Latest Missionary News From Around the World, February 2013

Monday, February 25, 2013
Dear Patti,

Here I was with Fr. Severio in one chapel, St. Bakhita, Bakhita is the sole Sudan born saint! So here the foods were not divided, people decided that I give them to them as a gift for the feast of their saint that was celebrated on 10th Feb! However, the feast falls on 8th Feb!

The foods experience has been so good and it helps to bring more people to love the Mother of God and St, Philomena.

Sudan suffers from chronic drought thus hunger is prevailing everytime in most parts!
Just received the Devotional Items you sent, Thank You so much. God Be Praised!

May I have the honor to request for Rosary beds for the Universal Living Rosary Crusade. I was a coordinator of the Universal Living Rosary three years ago when I was still a Catholic High School Principal in the Municipality of Getafe, Bohol, Philippines. However, i resigned from the school I was serving and joined Politics. Now I am a Municipal Councilor of this municipality. People are asking me if I can provide them Rosary beds for the Universal Living Rosary Crusade. This is the reason why I am sending to this office if you can provide us the Rosary beds for the purpose. If it will be possible please send us around One Thousand (1,000) Rosary beds for the people.

Thank you so much

Very respectfully yours,

Municipal Councilor

Fr. Severio was blessing the sacramental we gave to the parishioners! So happy were they!

The St. Bakhita chapel

Parishioners of St. Bakhita feasting with the St. Philomena foods!

Happy mingling the St. Philomena foods on for the parishioners (these preferred millet and cassava floor)
Dearest Patti Melvin,

To Jesus through Mary!

You are very welcome back from your trip. I wish you and the whole Universal Living Rosary Association of Saint Philomena (ULRA) a very fruitful Lent.

I am very sorry for the delay of acknowledging the parcel of 12Th of November 2012, this is due to the fact that I received a notification letters of two other parcels and wanted to get all of them so as to acknowledge at once.

With heartfelt gratitude I wish to acknowledge with great delight the nice and spiritually enriching parcels of 12Th November 2012 which I received on the 25Th January 2013, few days later I received a small parcel containing an encouraging and enriching letter of 6Th January 2013,and today I have received the nice parcel of 8Th of January 2013. Thank you immensely! May God reward you and all our benefactors for us.

Thank you very much for the points you have given us to follow in acknowledging the parcels.

In fact, all that you are sending is enriching the people of God spiritually. It is a source of spiritual healing, strength to the faith of the people and leads them to God. Many people are converted to Catholic Faith. Protestants have joined in praying the Rosary and wearing the Scapular. Peace and love is reigning in families.

St. Philomena’s oils and the cords have healed so many people. The oils and the cord have healed my ear problem.

A Miracle took place in Regina Parcis High School Nkar - Kumbo -Cameroon. Attached are the photos which Rev. Sr. Bernadette Nyongo and the chaplain of the School took during the consecration to The Immaculate Heart of Mary and Saint Philomena on the 1st. of December 2012 and on the third there was fire disaster which consumed four class rooms. The miracle there was that no Student was touched. To God be the glory! A thanksgiving Mass was offered to thank God for saving the lives of the Students. I am sure Our Lady and Saint Philomena were in control. Thanks to Our Mother Mary! Thanks to Saint Philomena. There is more to be shared but let me stop here before I am disappointed due to net work problems or electricity failures.

With lots of love and prayerful wishes

God bless

Rev. Sr. Mary Florence Angwe
St. Joseph's Convent Shisong
West Africa
Wednesday, February 20, 2013
Dearest Patti,

May the Peace of the Lord be with you all!!!

This is to inform you that, again and again, the Petroleum price in Ghana has been drastically increased. And for that matter, all Bills and essential Commodities have also been drastically increased. This took effect from yesterday, Sunday, February 17th.

Patti, there is NOTHING that we can do. All what I will say is that "THE BATTLE IS THE LORD'S" therefore we shall overcome. Thank you always for your great encouragement, love, support and prayers. Kindly keep up!!! PEACE BE TO YOU PATTI!!! PAX TE CUM PATTI!!!

Yours in Jesus and Mary,

Anthony Foster Oduro
Monday, February 18, 2013

My mom is Sheila Ohlson - she has her students make rosaries and string medals. I promised her I would send these pictures out to you of her students (St. Augustine School, grades 1-5) working on the projects! Enjoy!

God bless you for all of your work,

Alicia Jillling
My dear Patti,

I am now ready to send the new members of the Universal Living Rosary Association of Saint Philomena (ULRA). But I want to be sure that you received my new e-mail address because I changed it. My e-mail was hacked and I cannot open anymore. I lost all my e-mail addresses. I hope you were not one of those whom they sent asking for help because I'm in need of it. So please I just want to know if you have my new e-mail address. Thank you so much and God bless you all.

Sr. Estrella Fabi, spc
St. William's School
San Marcelino
Saturday, February 16, 2013
Dear Mother Patti,

At St. Alyosius elementary school, about 250 pupils and teachers received their materials this morning. The Directoress of the school Madam Christine and other teachers were delighted, receiving their religious items. She said, it is quite timely for the children, hence it will enable and encourage the children pray at this period of Lent will strengthen them in this year of Faith declared by his Holiness, Pope Benedict VI.

The distribution of the material was after the Station of the Cross which was conducted by two of the female teachers in the presence of the Head-mistress. Regrettably one of the teachers I gave my camera failed to snap the children with their material, but I went later in one of the classes to take a snap shot. With some children.

The Director of the school, Madam Christine, has grouped "Youth for Purity" in the school...They will be having prayers this Wednesday as from 12 p.m. This according to her is still spirit of prayer in the minds of the children, whose ages ranges from 7, 8, and 9 thru 14.

In about 5 classes, there were no Crucifixes; I was able to provide them with 3 Crucifixes.

I also, gave the school, Stations of the Cross.

More so, few hours later I went to St. Catherine's Elementary school to present the Universal Living Rosary Association of Saint Philomena (ULRA) to the children. One of the teachers who was a teacher one in one school we enrolled in about 3 years ago, who was nominated Head-mistress of the above school (St. Catherine) invited us.

She asked me to come this Monday to collect lists of children that wish to be enrolled.

About 350 children is expected to enroll in this school

Also, about two other schools are expecting us (ULRA) from this coming Week.

One thing mentioning is that the whole Catholic schools in the Archdiocese of Yaounde has the same Uniform, the only thing you can distinguish the schools is the background of the picture (i.e.) the different area where the pictures are taken.

Paul E. EKPE
St. Joseph's Anglophone Catholic Parish
Wednesday, February 13, 2013
Brother Koroma had swollen feet for the past six month he have been constant at a particular place he can only move through the use of a wheel chair. The swelling started through a small boil after going through a very serious pain for two weeks, he decided to contact me I visited him with the healing oil of Saint Philomena you sent me on a daily basis. After the application of the healing oil, for two weeks the situation becomes worst. But I did not relent; I decided to be visiting him day and night with the oil. We pray together and then apply the oil God is great. These particular men who have suffered a very serious pain for six month have slowly started his normal activities. He is very grateful to God and he has surrendered his entire life to this program.

From Miss Gobi reporting from St. Pious.

Sierra Leone
Dear Coordinator,

Peace and greetings in the Name of our Lord and savior Jesus Christ.

I pray and hope that you are well in health and all. I wish to acknowledge receipt of the box with Sacramentals for enrolment and evangelization. It is a wonderful privilege and honor to belong to this universal network of the children of Mary and to participate in spreading the devotion to the Immaculate Heart of Mary. It’s wonderful and our Blessed Mother is doing great things for us!

I was so happy with the parcel and already my classmates in the University are all so eager to spread the devotion within their various communities. I am happy they never heard of this devotion and now the Universal Living Rosary Crusade is going to break new ground among University Students and professors.

I still need more of the materials for enrolment. I started a small group at the Minor Seminary which I will send you pictures soonest. So please, if I could get some crucifixes to share to those seminarians that will boost their commitment in a way! Also i need big pictures of our Lady and St Philomena. I am planning to host a Rosary Crusade and Procession with the Statue of our Lady...sometime in August in the parish. If it is possible we shall appreciate a Fatima statue for this event.

In the pictures you will find me and my classmates, priests and religious sharing the scapulars, rosaries, medals, literature, etc to take to our various communities.

May our Mother continue to support you with her maternal care as you fulfill this divine calling

In Jesus and Mary
Fr Samuel Tabeson
Tuesday, February 12, 2013
Dear Patti Melvin,

I am very happy to inform you that today I was at the Post Office and I received the box of rosaries, scapulars, medals which you sent to me. Through this e-mail I wish to express my sincere and heartfelt thanks to you for this precious gift. As I already explained to you in one of my previous e-mails that in my parish there is this Association of St. Philomena, so I will distribute some of these important items to some members of this Association. This Association is quite strong in my parish. Please accept my hearty thanks to you.

I wish you every success in whatever you do. Be assured of my ardent prayers for you

God bless.
Father Ignatio Bokosi
Monday, February 11, 2013

Monday, February 4, 2013
I would like to thank you I receive a wonderful parcels from you today where you have enclosed a disc. it is wonderful for us. Right now we are listen to that disc with a group of some youths, we make a group were we met on Tuesday Thursday and Friday at 6:30 p.m. doing rosary prayers. With your wonderful parcel we are strengthen our faith to God, we learn to share our items. Please keep us in your prayers especially at this we are organize to visit the Mutemwa shrines in Mutoko Zimbabwe for retreat on 22-23 February 2013.

Southern Africa
Dear Sister Patti,

Praises and glory to the Most Holy Trinity of the wonderful blessings He bestows on us every day!!!

I am sorry it is just today that I respond your email. I was so busy then that despite of the desire to ask the Sacramentals for the voluminous request of it I can't really do it. Thanks God it is really a day for it. I am truly and humbly beg that your office will give us the Sacramentals for the grade III pupils during their first communion, the graduating students as their armor to face the new phase of education and the Senior Citizens who are willing to pray the rosary.

By the way, I am sorry too, I didn't tell you I already founded a new community named the Marian Missionaries of the Most Holy Trinity located here in Palawan. I can say our Loving Patron St. Philomena is one of the intercessor of these great blessings. I have now all the time to do for the Association. I want to connect my community to your Association. With the apostolate you have I am helping you. Please pray for us as we pray for you. May we have the Sacramentals as soon as you receive this as I am being bombarded with request? Can I ask also some Statues of the Blessed Virgin Mary and possible if there is a Statue of the Blessed Trinity.

I have an experience here in Palawan. I was invited to visit a girl, a teenager who was possessed by a devil, a niece of a friend. I was hesitant to go but because of my mission I went. When we arrived the place I saw the girl and she was really looking at me piercingly. So I told the girl to smile so the Holy Spirit would come to her. I invited the whole family for praying the Holy Rosary and them each a rosary. While we were praying the Litanies of the Blessed Virgin Mary the eyes of the girl were turning up and down and all of them were afraid. I said go on praying and we finished praying. I talked to the whole family and told them to pray the Holy Rosary together and return to the church and attend mass. God's grace the girl now is healed and she really the one who leads the prayer. God be praised through the Sacramentals you gave.

Please Sister Patti we will count on your blessings be shared to us.

In our GOD,

Sr. Celine
Pleased I am the Vice principal of the above named college. The students are constantly requesting for rosary each from and I cannot provide so much. I have given a few that I can afford and advice others to buy, yet many are still in need. We have over seven hundred students.

Please can you help me with gift of rosary? Even raw materials for me to bead the rosary during holiday time in August, I will appreciate it so much.

Yours faithfully
Sr. Afomachukwu Osigwe
Missionary sisters of Holy Rosary
Our Lady of Lourdes College
NW Region Cameroon

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