where I am transferred to. I have also to give the Sacramentals due to them.

I'm just inserting my time to tell you of the precious forex box I received. If ever you forgot to write anything then you can just e-mail it to me. I have my Library time now, but we don't have computer in our library so I have to go to another office to e-mail you. Sorry if at times I will not be able to answer you at once, it’s just because we are too busy. And the unavailability of the computer. My big big thanks to you and the ULRA.

Praying for good health of you and your family and for the members of ULRA. Most of all for the Triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary and the Honor of St. Philomena.

Take care and god bless.

Sr. Estrella Fabi, Spc
St. Gabriel Academy
Caimito Road
Caloocan City
Tuesday, June 22, 2010
All Pakistan 4th Annual Rosary Conference Report. Click here to download and read it >>>
Saturday, June 19, 2010
Dear Patti,

I noticed while saying my decade that today marks 10 year of enrollment. I am enrolled in rosary No 6069. Thank you for all you do. I am thankful to be part of the Universal Living Rosary Association of Saint Philomena (ULRA)} family.

Mark S Delaplaine
United States
Wednesday, June 16, 2010
Dear Patti,

Hail to St. Philomena!

Three other forex boxes received this month.

Sorry I was not able to write you away for I have to see yet the contents found in the boxes. Thank you for all the Sacramentals , scapulars, rosary beads, vestments and all other valuable thing like books, devotional reading booklets and dedicated booklets.

Thank you to all the benefactors, donors and sponsors and all your supports that we could reach out all these things to our parishioners. Thank you then of the catechist guide “St. John Newman’s Catechism.

The catechists are so thankful for they have their guide which helps enhances and enriches their teaching capabilities and abilities.

So what we could offer are our fervent prayers, Holy thanksgiving masses, Holy Rosaries and a petition to St. Philomena to all our ULRA benefactors, donors and staffs and most especially our fervent prayer offer to the family and staff of our ULRA director.

May we could bring all souls to Christ. Go for the triumph to our Immaculate Heart of Mary.

P.S. Most of our catechists are retired public school teachers.

Carmelita G. Baric
San Carlos City
Negros Occidental
Dear Mrs. Patti

This is father Ivan Kolodiy. Today is very important and joyful day. The Living Rosary Association of Saint Philomena (ULRA) came to the city which has 250,000 citizens. This week we launch two new groups of the ULRA members in the city Rivne. Tomorrow morning we are sending four heavy and huge boxes with the material and Sacramentals to the new members of ULRA in this city. The people are excited to join the Living Rosary because one woman her name is Svytlana was cured from the cancer by the prayer and devotion to saint Philomena and ULRA.

Recently we launched some small groups in Rivenska region which is already central Ukraine and finally the Living Rosary was launched in this city. Rivne is the city which is located in the central Ukraine. Therefore we move from Western Ukraine to the central Ukraine.

The expansion of Living Rosary is gradually is moving to the other parts of the Ukraine.
I am looking forward to hear from you and May God bless you.

I am praying very hard for your brother Chris and I hope that He is doing well. Please let me know about you and Him. I pray for him very hard

With the prayers and respect father Ivan Kolodiy
Father Ivan Kolodiy
Dearest Patti,

This is to inform you I am in receipt of the three large boxes you sent through the quick service of UPS Express on last Friday, June 11th. All these boxes were received intact this morning at my Office door without any charge, as usual.

Thank you very much for all the precious contents. Just to mention but few; the many beautiful luminous Rosaries, Miraculous Medals, Scapulars, 10 large bottles of Saint Philomena Holy Oils, Decade Cards, Dedicated Decades, Stations of the Cross, Sign-up sheets and new Universal Living Rosary Association of Saint Philomena (ULRA) members for fresh enrollment.

Thank you also for the large holy pictures of Our Lady of Fatima, the Hail Mary, and that of Our Little Princess as well as the pamphlets and other important Books.

Kindly let me take this opportunity to express our gratitude and appreciation to you for your wonderful Apostolate which is so greatly needed in this our poor world. May Jesus, Mary and St. Philomena continue to bless and reward you more abundantly, both on earth and in Heaven!!!

Patti, Peace be to you!!!

Yours In Jesus And Mary,
Anthony Foster Oduro

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Hello dear Patti,

this is for let you know last Friday i received the box with all the Sacramentals you sent me, thank you so much for all, i am ready for enroll more people as member in the Universal Living Rosary Association of Saint Philomena.

United in the prayers and for the Triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, blessings for you all.

Maria kiku Udagawa


Monday, June 14, 2010

Dear Patti

Thank you first for all you sent in my absence; the parcel dated 05 24 2010 and the envelope dated May 25 2010. God reward you abundantly!!!

About my travel in Transylvania, I can tell I was postponed with the succession process again for 22 Sept.2010. For me is sure now that somebody doesn't want me to have a room in Transylvania to better work for our ULRA Association!

Somebody told me that if I could give much money to Court President I could get a better result. OK. I let everything into the hands of Our Lady and she will decide for me. I am just ready to serve Her Immaculate Heart.

About the work for our Universal Living Rosary Association of Saint Philomena (ULRA). I even do not know if you still need more pictures or not.

I will send you any way this time again. Maybe will be useful. But I do not want to make you tired more than necessary.

Universal Living Rosary Association of Saint Philomena Center

God bless you Patti!!

I got the box! The ups dropped it! Inside were precious gifts like books; Christian perfection and contemplation and textual concordance of the Holy Scripture, i have started reading them so wonderful!! Bravo!! Also were rosaries, booklets, monstrance stand with picks for adoration and oils and special rosaries!! Viva!!!We thank you for all! Be blessed!!

I hope Patricia is through with the French booklets!

More missions are coming!!!

Ave Maria

Fr. Patrick Mary Filomena

Tuesday, June 8, 2010



The All Pakistan Living Rosary Promoters Rosary Conference is held every year since 2007, which was held in Khanewal, then Sargodha and Sukkur. This year it was arranged at Our National Marian Shrine, Mariamabad from 15th to 17th of April, 2010.

The aim of this conference was the foundation of all the promoters who are working voluntarily for the promotion of devotion to Holy Mother and Rosary and by gathering them at one place bring them closer so that can share their experiences and difficulties. The strength of the participants as promoters was 27.


The participants for the 4th Rosary Conference started arriving from the afternoon of 15th of April. They were warmly welcomed by Rev. Fr. Akram Javaid (parish Priest) and St. Philomena Rosary Group, Mariamabad who had arranged for their boarding and lodging at different parts of Parish house.

As Mariamabad is a little bit side of the normal route therefore there was a problem for some participants to reach but they managed. Due to transportation problem some participants reached late but thanks be to God they reached safely.

The Coir responsibilities for Holy Mass were taken by Sr. Tabitha and Miss Sonica who did their job well by preparing nice hymns for this occasion.

15TH OF APRIL, 2010

As a tradition students of Convent School welcomed the guests with a nice tableau which was prepared by Miss Shagufta and Miss Nazia. Rev. Fr. Akram Javaid who was the main celebrant of Holy Mass for the opening ceremony welcomed the guests once again on behalf of the Parish. Mr. Ijaz gave a brief history of Mariamabad village. He described how our ancestors came from Sialkot with Priests and put the foundation of Mariamabad. He also gave an account of the foundation of National Marian Shrine Mariamabad.

Then Mr. Afzaal was invited to give an introduction of Universal Living Rosary Association. He welcoming the guests appreciated them to reach this place in honour of Holy Mother and Rosary. He explained the aim of Living Rosary by giving a touch to the lives of St. Philomena and Ven. Pauline Marie Jaricot and urged the guests that they should not only learn but also try to answer the questions raised by the people against Mother Mary. He also requested them to teach Rosary in their local areas so that not every Catholic but every Christian may say Rosary.

Rev. Fr. Victor Sawera OFM from Karachi delivered lecture during the Holy Mass. His topic was “Importance of the Grotto of Mother Mary”. He very nicely and deeply explained his topic. He said in his talk; when the Tabernacle in Jerusalem was built at a high place then why Mother Mary who kept Word of God in her womb and is a Tabernacle of new age be give respect and high place.

Rev. Fr. Andrew Uthayadas from Sri Lanka had sent a special message for this conference which was read with thanks after the Holy Mass.

16TH OF APRIL, 2010

2nd day of the Rosary Conference was started with the regular Holy Mass. Then the seminar’s first session was started with the recitation of Holy Rosary. Rev. Fr. Tariq Bhatti from Gujrat was the facilitator for the day. He spoke on the “Importance of Mother Mary in Our Life”. During his talk he invited the participants to actively take part in the session by asking them questions and explained the importance of Mother Mary by reviewing it from Old Testament.

Rev: Fr. Yousaf George from Chichawatni who was also present on this occasion for a short time also shared few words about Mother Mary. He also appreciated the participants for coming from far off places and ULRA for conducting this spiritual conference.

During the day, time was given by Rev. Fr. Tariq for the Eucharistic Adoration and prayer.


In the evening, a special prayer time had been arranged which was led by Rev. Fr. Francis Gulzar and his team from Lahore. Choir sang nice hymns. Fr. Francis prayed for the sick present there and for the people who had given their names for the special prayer. He also blessed water and oil brought by people.

17TH OF APRIL, 2010

3rd day session was again started with Rosary. Then Rev. Fr. Victor Sawera OFM started session. He very nicely concluded the seminar and topic started by Rev. Fr. Tariq.

Then there was a thanksgiving Mass. Main celebrant of Mass was Rev. Fr. Victor Sawera. During the Mass Rev. Fr. Akram Javaid in his lecture thanked the participants and ULRA, USA. He also explained the importance of Mother Mary and Rosary in our life and how she accepted God’s Will and we can accordingly walk on her footprints.

His Grace Bishop Ruffin Anthony, Bishop of Rawalpindi Diocese and Very Rev. Fr. Yousaf Sohan Vicar General Multan Diocese had sent their special messages for this occasion which were read with great thanks at the end of the Holy Mass.


Then there was closing ceremony of the 4th Annual Rosary Conference. During this session shields, certificates, pictures of Holy Mother and St. Philomena were distributed among the participants, choir members, administration and Priests.

The participants were invited to give their views about this 3 days program. Mr. William, Mr. Joseph, Miss Sonia, Mrs. Parveen, Mr. Shahzad, Mrs. Aqsa expressed their views and said they were happy to be a part of ULRA and have learnt a lot. They also aimed to share it with others.


Then Mr. Afzaal thanked Our Lord, Our Lady for their protection and St. Philomena who is Patroness of the Living Rosary for her help. He also thanked His Grace Archbishop L. J. Saldhana and His Grace Bishop Sebastian Francis Shaw, Archbishop and Assistant Bishop respectively of Archdiocese of Lahore and Rev. Fr. Akram Javaid (Parish Priest Mariamabad Parish) for helping in conducting this Annual Rosary Conference at Mariamabad Parish in Lahore Diocese. He also thanked His Grace Bishop Ruffin Anthony, Very Rev. Fr. Yousaf Sohan, and Rev. Fr. Andrew Uthayadas for their special messages. He thanked Rev. Fr. Victor Sawera OFM, Rev. Fr. Tariq Bhatti, Rev. Fr. Francis Gulzar and his team who came from Karachi, Gujrat and Lahore respectively. He then thanked all the participants who came from different cities, Rev. Sisters of Mariamabad for their co-operation, the choir and its leaders Rev. Sr. Tabitha and Miss Sonica, Mr. William Patrick (who being ignorant to the language still participated very actively), St. Philomena Rosary Group (Miss Shagufta, Miss Nazia, Mrs. Irshad, Mr. Ijaz and Mr. Irfan) for their arrangements, school children for their tableau, youth, pastoral team, all other administration who worked behind the curtains and especially the Parishioners of Mariamabad.


St. Philomena Rosary Group got gathered with some of the participants with Mr. Afzaal for the evaluation of the program. During the meeting, the good and bad feelings about this conference were discussed. Some problems and needs were also raised at this time.

The main problem was for transport/conveyance. It was noted by the members that when they invite Mr. Afzaal to their city for 3 or 4 day visit, the necessity of transport raises. If ULRA centre may have its own transport, it can be very easy to visit and arrange seminars in more places in short time and easy to reach more far places.

Some of the members said ULRA office should be on ground floor, because if we go to ULRA centre we have to go to 3rd floor which is not easy. While going through the house, sometime other family members are also disturbed; therefore efforts should be made to make the office on ground floor.

It was also said that Mr. Tahir Naveed Chaudhary promised for multimedia during the 2nd Annual Rosary Conference held at Sargodha. Mr. Afzaal told the participants that it has not been given by him. The members again requested to get multimedia/projector so that programs held like this one may be shown to different cities.

Reported by:
Local Group of Mariamabad chak No. 3
R B. Tehs. Safdarabad District


Saturday, June 5, 2010

Universal Living Rosary Association of Saint Philomena Pakistan National Newsletter in both English and Urdu, Volume 4, Issue 2, April-June 2010.  Please click here to download and read >>>
Dear Mrs. Melvin,

As I informed you, I went to Hyderabad from 29th of May to 1st of June. With the help of Miss Sonia and her group we visited Caritas office, Catholic Board of Education office, St. John School and on 31st we celebrated the Feast of Our Lady. It was a very good trip. I reached back on 2nd and then went to Hafizabad on 3rd. Today I am sending you the pictures of Hyderabad. It was difficult to send all the pictures in one mail, so these would be 4 mails for pictures.

Today, Miss Shagufta is here from Mariamabd to take devotional items. You know, Mariamabad is known for our National Marian Shrine and daily pilgrimages come from different parts of country and St. Philomena's Rosary Group there is doing a very good job there.

OK, Good Bye and God Bless You,

Yours in Christ and Holy Mother,

Afzaal Anwar Khokhar
Pakistan ULRA Center

Friday, June 4, 2010

Dear Patti,

Pax et bonum (this s an ancient Franciscan greetings meaning peace and goodwill to you). Hope life is going very fine. Guess what, I cleared the parcel today and I was so happy to see the items improved, especially with the Stations of the Cross (this is just a secret, there is a parish where the Claretian go to minister the sacraments every Sunday, and I just discovered they lack the Stations of the Cross. I'll get them framed and donate it to that quasi parish).

Our Claretian community has today begun the novena to the Immaculate Heart of Mary. It was well attended by barely 600 Catholics in our seminary chapel. I was opportune to be the speaker of the first session. My theme was based on the first miracle of Christ at the wedding feast ''Do whatever he tells you''. This will continue for the next nine days when we'll then climax it with the celebration proper.

Please, have you received the forms posted to you?

I will send you photographs of the events of the novena and some of the photographs taken during the last apostolic work for your archives.

Keep us in your prayers and let’s hope to one day see somewhere when all our visions and dreams will be actualized.

Francis Nana Amponsah, cmf
Claretian Institute of Philosophy
Dear Patti,

Thanks immensely for the nice box which has just arrived, indeed we are grateful for all the contains, it was very timely. Thanks a million for the wonderful books enclosed, I am indeed grateful.

Please God I have just had a visa for the U.S. And i will let you know when i am booked.
With prayerful best wishes.

Fr. Ayeah

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Dear mom Patti:

Ave Maria!

Received a forex box but am very sorry for the delayed of reply because we are too busy in the month of May for so many fiesta and activities. Here in the Philippines the month of May was a whole month dedicated to out blessed mother Mary. Thank you for the wonderful box (contents).

Will follow some our new Universal Living Rosary Association of Saint Philomena (ULRA) members list.

Blessings all the best!

Rev. Fr. Dioscoro A Rasonabe
Immaculate Conception Parish

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Center Director of the Universal Living Rosary Association of Saint Philomena in Pakistan, Afzaal Khokhar, Visits the Sanctuary of Saint Philomena in Mugnano del Cardinale, Italy in May 2010













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